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Sebring for rFactor 2 – Now Available for Purchase

As promised yesterday, Studio 397 has released the Sebring International Raceway for rFactor 2.

The popular Floridian endurance racing venue marks a new milestone for rFactor 2 as Sebring is the first rF2 track to be created using laser-scan data to ensure an authentic replication of the track’s famous concrete racing surface that makes Sebring such a special challenge.

With every track surface crack being replicated to resemble the real track just weeks before the annual Sebring 12 Hours race when the scan work was conducted, Sebring for rFactor 2¬†also comes with what Studio 397 describes as “ultra high level trackside objects”, setting a new level of quality for rFactor 2 tracks.

The track comes with both the famous main layout as well as the School & Club configurations. Unfortunately, all the features and details come with a price (literally) as Sebring for rFactor 2 sells for $10.50 in the Steam Store.

Purchase Sebring International Raceway for rFactor 2 Here

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