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Sebring for rFactor 2 – Preview Video

A first preview video of Virtua_LM’s Sebring for rFactor 2 is available.

Following the Mid Ohio beta for rFactor 2, Virtua_LM is working on bringing another of their quality tracks originally made for rFactor to the new platform.

BSNismo has released a little preview video of the early rFactor 2 version, showing a Nissan race on the former airfield.

Located in Florida, Sebring is one of the USA’s well known motorsport venues, hosting the annual 12 hour sports car race in March. The track is a rather though one as the raceway is located on a former airfield, most of the circuit utilises concrete pavement with plenty of bumps that have already knocked out the bolts and pieces of many cars.

  • Anonymous

    Thats impressive, love the Virtua_LM rfactor 1 stuff, they seem to be able to bring real atmosphere to their work, will love to try a few laps with this combo

  • Anonymous

    Photo realistic looks & a w.i.p, well done Virtua LM

  • Marcel Penzkofer

    Track looks fantastic, very close to what we know from the 12h broadcast there.

    Nissan not so impressive though, the car in the video has grip like a p1 prototype, I would have liked to see a properly done car in the video, would make comparisson to real life veeery nice :).

  • Tiago Guerreiro

    Wow, just wow, photorealistic all the way!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Looks seriously good !

  • Jorge Azcoitia

    Looks great although I hope they animate those flags just like at ISI’s 67 SPA 😉

  • Nathan Robinson

    I agree with pugamall, there really is some great atmosphere in this video. If rf2 can capture the atmosphere of race life as well as carry on great moddability like sebring here, its going to be fun times. Sebring is my favorite track and this announcement couldnt be better.

  • Anonymous

    So glad to see some quality stuff hitting rF2 already. Love what VLM has done in the past, this will be great I’m sure.

  • Matt Orr

    rF2. A game that looks terrible, until you see it with a community made track which makes it instantly look passable. Once we start getting really solid community made cars, this game won’t look that bad at all.

    The question then is, is the community that strong, or is ISI that bad at content?

    • Hagen Tröger

      terrible question, but good luck with find your answer 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Lol is the community that strong?
      Just look how rF1 turned out. 😉

    • Firefox

      Question should probably be phrased:
      What’s ISI’s priority?The content or the game engine?

  • Ken Coughlin

    lol AI was just just driving identical lines. Boring.

    • Anonymous

      its WIP and isn’t that what we see in real life? looking great so far!

      • Ken Coughlin

        Nope. That’s what you see with unsophisticated non-human drivers.

      • Anonymous

        Cry me a river.

      • Anonymous

        man get a life! what a moron!

      • Anonymous

        Thank you, I love you too.

    • Tomas Beha

      The AI behavior is to be added to the .AIW, which obvoiusly is one of the LAST things you’d trim in a WIP…

  • Anonymous

    Srlsy, whoever says that rf2 looks bad NOW is blatant trolling. This is beautiful. game clearly improved visually
    I was a critical of rf2 graphics on early builds, but I’ll praise when its deserved!! well done, ISI.

  • Steaven Heppener

    Yep, In my opinion, rfactor 2 has arrived at a new benchmark in driving simulators, the grip through the road and the delicate fidelity of the handling is quite remarkable, it makes for a superb game.  No other comes anywhere near in my opinion, when I first took the 60’s F1 onto Spa, I was gobsmacked… and scared! no other game has done that. The visuals are crisp and clear, none of this overdone blur, bloom bollocks, just clear and sharp, and looking at this video, pretty photorealistic. Well done ISI

    • gt3rsr

       One question: Have you played netKar Pro?

  • Swordand Keyboard

    Thank Virtual lm not ISI.  For years now they have done amazing work with making tracks look great.
    Would love to see them make there own game.

    The video conveniently only shows in car though. I would love to see this compared to iracings sebring. Or even compare it to rf1’s Virtual lm sebring.

  • Blunt Force Trauma

    Hmm, you’re right “The track is a rather though one”

  • Anonymous

    Anybody knows if it’s close to release ? Any chance for a beta ? 😀

  • Anonymous

    Was the best looking track in rF1 by quite a margin (even compared to the other LM tracks), and it looks even better here. Hugely impressive.

  • Boss Player

    Graphic looks good, BUT on braking when they lock front tyres the smoke goes into the cockpit which is NOT very good,

    No, I’m not asking DX11 mumba jumba usseless effects….but they MUST fix these little bugs. We are in 2012, before the end of the world eventually 🙂

  • Uwe Schuerkamp

    good to see this track coming to rF2, please make sure you create separate gdb entries if you include multiple layouts. Thanks! Uwe 

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