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Sebring for GT Legends & RACE07 – Released

Sebring for GT Legends & RACE07 – Released

Following the release of the rFactor & GTR2 versions, Virtua_LM has released the Sebring International Raceway for GT Legends & RACE07.

The release makes the team’s latest high-quality track release available to all current Simbin simulations that are based on RACE07, the track maxes out the title’s graphic capabilities coming with great textures, lots of trackside objects and spectacular night lighting.

Located in Florida, Sebring is one of the USA’s well known motorsport venues, hosting the annual 12 hour sports car race in March. The track is a rather though one as the raceway is located on a former airfield, most of the circuit utilises concrete pavement with plenty of bumps that have already knocked out the bolts and pieces of many cars.

Download Sebring International Raceway for GT Legends Here

Download Sebring International Raceway for RACE07 Here

  • Ben

    Its a piece of art, no question. A fantastic re-creation.

  • F1Racer

    Brilliant.  I cut my first laptimes on this in Sportscar GT so its great to see VLM (Virtual Light and Magic?) take on this one.   Great benchmark setting quality as usual.

  • logos

    Thanks for supporting GTL.
    Top quality work, as usual. 🙂

  • BSR-WiX

    nothing much to say… its as brilliant for GTL & Race07, as it was for rFactor and GTR2.

  • Ricoo

    Thanks for Race07 and GTL support. 🙂

  • Sebastian Huba

    THX VLM for version for Race07. Great work!

  • ADC

    Bravo! Thanks again for your support of all the major sims with your work.