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SEAT Leon Eurocup 2014 – Livery Previews

Tommy78 has released new previews of his SEAT Leon Eurocup 2014 mod, showing off plenty of liveries the mod will contain.

Tommy78 has released new previews of his SEAT Leon Eurocup 2014 mod, showing off plenty of liveries the mod will contain.

Simulating the SEAT Leon Eurocup series, the mod will come to no less than three different racing simulations, including Assetto Corsa, rFactor & rFactor 2.

The SEAT Leon Eurocup is a one-make racing series, using a 330hp touring car based on SEAT’s Leon road car. The car is equipped with a two-liter four-cylinder turbo engine, the race weekend’s follow a two-race sprint format.

  • Matthew Arnold

    wow, cannot wait to get my hands on this in rF2.

    Brilliant job 🙂

  • Marc Collins

    Looks gorgeous. If physics are as good as the graphics, then this will be a top mod in rF2 for sure.

    • melanieuk1

      Screenshots are taken from the Assetto Corsa version of the mod 😉

      • Marc Collins

        Models will be identical most likely…that’s why it’s available for 3 sims. The physics won’t be, though 😉

      • melanieuk1

        Good that it will be available on three different platforms, but here’s where things change, its which one will be able to simulate the official full fia Seat leon Euro cup weekend, held on six European circuits, like Salzburgring, Silverstone, Barcelona, Monza, Spa-Francorchamps and Nürburgring, ac and rf1 has most of the circuits to simulate fully the seat leon euro cup race weekend,we have Salzburgring for assetto corsa by Sandrox, and theres already a couple very high quality Barcelona floating around on the web for ac, so without the official circuits to go with the mod, it’s just meh. 🙂

      • Marc Collins

        You are truly insufferable.

        Do we expect the mod maker to do all the tracks, too–and for free? Many of them exist already. Maybe this mod will spark interest in doing any that don’t exist or updating ones that do. That’s how modding works. People follow their passions and donate their time to the benefit of the rest of us.

        If you are only interested in complete race series, then restrict yourself to commercial releases and stop commenting on mods in here.

      • melanieuk1

        I am interested in complete race series, anyone that plays racing games & racing sim titles should be, there is none in assetto corsa, and as far as I know only simbin, S3S and iracing do racing sims, that feature complete racing series, I have every right to comment on content or mods here on virtualR or any other simracing blog sites, that allow it why should I not.:)

      • Marc Collins

        As far as you know? What full series is simulated in iRacing?

        What sims do you actually own and use?

      • Jason Madigan

        afaik, iRacing does offer the full NASCAR Sprint Cup series that runs concurrently with the official series all year long, that started last year iirc, I did start racing with the Australian guys but rl got in the way eventually. That series is about as real as it gets imho, no other simulation available can offer anything even remotely close to this particular series … IMO of course 😉

      • melanieuk1

        What sims do I actually own and use?
        Assetto corsa, GT Legends, GTR, GTR Evolution, Live For Speed, NKPro, Race07(with all the expansion packs/dlc), Race Injection, Race On, rFactor, R3E, STCC the game 1&2, all the Shift series, and all the Grid series, all the dirt series, TDU2, and would own iracing if it was single player none subscription friendly.

      • Mario Strada

        I actually agree with you Melanie. I also like to race RL series in my sim. Of course, I don’t hold the modder responsible for coming up with the tracks, but it would be nice if those that mod car series had an exchange where they could coordinate with track modders and work on releasing their goodies at the same time or at least give you a place to go where you can keep track of the releases and download the latest one.

        There is such a thing for rFactor, but since the other guys bought it it has been lagging.

      • melanieuk1

        I didn’t say I expected modders to create circuits for mods, I said assetto corsa has most of the official circuits to simulate, the Seat leon euro cup race weekend, only two circuits are missing from the official assetto corsa track list, that would compliment the full six tracks needed, Salzburgring which we now have by sandrox, and Barcelona can be found on the net.
        I suppose once the seat leon euro cup mod is released, someone will create a seat leon euro cup career mode for assetto corsa

      • Franx JeKo D’Aloia

        If you think it’s meh, don’t download it or learn how to mod and do them yourself. Whiny community members that are never satisfied or thankfully like you is the reason more and more modders are leaving the scene to retire or either go private.

        All tracks are already available in all 3 games. What’s the problem? Billboards and advertising? Who cares, you don’t look at the walls or the scenery while you race anyway. If you do, then you are not “simulating a race series”, you’re just admiring the scenery.

      • melanieuk1

        Your post makes no sense at all, and laugh I’m the reason modders are leaving the scene, I’ve said nothing negative about the seat leon euro cup mod, not my fault you can’t read or understand English, read it again try, then post something that makes sense.

  • Sim Antics

    I tried to DL build 880 for rF2 and the DL speed was so slow I gave up. under 1mb a sec when I am use to 9mb sec on Steam.

    • varis11

      Really really deep thought, wow.

      • Sim Antics

        IDK The build DL is corrupt or something I cannot DL it Period slow speed or not. It seems ISI uses Mediafire for it’s DL base which to me is okay for mod content but not a means to distribute Full Game Builds on.

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