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Salzburgring for rFactor – First Preview Video

Salzburgring for rFactor – First Preview Video

Com8 has released new preview material of his newest track project for rFactor, showing us two new screenshots and the very first preview video of the Austrian Salzburgring.

Following the demise of the A1 Ring, the Salzburgring is Austria’s last remaining operational race track. Located outside the city of Salzburg close to the German border, the 4.2 kilometer race track was opened in 1969 and  features two long straights and fifteen corners.

Due to the track’s location in a narrow valley and the missing space for security improvements such as large runoff areas and strict noise regulations, the track is no longer hosting large motorsport events aside from smaller touring cars and motor bikes. There’s no lack of on-track action though as the track has established itself as popular venue for testing, track days and car industry events.

  • Carbonfibre

    Ha! Com8 uses the M3 Challenge mod as well! It’s the best M3 available for rFactor out of all the different versions with those sounds. I had the remove the shift delays for h-shifting which means it doesn’t work online any more but I’ve never seen any servers with it anyway. :'(  
    btw, the track is obviously outstanding.

  • Denis P.

    Great ambience. I’m looking forward to it a lot.

  • maddy

    looks awesome – he’s a great talent!

  • dknine

    great stuff com8, looks to be a fun aswell 😎

  • JGoenR

    Great video!

  • BSR-WiX

    now that is a clean production.  respect.

  • gtrNL


  • GeraArg

    10/10 😉

  • RoNo

    Looks damn good 😛

  • Paul82

    Can you imagine this track on rF2 with the new lighting system?

    Pure magic!!…..*Drool*

  • GTEvo

    You gonna be Better and Better in Trackmodeling.
     Your Tracks much Better than EA Sports F1 Challenge Productions…with other a “Trackmaster”!

    Please bring us a complete new Hockenheim1999 Version, with a real Ambiente of Trees, Curbs and the Spirit of Real Racing Divers!

    a Buddy^^


    Great, Fantastic job,
    As usual

    , I try to find in details, the weak point,
    nothing … perfect

  • Explosive Face

    This and the Norisring already look finished – What else is there to do? AIW can’t take THAT long. 😛

  • Big Ron

    That looks stunning. Great textures and models. Keep going on, this seems to be fun.

  • Justin ForzaBarça D’Cruze

    Wow that is superb….

  • Dale

    Maybe ISI will hire Com8 to work on their laser-scanned Nordschleife for rFactor 2.

    I can dream can’t I?

  • Dale

    This track does look really good for road cars.

    I really like the long sweeping curves.

    The Red-Bull arc looks pretty cool.

  • Grozni

    FANTASTIK Com8!!!

  • Jimlaad43

    It looks done. RELEASE IT PLZ.

  • Com8

    still lots of stuff to do, AIW, Cams, Shaders for DX8, paddock and crowd for racing weekend…

  • imph

    Wich car mod does he use? Iam from Salzburg sooo it`s really great. Cant wait to race on it!

  • Johnny

    quality stuff 😀

  • jimmy

    Great, absolutely beautiful, stunning! Salzburgring is one of the best and most beautiful racing tracks ever built. Miss golden days of GP500 races there  :'(

  • Denis P.

    @Com8 Would it be sensible to include it in the championship calendar for early December? Is it likely to come out by then?

  • Eduardo AuKiss

    any news?

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