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Rubens Barrichello Shows Off His Sim Setup

Take a look at F1 driver Rubens Barrichello’s sim racing equipment.

Back in September, I posted a first story on Formula One driver Rubens Barrichello being an avid sim racer in his free time.

The Brazilian F1 ace races Games Stock Car & STCC The Game 2 among other titles in his spare time and today, we get to take a little look at his hardware equipment as Rubens was recently visited by Mark Webber to do some virtual racing.

Thankfully, the guys shared their experience on Twitter as you can see below. While his setup is fairly regular, an interesting detail is that Rubens uses a G27 wheel with the wheel rim top being cut off.

  • Anonymous

    Wonder if they’re excited about rF2 as much as the rest of us?

    • gt3rsr

      Surely not. They have a life 😛

      • Lemming asdfafh

        Haha ain’t that true. They’ve got something even more realistic already anyway; real motorsports. x3

  • Paul Mullins

    Bugger the sim racing rig…  I’m looking at his hot GF in the reflection in photo #1 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Get a life.

      • Laurent Cortier

        You too.

    • Anonymous

      It’s his lady-boy photographer friend – s/he does all his photoshoots.

  • Alex Sawczuk

    I’m informed they were driving GSC’s Formula Reiza at Interlagos. We take no blame if they don’t have a great weekend 😉

    • Justin Schmidt

      yes. i can see the logo on the screen in the 2nd pic.

      • Frederico Pezzotti

        Rubens Barrichello and Felipe Massa currently compete in Stock Car Game LOCAWEB Championship at GTR Brasil league ( Next race November 28. To see the broadcast: – 22h00 Brazil (Brasilia) Time Zone.

  • Anonymous

    note the proper single seater seat he’s using to give a proper low down driving position (probably nicked from williams factory). i really wish the playseat f1 wasn’t so expensive. 
    being someone that only plays open-wheelers, its such a shame there isnt a cheap single-seater seat available. 

    • Benjamin G.

      True that.
      Let me know if you ever find a single-seater rig available to buy. Mine is custom built and I would gladly replace it by something more.. aesthetic. 

    • Laurent Cortier

      Just buy yourself a cheap racing seat and DIY instead of complaining someone didn’t do it cheap for you.

  • Robert Gödicke

    “[…] an interesting detail is that Rubens uses a G27 wheel with the wheel rim top being cut off.”

    It’s a G25 me thinks. 🙂

    • Marius Schoeman

      Jip G25

  • James Sanford

    Top blokes!

  • Sean S

    Whoa ,the hot chick in the back room?

    • gt3rsr

      OMFG, maybe just Ruben’s wife. How old are you?

      • Lemming asdfafh

        Looks more like a reflection to me, I assumed she’s the one who took the photo.

      • Nathan Robinson

        Whats age got to do with it? I’m 31 and I had the same feelings as Sean. Most men like women you know, that doesnt mean i’m going to judge you for your choices in life though. It seems to be a fairly friendly community around here so if you want to come out of the closet i think you’d have some support 🙂

    • Anonymous

      wow – a hazy reflection of a woman, in a small picture on a website?   Amazing……

      Try getting out more?

      • Nathan Robinson

        If thats how you’re going to be, than we should all get out more as we are all commenting on a picture of two guys sitting next to a sim rig. At least some of us found the woman in the picture while the rest of you are staring at mark wishing you could be his f1 car 😛

      • Anonymous

        lol – a wobbly reflection (of what is at best *probably* a woman) gets people going.  

        Does this do it too?

        W O M A N !!!    

        Has that got you going?    Fascinating.  haha

      • Nathan Robinson


  • Jay Caldwell

    One G25 and one G27.  I hope he upgraded the pedals as I can’t see what they are.  Try a set of Fanatec Clubsport pedals Rubens 🙂

    • Pork Hunt Racing

      looks just like the T500 pedals base in view on the second shot?

      • Marcel Penzkofer

         Could be, but I guess he has Logitechs on both rigs. The metal plate looks a bit like from the T500RS, but on the other hand the material is used very often and the drillhole ni it is pointing exactly the other way than at the T500 RS pedals (they holes on the pedals go to the inside while these on the photo seem to stand out of the metal).

      • Evan Maillard

        looks more like CST F1s to me, you can’t get better than this 😉

  • Steven Ciofalo

    Oh god who put those speakers there?

    {backs slowly out of view}

  • Jim Slimjim Cassi

    They make seats like that for lay down Karts.. not too pricey.
    thought he would have a triple screen..

  • lee ross

    Very cool. I swear to god, i thought that was Mark Webber aswell at first

  • Mojo66

    Hopefully, this is not a prelude to what those two guys will be doing in the near future, i.e. hope to see both Rubens and Mark in F1 for a couple of years.

    • Kyle Puttifer

      That’s exactly what I was thinking, poor Rubens. Just like Massa, he’s one of those what-if guys who ended up at Ferrari and consequently wilted away in the role of number 2.

      • mike mansor

        I wouldn’t say “poor Rubens”.  Sure he’ll never be one of the great but if greatness means being someone like Schumacher, then as an F1 fan (which I have been since I was 5) I can sure appreciate some like Rubens or Gilles Villeneuve even though neither of them are World Champions.  

        And the problem with statistics is that it doesn’t differentiate between winners who are assholes and losers who have unwavering passion for their sports.  

      • Kyle Puttifer

        I never said they were amazing as there are clearly better drivers (Button, Alonso, Vettel), but I see them as a bit underrated.
        In fact I even said that Mark will never get another shot at the title.

      • Anonymous

        Poor Rubens?    Aye, at least 2 championship winning cars and he still didn’t get especially close.   Likewise with Marky boy.  Good, but no banana.  

      • Mister Sigma

        Poor Rubens !!!. you are funny. but those guys can’t last in F1 for ever. they have achieved what they have achieved. And just being among F1 drivers is an exploit. So don’t worry about them and worry about yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Great idea Rubens, just got the hacksaw out and modded my wheel, no i can watch films and leave my wheel in place …

    • Marius Schoeman


  • Kevin Westendorf

    nice… childhood hero in sim racing too!!!

  • John Krisfalusci

    cheap setup you rich bastard! you know with the salary you make ever think of better builds? I mean really, this kind of setup is what angry loners use with a curfew and a tantrum!

    • Anonymous

      hey John why would he try to simulate something his driving every week? He has been driving an F1 car for the last 20 years and you want him build an F1 cockpit to simulate his daily job /face palm

      • John Krisfalusci

        yes he would.

      • noro ardanto

        apparently sim racing just a fun hobby for Rubens.. I think he doesn’t  feel the need to build the over the top sim rig as he can take any cars to any circuit in the world if he wanted to.

      • John Krisfalusci

        ohhhh okay!!! ^_^

    • Marius Schoeman

      You mean this setup is something you are using John… whahahaha. Like SBKRacer said – Why waste money on looks for something you have been doing in real life for the past 20 years? It’s not as if the game will be better or faster with a more expensive rig.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve raced against Rubens in Race 07 and he is damn FAST! 

    • Marius Schoeman

      Wish he would be interested in Rfactor 1 though. We have an awesome F1 mod. Need more members though cause we’re quite new League based in South Africa.

  • Austin W

    That is pretty cool though, Rubens seems like a cool humble guy, would be cool go hang out with and talk this and that, and do a few races.  Since he has a busy full time job racing and travelling, as well as a family, this is just a side hobby for him. 

  • Domagoj Lovric

    Cool stuff indeed!

    I have an idea why he chopped off the wheel rim: due to sitting low down, upper part of the rim might interfere with his view, and inevitably, it had to be solved 🙂

  • Justin Schmidt

    game stockcar’s formula reiza +interlagos seem to be a good practice tool. nice quali today from rubens.

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