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RSRBR 2011 – Released

RSRBR 2011 – Released

Rallysim has released a brand new version of their RSBRBR mod for Richard Burns Rally, the definitive download for all fans of the benchmark rally simulation.

The new version weighs 1.2 gigabytes and includes all eight updates to RSRBR 2010 as well as plenty of new cars, including the brand new 2011 Ford Fiesta WRC and a bunch of historical Group H rally cars.

New Cars in RSRBR 2011

– Skoda Fabia S2000 Evo2 pack N4_S2000_2
– Ford Fiesta WRC 2011 pack A8W-11
– MG Metro 6r4 pack Group_B
– New Groupe H with : BMW M3 E30 Gr.H, Ford Escort MK5 Gr.H, Volvo 242LE
– Lada Kalina pack R2
– Ford Escort MK2 packs VHC_1, Group_H et F2000_14_2

RSRBR 2011 works with a fresh install of Richard Burns Rally and requires no prior mods to be installed, the team has put together an installation-tutorial to get everybody started.

Download RSRBR 2011 Here

  • kave

    wow, christmas special, tks you

  • Ricoo

    Super merci les gars pour ce boulot incroyable. 🙂

  • Nicolas Grignon

    Still the ONLY true rallysim out there, I wish they could do a RBR2 with the same physics and upgraded 2010-11 graphics… Shame that licence is only a question of money because Warthog merited it 1 millions time more than the terrible rotten blackbean devs.


    Anyone knows if there’s any way to run RSBR with ATI’s Eyefinity triple screen?

  • devotid

    ive been using the config file and just manually entering the resolution i need and poof its amazing rally time!

  • The Biff

    Licensing has ruined sim racing.  RBR is the king of rally sims and I highly doubt we will see another.  Developers now only put out arcade titles.

  • sebastian.nestinger

    Is it possible to install the mod without a registry check? Because my RBR isn’t in te Regitry after restoring my PC and I don’t wanna reinstall it.

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