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RSRBR 2010 Mod – Update 3 Released

RSRBR 2010 Mod – Update 3 Released

Rallysim has released the third update for their RSRBR 2010 mod for Richard Burns Rally, fixing various issues with their popular mod.

Update 3 does not just add lots of stuff as listed below, it also contains all changes introduced with the first two updates – All you need to get started using it is the RSRBR 2010 base pack.

Changes in this Update:

– Correction of image for 207 RC R3T
– Correction of gearbox for Ford Focus packs A8W-08 et A8W-09
– Correction of sound of Subaru Impreza 95 pack A8_2
– Correction for the bug on 207 pack D1-RC2
– Correction of the picture of 207 RC R3T pack A7_2
– Inscriptions (adding character _ which currently appear in invalid + change in the number of characters for the password)
– Name Display Lyon Gerland in the game (currently, it displays Joux Plane)
– The FOV on cars (which do not work on this 1st version 0.1)
– Added Spanish language (es.lang)
– Change the sound file fiat.eng which raised problems
– Changes on physics for the Subaru N14 URT pack N4_2
– Correction of the gearbox for the 307 pack A8W-05
– Internal corrections for RSCenter
– Correction on picture for Opel Corsa pack A6K_2
– Correction on physics for C2 S1600 in pack Trophy
– Adding R3 folders in the SavedGames folder
– Correction on physics for 207 RC R3T in packs R3 & Trophy
– Correction on physics for Lada Samara in pack A5_1
– Correction in Setup Manager

New in this Update:
– Add Subaru Impreza S14 in pack A8W-08
– Add new 3D for Toyota Corolla
(packs A8W-99, F2000_12_1, F2000_13_1, D3-RC1, PROTO_1)
– Add Skoda Fabia s2000
(packs A7S_1 et N4_s2000_1) (Garyson)
– Possibility to freely edit the ini files for each cars.
– New 306 GrN pack N3_2 (Roysteph)
– New Ford RS 200 pack Group_B (Jalonso)
– New version the super stage RSI – Slalom PLP (by Gaiabio)
– New tracks RSI 2, RSI 3 et RSI Drift (by Gaiabio)
– New Renault Alpine A310 (chewcrout)
– Management for 2 new packs of BTB tracks (BTB Stages 3, and 4)

Important: This is just an update for the base package, make sure to have the initial version and at least one car pack installed. For more info on the mod and it’s packs, click here.

Download RSRBR 2010 Mod Update 3 Here

Screenshots via Simscreens

  • Rantam

    Great! A new update for the best rally mod ever, and it’s better mod πŸ™‚

    Thanks!! πŸ˜€

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