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RSRBR 2009 Update 1 – Released
  • GonZo

    This is the reason I just ordered RBR at Amazon for £1.92 :sd:

  • Spaceman

    I couldn’t figure out how to use the dang thing. Just installed a load of files all over the shop with no instruction of what does what or how.

  • 2point8

    I’m going to have to agree with Spaceman. Not to be ignorant either, but with the minimal documentation written in “FrEngligsh” I could not figure out what was going on. I did manage to get the mod actually running, but for the life of me I could not modify the sounds to anything other than the default, which frankly sound like garbage. What we really need is a new WRC game, but seeing how the manufacturers are dropping out left and right I doubt this will ever happen now 🙁

  • hypertek

    I aggree with you guys, i just installed it and couldnt figure it out, so i uninstalled and it ruined my rbr install..

    I had the enb mod *it looks great on rbr* , and i had found some updated carpack installer all in one that some guy posted a link in his youtube a few months ago that installed new updated cars and was great.. i dont know where i had found that download tho, i want it back.

  • Dave

    So is it better to not update with this new patch or do we have to do it? Should we just wait until the next patch?

  • hypertek

    i think we are just talking about the program in general being difficult to understand since there is lack of english support.. if you already have it rocking, i see no reason not to update

  • maxs

    REMEMBER —- install RSRBR on FRESH INSTALL of RBR (patched to 1.02) —- any other mod is unexeptable !!!! if you want to use any other mods do it on second install of game !!!! i dont have an idea what do you guys want from sounds – they are beautifull but you must remember that RBR 1.0 has lot worse sounds than 1.02 the sounds where enhanced in 1.02 keep that in mind – this is all instructions you ever need if you want to ask about something ask me or on RALLYESIM forums – they got even english forums also :] remember as well that this game is extremely hard to modify comparing to RF and i think that these guys made it well

  • Dave


    so install should be:
    2.patch 1.01
    3.patch 1.02
    4.RSRBR v2009
    5.RSRBR v2009 update 1

    Sorry to be remedial..but just checking before finding out some weird procedure would mess things up.


  • Raikku

    I don’t think that you have to patch RBR at all, earlier RSRBR’s(at least ’08) included those patch-files.

    And you can always ask that from Rallye Sim’s forum, there is English section where you ask this kind of questions.

  • yokelhama

    Does RBR work on Vista64 and support widescreen? If so I wanna get this game 🙂

  • maxs

    Dave yes it is perfect procedure 😀 and i wouldnt give up with installing both patches i had RSRBR older versions and i have read that this patches are very recomended at least you dont have to worry about anything and if RSRBR 09 includes that ones that is no worries if you install them before RSRBR install

    yokelhama i got couple friends with vista and for some this game works and for others not quite i mean the one friend had strange problem when there was no ForceFeedback in game (G25) but i dont know why and how thats very strange :]

  • maxs

    oh and dont forget you need to have CLEAN game without any other mods :tongue:

  • spaced

    Guys – im getting a few missing files (track-61_M.lbs and the other related files) when installing the the first large RSRBR v2009 file, why should this happen? I have applied the 1.01 and 1.02 patches so far… :weird: :sad2:

  • Fabynou


    more news than have been described on the top of this page.

    All the car physics have been re-done, new SS textures and physics (as the Mix Mod for exemple and the Monte Carlo mod).

    you can ask for help on our forum, and also in the teamspeak open space.
    Very soon, we will add cumulative damage between the SS (it is under tests), and we hope night mod for online official sessions.

    See you,

    Fabynou (Rallyesim admin)

  • runningdeer

    Hello all.

    I recently returned to playing RBR, after seeing the new RSRBR 2009. I am patched to update 7. The game and mod are running fine.

    Previously when playing RBR, I played offline only…I only used this mod for the fixes or addons. But this time around I am interested online racing. After lots of trial and error I figured out how to get online and race in the public sessions, as well as to create them.

    But I am more interested in racing in a championship, online. However, this is where I am having the most trouble. Because I cannot find any resources to answer some of my questions about how it works, at RS.

    Could somebody here please direct me to a good resource for running RSRBR online championships? Such as joining a team, or how to successfully complete a championship, and how the damages work, etc etc.

    Thank you for the forum, and your time.

  • Sensekhmet

    Compared to Wally’s plugin, where you need to press enter and arrow buttons a few times to be racing online, this is a nightmare to use. I spent few days but couldn’t figure out how to get online. A lot of work went into this, so it’s a shame it’s so complicated.

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