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RSR Formula 3 1.0 for AC – Released

The RSR Modding Team has released their Formula 3 mod for Assetto Corsa.

The RSR Modding Team has released their Formula 3 mod for Assetto Corsa.

The mod has been created with help from a real-life F3 driver as Tristan Cliffe of Omicron Motorsport F3 Cup UK fame has supplied the team with feedback and telemetry data to aid the mod’s development.


  • Realistic physics, based entirely on real-life data, verified with telemetry and driver feedback. Same laser scanned track, same car, same setup, same driver.
  • Suspension and dampers modelled in details, after measuring them on the real car.
  • Full analysis on suspension geometry and dynamics (Roll Centers, Anti-Squat, Anti-Dive, KPI, Caster, Tyre Offset, Scrub Radius, Springs and Damper Rates, Critical Damping, Suspension Travel and so on)
  • Fully spec’d aerodynamics. Advanced mathematical model created to fit with minimal loss of information, the complex aero measurements into AC aerodynamics model.
  • The model is taking into account also wings interactions (disturbance of the front wing angle on the efficiency of the rear wing). Since it’s not possible at the moment to model this in a dynamic way (hopefully in the pipeline at KS), the mathematical model I’ve worked on, it is tuned to get realistic aero balance altering wings. Optimal results on commonly used wing angles.
  • Front Spitter, underbody and Diffuser stalling at realistic height
  • Tyres modelled in detail. Tire wear tuned with the help of the driver, tyre grip from official tyre manufacturer data. Dependency on pressure, temperature, real tyre rates and so on.
    3 different tyre compounds. The only real one is the AVON Medium tyre, the other tyres are created with plausible modification from the official one.
  • Engine tuned with realistic drive train loss. Fuel consumption tuned with real measurements.
  • Setup screen based purely on real values. Real gear ratios, wings modifications, suspension/damper settings, min/max values adjusted to real values.
  • Brakes calculations to match real values
    Throttle position from measurements
  • Gearbox timing tuned with telemetry data
  • Scratch made 3d Model
  • Working Steering Wheel display with real-time information
  • Working rain light (enable it by turning on the lights)
  • Animated suspensions with detailed suspension geometry
  • Custom made driver animations
  • 3D Damage model

[boxdownload]Download RSR Formula 3 1.0 for Assetto Corsa Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download RSR Formula 3 1.0 Skin Pack for Assetto Corsa Here[/boxdownload]
  • svdb

    This has to be one of the best engineered and realistic mods i’ve ever seen! It’s epic!

    • toyvonen

      Agree 100%!!!

  • Glen Orpheus

    downloading now ….happy days

  • Dentykaffalatta

    Thank you for this. Cheers!!

  • Michael Brandt

    Superb mod !

  • SandroX

    Nice! Thanks.

  • Paul Maguire

    Drives great!

  • Charles Sami Amyouni

    Sweet Mother of Talos, this is awesome!

  • HammerX

    Just did a 10 lap @ monza. Fun mod, cars are modeled very well. Thanks.

  • Richard Hessels

    Have a strange issue with only this mod. I get small system freezes.
    Where the whole system stalls for a split second.
    Other mods or original content on the same track have no issues at all.
    A shame because the mod feels very good.

  • Dean Doucette

    Did 3 laps at Spa last night to sample the mod. Wow! Thank-you.

  • Traumahound

    Feels good, sounds good too. Thanks for this.

  • Richard Hessels

    This is the best F3 experience available at the moment.

  • Dentykaffalatta

    Now, I can say more as I was tired. I’m not an open wheeler fan normally and can’t be bothered with F1 at all. This though I could see having some fun with as I’ve found the slower classes I tend to try and end up loving them. Waaaaay back with TOCA Race Driver 2 I think it was? Or one? Anyways I recall there was a “trainer” class of wee open wheelers and I LOVED those as to me they were an absolute BLAST!! Yeah, I am I guess a “classic” tin top guy as far as my normal loved ala GT Legends but I am always willing to try pretty much anything. After all, it’s a sim, it’s not putting outlay into a real race car and worrying if one made a mistake. Here we just go “Meh, okay next” and are SO lucky to have these wonderful sims and wonderful mods and the people that make it all happen for us. When I get up and running again I VERY MUCH intend to try this one. I saw it here and first thought was this one might be one for ME!! lol. Thank you all and once again my friends: Cheers!!!

    • Race Nut

      Yes, I really enjoy the trainers and amateur/novice class open-wheeler’s, Formula Ford’s, Formula V’s, F3’s, etc., much more than the F1 class cars. GT’s and other tin-tops are generally my most driven choices but, I’d like to see more choices in the former as well.

      This mod looks like it should be a good one to try very soon.

      • Saleem Hodge

        I’m looking to give it a go in a few days. Maybe before work tomorrow! Looks outstanding, I’m really hoping for a formula ford and radical being added to assetto corsa in the future.

      • Race Nut

        Hi Saleem, yeah, the Radical(s) would be great to have as well along with others from the class; those are all currently lacking in AC.

      • Saleem Hodge

        I hope we continue to get spoiled with these high quality mods. I would think more of the entry level race cars would be easier to get data for.

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