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RSR Aussie Track Pack 1.0 for RACE07 – Released

RSR Aussie Track Pack 1.0 for RACE07 – Released

Redline Sim Racers Australia have released their Aussie Track Pack for RACE07/GTR Evolution, bringing nine of Australasia’s finest tracks to Simbin’s simulation.

Made by MR_Jay force & Mr_Ingall, the tracks have mostly been converted from rFactor & GTR2 with Hugh Jarse pitching in his Qld Raceway and slider916 adding Phillip Island.

The tracks still have some issues in the AIW & camera department, if you´re skilled and want to help them perfect the tracks mare sure to contact them on their website & forum.

Included Tracks

Adelaide V8.
Barbagello. (Wanneroo)
Hidden Valley.
Qld Raceway.
Symmons Plains.
Oran Park.
Phillip Island.
Pukekohe. (NZ).

Download RSR Aussie Track Pack 1.0 Here

  • Phill R

    A huge thank you to Rob for posting up our track package for the world over to grab and enjoy.

    It’s our intention to work with suitably skilled parties to edit and evolve this pack until it’s as perfect as can be.

    Just a heads up… In the coming week or two we will be releasing a patch file that will replace all the camera files for the TV style replays in all of the tracks…

    Enjoy guys!

    Best regards, Phill.

  • F1Racer

    Screenshots looks great !  Looking fwd to trying these out big-time.  Pukekohe is track I like.

  • Ernie

    Thanks, guys

  • Greybrad

    Great set of tracks, thanks.

    but where is Canberra, my all time fav aussie track.

  • Phill R

    Hmmm Canberra was done for rFactor I believe… Maybe one day we may see a convert?

  • Phill R

    Your most welcome Ernie, Enjoy it mate.

  • Phill R

    Thanks F1Racer!

  • Mike Cantwell

    Hoping to see my QLD Raceway and Lakeside added later after I update with the various other layouts for QR. This is a good track pack.

    Is there a Bathurst for Race07?

  • Phill R

    Go look at the DL page on our site Mike 😉

  • Bat Sando

    Can you upload it somewhere because Megaupload is closed

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