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RR Racing Experience – SRT Video Interview

InsideSimRacing has conducted a very interesting interview with Simbin’s Diego Sartori on their RaceRoom Racing Experience title.

The guys over at continue to catch up with their GamesCom coverage, now focusing on Simbin’s RaceRoom Experience.

Andreas Nie was on site in Cologne, talking to Simbin’s Diego Sartori about their upcoming free to play title.

Diego reveals some very interesting details such as an open beta of the title to be coming up this year and much more, watch the video below for all the latest on Simbin’s newest title.

  • Yop

    Yeahhhhh! When?

  • Eric Potvin

    Seriously, this was a awesome interview. Loved it. No nonsense straight talk. IMHO

    Will be playing this when it comes out, and it will probably attract a few coins away from my pockets.

  • Terrell Olvera

    Hopefully they are leaving out rain and night racing so they can add it to GTR 3. I definitely look forward to seeing this in their Raceroom kiosks though. I haven’t been to the one in Fresno since it first opened, from the looks of the video a lot has changed since then. They probably still don’t have an adjustable FOV though…that is the worst part about using their triple screen rigs, it just feels like a wasted opportunity, especially for the price they charge!

    • Chris Wright

      I think it remains to be seen if GTR 3 is still even on their roadmap.

  • GamerMuscle

    Fantastic interview Diego Sartori went over the points in a very clear way and I love his accent.

    RRE looks very exciting The public demo is fantastic and shows the game is already at a quality that surpasses most console driving games and that’s with helpers on !

    I’m interested to see what the cars handle like with the more raw non assist mode , but based on the feel of the demo I think it will likely be like GTRE with similar sorts of grip and car behaver. ( the demo Feels allot like GTRE with assists on)

    Not sure If I myself will buy into the content though as I dislike micro transaction systems that exclude users without specific core game play content.

    I think Simraceway should probably be quite worried as I don’t see where there product now fits into the market place. That is unless they can do real time race events for prize money like they said they would when they first went live.

    • Chris Wright

      Good point about Simraceway. There’s going to be a lot more competition for the same virtual racing dollar and we are bound to see some casualties as this all unfolds. My money’s definitely on Simraceway to be the first big failure. Just seems to be an endless stream of dlc cars, some at silly prices, on a fast becoming obsolete engine.

  • Lasse Jakobi Ougaard

    This is not really of my interest anylonger..

    Max 1 hour, no rain, no night, no ndusk or dawn, max 24 cars online, defaults to chasecam when you leave the pits, the same software is used in arcades?

    Okay I realise I’m am probably a niche simracer, but from the perspective of a multiclass endurance racer, this is a clear step down from my current platform GTR2.

    Sure, it looks and sounds a lot better than what we have now, and the idea of borrowing users a car for a race is something I’d thought iRacing would have thought of first. But besides that?

    Damn I hope there’s a full blown GTR3 coming, but at the same time I’m pretty confident it’s not happening, given their total change of style over the last few years.

    Oh please, pretty please let Assetto Corsa be the next big endurance sim 😛

    • Kendra Jacobs

      AC and RFactor 2 🙂

      Do you guys think this is what we all thought gtr3 was? Or are they 2 separate products?

    • Roger

      Camera defaults from cockpit (which is forced in pit) to your preferred camera when leaving the pits = stay in cockpit for me and you 🙂

      I agree this wont be the best endurance racer from day one, but for most users including myself 1 hour races will be sufficient, I do the majority of my racing between dawn and dusk anyway.

      If there is a demand for endurance racing and most of all weather, day/night shifts etc I’m sure they will incorporate that, and in an innovative way as well.

      It will be a tight competition between this and Assetto Corsa, we will be very spoiled for Christmas this year!! 😀

  • Chris Wright

    I’d much rather be driving GTR3 than this. Seems to be squarely aimed at giving iRacing some competition, but currently lacks the focus and clarity of purpose that iRacing has in abundance, albeit at a cost. Very early days, of course, so things will probably change a lot as it really gets under way. The lack of weather simulation is a major disappointment, as are some of the other restrictions that will be in place when it launches. Has to be given time to evolve, though. Given the extreme expense of iRacing, its best chance of success is probably getting the pricinv model exactly right. One to watch, albeit that for me, at least, it’s not the SimBin product I most wanted to see.

    • Michael

      It’s really nothing like iracing.

      This game isn’t subscription based for one thing.

      I don’t see how anyone would consider a need to compete with iracing?
      Their banner on their website says “35000 members” which apparently they hit July this year. If true, that is, frankly, so niche and small I can’t see them being on any game devs radar.

      I think there’s a bigger pie, if still not an enormous one to chase with people that own PCs and play racing games other than iracing (some of whom may well play iracing too, of course)

  • Roger

    Really looking forward to this!! The “public beta” within the next few months will be awesome and appears to contain a couple of tracks and cars!

    Sign me up!! If the tracks and cars are at the same level as the teaser I’ll purchase all available content day 1!

  • David Wright

    With the licensing issues concerning Ferrari and Porsche its hard to see a GTR3 being produced. And even GT races are only one hour long in the current championship.

    It is perhaps a shame that so many sims are trying to cover all the bases rather than being an in-depth simulation of a particular race series, at least with the micro-transaction model you just buy what you are interested in.

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