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Rouen les Essarts All Platforms – Released

Rouen les Essarts All Platforms – Released

Virtua_LM has released GT Legends, GTR2 and RACE07/GTR Evolution versions of their popular Rouen les Essarts track for rFactor, bringing the spectacular historic race track to Simbin’s most popular simulations.

The legendary French circuit is a high speed semi-permanent racetrack, famous for its fast sweeps and the brickyard hairpin. After a series of fatalities, the track has been out of operation for a long time now. Virtua_LM’s version both includes both the original 6.5 kilometer layout that was used until 1974 as well as the newer 5.5 kilometer version that was in operation until the track was closed in 1994.

Download Rouen les Essarts for GT Legends

Download Rouen les Essarts for GTR 2

Download Rouen les Essarts for RACE07/GTR Evolution

  • Mitos

    Great news! Happy New Year!

  • Shum94

    The best imo in rF after le mans. But layout wise the best.

  • orubasarot

  • Vince Klortho
  • fpol

    Sincere thanks for now making this available to all platforms.

    Virtua LM illustrates again why they deserve the highest praise for their work in the Driving/Racing sim genre.

  • UncleChuckle

    It’s dead easy from my experience. Not elegant by any means, but if you want a specific RF track, conversion isn’t that hard.

    orubasarot: This is great, I really appreciate cross-platform work like this.Speaking of that does anyone think the rFactor Targa Florio will be ported to GTR2?How difficult is it to move something from rFactor to GTR2?P&G is just begging for production values like these to accompany it.

  • gtrNL

    Downloading as soon as I wake up, will be the first Track I drive in 2010.

  • paupau

    Virtua_LM has to be the best track modders out by far, there’s really nothing you can compare to Mid or Le Mans. Looking forward for the Sebring layout, hope its not planed in the far away future.

  • orubasarot

  • BariCZ

    What a surprise 🙂 Thank you Virtua_LM for that. Top quality work as always 🙂

  • -eRNIe-

    Great news. Rouen is one of my favorite tracks in rf.

  • Jack_NL

    Thanks alot guy’s

  • dale223223

    I am definitely checking this out after playing the Le Mans track.

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