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Rouen-Les-Essarts 1.0 – Released

Rouen-Les-Essarts 1.0 – Released

Virtua_LM has released Rouen-Les-Essarts 1.0 for rFactor. The legendary French track is a high speed semi-permanent racetrack, famous for its fast sweeps and the brickyard hairpin. After a series of fatalities, the track has been out of operation for a long time now. But thanks to Virtua_LM, the days of prototypes, touring cars and formula cars racing at Rouen will live on forever

Officially, this track is a conversion from the team’s F1C release. Don’t let the label fool you though, this conversion is a high quality track you would expect with skilled people like Virtua_LM involved. The track comes in two variations, the high speed variant which was used until the seventies and a slowed-down layout which was used until 1994. Enjoy the shots, the download and the ride!

Download Rouen-Les-Essarts 1.0 Here

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