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rfDynHUD 1.3 by Team CTDP – Released

rfDynHUD 1.3 by Team CTDP – Released

Team CTDP has released a new version of their powerful rfDynHUD tool for rFactor.

Created by Marvin Fröhlich, the tool allows players to easily customize rFactor’s standard HUD, using a comfortable editor that lets you customize and combine widgets, giving you as much or as little info on the HUD as you like.

Version 1.3 is mainly a maintenance release as Marvin has done some cleanup. However, there have been some changes to the widget API so widgets created with version 1.2 might not work correctly anymore.


– Create your own custom overlays for rFactor with as much or as little information as you want.
– An intuitive editor is included to create these overlay configurations.
– Support for different overlays for each session, car and mod.
– Data and information Widgets for nearly any kind of situation.
– TV-Overlay included (Ecclestone TV 2010), new images by Daniel Zemla

To make most of this feature-rich tool, make sure to check out the documentation here.

Download rfDynHUD 1.3 by Team CTDP Here

  • Riches

    Damn.. you would almost forget you still have to drive in between those lists of data.

  • kkacper

    That was my problem when I first used it but to be honest it’s a great way to get your essential info without going into advanced telemetry and changing between game and the software. I used it until I got my second screen and now I just use SimTools on my second screen and learning the MoTeC but again rfDynHUD is great if you don’t want to do that 🙂  It just needs you to get used to having so much data on the screen at once and after you do so you can have an advantage to know exact fuel use on each lap and the exact fuel you need for few laps and not only an estimate, and same goes for engine wear (very important in DRM in my opinion).

  • SBKRacer

    one thing I love in rFactor is the fact you get so much information in a race just like in real life. Wish iRacing would improve on that.

  • f1racing

    well, you don’t need to have all that data on your screen, as you can choose for yourself what you want to have displayed

  • F1Racer

    This is such an informative HUD plugin.  Reading the data as you lap can really help you know how to tweak your setups for even better laptimes.  Realtime rideheight displays, and knowing where you are in relation to the fastest car in each split.   Very nice.

    Im not familiar with the keys yet though.  How to turn things off and on at will etc..

  • Marcel Penzkofer

    Great idea but I think the design is a bit old fashioned. I know the XD tool is older, but it surely looks better due to it’s fonts graphics and compact design. I would love to get a mix of both 🙂 .

  • Daniel S.

    That’s the standard design and it can all be customized. 
    Infact we are looking for designers who’d like to style full HUDs and make them more elegant. It’s all possible already, we just don’t have enough people. 🙂

  • Knackko Lovitch

    Great tool for me. I use my button box to display different info panels, dont have to display all the info all the time !
    Very useful and customizable. Thanks CTDP !

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