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rfDynHUD 1.2 by Team CTDP – Released

rfDynHUD 1.2 by Team CTDP – Released

Team CTDP has released an a majorly improved version of their  rfDynHUD tool for rFactor, adding lots of new features to the innovative tool.

Created by Marvin Fröhlich, the tool allows players to easily customize rFactor’s standard HUD, using a comfortable editor that lets you customize and combine widgets, giving you as much or as little info on the HUD as you like.

To make most of this feature-rich tool, make sure to check out the documentation here.


– Fixed engine and (esp.) brake wear/lifetime calculations.
– Added support for rendering the overlay on the session monitor views.
– When observing other vehicles the HUD displays data for this vehicle (as much as available).
– Some Widgets (or parts if them) are now auto-hidden when switching to AI control, since the rFactor Plugin interface doesn’t provide data for them in that case.
– Added a localizations system (translations) for Widgets.
– Added support for imperial units.
– Added MapWidget rotation according to the current vehicle’s heading.
– Added sector specific colors to MapWidget.
– MapWidget/TrackPositionWidget: draw important positions last.
– Added vehicle class relative scoring (configuration global option).
– Added support for timed races (estimate max laps, calculate lifetime).
– Improved early rendering of Widgets to reduce the gap when entering the cockpit.
– Added rfdynhud.ini as central plugin configuration file to support localizations and custom config folders, etc.
– RevMeterWidget: Rev limit from setup is now used. This enables you to actually use rev markes fixed in the background image.
– RevMeterWidget: Digital max revs can now be boost level dependent.
– Added pause detection. (esp. engine wear will not go down)
– Added a data cache to restore fuel usage and fastest lap times per mod, car and track.
– Added support for multiple displays.
– Added SpeedoWidget.
– Added AssembledWidget to combine existing Widgets to create a new and more complex one in an efficient way.
– Added support for images to style the ETV Widgets. Images are made by Daniel Zemla.
– Added a Director plugin and editor extension to control a remote in game rfDynHUD from a Director mode in the editor.
– Added TinyPositionWidget.
– Added ETVFastestLapWidget.
– Added a basic RideHeightWidget.
– Added a FuelNeedleWidget.
– Added DashboardWidget.
– Added ETVTelemetryWidget (Revs, Velocity, Trottle/Brake).
– StartingLightWidget’s visibility handling changed. Make sure, initialVisibility is on, if you don’t plan to toggle it with an InputAction.

Download rfDynHUD 1.2 by Team CTDP Here

  • Lmt Moddinggroup

    Thanks..Marvin and CTDP !

  • Ali Alami

    Thank you very much for this magnificient tool.

    With it I learned how to drive well while preserving my tires.  Also provide very usefull indicators.

    Great work 🙂

  • Marvin

    Thanks for posting this. But would you mind updating the description by taking it from the project page

    You cannot customize rFactor’s standard HUD with rfDynHUD. This was wrong for 1.0 and is still wrong for 1.2.0. And it would be good to see the version label set to 1.2.0, but not just 1.2


  • Marvin

    Oh, and the screenshots are old.

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