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rFactor Video Competition – Vote Now!

rFactor Video Competition – Vote Now!

The judges have picked their ten favorite entrants into the 2008 rFactor video competition over at rFactorcentral.

Now, it’s your voice that decides which video makers will take home the $800 total prize money as everyone is asked to vote for their favorite rFactor 2008 video recap.

The voting is open until Sunday the 8th of March, so you have lots of time to watch all ten final entrants and make up your mind.

Vote For Your Favorite rFactor Video Here

  • hypertek

    i wonder if their link is broken, im not getting anything on the link, jsut goes to the main page

  • stabiz

    You have to log in. Wow, the videos are very good.

  • carbonfibre

    Well I think voting is a stupid idea, as do a lot of other entrants. I want the best VIDEO to win, not the PERSON who is the most popular!

    The top 10 videos were not judged at all, I know 3 better videos that didn’t make the top 10 and they are all on Youtube with high ratings and more comments… the people in charge of this are lazy.

  • F1Racer

    I’m going to agree with carbonfibre. The results could reflect author popularity over the videos themselves.
    Not to say that the most popular author hasn’t done the best video though.

    I would presume the top 10 have been judged in some way though. Just because they didn’t agree with our opinion doesn’t mean they weren’t. I don’t think whoever judged it went by YouTube either.

    A couple of the vids I saw, that I thought were brilliant, are nowhere to be seen.

    It would be interesting to know how many total entries there were. If the public are voting we should have been allowed to pick from all of them (YouTube being a pre-requisite place to deposit them).

    I already know who I think should win (but they didnt make the top 10) and I know who I think will win.

  • Vkt

    Oh no!! now tha fanboy-tards can vote… ๐Ÿ˜

  • Vkt

    Oh no!! now the fanboy-tards can vote… ๐Ÿ˜

  • TeroD

    I’m also with carbonfibre. The panel simply did a half-assed job here! I’m quite confident in saying that some or most of the panel have no idea what makes a video good. One of the simplest and most important things is that a video is exciting. It’s that simple. Don’t need to be an expert to understand this. And couple of the top 10 one are really boring and seem to last forever.

    And if you make a competition like this, why have some ignorant panel pick 10 “best” to vote on? Why not just make all entrants available? It’s not like rFC had to provide hosting space for all videos, they just embedded them to their site.

    But I’m not sure the most popular person will win with this format. But I’m sure there are people who rather vote for a person they like or think is more popular than a video that is the best (of those on that silly list). I call them ‘stupid’. Might not be technically correct term, but the gist is there.

    I also think some really good ones are missing from that list. I mean ones that had all the chances to win. Shame.

  • hompe

    I think its just strange ๐Ÿ™„ how i have seen a few videos that were just amazing with alot of nice cars and tracks and then they choose the boring videos and even a video only containing 1 car mod?

  • stabiz

    Can people share links to these videos that are great and not in the top 10?

  • TeroD

    Here’s a playlist I threw together of all the entries I’ve ran in to.

    It has at least 3-4 that I think should be in top 10.

  • Vkt

    RACE.ME EPIC FAIL. :haha:

  • F1Racer

    stabiz: this is the one that sticks out for me..

  • stabiz

    Yeah, that one is really good. Maybe they left it out for having 2009 content?

    Man, judging this contest must have been hard.

  • Deskone

    Maybe that video is out, cause the date of upload, the entries should close at 23th february, and that vid is from 24th… BTW I think that video deserves to be in top 10.

    Sorry for my english :angry:

  • Montoya

    I see a couple of potential reasons why the video that F1Racer linked may have not been included.

    First, it includes the Porsche 935 which was released in 2009, the videos were meant to show off the mods released in 2008 though.

    And using an illegal Simbin conversion track in the video is maybe not the smartest idea either. Iยดm just guessing though…. :weird:

  • XaliaS

    You are free to speculate on why my entry was not on the top 10 list, but the most likely situation was that my video simply did not make it to the judge’s hands following that fact I got no confirmation in the many emails and messages I sent to rFactorCentral and its moderators. Including links to the Youtube version which was uploaded after I submitted the hi-res link before the deadline.

  • amgsport

    XaliaS – sorry to hear it – if your’s is the vid F1Racer linked to its outstanding. That said, you taking the high road regarding speculation etc about your entry not being included in final voting group deserves even more credit. Tough one to take I’m sure – but sometimes so is life itself. Keep up the great work!

  • F1Racer

    XaliaS’ video is indeed the one I linked too.

    It would be a real shame if it missed out on the top 10 because it included a 2009 release mod ๐Ÿ™
    As for the track conversions, well, if those are to be excluded then so should those with copyrighted sound tracks.

  • GeraArg

    The logical solution would be to a jury select the top 3 videos. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Stream

    Is there no complete list of entries for this competition?

  • 6e66o

    Seems rFC changed their mind again:
    “Competition closed. Winners TBA.”
    No more Voting.

    It starts getting ridiculus..

  • stabiz

    What the hell?

  • Stream

    Weird. Did you participate stabiz?

  • stabiz

    No, I pulled out because the rules state you cant use copyrighted music. I didnt know everybody would show the middle finger to that rule. ๐Ÿ˜†

  • richiespeed

    lol i never understood this whole “copyright” music rubbish.

    If i BOUGHT the music, and am not SELLING the music, and am not making PROFIT from the music, and am not using the music in a BUSSINESS enviorement, how am i breaking any rules?

    So as far as i am concerned i havent broken any music copyright lol.

    I hope the competition gets rolling again soon…

  • azrink

    to all the video editor out there who have not been chosen for the final 10, please don’t be sad. i know video editing is hard n its really time consume (it took me almost a week (more then 50hrs) to complete mine and not been able to race for a week in a league which i participated).

    i have seen so many talented video editor for this competition and i applaud all of you video editor out there.

    to xalias and others, you have shown me and huge rfactor fan out there, how talented and good you are, so please don’t let this turn you down. there will always be next time. I too had try my luck in this competition but it ain’t my luck.

    maybe it ain’t what the judge looking for. oh well, better luck next time.


    my vidz… yeah 1 middle finger tho the copyright “thinggy”


  • XaliaS

    The whole thing has been a mess, but I’m happy (obviously) that rFC have taken steps to amend how the competition will be judged. Hopefully, every video entry will have a fair chance of winning now.

    As a side note, those terms and conditions (although appear very professional in bulk) can be pulled apart every easily. For example, according to some points, we all should have been disqualified because the video’s had to be composed in 2008 – and we all made them in 2009. ‘Mod’ was not defined and could have meant ‘Ministry of Defence’, nor was ‘rFactor’, as a game, defined anywhere inside the document. We rightfully could have entered a GTR2 promo or something completely different lol! Albeit it would have been a pointless exercise.

    The rules are just there as a basic legal cover for the promoter nearly 100% of the time in these cases, which is strange because all T&C seems to do is make it even easier for anybody to prosecute at will, especially if the document happens to be poorly written, but it can still be taken at taken at varying levels of significance.

  • stabiz

    You cant disregard the fact that the competition was about showcasing 2008 mods just because there are flaws in the rules, if that is what you are saying?

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