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rFactor Pro – Laser Scanning Heaven

rFactor Pro – Laser Scanning Heaven

Ever since it’s introduction in 2008, rFactor Pro has made a big impact in the racing industry as several Formula One teams among other major motorsport players use the simulation in their simulatorsand for driver & crew training.

For most sim racers, the differences between the normal and the Pro version are hard to grasp as rFactor Pro uses the same graphics engine and the extensions mainly concern connectivity to outside devices & plugins used by racing teams – This page does explain it much better than I can.

One thing however will leave every single rFactor users jealous as rFactor Pro customers have access to a large selection of laser-scanned tracks, including the iconic NΓΌrburgring Nordschleife and Le Mans’ Circuit de la Sarthe as the rFactor Pro website reveals:

A large library of Low-Def and photo-realistic High-Def circuit models built from accurate LiDAR surveys is available.Β  LiDAR based track databases include most of the F1 circuits, North American Indy & NASCAR circuits as well as La Sarthe, Nordschleife and a Vehicle Dynamics proving ground with lane-changes, split Mu and low-Mu surfaces, a handling circuit with inclines and programmable surfaces.

For new tracks we can conduct accurate LiDAR and photographic surveys.Β Track detail is achieved by mapping survey photographs onto a LiDAR point-cloud generated road surface.Β  We offer three quality levels, Engineering Quality – equivalent to a traditional low-quality engineering simulator, Low-Definition – equivalent to contemporary game standards of graphics and High-Definition – near photo-realistic circuit models running ambient occlusion.

While knowing this dosen’t really help the regular sim racer at all, the pure thought of a laser-scanned, highly-detailed version of the Nordschleife is almost too much to process. Maybe one day it`ll be available to us regular folks as well…

  • The Biff

    Good read. 

  • f12bwth

    Strait from page 16 of the Track Progrss discussion.   Ive known about rfPRO for a while now. I’m hoping they are generous with there lidar tracks come release time of rf2

  • BSR-WiX

    iFactor.. would be cool.

  • Cenotaph

    This was brought up in the iRacing forums the other day. There’s a possibility that iRacing might make a deal to use data from F1 teams as a solution to develop Interlagos after the customs fiasco, as someone who works for Williams has pointed the iRacing staff in that direction. This could also open the way for other tracks that would normally be impossible to scan as Monaco.

    It would be great to see laser scanned tracks make their way to rfactor 2 as well πŸ™‚

  • Roger Owen

    yes good read!

  • Explosive Face

    most of the F1 circuits, North American Indy & NASCAR circuits as well as La Sarthe, Nordschleife”


  • gtrNL

    How did they scan all those tracks without us seeing/knowing about it?

    When iRacing visits a track they usually get noticed within hours. So I can’t see how they would scan Le Mans (which is only open for a few days a year) without anybody noticing it…

  • SBKRacer

    hahaha and iRacing fanboys say “No! Le Sarthe is too huge to scan!” or “It’s impossible to scan the Nordschleife!” or ” blablabla…that’s the only reason iracing doesnt scan all these!” LOL @iRacing_fanboyz!

  • SBKRacer

    it’s not impossible to scan Monaco as most teams have the scanned version wake up fanboy just because iRacing CAN’T doesnt mean it’s impossible!

  • SBKRacer

    sorry iRacing_fanboy they lied to you when they said you are the only one who has scanned tracks lol!

  • Ricoo

    near photo-realistic circuit models running ambient occlusion

    If there is not that in rF2, I boycott. >:o

  • gtrNL

    Sorry rFactor_fanboy, but I’ll just wait for some to come with a real answer to my question. Because I’m generally interrested in how they done it.

    And for your information, although iRacing is indeed my preferred sim, I still play rFactor (albeit mainly for the recently released Targa Florio and the classic cars).

  • pleb

    lmao at liking your own post, you sad prick.

    PS. To all intents and purposes, is it impossible for them, cost/time/logistics/performance, they’ve already tried long beach, it just isnt going to happen anytime soon, but the fact that we have a Williams employee on our forums who is being pro-active in helping us get things we otherwise wouldnt, is immense.

  • pleb

    Clearly this kid has no concept of economics and logistics.

  • DeDios

    Nice to see AGAIN this fucking iR vs. rF war. Holy god, is really annoying. Guys, enjoy the life, is so beautiful.

  • GeraArg

    Pleb, you know the exact cost?…  πŸ˜‰

    Pleace SBK and Pleb, don’t start a fight for this, rFactor is a GAME, iRacing is a GAME and “rFactor Pro” is a TOOL for professional teams that can handle others types of costs, I don’t think the RedBull Team paid U$S50 for rF-Pro.  πŸ˜›

  • pleb

    One dosnt need to know the exact price to know scanning the nordschliefe and monaco are not viable (for iRacing…), and like i said, its not just a question of price, there are many factors.

    iRacing are well aware that alot of its members would pay top dollar for the Nordschliefe and Monaco, et al. but there are reasons we dont have them yet.

    iRacing are a relativly small team and have alot on their plate with the NTM and other circuits.

    But as stated previously, theres the possibilty Williams and iRacing may strike a deal with certain circuits, given that Williams arent constrained by the same things iRacing are.

  • Matthew Voigt

    *yawn* This is nothing new. I’m getting sick waiting around for them to actually provide us with something we don’t already know. And, big surprise here, no promises for content for rf2, just speculation. 

  • f12bwth

    The answer to your quarell is most likely because they scanned it for the F1 teams on their time since they are the ones who pay the bills and ISI didn’t care if anyone knew about it, so noone did. Also I believe iRacing “leaks” some information about where they scan to build up some hype.

  • lilbro209

    Maybe we can hope that someone with access to rFactor pro will leak the trakcs or even rFactor pro as a whole. I know this isn’t cool to say but you know you were all thinking it!

  • The Biff

    You’re a moron.  The two aren’t being compared in this article.  Go back to your iR forum fanboy. 

  • The Biff

    Yes pleb you are definately another fanboy who believes iR hype and BS.  Grow a brain and so some real research other than iRTV.  LMFAO.

  • The Biff

    LMFAO…..the iR fanboys have their gitch in a knot over this one.  Go pout and spew your fanboy bs to the other morons on the iR forums.  LMFAO

  • The Biff

    Matthew you’re a iR fanboy.  Your opinion means nothing.

  • Moose

    Give it a rest troll boy.

  • f0xx

    It only shows how good rFactor is despite all its years.

  • Robert H.

    People have tried to make large tracks for NR2003 and it just doesn’t work. It’s a software limitation that has carried over to iR. Where is Long Beach?

  • Cenotaph

    It’s more than just annoying. I’d rather not be insulted just because I mention another sim. I can appreciate each sim game for what it offers, infact it would make no sense to think otherwise and limit your options as a consumer. Unfortunately some guys just refuse to grow up and understand this.

  • GTEvo

    i prefer rfpro Hacking^^

  • Moose

    Not you Matthew πŸ˜‰    They removed the post from “that poster” that my comment was aimed at πŸ™‚

  • Joeri Marcelis

    I’m not sure about this.

    It takes iRacing about 2 weeks to scan an average sized track. 

    Nordschleife is 23kms, about 4-5 times the size of that average track. you could do it, but it’s an insane investment.

    Le Mans, Monaco… those are on (closed-off) public roads. you can’t just keep the racing stuff up there for the time it takes to get i scanned in. let alone close the roads for efficient working. 

    I’m wondering what tech rfactor  uses that they can do this stuff faster than iRacing

  • Dan Vernes

    The reason Long BEach hasn’t been released yet is due to the shear number of trackside objects. Yes, it could be released next week if they wanted to, but nobody except those with real high end PC’s would get more than 30fps. 

  • Lugnut

    The reason Long Beach hasn’t been released yet is due to the massive amount of trackside objects. Nobody but those with high end PC’s would even get 20fps.

  • DeDios

    Well, F1 teams probably they covered all scanning costs, using top instruments. Surely must be an huge investment (that’s probably why -probably- we’ll not see tracks in rF2 “normal”).
    For Le Mans and Monaco, they can do all work during race weekends.

  • Joeri Marcelis

    I think you’ll find those track occupied during race weekends

  • Carbonfibre

    Holy S***, DLC I don’t care, sell it, just sell it!

  • Hompe

    You can scan during the night also πŸ™‚

  • F1Racer

    why would you share that info with other males ?

  • F1Racer

    Agreed.  Biff and SBKRacer are acting like a couple of childish prats.  Quite pathetic.

  • F1Racer

    Biff you should be banned from here.  Every post of yours here has been the same insult to different people.  Get a life.

  • The Biff

    These moron iracing fanboys just can’t seem to wrap their puney heads around the fact that large circuits can be scanned.  LMFAO.

  • pleb

    The biff, your compleltly missing the point, which is not surprising.

    Its not viable atm (for many reasons) for iRacing to be scanning the Nordschliefe/Monaco, etc.   iRacers arn’t saying scanning large circuits isnt possible period, for anyone.

  • stabiz

    Hehe, dont bother, pleb. First of all there is something wrong with him, and secondly his posts always get flagged to pieces and thus disappear.

  • Bakkster

    Well, iRacing uses stationary scanning equipment, which is slow. There are commercial mobile scanners, but the accuracy is an order of magnitude lower.

    One of the Williams F1 laser scan engineers was actually talking a week ago about how they scan all these tracks. It requires a mobile scanner with military-grade GPS and inertial measurement system. This is the kind of stuff that requires a waiver from the US gov’t to take out of the country. The accuracy there is about half the mobile scanner, but it’s certainly MUCH more expensive.

    One could easily assume that rF Pro is using a similar military-grade mobile scanner, the scan could be done in an hour.

  • pleb

    Ah ok thanks :]

    *makes note for future

  • Silly(c)One

    Actually, if you read the whole site, you’ll see they first develop the advanced graphic features for rFactor – the game, then integrate those in rFactor Pro.
    I believe rFactor Pro is the whole platform, including their beautiful screens and motion engines, the software keeps being created for us gamers in the first place πŸ˜€

  • Silly(c)One

    Fact is, rFactor Pro is the whole package, including the hardware and software licenses for the tracks.
    Unless you intend to rent a truck and burglar your way through the ISI factory, the tracks would be enough πŸ˜‰

  • Silly(c)One

    Bakkster, do you think ISI has that kind of money ?
    I’m seriously asking, it’s not ironic or anything…

    Now apparently they are THE provider of software sims for big guns, or are there many others ?

  • Bakkster

    I’m not sure, so either:
    1) They have deeper pockets since this is aimed at professional teams
    2) They contracted out the scanning to someone who has the cash
    3) They are accepting the loss in accuracy as a result of consumer-grade hardware

  • Gulyo

    Leaser scanning heaven for noone !!!!!!
    Available for 0,1 % of racers !!!
    Bullshit !!!

  • StarFoXySxv550

    Thanks for that info Stabiz, I’ve often wondered lately why people are resonding to biff when there’s no biff comment. lol

  • Glenn Briden

    Hey why not release Rf2 as a base game and offer updates to better tracks ETC. as either seperate tracks or packages this way you would get the tracks you really like yet still have the basic ones to use when needed seems like a good way to offest some expensis to me.

  • YoShImUrA_HistorX

    I would pay gladly 100€ for the Nordschleife or 50€ for Le Mans alone, but I only think it would be wise to release them with rF2 already in game instead of separately. Whenever something is released separately, it can be hacked separately (and converted too). I mean that they could release the track separately and within hours there would be a link for a free download somewhere to the laser scanned Nurby.
    At least that way the devs make sure they sell the whole package from the beggining and they make a profit out of it.
    Would you guys pay, say 200-250€ for rFactor2 from the word go if they had all these laser scanned tracks? If rFactor is anything to go by, I certainly would. πŸ™‚

  • Ricoo

    The full game could be hacked, so it is not the solution… a more complex solution is needed to fight piracy. iRacing seems to have found one. There is no recent pirate build.

  • DeDios

    I would pay 250euros for all laserscanned tracks..yes but they need to find a solution against piracy.

  • Lars Koldeweij

    May sound weird, but I get pissed when reading this. Of course it’s great those tracks exist, but why the hell don’t we get to drive it? To me the owners/creators seem a bit selfish, like they don’t care about the general public/simracing community. Modders are sweating their a*s of to create tracks while there are some great laser scanned tracks nobody knew about….

  • YoShImUrA_HistorX

    Somebody has done the job of scanning it and I think it is quite legit to ask money for an honest job done. It is a different matter that some modders do their job just for a hobby and share it with the community. πŸ˜‰

  • YoShImUrA_HistorX

    Yes, the game could and would be hacked, of course, but then again, so I’ve played a hacked version of iRacing that is around the web (note, I am a legal subscriber of iRacing, since that version had only what had been done for it so far, which didn’t even include Sebring)… so there’s always going to be those kind of stuff around. But at least if they are able to sell the tracks with the game, since everyone would need a valid license to proper play online (the noword patch always makes you have a mechanical failure of some kind before the race ends), I think everyone’d have to have the original game.

  • Lars Koldeweij

    True, I agree. But the problem is they don’t sell it. I would gladly pay some money to get a laser scanned Nordschleife (who wouldn’t?). Like you say, modders do it for free and for the love of simracing, which is absolutely fantastic and I’m very thankfull to them. And then suddenly it appears there are 10+ 100% accurate tracks while practically nobody is using them. Seems a but unfair, both to the modders and simracers in general.

  • Bakkster

    For anyone with an iRacing account, this thread has firsthand knowledge from a Williams F1 employee on how they do their mobile scanning with electronics pulled from a cruise missile.

  • guinnness

    There is one tthing tyou all seem to forget : license.
    All these tracks that have been scanned are under some sort of trademark and you have to ask for a license be able to scan these tracks and use them in any piece of software you could make.

    All these licenses are very expensive so i bet that they have been paid by all the racing team that use rfactor pro and in consequence all these licences belong to them, not to ISI

    If ISI want to release all these tracks worlwide they surely have to renegociate, or re-buy, all these licences and the overall bill would certainly be so high that they had so sell rfactor2 ridiculously high priced (several hundred dollars, or even worse) just to be profitable (nobody works for nothing) and almost nobody would buy it.

    That’s why i don’t think we would ever see any of these laser scanned tracks, except for the ones that are lucky enough to work in one of these racing teams that use them. (maybe i’m wrong, i hope so really)

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