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rFactor – Now Available On Steam

Image Space Incorporated has added the first of their titles to Steam, making their rFactor simulation available on the popular platform.

Image Space Incorporated has added the first of their titles to Steam, making their rFactor simulation available on the popular platform.

ISI is the latest sim developer to join the Steam trend, being the last of the major sim players to join Valves’ extremely popular platform.

While the studios’ current rFactor 2 title isn’t available on Steam yet, rFactor is testing the waters as the long-running sim is now available for 19,54€, a 15% reduction of the regular 22,99€ price.

Existing rFactor owners can request a Steam key here.

Originally released ten years ago, rFactor is a modding friendly simulation that is backed by a wide range of community-made mods & tracks with new ones still being developed today.

Included Cars

– 2006 Formula IS – High Performance Open Wheel
– 2005 Hammer – Full Bodied GT
– 2005 Howston – Full Bodied GT
– National Stock Car – Stock Car
– Panoz – Full Bodied GT
– 2005 Rayzor – Rally Turbo
– 2006 rF3 – Quick and Nimble Open Wheel
– 2005 Rhez – Small FWD Sport Compact
– 2006 Rhez – Small FWD Sport Compact
– 2005 rTrainer – Low Speed Open Wheel
– 2005 Venom – Rally
– 2005 ZR – Affordable High Performance Sedan

Included Tracks

– Bama Super Speedway – High Banked Superspeedway
– Barcelona – Permanent Road Course
– Brianza – Permanent Road Course
– Essington Park – Permanent Road Course
– Euroring – Permanent Road Course
– Jacksonville Speedway – High Banked Superspeedway
– Jiading – Permanent Road Course
– Joesville Speedway – Paved Short Track
– Lienz Festival – Country Roads
– Mills Metropark – Road Course with two layouts
– Montreal – Permanent Road Course
– Northamptonshire – Permanent Road Course
– Nuerburg – Permanent Road Course
– Orchard Lake – Banked Tri-Oval with Infield Road Course
– Sardian Heights – Street Circuit with two layouts
– Toban Raceway Park – Permanent Road Course with four layouts

  • StuartBecktell

    Wonder if those who already bought it years ago can add it to their Steam account?

  • TheFourHorsemen

    I wonder if rF2 will get on steam when rF3 will come out? 😉

    • coops17

      RF3 all talk

  • Matthew Arnold

    fantastic news. isi testing the waters. more money for rf2 development.

    Ill finally buy this now. I missed out on RF1 as im reasonably new to all this 🙂 its a title i always wanted but felt no overriding need to until now 🙂

    Thanks ISI, I hope this does well and you guys hasten the release of RF2 on Steam also 🙂

  • Robert Gödicke

    Why is there a Nissan Skyline R34 in the trailer? That’s not official content, or is it?

    • pez2k

      It’s just a lookalike, from the rFactor Drift Revolution addon by ISI I believe.

      • Marcel Offermans

        Indeed, that was part of the drift revolution add-on.

      • StarFoxySxv550

        Its pretty good too, with realfeel.

  • pez2k

    I only paid £5 for rFactor on DVD back in the day, so for all the hours I got out of it I’m happy to give ISI another £16 for the convenience of Steam, especially since they’ve gone the whole hog with achievements and so on. Nice one guys, hope to see rF2 up there too eventually.

    • TheFourHorsemen

      Why was it 5£ back in the days and its 20£ now?

      • pez2k

        Because I bought it on clearance from a shop that was closing down – it was drastically reduced from full price.

      • StarFoxySxv550

        Was it this version?

        I think I picked that up for £1. They had about ten, was going to buy them all, I should have because my disc has problems reading now.

      • pez2k

        It was just the regular DVD version, orange cover – it’s been so many years since I last needed to reinstall that I couldn’t tell you what content came on the disc though.

  • erictheking87

    20€? Seriously? I can understand 5€… even 10€… but 20€ for 10 years old game? For 20€ you can buy AC on sale… or GSC… or some nice stuff for R3E…

    That’s ridiculous pricing…

    • Jovica Ilic


    • Andrew

      It’s true, but I imagine rFactor will be going on sale for 75% off or more before too long.

      • TheFourHorsemen

        Good, but until then people will buy a 10 years old game for 28$cad…that has been replace by a second version of it.

      • Reapercore

        So what? It’s none of your buisiness or concern what other people do with their disposable income. If you can’t afford to spend £16 on one of the greatest racing game engines then sucks to be you.

        Sim racing is a niche hobby and prices reflect that although it’s still cheaper than flight simulation. Flight Sim X: Steam Edition is £20 for a 9 year old game, instead of complaining people were more than happy to have the convinience of Steam.

      • TheFourHorsemen

        I can spend that money anytime, but I spend my money wisely.

      • Clutch Norris

        How about you try to spend your free time in a wiser way aswell instead of wasting it commenting on a “10 years old game” that “is clearly a joke” and you won’t buy anyway?

      • TheFourHorsemen

        If you want to pay that price for the sake of supporting the dev, that’s nice from you…but don’t tell me its a fair price….please.

    • coops17

      SERIOUSLY dont buy it then simple.

    • TheFourHorsemen

      Smart people are a specy near extinction….sad sad society.

  • Smiggie

    LOL it looks like a joke… for 28€ you can buy GSCE.

    • Matthew Arnold

      well dont buy it then!! …or do, and support sim racing 🙂

    • JES

      GSCE uses rF1 engine, I consider it an advanced mod of rF1

      • Smiggie

        A mod with licensed cars, licensed tracks, better physics, better FFb, better graphics! And the most important thing: an healthy development!

        Also, for 6€ you can buy GTR2…

      • Associat0r

        rF1 contains licensed tracks too. The phyiscs engines of both are the same and the GSCE FFB is just the RealFeel plugin.

        GTR2 runs on an older version of the isiMotor engine.

      • Pablo Coronel

        Why you bother?

      • Associat0r

        Someone’s gotta bother, to stop misinformation from spreading.

  • Associat0r

    Here some more information

    Some quotes here:
    “Early 2012 ISI released rFactor 2, an evolution of the original version. It contained a lot of code that had been developed as part of rFactor Pro,
    a version of the simulation that is sold to professional racing and
    formula one teams, backported into the new “consumer” version. It
    enhanced the original with a more sophisticated tire and physics model
    and features like variable weather and a “real road” track surface that
    changes over the course of a race and really takes into account where
    cars drive instead of relying on some pre-defined “ideal line”.”

    “On the community side, Steam comes with a friends system, and
    naturally rFactor integrates with that. You can see when a friend
    playing rFactor, and if he or she is in a multiplayer race, you can even
    directly join the same event. Chat and voice chat features allow you to
    easily get in touch and the new broadcast features even allow you to
    watch your friends drive. Screenshots and videos, as well as guides
    explaining certain aspects of the game can also be shared on the
    community hub.

    The rFactor multiplayer server was extended to also connect to the
    Steam matchmaker, so directly within your Steam client you can see a
    list of all dedicated and non-dedicated servers and join them. The
    servers also show up in the traditional rFactor matchmaker, so even your
    friends who have not switched to Steam yet can join. They will even be
    listed in Steam but obviously you cannot use some of the other features
    to interact with them.

    Now apart from all those Steam-related features, doing an update to rFactor also allowed me to address some other issues.

    Over the years, as computers and 3D graphics cards became more
    powerful and on-line leagues bigger, some mods have managed to break the
    2GB memory limit that rFactor as a 32 bit application has. The Steam
    version of rFactor now supports 4GB out of the box.

    I’ve mentioned cockpits before, and another area where rFactor could
    use an update is in its support for multiple controllers. Up til now,
    rFactor supported up to 3 controllers, with up to 32 buttons per
    controller. Some current cockpits, including mine, had more, so I
    updated the code to support up to 6 controllers and 64 buttons per
    controller. Also we included more controller profiles for common
    hardware, to get you started quickly.

    The last aspect is better support for cockpits that feature triple
    screen setups. In such setups, you can run realistic Field Of View
    settings (with a single screen you usually end up compromising the FOV
    to get better visibility) and rFactor now supports both setting lower
    vertical FOV angles, down to 10 degrees, and mapping controls to buttons
    to change the FOV in-car.”

    • pez2k

      Good article, thanks for the link. Nice to see that they’ve gone through and done a full update and not just a simple DRM change.

    • Matthew Arnold

      that’s really good info mate 🙂 thanks

    • BackMarker

      TIL that rF1 has been released on steam and that rF2 was released 3 years ago.
      : )

  • Ozan Ülkügil

    rF2 please.

    • Matthew Arnold

      all in good time 🙂

      I believe they are testing the water with this first.

  • Chris Wright

    A move in the right direction. I will probably support it again just to encourage the concept in ISI’s mind.

    • Matthew Arnold

      Ill buy it today. I haven’t really seen a need until today as RF2 has scratched my ISI itch 🙂

      But every time i have seen cool mods being released over the last few months for rf1 i cried a little inside, but now i can try them all 🙂

      I was always going to buy it, but with the announcement that it was coming to steam, i thought id wait for that day 🙂

      So im happy now.

  • José Borges

    i like that they’ve gone into steam but… can u still make several installations for different mods??

    • Matthew Arnold

      I don’t know for sure, but I suspect you may not be able to have multiple installs on Steam. IF that’s very important then i wouldn’t redeem it on Steam if you already own it.

      I believe that was the case with GSCE so i can only assume its the same with this 🙂

    • Marcel Offermans

      I replied above, but will elaborate a bit more here. The only “limitation” that Steam has is that it will launch rFactor.exe from the location where it installed it. So that’s your starting point. Luckily, ISI already provides you with a way to supply a command line option that points to a different config.ini file and that file contains paths to all the other folders. So point those to some other location and you can create as many locations as you like. The only thing I ran into in a couple of cases while testing this was that sometimes you also had to change some paths in the rfm that came with the mod. But that’s quite easy to fix for a seasoned rFactor user.

      • ImageArtSigns .

        For those of us that are not seasoned rFactor users, (me)…that rfm path changes could you please explain how…when you have time, thanks

      • Marcel Offermans

        Sure, I think I will have to do a nice guide and put it up on the Steam Guides page, but in short, start with creating a copy of config.ini. At the top of that file are paths to different parts of rFactor, and you want to make all of them point to a different installation. Strictly speaking you don’t need to change all the paths, just of the things you want to change.

        In some cases that will be enough, just add command line arguments to use the new config file and you’re good to go. In some cases though, the rFm of a mod contains a section called “ConfigOverrides” and there are paths in there as well. If there are, you probably need to change them too.

        I know this is a very short answer, there is a lot more to it, but I think it makes more sense to write a full guide instead of trying to cram it all in this discussion. 🙂

      • ImageArtSigns .

        Yes, a full guide would be great…so I do not completely ruin the Steam and PC versions of rFactor and make them un-playable…lol

      • Marcel Offermans

        I put up a guide in the “Guides” section of the Community Hub. This direct link takes you there:

      • Jason Madigan

        Great little guide there Marcel, very easy to follow … I am sure it will be helpful for many 🙂

      • Richard Hessels

        Seasoned rF1 users wont really have any benefit from rF1 on steam.

      • Marcel Offermans

        Not entirely true, you still benefit from for example extended controller support (6 instead of 3 controllers and 64 instead of 32 buttons per controller) as well as support for addressing 4GB of memory (instead of 2).

      • Richard Hessels

        If you are a seasoned rF1 user, you by now already got around the amount of controllers issue someway.. the 4GB patch i did myself long time ago.. 😉
        But i might install another rF1 in my steam folder. Next to my other 4 installs.

      • Associat0r

        And lower than 35 FOV.

  • Matthew Arnold

    WOW… all these “sim racers” saying its only worth 5 euro wtf.

    Can we not support ALL the devs, especially the ones who try and break new ground?

    ISI whether you like them or not, do great things, much like SMS, Reiza or Kunos all do great things in their own way.

    Remember, most of you here may well have gotten started in this “sport” you love so much through rFactor, so why not support one of the biggest pioneers in this arena by spending some bloody money without crying about it!!!! or just be happy they have new avenues of finance!!!

    I love GSCE and revelled in the fact people were going to buy a new Steam copy just to support them, though im sure i see some of the same people here today saying ISI, who built the foundation most sims where built on top of until recently do not deserve this same respect!!! Quite the opposite actually, they get put DOWN because of it!!!!

    Shame on you!!!!

    Maybe one day we will lose some of these great developers from this community because people weren’t willing to put money towards great classic products, and I bet the same people will say “remember those guys, we miss them”!!!!!

    Its sad to see such a niche community who don’t appreciate just how good we have it right now, we’d rather rip each other AND the devs apart with childish bitching!!!

    have a good day.

    • coops17

      without ISI there would not be the racing titles there are available today. so many used there engine it was not funny so easily PPL FORGET

    • Wesley Modderkolk

      On a certain aspect you are right. However, as rFactor isn’t a new product anymore it should be priced accordingly. You don’t pay €34,000 for a VW Golf Mk I either, do you?

      • pez2k

        You’d pay even more for a 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda though, or a ’57 Ferrari 250TR. 🙂

      • BackMarker

        that doesn’t make sense. there is a limit on the number of the cars existing and for the number of the existing cars for sale?

      • TheFourHorsemen

        Man, society clearly have more money than me….or its just get dumber…

        A finacial collapse is ahead and people willingly pay 28$cad for a 10 years old game…

        Darwin was right…

      • StarFoxySxv550

        You’ll probably have to pay more than that for a mk1 soon enough.

    • TheFourHorsemen

      Really….28$cad for a 2005 game?

      I agree we should support devs…but 28$cad for a 2005 game is a trap for dummies!!!

      Mods apart, its 12 cars and 14 tracks.

      ….28$cad for a 2005 game is clearly a joke…

      If you want to support ISI, buy rF2!

      • Pablo Coronel

        28$cad for THE GAME

    • Guest

      For me, spending money is not about how much I respect a product. It’s about paying what I think a product is worth, and no more. I don’t have money to throw away. I will not pay $30 for a product that I won’t use.
      I will, however, write a good review about a product if I like it a lot, in order to get other people to buy it. But I won’t pay more than I think something is worth. Sorry.

    • Matthew Arnold

      Lol you lot are comical

    • coops17

      how many racing games and SIMS are after there new engine already quite a few Tim told me but its not for sale at this present time. so many of you will buy sims or racing games in the future with this engine i bet.

  • ImageArtSigns .

    I think I will re-purchase rFactor in Steam also and that will mean I will have all my Sims in one neat location…one question though…can we export over to the Steam folder our favourite mods from our existing installation eg DRM Revival, Historix and Tracks etc??

    • Marcel Offermans

      Yes, the folder structure of the Steam version is exactly the same and you can install extra mods in those folders just like with the normal version. In fact, through providing a different config.ini (using command line options in the Steam Client) you can even make it point to completely different folders. We tried to make this as flexible and modable as we could.

      • ImageArtSigns .

        Thanks for taking the time to reply Marcel…that is great news, I will definitely be re-purchasing it now…it’s not going to break the bank…lol

  • Jason Madigan

    Well that was pretty painless, I have not played rF in years tbh … just dug out my original email to get my original purchase order number and had a steam key with in 30 seconds … might have to try out that VLM Junior Team mod that took so many years to complete I forgot about it till just recently 🙂

    • Alex White

      It’s worth it. Great fun!

  • Derek Speare


  • Kev

    Grats, Marcel and ISI team.

  • fudge

    I guess this is a good thing for ISI to test out but one of the great things about rf1 was that you didn’t need to use Steam and I doubt steam will support multiple installs which was pretty handy for mixing mods around.

    Still though, good for ISI. Hopefully this will help them earn extra income to be about to get that laser scanned Nordschliefe in RF2. Those visual tyre physics mixed with the scanned surface would be so cool.

    • Marcel Offermans

      Steam will support multiple installs. It works a bit differently, but you can supply a command line option to rFactor.exe through steam that allows you to use a different “config.ini”. In that file, all the paths to cars, tracks, sounds, etc. are configured, so if you make multiple of those, you can quite easily switch.

  • gimmelbop

    Happy for the rf community. It’s great to have easy access to your fav racing title(s).

  • Pablo Coronel

    This is worth read, it numbers the new features.

    Ok, nice, when RF2?

    • Varreth

      Nice article. Several old tech items that were bothersome have been addressed. Support for more controllers and better triple monitor support being tops for me. Kudos!

  • Arie Beuker, de

    Now i will always prefer a normal install over a steam one, this may be good news for others.
    As long as a normal install will be available, i am cool with this development.

  • PHDarren .

    I think what it does is future proof rFactor. I still have mine installed and I will get a steam key but I won’t install the steam version. I will keep it in my library in case one day when I want to revisit it and don’t have it installed elsewhere I can do so without the hassle of trying to find an activation key. Or worry that Trymedia/ISI no longer support them.

  • Matthew Arnold

    Ok, so ive owned RF1 for about 24 hours now and i think its great 🙂 I can see why so many people got into sim racing because of this title and I can see why it was a great base for so many mods.

    I can also say with 100% conviction that RF2 is a million times better imho. Imo the similarities end in the name, RF2 has far outgrown anything they did with RF1 that when people make the comparison I now know its laughable.

    I am very happy i bought RF1, as it still has the greatest selection of mods THAT I WANT TO USE than any other sim.

    • RKipker

      You need to update it with some very well developed MOD’s and you see it’s not as far off as the original game was when developed.

      • Matthew Arnold

        I’d say the same about netkar pro and ac

      • Marcel Offermans

        Sure, in this particular case though, you should probably not only install other mods (cars and tracks) but also invest some time into setting up plugins like realfeel (for better force feedback), telemetry data (to analyze in Motec) and possibly some kind of tool to create your own HUD (I can recommend rFDynHUD).

      • Associat0r

        rFactor2 has much improved AI, physics, dynamic realroad rubber built-up, dynamic weather, auto-downloading of multiplayer mods and better out of the box content.

        The improved AI alone is why I spent more time in rFactor2 than any other race sim.

  • Guest

    2006 Formula ISIS

    • Matthew Arnold

      lol, ISIS propaganda gets EVERYWHERE :0)

  • Glen Orpheus

    well clicked the link yesterday and submitted my details for my steam key, not received it yet, but i’ve been told it can take a couple of days, just to give you guys the heads up (“,)

    • Matthew Arnold

      Some people had theirs right away

      • Glen Orpheus

        not fair 🙁 lol

      • Jason Madigan

        I believe it all depends if you still have access to your original email account used to purchase rFactor, if you do then it takes 30 seconds or so, if you do not, then it can take up to several days.

  • Alex S

    Why not RF2? I guess it is great that rf1 is available but this is not a case where one would purchase this sim when there is a far better newer version available. This is not a mater of purchasing say Need For Speed I or II for nostalgic reasons and giving it a go and having it in your steam library (something I would do personally)….nor is this the same as downloading some classic FPS game, or a game that is simply no longer made..I would for example maybe purchase Richard Burns Rally on Steam.

    But I don’t get this move…

    However, what I’m saying is give us RF2 on steam.

    • Professional Operator

      Mods, tons of mods.

  • Varreth

    Dug up my ancient order number and instantly got a Steam key from the link listed above.

    Ran across a tweet by HistorX Team and tried their mod for the very first time. I LOVE this. Really nice memories of many many nights spend tinkering with rFactor.

  • Nikilauta

    20€ for 10 years old game?… Good luck with that

    • Pablo Coronel

      No no, 20€ for the best sim in history.

    • Professional Operator

      Most of the mods are free. Yes there are better deals but it still make sense somehow

  • ImageArtSigns .

    I have re-purchased rFactor on Steam and exported my favourite vehicle and track mods from my existing rFactor install over to the Steam version folders. Everything went great and they all work perfectly. I just exported over my most liked mods just going through all the folders carefully, then copy/paste into the Steam folders.
    After 5 or so years of downloading and installing, then deleting mods it is good to have a fresh install. I only have 3 vehicle mods installed in the Steam version, ‘DRM Revival’, ‘Enduracer’s and ‘Mk2 Escort Challenge’ and a good hand full of extra Tracks.
    It is great to have the added multiple controller support and not have to start up xPadder everytime, although I have to use XPadder for R3E!!!…lol…as R3E does not see my extra TH8 Shifter.
    The only thing I could nitpick at would be the rFactor intro, I expected it to be the video intro playing on Steam as a new updated rFactor intro, but it is still the old low res version…never mind….it’s money well spent and going to a good Sim developer.

    • Marcel Offermans

      That’s a good point actually, we could have put the updated intro in the game as well.

      • ImageArtSigns .

        Thanks for taking the time to reply Marcel…is it still do-able via an update?

      • Marcel Offermans

        Sure, I’m not making any promises but I’ll discuss it with the team.

  • rauf00

    Time travel, go for demo, fun for free!

  • RAINn

    im having trouble getting my mods / tracks to work with my steam download rfactor. The tracks sometimes work buT i have not had any luck with the cars / car groups yet HELP!?!

  • Lets be civil

    I would like to try the Karts in Stock Car Extreme in Steam on Dirt Ovals. Can anyone show me where to find tracks that will work with the Karts?

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