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rFactor 2 – New Sun Glare Preview

Image Space Incorporated has just released a new preview screenshot of their upcoming rFactor 2 simulation, showing us the sun glare effect in action.

Image Space Incorporated has just released a new preview screenshot of their upcoming rFactor 2 simulation, showing us the sun glare effect in action.

We get to see the effect watching from the cockpit of the Renault Megane Trophy car shortly before the start.

rFactor 2 will introduce various improvements to the modding-friendly simulation including weather, driver animations and a refined graphics engine alongside plenty of current and historic motor racing content. In a recent blog, ISI’s Tim Wheatley hinted at an upcoming public beta phase for the title.

  • lee ross

    That looks very nice, impressed ISI great work! With a higher res and copious amounts of AA that will look stunning. Not sure about the arms still, looks very funky

  • Alain Nabizada

    Outstanding, finally ! A screen that enthusiast me.

  • Azrin Kasman

    ISI answered to SMS. Anyway I love both developer.

  • Frank Johansen

    Very bad sunflare, i see no lens flares 🙂

    • Neger Lasse

      You dont see lens flare because youre not looking through a lens… ?

      • Van Sanhnikone

        umm.. remember in Physics in High School? Our eyes ARE lenses ! (Not completely, just bit at the front, which we see through)

      • Robert Gödicke

        Yeah, but we only have 1 lens in our eyes. The light is not bouncing back and forth between MULTIPLE lenses in our eyes like in a camera lens, therefore we do not see those common multiple and colorful lens flares with our eyes.

      • Tomas Beha

        I was tought about the human eye in biology, not physics…

    • Mike Oppenheimer

      I missed the biology lesson where we were taught that our faces were cameras…

  • Marcos Sanz

    i think it looks much better than the others screens

  • Matt Fisch

    volumetric? anyway…looks great

  • minidev

    Sometimes screenshots look kind of dated, sometimes they are fantastic (like this one) … but I do get that it is still work in progress and we don’t have a release date yet.

    I would love to see more!

  • Ricoo

    It looks great but why so dark?

    Strange, people on the left should be brighter than people on the right because they are in front of the sun!

  • Anonymous

    I think it looks okay, it’s called sun glare not lens flare. There’s a lot of things right, but progress seems very slow on post-fx if this is the rate of development.

    From last set of WIPs: The shading on the gloves still needs softening and fluffing up, everything is white balanced so perfectly and pin sharp; I can’t tell if those are shadows or part of the texture lol.

    The HDR is still darkening the mirror. Metals like the rollcage don’t look very reflective and the sky is over-exposed? I thought it was meant to replicate human vision.

    Still it feels better for me to type this out, regardless if people see this as unnecessary criticism.

    It’s just nobody from ISI has registered a lot of these issues brought up from the community, but similarly nobody from ISI has said “We can’t address these issues” either, so I dunno where I’m at but to keep repeating things and pray the comments are being read by the developers.

    Keep the WIPs coming!

  • Anonymous

    It looks good, I’m not complaining at all. Honestly, nobody will stare at the details in the middle of the race. 🙂
    You will stare at the track and environment, so if the environment lighting is good (hdr) everything else is a plus, imo.
    Anyway, if anybody works with After Effects and Optical Flares plugin, will know how much glare effects can be fantastic choice how to easily boost the visual quality of videos, and same story is with rF2.

  • Anonymous

    Video, Video, Video, Avanti, Avanti!
     In FullHD and two full Laps.
    First lap onboard, second Lap in TV Camera Style..

  • Nathan Robinson

    I dunno what all the fuss is. To the guy who said that the cars on the left should be brighter because they are in front of the sun, how do you know that?? From what i see it’s hard to tell if the sun is still high in the sky or fading behind the grandstands. The mirror in the car is blocking it so nobody can actually know. I’m guessing that this is dusk, just before its about to get dark. If thats the case than this shot looks awesome. Best looking picture so far IMO, i just wonder why we cant get more. Obviously there are some cars there getting ready for a race, why not run a couple laps and show some more pics 😀

    • Ricoo

      Not the cars, the guys on the stands…

      • Tomas Beha

        The sun is not in front of either side of spectators, it’s 93.000.000 miles away – and facing almost directly at the camera-angle and the backside of all spectators, from this view. Also even the small amount of light hitting the spectators will not be visible because of the contrast from the sky behind them…

      • Ricoo

        Really don’t you see the sun is on the front-right of the screen not in the middle? There is no object between the spectators on the left stage and the sun, whereas it is obvious there is the roof of the stage between the spectators on the right and the sun. Maybe your remark is true for the contrast with the sky tho. Nevertheless I repeat I agree it’s not important anyway. My aim was not to upset the fanboys and I had that I am a rFactor 2 fanboy myself so you can put down your guns. Ok is that clear or do I need to do an apology for having dared to do a remark on your beloved title?

      • Tomas Beha

        LOL, you really don’t handle arguments very well – I’ve not yet tried rf2, so still not a fanboy 😉

  • Anonymous

    looking good!    It’s getting closer.   😀

  • Gabriele Bonora

    aka Elwood

    Too much criticism. Balancing those postfx isn’t so easy. Talking for myself, the ‘photography’ side of a game, balancing colors, lighting (and now postfx) is harder than anything else.
    You can ruin a good 3d without a proper lighting.

    For example i really love the iRacing tracks (i’m not an iRacing fan), the tone shading of the tracks is awesome even without postfx
    But the task, it’s easier.

    No dynamic weather or sun cycle, it’s static.

    I’m pretty sure that ‘black side’ on the left of the screen is something related to shadowscasters, probably occluding the raycast or a shader that need to be tweaked.

    Keep up ISI… i see a good step forward.

  • Gabriele Bonora

    double, sry.

  • Borut Verbancic

    This is just fantastic. Fantastic atmosphere. Great artistic work. And now we are hope on very mechanical, no laggy connection between us and the game and we are set to go.

  • Wim Bries

    I like what i see.
    i am still amazed about some of the comments. It is beyond me what some people can see in a simple screenshot.  A screenshot just captures a single moment in time. As far as i am concerned, nothing can be said about lighting and post effects in a screenshot. Those thing are meant to move before you can pass a judgment. We could talk static light, effects and shading if it was a high end render, but this image is part of a realtime moving enviroment.  Jump arround while somebody takes a random picture of it. You would be amazed how it looks. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Video, Video, Video, Avanti, Avanti!
     In FullHD and two full Laps.
    First lap onboard, second Lap in TV Camera Style..

  • badracer

    Doesn´t look super-stunning, but really good for a racing simulation.

  • Anonymous looks absolutley stunning br.
    Everytime if i visit this Site and i see this this Screenshot im start dreaming.
    really..i bet every day that this hard wait for rF2 is just over.

  • Markus Ott

    Looks better than previous shots, but far away from an answer to SMS.

    • lee ross

      Yeah totally agree, it’s not close to SMS yet. You can get close to this level with the ENB mod with rFactor. But i still like the shot and it’s better than anything else released so far. The race day atmosphere is nailed though 100%. I think once ISI decide to release some high res shots with copious amounts of AA it will impress.

    • Borut Verbancic

      SMS produce great car model and maybe some effects. But as far as environment concerns, is average at the best. Track, Trees looks so unnatural, so plastic. This ruin the sense of Immersion alot. And this is a shame. It seems, that car modeling took all graphical power. Rfactor  will be(if we assume from this picture) alot more balanced.

  • arronski shark

    rFactor  2  will be epic, rFactor is still my favourite racer, except for the clunky menu system which i hate..

  • Peter Protus

    Amazing, rF is still best racing game. And SMS, ok it looks good, but a thing it’s like Shift with better simulation, but not as good as in rF. 
    Can’t wait. 

    • Robert Clarkson

      C.A.R.S is not even in beta and you pull that rag over it, it hasn’t even got a physics system in place yet. 

      Plenty of other sim racers out there like NetKar, Game Stock car, iRacing, LFS, just to mention a few.

       rFactor was only “good” due to mods if it wasn’t for the mods rFactor would’ve died long ago, so in retro spec if a game needs mods to make it better then well it really wasn’t that good in the first place.

      • Tomas Beha

        And the mods where helped along, by the good support from ISI with lots of info and tools…

        C.A.R.S. – community supports developer
        Rfactor – developer supports community

        Take a pick…

      • mike mansor

        You have to consider the last time SMS (then known as Blimey Games!) made a sim with decent physics was GTR and GTR2 using gMotor2 engine.  Which put them in the category of rF modder.

  • arronski shark


  • Charles Sami Amyouni

    I still can’t believe that the system requirements would only be in that criteria… amazing job to all ISI development team… can’t wait for the Public Beta release as promised by the company.

  • noro ardanto

    nice job ISI ! I hope you guys not missing your 2011 deadline, 2011 is coming to end very soon :p

  • Anonymous

    Public beta would make a nice Christmas present, sign me up .

  • Anonymous

    Taken from the header of

    • Nathan Robinson

      This makes me happy 🙂

  • Vhr Stockcar

    Now, that is something like myself (modder) gets excited about…..very cool effect.

  • Gniewko Ostrowski

    switched to C.A.R.S. and not looking much forward to rF2 …

    • Firefox

      Too bad for you then

      • noro ardanto

        I think rF2 and C.A.R.S will be different so I will hv both

    • Niksounds B

      uh yeah …………. this is objectivity

  • Fabio Pittol

    People should compare the “recomended specs” before comparing rF2 to C.A.R.S!

    C.A.R.S. looks great indeed but with “Quad Core 2.4ghz or better” it has to!

    • Ricoo

      As far as I am concerned, I don’t want to compare, I want to play both title. I hope ISI will release rFactor 2 soon. 🙂

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