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rFactor 2’s Build 1108 Is Now Available, Adds Free Online Racing

Studio 397 has released a new build of rFactor 2, marking the first time the new studio releases a build after taking over the development from Image Space Incorporated.

Studio 397 has released a new build of rFactor 2, marking the first time the new studio releases a build after taking over the development from Image Space Incorporated.

The new build does not contain most of the promised new milestone features Studio 397 has been working on such as DirectX & virtual reality support or the new user interface.

Instead, the build majorly overhauls the title’s stock car mechanics as well as adding lots of other small improvements and fixes as listed below.

As part of the new update, online racing in rFactor 2 has been made free to all users as well. Users should also remember to migrate to Steam for free, an option that will be available until the end of January.


Stock Car

  • The safety car is now set to ‘non-collidable’ by default – testing has shown this can help avoid certain oval-related caution situations in which the safety car has trouble weaving its way to the front of the field. The value can be set to ‘collidable’ in the player.JSON file by editing the following values: "Safety Car Collidable": true. After this update, we recommend server admins backup and remove player.json and multiplayer.json, so that new ones are generated containing all new options and defaults.
  • Several minor adjustments and tweaks to help optimize scoring.
  • Further improvements to the track order of cars leaving the pits under caution.
  • Fixed a bookkeeping error under caution with one lap until restart.
  • Changed AI behavior to prevent pitting on the last lap of a caution. This helps to avoid messy and disorderly restarts and it makes the AI look a bit smarter too.
  • Added an extra message to the Low Speed Information pop up: “Please pass the safety car.” This should help you be more aware of where you are with respect to the safety car under a full course caution and should improve sorting overall as drivers no longer have to guess whether to pass the safety car.
  • Changed pit exit behavior to allow cars to be placed in a large gap rather than behind the whole field, which might be nearly a full track length behind the car exiting on some of the smaller ovals.
  • Fixed pit behavior: A car entering the pit lane after a race resumes from a caution will no longer be able to continuously lap the field during the next caution.
  • Fixed a possible scoring mix-up when a full course caution was called while the race leader was in the pits.
  • Fixed a bug in which cars starting late from the garage area (those that did not press the Race button in time), after the field had gone ahead, were sometimes wrongly scored at race start. Cars starting late from the garage area now have to wait for the entire field to pass the pit-exit line to be able to join the race and go on track.
  • Added a new single player feature "AI Formation by Position" that when set to “true” in the player.json attempts to line up the AI during yellow flag/formation laps according to your position behind the pace car instead of relative to surrounding cars. This seems to work better on short ovals, whereas the old (default) way might still work better for road courses.
  • Added new options for configuring an oval server, which can be found in the CustomPluginsVariables.json:
    • Added two types of double file which can be configured by editing the value "DoubleFileType" where “0” is off (or single file), “1” will ignore lapped and pitted distinctions, and “2” (the default) is standard double file.
    • Wave-arounds can now be set to on or off for more flexibility by editing the following value: "WaveArounds" “0” is off, “1” is on.
    • Added the ability to configure number of caution laps by editing the following value: "YellowLapsMinimum"
    • Added the ability to configure random number of caution laps editing the following value: "YellowLapsRandom"


  • Fixed AI behavior to prevent them from taking off immediately after what should be their pit stop following their final qualifying lap, which would get them disqualified.
  • Fixed AI behavior to prevent AI from getting disqualified during qualifying on certain tracks where it is difficult to pit immediately after completing n-1 laps.


  • Added a new TGM display. While driving, it was possible to pull up a graph showing the contact patch for each tyre that showed the temperature of the tyre at that point of the contact patch (ALT =). The second display now shows the tyre load.
  • Changed TTool filename. TTool, a tool that is used to generate tyres for cars, used to output a file named “QSA” when you ran a real-time batch test. That filename has now been corrected to “real-time”.
  • Fixed an issue where camber angles for tyres reported as zero in real-time telemetry instead of their real angle. Also, this now allows plugins to see the correct angles.

Driver Swaps

  • Fixed occasional crash when a wheel gets reattached/repaired during a pit stop at the same time as a driver swap.


  • Fixed the multiview gizmo that allows you to enter your triple screen configuration. It now saves and remembers asymmetrical monitor configuration parameters.
  • Fixed sporadic nVidia driver crashes on certain tracks. The fix, which is only needed if you were experiencing driver crashes and restarts, can be activated by changing the value WorkaroundFlags=1 in the Config.ini with a text editor. Please make sure to delete your shader cache manually (the files in UserData\Log\Shaders) when making this change.
  • Removed the option to disable HDR.

Dedicated Server

  • Changed the logic so that the dedicated server properly moves on to the next track in all cases regardless of which sessions are active.

User Interface/Launcher

  • Added an Engine Mixture setting to the garage so it can be saved as part of a car setup.Updated Launcher icons.
  • Added new user interface background image and splash screen.
  • Fixed Launcher to work correctly in Steam’s offline mode. It will no longer hang while attempting to download pending workshop items in this mode.
  • Updated French language dictionary.

Additional Changes

  • We’ve made racing online free for every user of rFactor 2.
  • Fixed results file when VehFile uses escape characters.
  • Removed DRS enabled/disabled messages for tracks without DRS zones.
  • Added +skipmonitor as a command line option, which lets you enter from and exit a race directly to the main menu.
  • pupsbubi

    Nice move to make multiplayer free!

    • Happ Download

      When was it not? I’ve raced online tons of times and there’s never been a cost. Just updated to the Steam thingie and still didn’t see any cost to race online, so I’m a tad perplexed.

      • Roger Ramjet

        There was an option to purchase offline or yearly subs for online, that’s now gone and online is included in full cost of game .. Many are expecting a refund of some sort (free DLC in the future) for me its been a lifetime since day dot.

      • pupsbubi

        it was free for only one year when you bought the standart ediftion

  • zef

    Studio397 is going to do big things!!
    Now same online as iracing and it’s N°1 simracing for me!

    • Marklar

      They have just removed online subscription. Do you expect from Studio397 to create and maintain an online system for free?

      • Richard Hessels

        If it’s just statistics they need to manage.

      • Bakkster

        If they just do statistics, then that’s not the same as iRacing, who provide generally solid official servers.

        I am interested to see where Studio397 takes things, and how the fund their developments instead of the online fee.

  • Lukas Macedo

    Great news! Now create a 2.99$ online service similar to iracing but on a smaller scale to begin with and profit. Maybe starting with only the skip barber, the usf2000 formula cars and the nascar one.

  • Paul

    rFactor2 is getting better and better! I am really happy with the sim now…and the future looks promising!

  • Jorge GB

    excelente movimiento camaradas, llego el momento de hacer rFactor great again.

  • mclaren777

    “Removed the option to disable HDR”

    Ugh! Why are they giving us fewer options? 🙁

    • William Mazeo

      the game is not made to run without it also from what I’ve seen some people were turning it off in night races and getting some advantage from this

      • mclaren777

        I’ve always preferred the look of non-HDR so this is still a bummer.

        I’m honestly not sure if I want to follow Studio 397 down this Steam-only path.

      • svdb

        I think it’s the only way to get this game somewhat successful. Marketing is much easier when you’re on such a big platform and ISI wasn’t great in marketing. Now S397 needs to actually integrate the content and form a base game like rF1. I don’t want to wait ages for all sorts of content updates. Include them in the new builds.
        In addition, IMO removing the flawed mod manager might be a good option with the opportunities Steam workshop brings, the open structure with physics data encryption will do.

    • svdb

      I’m all in for removing broken options.

    • HammerX

      I know right? Smh.

  • Happ Download

    I bought the lifetime sub for this thing when it first came out, figured it would take off like RF did. Didn’t happen. Hopefully it might go somewhere now. Guess we’ll see. Hate that Steam thing though though now that RF2 and AC are both on it the thing is less of an annoyance. But for online racing where there’s actually some racers around, iRacing is really the only option, sadly.

  • HammerX

    HDR uses a lot of resources not to mention it isn’t realistic in any sim. I never use it now we are forced to? Is there a way to stop auto update in Steam and I don’t just mean stop it and only update when I launch the title.

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