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rFactor 2 vs. F1 2020: Who Does Zandvoort 2020 Better?

Jason360x has put together a very interesting side by side comparison video, looking at Zandvoort 2020 in both F1 2020 and rFactor 2.

Zandvoort makes its return to the Formula One calendar this year, the Dutch venue has been equipped with a spectacular banked corner section to add some extra spice in the dunes.

While Codemasters were the first one to show off the virtual version of Zandvoort 2020 in a preview video of their upcoming official Formula One 20202 multi-platform title, PC sim developer Studio 397 were the first ones to give their racers access to the track when Zandvoort 2020 was released for rFactor 2 a few days ago.

Who pulls off the better virtual version of Zandvoort 2020, the official F1 title or the PC-based sim? Watch the comparison below and decide for yourself!