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rFactor 2 – Tim Wheatley Progress Blog

rFactor 2 – Tim Wheatley Progress Blog

Image Space Incorporated’s Tim Wheatley has put together a very interesting article in his personal blog, giving us a little insight behind the scenes of rFactor 2’s development.

Most community members will know Tim as he’s in charge of marketing and community relations for ISI and is often answering questions right here in the comments on VirtualR.

His article also includes some interesting news as Tim hints at ISI’s plans to launch rFactor 2 as public beta first, right now the title is in closed beta testing as ISI gets closer to having something ready for the public.

The article also includes some interesting info on ISI’s plans for post-release updates and licensed content:

That’s probably another good point to mention about rF2: There’s nothing short-term in the planning the company has. They intend for this product to get a lot more support than rFactor 1 in terms of updates, new features, new content and access to the team via the forums and Web site. Infact I’ve been responsible for a couple of really juicy pieces of content being licensed that will both be released as addons likely sometime in 2012.

And last but not least, Tim also talks about the much-requested post-processing effects that will soon be revealed to the public.

Next? Well the most recent thing I posted otherwise was that finally, FINALLY, we’re getting some of the graphics effects plugged into the development build of the software. This means that finally, FINALLY, we’ll be able to put out some shots which are more representative of the looks of rFactor 2. This has probably been one of the hardest things for the community to understand, because most of them have never seen base art from a game before.

For more on rFactor 2, Tim’s experience with working on rFactor 2 and some very true observations, make sure to check out his excellent article here.

  • f12bwth

    Its aboot time. The ISI forums are chock full of Doubting Danny’s and Complainy Carl’s. And slutty Sandra’s 😉

    Anyway this is all good news.

  • Paul

    Good news but from my point of view this is turning into another “Duke Nukem Forever” thing. *DONT_KNOW*

  • steve2000xxl

    What are you talking about? Do you really compare Duke Nukem Forever with rFactor2? Ridiculous.

  • Steve Farrell

    theyre on here too. The complainers are everywhere. The worst place of all for complainers is GTPlanet.

  • SimRacer007

    Will the addons be paid DLC or free updates (like rF1)?

  • Nathan Robinson

    Maybe not like duke nukem forever but it does have a similar feel to me. From something that was rumored to be out by last holiday season to a year later and talking about a beta being released for the public to test. Seems a little bit of slacking is going on. Granted, i have absolutely no clue what it takes because i am neither a developer or programmer, but it seems every article here on rfactor 2 is more promise than substance. Some of us are definitely more patient than others and thats why we clash. I’ve honestly started to forget about rfactor2 though because so many other exciting things are popping up in the sim racing world and before too long, rfactor 2 will be left behind 🙁

  • GTEvo

    we live in the Highspeed- multimedia HD Century.
    Fans and Customers wont hear and read theoretical Promo Articles in this HD Times.

    We wanna see Vids&Pics 😎
    In this Sense Tim..
    “Pictures says more then 1000 Words”


  • Jari Y

    I don’t you give enough credit for iRacing’s NTM forum, that place is dynamite!

  • F1Racer

    You forgot whinging Williams and crybaby Colins 😉

  • Firestarter

    I demand a free copy of rFactor 2 and a yearly subscription of Penthouse magazine to compensate for my time lost while waiting for this game.

  • Sam

    rFactor Loyal Fan.. no matter the costs or the wait.. as soon as its released they will have my money..  rF1 is pure joy… probly worth $10,000 when you add all the modding content.. so I pray to the higher powers that rF2 will have a very similar platform….

    ISI is like a WARM BLANKET!!!

  • SBKRacer

    man I fear this thing will be better than iRacing i don’t want to go back to rfactor after spending over 1 thousand U$ with iRacing 🙁

  • Mark

      Thanks Tim, but what I want to know is: WHEN’S THE RELEASE DATE?

  • Paul

    Steve2000xxl (also Jux, DeDios and F1Racer): all of you did not get it (what a pity boys). Duke Nukem Forever cannot be compared with rfactor2, that is clear. BUT if you know the facts about Duke Nukem Forever you will be clever enough to make a comparison. Do a search in google (yes, I know you all can do it!) and you will find out why I said that. Nathan Robinson, however, already gave you a hint. Cheers. 😎

  • Markus Ott

    less talk, more showing plz

  • Uff

    If you are clever enough you WON’T make a comparison between rF2 and DNF: the first one has been in development for years, but no one ever gave you a well defined release date (there were just intentions).
    Moreover, the game did not pass from one team to the other, nor has ever disappeared due to financial problems or similar things.

    It looks like Tim is right once again when he refers to the community as being unable to appreciate anything.

  • Paul

    Uff, in my first message i said TURNING INTO. I did not say ” it is the same as…” or “it is like …”. I now you are clever enough to distinguish both expressions. As Nathan said, the product was about to be released last year. Then one year later we are more or less in the same situation. If this continues it will turn into a DNF thing, When we reach the end of  2011 we all know who was right  (I really hope to be wrong).

  • svizzy

    rfactor2 wasn’t about to be released last year. they said they aiming on a release by the end of the year(2010). but that isn’t a release date. they always said when it is done. how you deal with this isn’t their problem.

  • sommergemuese

    Dont talk show it! 🙂

  • Paul

    Well, in they say “Rfactor2 TBA 2011”. As I said before we will see all this at the end of the year.

  • stabiz

    Why fear that? Do you feel you have wasted your time at iRacing? I HOPE rFactor2 is as good or better than iRacing, so we get some proper competition. I plan to use rFactor for single player fun like VLN and race competetivly online with iRacing.

  • Mark

    Unless they have something huge unannounced I don’t see rFactor 2 having any chance of competing with iRacing with respect to the quality of online racing and its organisation. For that iRacing, for me, is worth every penny. With respect to other things – physics, laser scanned tracks and other features then we’ll have to wait and see.

    I’m an iRacing fan, but am still looking forward to rFactor 2 and fully intend on getting it – no reason why I can’t have both. And as Stabiz says, proper competition would be good to advance the features of these and other sims.

  • feels3

    You didn’t try rfactor 2 and you already know that it having any chance of competing with iR?
    How did you do that? 🙂  
    It’s some kind of magic?

    Teach me please!

  • svizzy

    “TBA” means “to be announced” hope nobody confuses that with release in 2011.

  • Jorge Araujo

    Oh wow, Tim Wheatley came a long way since Seinfeld. Wonder why he left the dentist work? Is he still a converted jew for the jokes also?

  • Jos

    I hope we’ll get buckets of rfactor 2 screenshots in final graphics state soon….

  • Ross Siggers

    Paul is trying to make a save…but it’s just not working 😛

  • Nismo

    Atm for me, although it’s all talk right now. C.A.R.S is looking like it will be the definitive sim. They are just annouced talks ongoing about Laser Scanning all the tracks to within 2mm, aswell as a first class online service. Marry that with the visuals we know SMS can produce, i think C.A.R.S may leave everything behind. I was very sceptical at first on the hardcore sim talk but they are promising alot right now. Maybe too good to be true, we shall see

  • Steve Farrell

    I see devs from every game promising the world and in the end most of the time you get a tenth of what they promise.

  • Markus Ott

    An open system that is feeded by modders can never compete with laser scanned tracks and cars that were reproduced by working with real data.
    get real, feels3. rFactor2 could be better in graphics (what i highly doubt until a screenshot that proofs me wrong), but not when it comes to realism and the competition system behind it.

  • feels3

    It’s just your private opinion, nothing more. 
    Laser scanned tracks is just a part of what simracer needs. 

    If you need that kind of stuff so you should play iR.
    I don’t need, so I will play rfactor 2 🙂

    Besides, physic engine, tire model and FFB, those are important things for me.If this stuff in RF2 will be good enough than I will be very happy even without iR tracks .

  • sandboxgod

    iRacing is a really great game but after trialing for a few months I decided to stick with rFactor and my other racing games. if you’re a really good driver then iRacing is your game. But if you’re still learning it can get super frustrating being stuck with that Mazda mx-5 and watching all the good racers pass ya. Great community tho and once I get better I plan to return because that community is world class.

    But I eagerly anticipate other games cause I like having lots of cars!

  • F1Racer

    Make a search in Google, Paul ?  I would but I don’t really care that much to spend any time on it y’know.  Might be quicker if you just tell all of us idiots what we are overlooking other than Duke Nukem did ironically take forever while rf2 hasn’t. 

  • F1Racer

    And if you get both, who will compensate you for lost rF2 playtime while you… ‘get happy’ over that soft stuff in Penthouse?    I wonder who which comes first 😛

  • F1Racer

    @feels3:   That’s not what he said.  He said he fears it will be better than iRacing not that he knows it will be.   It’s different.

  • F1Racer

    I think that was Tim Whatley.  aaw, sorry to spoil that.

  • Steve Farrell

    Why bother posting rFactor 2 news here when nobody seems to apreciate it?

  • Jorge Araujo

    Lol, dont worry. But it’s close enough to warrant a silly joke. 🙂

  • Silly(c)One

    Talk for yourself, mate, I don’t need anyone to speak for me !

    You troll…

  • F1Racer

    yeah the anti-dentite bastard 🙂

  • F1Racer

    It’s well appreciated here too.  I look fwd to rF2 news more than anything else, even my own renders 🙂

  • Silly(c)One

    I think every sim has its place and its niche.
    I’ve been driving on iRacing almost exclusively these last months, but I also got a license of Game Stock Car recently. It’s based as you know on gMotor2, but it was really refreshing to go back to that trusty engine.
    Don’t forget that most sim racing games we drove for the last 5 years are based on rFactor1, so somehow, we “old” sim racers do know that physic engine pretty well. We have been educated on gMotor2 so rFactor will always feel home, at least for me.
    Another point is the modding community that has been stuck on gMotor2 for so long, that rFactor2 will surely boost the modders to come back, providing us with an incredible diversity of driving styles that iRacing will never provide… 
    And what if rFactor allows for good rally racing ? It could be the perfect replacement for RS-RBR…

    rFactor 2 still has a LOT of future, guys, don’t ditch it before it’s even finished !

  • GTEvo

    Give me a new Shading, Fog, just give me an “Up To Date” Weather Condition Grafic Systen, new Sound and Physic Engine in rF2 and we all getting lucky.
    I wont hear any Status Postings with dubios sounding Processing Facts..

    The Past had learend us, that Developers who talks to much, will dissapointed our great expactaions a lot.
    After this Post, im getting afraid too :-[
    I learned in last 4-5 Years that we all doesnt believe anything from Developers as the Processing Periode!:-$

    “The Truth lay on The Field”

  • Steve Farrell

    All I see is people complaining when anytrhing new is posted about about rFactor so it looks like nobody apreciates the news. Also why tont you go jump off a cliff Silly(C)one. Either that ot get an attitude adjustment. You never have anything nice to say to anybody and you are extremely rude.

  • Paul

    wow..this is full of trolls, from the very beginning when my personal opinion was considered as RIDICULOUS. Come on guys.

  • GTEvo

    From this Day, this Hour and this Minute i give ISI exactly 365 Days.
    Otherwise there is really no substitute for me to went over in the predatorcapitalism Genre, iRacing.
    Im a Heartblood Simracer.
    Im a tsrange Isi rFactor Patriot, a great Simbin/SMS Fan..but when this neverendless, extremly and untypical devote rF2 Status Politic wont change in a normal, customfriendly Information Philosophy..then all my blind, emotional “GoodWill” Thinking is over.

    Every Times if i see the impressive laserscanned iRacing Tracks, my Simracersoul hurts a lot.
    My Heart always says:” Ey Dude..look at this, your Dream comes true”, but then my “littleBrain” 😎 says:” Ey GTEvo..if you pay only one cent for this american Franchise “Rent a Game” Concept, i will kick you ass, you Fool”!^^

  • svizzy

    maybe the people who appreciate the news are just quiet and don’t feel the need to express themself in blog comments that much. i write a comment from time to time but generaly i’m pretty silent.

  • Bakkster

    @feels3: Again, he said unless rFactor 2 has plans for organized online racing, it won’t be better than iRacing in that respect. Has nothing to do with physics, graphics, netcode, or content and everything to do with online matchmaking and moderation.

  • Tony

    I love isi but this just makes me sad, Stop pissing about.

  • Petros Mak

    All I see is people complaining about anything that is posted on VirtualR. This community has become filled with people who only bitch and moan about every single thing, game, developer, etc. Its amazing this community is still in tact. There are a lot of guys who are great and wait patiently but man it seems the whiners are becoming more and more and not just about thingd that its merited for but for stupid stuff.

  • guinnness

    Ok the game was promised(by who ?) last year but if they were nor ready then the best thing they culd do was to keep on working on it and hopefully it’s what the choosed to do

    Do you prefer a finished game that will surely be awesome or do you prefer them to play it “EA style” releasing half finished games full of bugs and hardly playable without dozen of patchs you’ll have to wait months for ?

    Personally i have made my choice a long time ago, ISI can take the time they need i will wait for them.
    fRactor 1 is still one of the best sim out there so it’s more than enough to wait for the next one.

  • guinnness

    My 2 cents : stop LSD right now  😉

  • Anthony Birch

    Steve Farrell, they complain because their sick of hearing when it WONT be released rather than when it WILL. at this point bell and whistles mean little, we’ve waited for ages for RF2

  • TM2

    So, does the same thing apply to iracing 2.0 NTM?More promisse than substance.

  • F1Racer

    Steve should maybe have mentioned about how impatient people are with this gimme gimme entitlement attitude.   Since when have companies worked on our timetable ?

  • F1Racer

    I think I prefer a Limited Slip Differential.

  • F1Racer

    Maybe our expectations are disappointed becase we always have them too high.  Lower your expectations !

  • Steve Farrell

    Thats also true F1Racer. Its happening a lot lately.

  • GTEvo

    not mine F1Racer..

    finally i only want a normal, just a NORMAL Shading Setting.
    I dont really need a better Soundengine, Physic Engine.
    Thats all subjective and not really a better transportable SimracingExperience
    From this View, rF2 cant shock me.

    Only an eyecandy, uptodate Sun, Rain, Fog, Night Weather Ambiente!
    Is thit really to much after 5 Years of the horriblest Shaddow System of all crossover looking GamingGenres?
    If rf2 doenst get a normal, cpu friendly Shadow System..then this Platform will eaten from SMS, Simbin Codemaster, iRacingand each other.

    the most indiscutable Features in rf1 are poor Clipplane Setting, worst Shadings, not normal Sun/Fog Features.
    But each others are subjective Facts.
    Look for example the wonderfull DRM Revival Mod.
    Brilliant scratchmade Sound, amazing, real feeling Physics, smooth, very good FFB Settings.

    Wich Game gives us more Fun, more Challenge, more deeper, better, reallistic Racing Illusions?
    iRacing onliest Argument is not a realistic Physic, a better 3dModel, better Texturing..the only Argument for iRacing are there laserscanned Tracks. Nothing More..not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow..

    “Take it ISI”


  • Ryan Marc Joseph Callan

    Does iRacing have dynamic weatehr and racing line? I think not…..

    I agree – rF2 is the future!

  • Ryan Marc Joseph Callan

    Show me the Slutty Sandras please.

  • Silly(c)One

    Dynamic weather is crucially lacking in iRacing indeed ! 
    I can’t help but feel that driving at Spa without the opportunity of a good national rain is far too weird 😛

    The racing line has been implemented since iRacing 2.0 in august, though.

  • Silly(c)One

    Steve, I won’t even get into an argument with you as I don’t need to justify myself. I’ve been posting plenty of helpfull information on VirtualR with a nice attitude.

    What I’m sick of reading indeed, are people complaining all the time about things that are not due to them in any way, or people speaking in the name of others just like you did when I replied to you.

    It is you that should get a change in attitude. I would never ask you to jump off a cliff, though, that’d be pretty stupid.

    Grow up, Steve, and as they say in America : measure twice ; cut once.

  • Silly(c)One

    @guinness : he should rather start taking some, that’d probably do him a lot of good, at the contrary  😉

    Psychedelics will free your mind ! (and make you a better driver, too  =-X )

  • Steve Farrell

    I did not speak for everybody. I just asked why bother posting the news wehn everybody just complains.

  • Ontzettende Jan

    Hey GTEvo, guess what? It’s guys like you that made Tim write this blog post 😉

  • the scrutineer

    silly(c)one is now the troll….

  • GTEvo


  • GTEvo

    “and make you a better driver, too”..

  • Ricoo

    More Pics and Vids from Tim would be nice, and moreover where is the damn waited too much rFactor 2 BUY link…

  • Pyronick

    Go Tim!

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