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rFactor 2 – Three New Previews

rFactor 2 – Three New Previews

Following yesterday’s first two snippets on ISI’s upcoming simulation, Gjon Camaj has released three more preview shots of rFactor 2.

The shots show a foggy view of Spa Francorchamps 1969, a very detailed karting track as well as the front view of the Panoz roadster in the showroom.

We still have to see pictures of cars on track but at the current pace of events, those should be available soon.

  • Serg Funke

    looks great. self-shadows, yes!

  • Floptickle

    Uuuh, the foggydy fog fog looks very nice!

  • GeraArg

    Spa and the kart track looks AMAZING!!!!!

  • ermax18

    Now we are talking. The lighting and shading looks amazing. rF2 is going to be the ultimate sim.

  • MrcL

    Omg…Spa is looking gorgeous 😮

  • Vkt

    😮 :ooo:

  • Scuderia Ecosse

    I must say that really looks excellent.

  • Grozni

    The lighting & shading really look great.

    I hope rF2 will have dynamic environment mapping 😐

  • Raikku

    When i can buy it?

    btw.Am i only one who get error with this site all the time?

  • Ryan Gilmore

    nope – I get it quite alot too 🙁

  • ermax18

    I get an error when visiting RSC too. Hahaha. The difference is Montoya is working on a fix. Not sure what to think about RSC though.

  • xilix

    RSC had a server meltdown and they’ve been trying to fix the issue for a few weeks now. Noone knows when they will be back. They said that some of the forum is still in read-only mode but that’s a lie, it’s 100% inaccessible.

    The only “error” I’ve gotten when coming here is some Google warning about this site being reported as malicious.

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