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rFactor 2 – Three New Monaco Previews

ISI has released new previews of rFactor 2, showing off the historical Monte Carlo street circuit.

Image Space Incorporated has released three new previews of their upcoming rFactor 2 simulation.

The new previews show the harbor chicane of the title’s classical Monte Carlo Formula One circuit that was first seen in a spectacular video trailer a few weeks ago.

rFactor 2 will introduce various improvements to the modding-friendly simulation including weather, driver animations and a refined graphics engine alongside plenty of current and historic motor racing content.

Recently, ISI announced the pricing structure of the upcoming title that will be available as content-limited open beta version later this year.

  • Marcus Caton


    • Olivier Prenten

      Sexy??? LOL! 😉

  • Lemming asdfafh

    Liking the look of it 😀

  • Rantam

    Looking good so far 🙂

  • Pork Hunt Racing

    BAM… thats the shizzle!

  • jswarthoff

    lovely 3rd screenshot.

  • Павел Драндийски

    Looks like that Lotus is the car of the moment 🙂

  • Paul Mullins

    Loving the Bridgestone emblem on the tyre sidewall.. but the tyre edges look a little strange/jagged?

    • Richard Hessels

      Thats the heatwave shader distoring the image.
      Actually a pretty cool effect.
      A still image does not do justice for it.

    • Senna Senna

      Bridgestone? I guess you mean Dunlop, don’t you? I see on the 3rd screenshot it has the Dunlop’s ‘D’.

  • Anonymous

    Where is the Message in this “three” Screens?

    • Olivier Prenten

      Why should there be a message in a progress report? ISI is just “showing” its work!

  • Justin ForzaBarça Cruze

    Video preview of a lap around monaco would be nice.
    Just sayin’.

    • Anonymous

      Pics look great and yes, a video of a lap around this vintage Monaco would be great.
      Looking fwd to rF2 so much.

  • Philip Antonia

    Hubba, hubba!!!!

    F1 2011, Shift2 and C.A.R.S can keep their next gen bling, I can’t wait for my rF2 simness :).

    • Simon K.

      Calling Cars and F1 2011 in one sentence? …

      I have nothing more to say …

    • Olivier Prenten

      Indeed! What are F1 2011 and Shift2 doing in this thread treating of sims?

  • Laurent Cortier

    Jaw dropping…

    And it’s not even moving… Such detail in 3D, beautiful lightning… Woohooo can’t wait ! 

    • Anonymous

      y, when it’s moving will really be something, imo.

  • lee ross

    Really nice detail apart for some funky looking textures here and there but overall very nice! Can’t wait to try this

  • Anonymous

    It would be really nifty if you could increase the normal mapping on those paving stones and sandbags, make them pop out of the screen ‘figuratively speaking’.

    Can’t wait for the beta!

    • lee ross

      Some DX11 and tessalation would be amazing for that!

      • Ross Siggers

        shame the game is dx9 only afaik

      • Anonymous

        lighting is nice in dx10/11 – but otherwise…….ho hum.    Who knows, maybe we get a DX11 renderer in 12/18 months anyway?

      • Anonymous

        Well tessellation and parallax mapping are DX11 effects, so there’s no point asking for that.

        But DX9 can still do normal mapping. If they *just* add it to their existing geometry shader, rF2 could look a whole lot more amazing without too much performance loss.

        * unaware of how much work this actually requires.

  • Marcos Sanz

    no need of dx11 to do some parallax normal mapping.

  • Nathan Robinson

    I am really itching to get my hands on this. Damn you ISI and your teasing ways! 🙂 Love the second screenshot with the buildings on the mountainside.

  • Rolands Svētiņš

    A big lack of details.

    • Anonymous

      Seriously?  A lack of details?   such as?

      • Anonymous

        You obviously don’t play modern games, Curt. 
        After trying F1 2011 and seeing Monaco in that game, this isn’t close.

        Lacks normal mapping, obvious low res textures…
        It looks ok but face it, it’s not going to blow anyone away unless they haven’t played games less than 5 years old.

        Still looking forward to seeing this game come out, graphics aren’t everything of course. Just being realistic, it’s not the best looking game out there.

      • Anonymous

        So, nothing to say about what details are missing?  

        Codemasters?    You’re welcome to it.  Crikey.

      • Anonymous

        Oh jesus I hate the word fanboy but it describes you perfectly right now. And I did describe what I thought was missing.

        You can be a fanboy and dismiss anything Codemaster or other companies do better just because their games have simpler physics. 

        Shift 2, GT5, Forza 4, Project CARS, Dirt 3, F1 2011 are all blowing these graphics out of the water. If you can’t face facts that’s your problem.

      • Anonymous

        “just because their games have simpler physics. ”


        “Shift 2, GT5, Forza 4, Project CARS, Dirt 3, F1 2011 are all blowing these graphics out of the water.”

        If you think so, you think so.  You’re allowed to do so.   But I’m allowed to disagree, thanks.  Anyway, the only thing you actually said was lacking was “normal mapping”.   Hardly fits “big lack of details”, which was the comment I was querying.    Whatever…..

      • Anonymous

        “If you think so, you think so.  You’re allowed to do so.   But I’m allowed to disagree, thanks. ”
        Sure, just like I could disagree with you and say the physics of Mario Kart are better that rF2. I’d be allowed to think so, and it could be considered a valid opinion. But it would be wrong.

        Maybe I should knock GT5 off the list though. It’s only impressive in photo-mode. And Forza. But the rest are damn good looking games on a decent PC.

      • Wesley M

        Indeed. The more post-fx you use the more realistic it will become. Seriously, the Codies games overuse it big time, makes it look unrealistic and the physics and everything around in Forza and GT are just plain stupid. There is barely anything behind the tire wall, it is just one picture in 360 mode. On this scale rF and rF2 are much better, because there is at least something behind the walls. 

        Sure it has to be me but I have more the idea I am driving a real formula car with rFactor than I have with any of the games you name.

      • Anonymous

        Well I am definitely not arguing against you when it comes to the feeling of driving. I have no doubt rF2 will blow away anything by Codemasters or any console games, and that’s why I wont dismiss it because of the graphics. But I still think they can do better, and they need to if they want to compete with Project CARS when it comes out.

        There’s no reason why we can’t compare the graphics to other racing games that have inferior physics. Codemasters have toned down their overdone post processing in Dirt 3 and F1 2011, still a bit overdone in places but those games actually look damn good on a PC in DX11.

    • Ali Alami

      You seem to be a huge expert

  • Anonymous

    It is obvious that HDR is not active on these three screenshots, because the shadows are too bright, same shaded, and the contrast overall is too low.
    I just don’t understand why ISI released non-postprocessing screens?

    • Anonymous

      there is HDR on them, according to Tim W (at ISI forum).   But as it’s mid-day the effect is very small, apparently.

      • Anonymous

        The differences between these monaco screenshots and this mid-day Spa shot are huge. Everything is far more better on hdr Spa shot, the colors, contrast, shadows, lighting…

      • Anonymous

        Look very similar to me.   Anyway – not my opinion – Tim W says on ISI forum that it does have HDR, only that the time of day makes it what it is.   Looks fine to me.  Go check some GPL screens……and recognise what we got here?  😀

  • Guilherme Cramer


    • Anonymous

      yawn?  wtf?   Get outta here……  

      • Guilherme Cramer

        You “talk” too much, I’m sorry.

      • Anonymous


  • Luke Maple

    Looking Good!! obviously when the modders get their hands on it we could see some very special hi res stuff! I think it looks great anyway! big jump from rf1

  • Tom Huggan

    lol these pictures look so old. This cant be rf2 

    • Juhan Voolaid

      troo dat … it looks like ’60s or something

      • Firefox

        Good one 🙂

  • Alistair Heeley

    Reading comments picking apart the graphics in rFactor  2 preview screenshots is so tiring.

    There are so many improvements due to be introduced that even if the graphics were on exactly the same level as as the first installment it would still be a worthwhile purchase.

    • Alain Nabizada

      Don’t cry if you’re alone in the lobby… if it’s rF 1 graphics level.

      • Noel Hibbard

        Don’t bet on rF2 not being used simply based on graphics. There are tons of sims out there with better gfx than rF1 yet rF1 still has a very large user base. Maybe not in the pickup race department but who wants to do pickup races? Trust me, people will flock to rF2 simply for the other improvements. If it has better gfx then that is just an added bonus. My theory is that the majority of the rF1 league members are older (speaking from experience running my own league) and don’t have time to camp out on these forums (I have to beg our guys to read our forum) and blogs every day complaining that rF2 doesn’t have the bling that BF3 has. Just because the same hand full of users here and other forums bitch doesn’t mean the majority of rF users give a damn about the gfx.

        I am all for better GFX. But it is just a bonus. I am more interested it physics, tires, plugin API, user interface, admin features, driver swap improvements, ability for team mates to act as pit crew, stability, ect ect. These should be the priorities for a true sim. I am glade ISI has their priorities strait.

      • Anonymous

        aye.  but the gfx **are** a big step up, that’s obvious. 

        I’d also suggest a degree of whining comes from the fact GT5 etc use the ‘deceptive’ photomode for promotion – creating a false impression of what the actual real in-game results are.    The average in-game videos posted by users to YouTube nowadays look nothing like the 5 years of promotional shots everyone saw.

    • Anonymous

      y.   wish they’d go play Codemasters’ latest rubbish.

  • Nicolas Grignon

    As other said… it looks old gen… more details. more polys BUT old graphic engine, we are in 2011 not 2005…  

    I’m sure rF2 will be terrific physics wise, but really, they should have invested in a new graphic engine or a good graphic engine coder. It’s like Iracing: marvelous physics but OLD Graphic engine… immersion is also a question of graphism (and sound) not just physics.

    • Anonymous

      So rF and iRacing are “old graphic engine”?   

      Maybe you should at least wait until rF is done before concluding much?  And iR old?  Sure…..k. lol

      • Guilherme Cramer

        Yes iRacing is from an old engine. Please shoosh now, please, you make yourself seem foolish.

      • Anonymous

        Define what you mean by “old”

        And under your definition, rF2 is “new”, right?

      • Anonymous

        What happened to all those who said “Graphics is the important thing for me, its physics and the feeling of the car etc etc etc” ?

        Now suddenly it’s being realised that graphics do actually count towards the immersion ?
        I’m sure rF2 will do a fine job of conveying the right feelings to the user and I don’t think it will do it any less effectively than CARS or SHIFT2.
        Game Stock Car, nkPro and RACE07 are not the latest state of the art gfx, but for that sim feeling they are right up there on the top shelf, all of them.

        rF2 will do just fine, so just relax.   And yes iRacing used Nascar 2003 engine from Papyrus as a base I believe.   And so what ?  It still delivers.

        This is more about people wanting pretty eye candy rather than realising that they actually don’t need a GT5 or Forza 4 lookalike in order to accurately simulate motor racing.

      • Guilherme Cramer

        I am glad you mentioned netKar Pro. To me that’s the best sim available despite the lackluster content.

      • Anonymous

        D Kaemmer said he was running that simulation of tyre physics.   Took whole PC – can’t be done in real time.  And that’s just a single tyre – and the physics model is still simplified even then, of course.  Supercomputers running the weather are “dumbed down” versions of the weather etc.   I know GPUs are doing much of the gfx work nowadays, but nevertheless the work has to be distributed, at the very least.  I don’t believe it is possible to do even half-decent physics and have cutting edge visuals – you can only spend a CPU cycle once.  It’s all a compromise.  IMO Codemasters (and GT5 etc) do zero physics, really.  

        Anyone in any doubt should run some simple physics demos to test the notion – physics is  hungry as hell – and it’s the obvious thing to cut for the benefit of shiny-shiny.  People see shiny-shiny, whilst physics takes a little more relationship than adverts can ever convey.  

        Anyway, I suppose the point is, yes, GT5 and whatnot look beautiful – ‘better’ than rF2.  But all this god-awful whining misses the point and will lead us into a dead-end of Unrewarding Shiny 2013 Edition.   I’ve seen it happen over and over.  People like the superficial…..then complain everything’s so superficial.  rah rah rah!!!!    😀

        rF2 is looking brilliant imo. all the whining gets my goat.

  • Dan Blamey


  • Charles Sami Amyouni

    I’d play rFactor 2 for a very long time rather than play a game like CARS with crazy requirements… it is almost like CARS will perform better only once a 16-core processor comes out LOL. 

    Not to mention the possibilities of unlimited modding capabilities of rF2 as such offered the same way by the predecessor… this will be something!

    • Anonymous

      hey man before you start talking nonsense c.a.r.s is only a very early build and already it has beter grafics and arguably better handling than any car sim. so do not be a fanboy be open minded or be like me buy them all….end of story

      • Guilherme Cramer

        “arguably better handling than any car sim,” what is that based on? Even though it’s on a very early build you can’t forget that the people that made it also made Shift. Yes they made GTR and GTR 2 but that was 7 years ago, Shift was last year.

      • Charles Sami Amyouni

        I agree, the guys never fixed the problems especially on SHIFT2U, now I’m on a wonder if they’ll ever see the major significant problems Project CARS will have in the future. Graphics? Sure, physics? I don’t think so… still feels arcade-ish…

        And when it comes to modding capabilities, rFactor 2 will reign supreme…

  • Pork Hunt Racing

    maybe ISI are being clever about the release. 

    get everyone talking about the mod (even the negatives) and then, BLAM massive over delivery!! 🙂

    thats how i would play this game

    • Anonymous

      For sure most of the moaners will get rF2 (paid for or not).   It’s the trend in sim-racing to criticise everything we are given whether free or paid for.   It’s the norm that we exist in this small bubble with our hobby but snap at anyone who works to try and give us something new.
      We bite the hands that feed us.  I’m amazed we haven’t been given up on yet and I think the only reason we haven’t is that those who are talented and skilled enough to give us sim-stuff are passionate enough to want to do it.  
      So those of us who do appreciate the work going in to the new stuff in order to feed our hobby can at least be thankful for that.

      rF2 may not look like GT5 or Forza 4 but I couldn’t give a monkeys. It’s gonna look good enough and it’s going to play like a sim far more than any console title out there. I`ll be well happy with that.

    • Pablo Coronel


  • Richard Hessels

    Some people here would even say it’s not realistic enough if they where shown real life footage.
    Just look outside with your own eyes.Reality is mostly a quite dull image!
    Your eyes don’t see all the overdone post FX games have nowadays.
    Unless when you are being drugged or drunk.

    rFactor 1 still is one of the best open sim systems around.
    rFactor 2 is going to be a whole lot better than the first one.

  • Pablo Coronel

    Anyone who “play” rfactor cant moan, the inmersion that give rfactor its impresive, i play it for a year non-stop and i still do and still cant belive how good is, i just cant imagine how good gonna be rf2, i simply cant wait.

  • gt3rsr

    It looks OK. Well, not the best graphics out there, but it’s good enough. What concerns me now when I look at these screenshots, what happens when you crash into those barriers? Will they move or deform or will they stay rock solid just like in rF1? And what about the car damage (physical, visual)?

    • Noel Hibbard

      Tim says the objects all act different now. For example he said wooden poles will actually snap off and leave a stump behind. If another car goes off and hits the stump that is left sticking out of the ground, it will launch the car.

  • Luke Maple

    If you just compare RF1 stock content with the graphics quality of the best mods you can see this has potential…it already looks good! the modders will no doubt take it much further too! I imagine that ISI wanted a platform that delivered the physics well and left the graphics to the modders! Even then to my eyes this is truly great already!

    • gt3rsr

      AFAIK ISI plans to offer much more original content for rF2 than for rF1. They have licensed pretty much whole historic F1 era for example. And I welcome it, because I know I can expect high quality.

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