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rFactor 2 – Spa Francorchamps 1967 Gameplay Video

rFactor 2 – Spa Francorchamps 1967 Gameplay Video

Following the car body reflection preview released yesterday, Image Space Incorporated has now released a preview video of rFactor 2, showing off the historical Spa Francorchamps Circuit.

The video shows two laps on the historical version of the Belgian track that was used until 1979. Even though Spa Francorchamps is still considered a thrilling and dangerous track in today’s motorsport world, the current layout is pale in comparion to the highspeed 14 kilometer monster you get to check out in the video.

ISI points out that the shown version is work in progress that does not reflect the quality of the final version as some draw & animation issues are visible, there’s no audio either so don’t bother checking your sound equipment.

rFactor 2 will introduce various improvements to the modding-friendly simulation including weather, driver animations and a refined graphics engine. ISI has not announced a definite release date yet, the company is still aiming to release their newest title by the end of 2010 though.

  • Turkey :D

    Nothing groundbreaking, but it’s nice to see that ISI is doing something like giving us some content that other racing sims don’t offer out of the box.

  • Noel Hibbard

    I thought I saw a mirage on the track in that reflections screen shot. Sure enough it was. You can see the mirage infront of you the whole way around the track. Very nice touch.

  • M1ST4K3

    You can really feel the mass transfer of the car… You can really feel it being unbalanced in the corner exit… The track feels bumpy and not flat like most rfactor tracks… I like it! πŸ˜€ 

    The track feels alive… trees, finally look like trees, and not the “paper x/y plan” trees… the cloth simulation was pretty cool, too… don’t know if it is scripted or simulated, anyway, but as you’re driving fast, it doesn’t matter, plus CPU usage is less…

    Good Job, ISI

  • F/Yio

    mirage with a tarmac like that and the sun being almost down.


  • Timothy Wheatley

    That’s drawing issues. You can see it more clearly if you watch the side of the track where trees will appear. I noted this in the forum post I made at ISI’s forums. πŸ™‚

  • Timothy Wheatley

    Tremendous fun to drive. On the exit I am trying really hard to get the power down but usually have to be very careful. It’s easy to spear off into a tree.

  • Javier-de-Ass

    that is just crazy awesome. track looks like it will be incredible to drive

  • Justin ForzaBarΓ§a D’Cruze

    Finally a video!
    Looks nice, more please πŸ™‚

  • Scott Juliano

    There is a WIP mirage effect.  Right now it’s not hooked up to any elements that would control it (sun angle, temperature, etc).  It’s just… on.

  • Scott Juliano

    Another WIP element you can see going on is that the direct lighting is changing based on cloud cover as they pass in front of the sun…

  • Free2game

    Man ISI should really upgrade  their computers.

  • Timothy Wheatley

    Thanks for clarifying Scott!

  • Gabkicks

    graphics are dated looking πŸ™ better than rfactor, but not current/next gen stuff.

  • Matheus

    This is shaping up great, I can totally see me finally leaving LFS when this comes out

  • Dan

    I’m preordering this baby!

  • GeraArg


  • zezΓ£o

    lo, they do this with Bobs Track Builder…… sooo poor :*

  • AeroMechanical

    Looks great.

  • Adrian

    thank you ISI!

  • AeroMechanical

    Also… god damn that is a seriously dangerous track.  I can see why the drivers of the time hated racing on it.

  • Carbonfibre

    That was a fun ride! Watching the bumps gave me huge confidence about the new FFB.

  • Juise

    When I saw the flags at the side of the road i had a thought. Now as you’re planning to get wind and other elements to the game could these flags be tied to the wind element so one could get a clue about the wind force and the direction?

    Small thing but would be a nice touch πŸ™‚

  • Lukas Kvietkauskas

    are you nuts? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ get a life man

  • Marco

    No sound, not even a cockpit view… pretty much boring video!

  • Simulationsfanatiker

    Sorry, but this track is more boring than LeMans24H. The graphics are ok, but iRacing looks way more realistic in my opinion. I have to see much better videos before I buy this game…

  • Kiwiiz

    I see some nice little bumps

  • KTM

    To me it’s the most beautiful done track I’ve ever seen, abolutely brilliant! Must buy!!

  • Higans

    absolutly πŸ™‚

  • Jux

    Whaat? I might as well drive in the real world. It’s too realistic! Must buy! Must eat brains!

    Btw, when I get my hand on this, I’m gonna drive a exotic car and visit those houses near the road to pick up my imaginary girlfriends 😎 .

  • qawaza

    omg omg omg omg….i am already feeling wet….

  • yoschka

    where can i pre-order?

  • gadaga

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ O:-) πŸ˜€ Laissez ici votre commentaire en respectant les lois. Tout commentaire jugé inapproprié (agressif, raciste, diffamatoire, publicitaire, grossier, hors sujet…) sera supprimé

  • RacingSlippers

    Ive been wanting to drive a really good looking version of the old Spa since it was my favourite track in GPL. ‘Prayers’ answered!

  • zudthespud

    heh that is your opinion, even if it is true iracing tracks cost what, $10 a time? 

  • Rantam

    Wow, look that Spa! Looks great, and it’s just a WIP.

    Thanks a lot for sharing ISI! πŸ™‚


  • f0xx

    Pure art right there, amazing work ISI.

  • Ali Alami

    Simply Brilliant ! And for the guys that saying there is no improvements. Sorry but you must be blind >:o

  • 6e66o

    The track is amazingly detailed.
    The environment around the track looks great,
    it really gives you the feeling of being in the Belgian Ardennes.

    Historic tracks rule 😎

  • Firestarter

    Yep, the environment looks dense, it feels like you are in that environment. This looks very promising, i like the bumpy parts of the road and how it affects the handling.

  • Captain Underpants

    Oh thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for putting up a video. I reckon it’s looking pretty awesome. Nice bumpiness on the surface and nice variety in the road textures. It all seems to be shaping up pretty well.

  • akrapovic


  • akrapovic

    Shame you left iR, but hoping this will come close!

  • sinjun

    Looking good.  As many have said very detailed.  But I sure hope shadows on the road are in the works.  Will give it real depth.

  • akrapovic

    Ye s thats true!
    Quality cost money period!
    Worth every dime imo.

    This looks awesome!

  • CrippleHorse

    Since it’s really necessary to find something negative to say even when the track looks that good, now it has to be that old spa is boring. Contrary to you, this would suffice for me to buy this game.

  • CrippleHorse

    I liked the way the car seems to react in the bumps (at the exit of Blanchimont it seems so unsettled that could go out in the second lap) almost as much as I liked the track itself, great stuff.

  • felipe

    amazing amazing! it almost made me cry  >:o

  • John DiFool

    Someone did pull of the “mirage” trick (intentionally) on an old NR2003 track.

  • Hoover

    Great stuff, thanks for sharing! Has anyone else noticed how there are no distant pop-ups of objects even when viewing the track all the way from La Source to the top of Eau Rouge? Simply stunning. 

  • marius

    If the 67 cars drive like GPL then this is a winner! Now that I have seen this I am only wandering about the physics.

  • Anthem

    First thing I thought was getting your mod on this track, second thing was reconfirming too self this is really the best track I have ever seen on my PC so far.

  • John DiFool

    Ah, Old Spa, my first love.

    There is a long discussion over at the GPL forums at the Sim Racing Mirror Zone about the accuracy of the original GPL track.  At least one mod team has been working on a more historically accurate version for GPL for years now.

    This video has the following apparent differences from the GPL version (which has been converted to countless sims, including rFactor of course, but never has had the base layout modded):

    Eau Rouge seems a bit tighter-it may not be possible to drive it flat-out anymore in anything other than a car w/ very strong downforce, like F1 or LMP1/2  (or something very slow, natch).

    Malmedy is much more wide open and lacks the rather severe camber changes in the GPL original.  This was the major point of contention in the thread linked above.

    Stavelot’s radii look the same, but the short straight section between the two curves (second one tighter) is longer here.

    Blanchimont in GPL was backwards from the modern track (including most modern sim versions): in GPL it was the first left which was the tighter one, while the modernized track had the second left with the tighter radius.  In this video the latter is the case (and the short section between the two is again a bit longer)-the exit on the 2nd turn is Angst-Turn tight.

    La Source hairpin is completely different-wider on the outside, tighter apex with a curb present.  It’s funny-all of the post-NR2003 conversions retain the “unintentional” bump at the exit that was an artifact of the original NR convertors putting in a redesigned pit entrance (replete with wall).

    There’s various other minor differences (the Kemel straight has a couple of extra kinks, some radii differences in the run up to Blanchimont).  Looks like an absolute dream to drive 😎 .

  • Tensor

    still unimpressive.

  • Ali Alami

    Ok wait until it will be enough impressive for your, and let us enjoy this >:o

  • dknine

    Fantastic work ISI, the scenery looks amazing 😎
    can’t wait for rF2!

  • Flaux

    Watch it again, the flags already move with the wind and the strength of it…  😎

  • Pitpat

    You mean like hydroplanes?

  • KastaRules

    I love the attention to details!  😎

  • Scott Juliano

    The GPL version of Spa was wrong in many areas.  Eau Rouge, for example, aws based on the modern, less extreme corner–not the original.  When I worked at Z-Axis/Activision I worked with the track artist for it and we spoke about GPL and the time frames he had to build the tracks, and the lack of reference he had available.  I’m not putting GPL down — I love it still, but it’s not as hyper-accurate as many people believe…

    STILL great fun though πŸ™‚

  • John DiFool

    I meant to add that I >love< the old (inaccurate) Malmedy corner-it was a delicate balancing act to steer the car through there without spinning.  The good news is that I won’t have to worry about gaining 2 seconds/lap on any AI cars (which invariably could not cope with that corner no matter what sim it was in).

  • Scott Juliano

    And let ME add that OUR version is not COMPLETELY accurate, either.  There just isn’t enough data available to build it to perfection.  That said, I think we’ve come MUCH closer than anything that’s come before, so in that I feel mission accomplished.

    (and I love that turn, too, in GPL and in our version.   πŸ™‚

  • Remco Hitman

    Is there a VooDoo fix? πŸ˜›

  • spliff

    even if it does not look polished and shadery, it’s much better than gt5! ha! πŸ˜‰

  • Alexandre

    What can i say ?

    I’m speechless!

    The attention to the details, the scenery, trees, track surface, bumps…

    Oh my, fantastic!

  • F1_fan_1

    The only thing I don’t like about the video is that there isn’t a Dutch flag on the pit buildings. πŸ˜›

  • Nestor Martin

    Finally, we can play Rf2!!! (on utube) πŸ˜€
    Great scenery, looks just like Belgian country side.

  • Timothy Wheatley

    It’s on the edge of spearing into the nearest tree or house when you put the power down. I try to compensate with the steering and that’s why you see the back and forth movement a bit coming off some of the turns.

  • Vmk




    I knew ISI woudn’t let us down. Fantastic job.

  • Vmk

    Rfactor2 is looking way beter than iracing. Iracing is dull and lifeless comparing to these WIP footage and the new screen of Rf2.

  • Carbonfibre

    I haven’t seen a track in iRacing this dangerous, have you?
    170mph+ into a telegraph pole will do some serious damage, but I imagine you would be more worried about devastation to your safety rating lol.

  • Jos

    wow masta kick was way of in rfactor1 version.

  • GTEvo

    “How much does this “laserscanned Track cost”?

  • kkacper

    actually you can already I think πŸ˜€ I remember there was an option on rfc but not sure ;P you can check here yourself etc. ;P

  • Noel Hibbard

    Can’t scan this one as it no longer exists.

  • Markuz

    Looks really good! I’ll be needing Superman’s steel [email protected] if I get really lucky and do some real laps in this historic track, LOL. It looks so scary fast!

  • WiZPER

    Be warned, thats just regular RFC BS – they are simply trying to expand their SPAM mailinglist πŸ˜›
    ISI have confirmed, that they have nothing to do with that ‘pre order’

  • WiZPER

    iRacing don’t do 24 hour racing, or dynamic light/weather even – that’s why we need rfactor2 πŸ˜‰

  • KTM

    > “How much does this “laserscanned Track cost”? <

    Nothing …compared to the timemachine you have to use first.

  • lms

    this track looks awful, a modern version of Spa would have been so much better… Anyway, there will be probably 10-20 other versions of Spa once the game is released. Such a great track!

  • Ricoo

    Nice track. Lots of details. We can feel the bumps, that’s huge. I can’t wait. πŸ™‚




    ALL HAIL RF2, YOU CAN TAKE DOWN THAT STUPID IRACING ADD NOW THAT HAS FALSE TRUTHS, ” BEST ONLINE RACING SIM MY ASS” (MAYBE SOMEDAY BUT NOT NOW, and it certainly not best roadtrack sim game i can name 3 that are better road track sims off the cuff.

  • kkacper

    Weird enough I totally agree. Yea I don’t like Iracing but I actually had it and I don’t like it at all. It basically is greatly realistic in few manners but…but I list 2 things:Wet Weather,More than 1 f1 track. I love racing in Rf especially when you’ve a good league or have fun with friends. I think Iracing is gonna be smashed by rf 2 but might not. We’ll all see πŸ˜›

  • Johnsc

    Looks really good.

    By the way, i don’t see the point of a “Iracing Vs Rfactor” in EVERY new of Rfactor 2. I think Iracing it’s the best sim actually, but i spend more time in Rfactor ¿why? Because i love mods like VLN2005, Historics GT&TC, Touring Car Legends, F1 1971/75…and there are hundreds of quality tracks. As good as iracing tracks? No, but i like em better, specially awesome VLM tracks. And, for me, it has the better online “without paying” (only the initial cost). Me and my league friends tried Evo, GTR2…and with home servers, works so bad, but with Rfactor, we can host a perfect race with 20 persons, only 1mb of upload and “home” dedicate server.

  • Firestarter

    Ofcourse they are fake…u can`t get anything real in a computer u know πŸ™‚


    racer4life<img src=”images/icon10-external-url.png”/>””’ iRacing physics are so in-depth”’

    WRONG… all iracing cars feel the same.  I have all the cars from beginer car of solstice to indy car have the same feeling of not being able to throw the rear end around.

    the car balence is the same in every car (same problem existed in nascar series all the way to n2003 and its mods (busch/truck/aero 88 so on).  i like the cars, but there is no tire model or something it does not feel natural. maybe if they can get the tire model down it will change, personally i hope they can get it correct because it is good for sim racing and users.

  • jimmy

    Very, very nice, but we need better trees in some places. Those 2D ‘tree walls’ (e.g. when approaching to La Source) look a bit outdated in 2010.

  • jimmy

    But I am afraid it is already not possible to scan 1967’s version of Spa  *DONT_KNOW*

  • Nedo

    LOL nobody will force anyone to play rFactor2, so why get so upset, play your game what you
    like most πŸ˜‰  , if you dont like rFactor2 then there are other choices around. If you are real
    interested in racing then you have to race for real and not in front of a Monitor LOL.
    And me, i cant wait to fire up rFactor2 at home, thats the only racing game i wait for.
    Great Job ISI !

    Best Regards

  • jimmy

    I am looking forward to rFactor2 and GTR3 equally. GTR3 is also a must buy, if only just because of ‘moral’ reasons cos many its tracks will be certainly again illegaly converted to rF2 and other sims.

  • lironjdb

    Not being able to throw the rear end around?

    Maybe you are not a very good driver.

  • Firefox

    10 year behind?
    Laser scanning was introduced in 2008 and rFactor was introduced in 2005.
    Just your bad math tells me how much you really know about simulators!

  • Dylan.

    That’s looking VERY promising! Am very much looking forward to driving historic F! round this track i the rain  πŸ˜›

  • vik15

    Looks nice and well detailed. There is a bit lack of lighting although. It’s probably an evening time but that white sky makes me a bit confused what time of day is it.

  • Filg Popov
  • Aaron Carlisle

    You really think Dave is the only person capable of doing that?  You obviously have no idea what the engineers at ISI are capable of.  If iRacing was so good, then why does almost every F1 team prefer rFactor Pro over iRacing?  If you go read the article of A.S.S. that talks about rFactor Pro, you’ll see that Adrian Neway thinks iRacing is an arcade game when compared to what rFactor Pro is capable of.  Obvious troll is obvious.  Move along.  Nothing to see here.

  • Deano

    Simply AMAZING.

    The “Lazerscanned” comment cracks me up. πŸ˜€

  • Big Ron

    are you the lover of Dave K. or why are you praising him into the sky? For sure, he is NOT the only person with that skills πŸ˜‰

  • GeraArg

    wow!!!! πŸ˜€

  • Pau

    Quote: “How much does this laserscanned track cost? Nothing …compared to the timemachine you have to use first.”  
    I don’t usually take part at iR vs. rF debates, but I can surely appreciate a good posting. I laughed silly.


  • David Wright

    Can we stop calling it Spa 1967 please?  ISI do not refer to it as such.

  • KittX

    I love the level of detail in that track, i love the bumps, i love how track lighting reacts on cloud shadows, when the track is becoming brighter and darker.

    the lighting and the textures of sky (and sun in previous shots) need more attention tho. Those skies are very good for winter skies actually. That’s how the light projects through the frozen atmosphere and clouds. For summer-time tracks the sky must have another colors, less saturated in some places (even if it’s clear sky), look at the photos of summer sunsets and you’ll see my point. Also I hope the texture of the sun (as object itself) will be changed – i remember there was a mod for GTR2 which changes default lens flare to some bright blinding spot, which looked very very good.
    Anyway, if it won’t be in the original, it’s up to modders πŸ™‚

  • Carbonfibre

    I may support the OP, but that is in no way a proper matter to conduct yourself on this message board.

    You lower everybody else with a rounded opinion about which is the better sim. People who don’t like iRacing for whatever reason are not full of rage and malice.

  • Scott Juliano

    true–we simply list it as “Belgium ’67”

  • Nestor Martin

    @racer4life,how old are you?

  • John DiFool

    Technically, it does, tho some parts are in very bad shape (the run from Stavelot down to Blanchimont has very poor asphalt, and the Stavelot corner itself is overgrown with weeds.

  • Kramer

    Because its not spelt correctly ?

  • Kramer

    It does look really good. Very subtle.   Too many whingers here ffs.

  • Fudge factor

    yeah – hopefully they can both happily co-exist.

  • Novum

    three letters


  • Fudge factor


    A nice – and brave – nod towards GPL.  But boy have you outdone GPL there!   And every other track, I think, whether lasered or not.   I’ve driven that track so many times in GPL but that vid was a surprise – all those buildings and details make it really come alive alongside the nice new lighting.

    All I can say is I will buy it as soon as it comes out, and I want that to be ASAP – but at the same time I am happy to wait – take as long as it takes.

  • Fudge factor

    oh btw – what spec machine is that running on in the vid?

  • Pau

    The latter “timemachine” adds a bit of flavour to it, don’t you think? Humorously sarcastic, cuts both ways.

  • svizzy

    wow i love it

    uploaded the spa67 race from grand prix. have seen the other link and thought you guys should see it in hd.

    if somebody wants it in higher bitrate i will post the link of the source file tomorrow.

  • svizzy

    i heard they are working on it. the problem is it’s too dangerous to send humans but a few chimpanzees are currently in a training camp to learn how to use these laserscanners.

  • Chad Smith

    Ususally I only look at iRacing material, so I normally see a lot of iRacing bashing. 

    I wasn’t aware that it went both ways. πŸ™‚ 

    I’m sure both sims are great in their own way. 

    I never tried the first one, but I will probably try the second one since you hear rFactor everywhere. 

    Can’t we all just get along? πŸ™

  • svizzy
  • jonneymendoza

    PS2 game?

  • Rooster


  • mrc

    That looks good.I live in Belgium and sometimes when i near Spa i always drive a bit on the old circuit coz its public road.Most of the track is verry accurate,although ther’s much more houses now than in the 1960….1970 era.After the long sweeping Malmedy corner the 2 esses are disapered now and there is a rounabout.Toward the Masta kink until u reach the new circuit its still the same like u can see in the movie grand prix.All in all its good whe can drive that track soon virtual.

  • akrapovic

    Grow up!

  • akrapovic

    Thank you for that!

  • akrapovic

    Still sticking with iRacing!! Wi’ll buy RF2 though, the old Rfactor is under a big pile of dust on the shelf

  • zezΓ£o

    for this graphics ?

    any PII with onboard vga can handle πŸ˜€

  • GTEvo

    Nobody critizm iRacing Materials, Physics, Modeling..
    Nobody critizm iRacing as a Simracing Genre..

    Only there Rent-a Game-Concept is what we critizm.
    Its just “PredatorCapitalism”..its the “customunfriendliest”, unseriosts CommercialPhilosophie worldwide.
    iRacing isnt a Game, not a Product..its just RacingGame Leasing!

    Thats the iRacing Bashing Goal..nothing else.

    Feelfree to decide wich Platform colours your virtuell, your “SecondLife”


  • racedriver

    Track detail is good.

  • Nanny

    This Spa version is so bored. Anyway the details are amazing and the track looks so real.

  • Blacker

    Mate it’s a video on YouTube. A vid as long as that has to be lower resolution than, say, 1080p.

  • Blacker

    Your buggy looks a bit loose, throw a round of wedge in there mate!

    Looks amazing, keep up the great work ISC.

  • RobinM

    Thanks! Amazing video πŸ˜€

  • Riches

    WOW what a great video!!!
    Amazing quality, looks like it has been shot yesterday!
    Instead of 40 years ago!

  • retiisi

    That was a great video, can’t wait totry out rF2. Altough one thing is worrying me, since I also like iRacing do I have to choose my side now? It seems to be impossible to like more than one sim at the time and I already like secretly GTR2 and even NFS Shift so what should I do?

  • 9223372036854775807

    Criticism just for you  πŸ˜‰

  • 9223372036854775807

    Wouldn’t it be nice if rfactor released a new version every 3 month instead of every 7 years?
    Is ISI living in the past?

  • marb

    Clicking ‘Like’ to your own posts…… sooo poor

  • GTEvo

    ahhh ja ^^

  • akrapovic

    yup! Oranje boven

  • GTEvo

    you have to set off All Aids^^ then this Spaversion(Layout) produce enormous Adrenalin.
     You have to choose a Top SimMod like F1 1979, HistorixMod..especially in a Cobra^^, then tell us again.. “This Spa Version is so bored”^^

  • _Sy

    Your just an rfactor fanboi GTEvo

    Graphics look shite for current gen, they make a fortune selling this crap just so modders can make it the game it should of been. Pathetic.

  • Zsolt

    Its awesome. Lot more detailed than the gpl conversions. Apart from the sound I only missed the people. People would make it feel a lot more alive. In the Grand Prix movie you saw a lot of people trackside in dangerous locations too.

    My biggest dream is the complete original Nürburgring. Seeing this I think its doable with this detail. Its only twice as long as this, and since more of  the track is forest it would require less work/km.

  • stabiz

    There is no reason a video that long cant be 1080p. That said, I think it looks pretty good.

  • Scott Juliano

    Crowds hadn’t been added to the track yet when the video was made–that’s my task for tomorrow πŸ™‚

  • Flaux

    Hey guys, why is it important to do so?  :-[

  • racedriver

    I do not understand why people are saying it looks amazing ??? gfx are disappointing.

  • kamikaze

    Is not about pure look of graphic, is how to graphic react to make you feel natural in driving nearest as possible.

  • Carbonfibre

    If each version continues to have 7 years longevity that’s an incredible triumph! Very few games can reach that level of valve. They end up with empty multilayer servers or worse, get completely pulled by the companies no longer supporting the game.

  • Carbonfibre

    If each version continues to have 7 years longevity that’s an incredible triumph! Very few games can reach that level of valve. They end up with empty multiplayer servers or worse, get completely pulled by the companies no longer supporting the game.

  • Firefox

    No Genious!
    There are more games that rely on modders such as the Unreal Tournament series, Battlefield series and Half Life series.
    Why is it bad?

  • Gerrit

    Yeah,such a shame a WORK IN PROGRESS version doesnt look like how a finished track should look like ey…..

  • Team DTO

    Looks promising, but I still see pop-ups.

  • Doby

    This is my last post at vR. What a negative bunch of followers this blog has attracted the last months, bah.

  • GTEvo

    Indeed..thats really the onliest “Error” i could see

  • _Sy

    All the games that you mentioned outsold rFactor ten fold.

    For a game that is in all fairness aimed at a small market in comparison, the features should be much richer, and with such a time gap between RF1 and RF2 – there should be an astronimcal difference between the two. There is nothing in RF2, that i’ve seen to date, that pushes any boundaries or takes sim racing to the next level.

    The mods for those games you mentioned are far outweighed by the numbers of players on the standard versions of the games. Whereas i highly doubt you will find one server that runs any version of rFactor as standard.

  • Turkey :D

    One thing I’d really like to see is cars and debris able to fly off the track during crashes. No invisible walls like in other sims…


    The graphics are amasing the only thing letting them down is the video quality!!!. And its already been stated theres some drawing issues, but thats because it’s unfinished, not anything to do with graphics quality.


    You’re a tool.

  • CrippleHorse

    Thanks for the reply, I kind of got that since it happens for most of the video, it’s just that on that particular corner I thought the bumps also played a part. Nice driving anyway, it helps appreciating the preview a lot.


    What game realeses a new version every 3 months?. Since you are so clever you should start a buisness and take them that is what your game will look like but your’s would be much much much much more retarded.

  • Howie47

    It’s a beautiful job so far. You must of used footage from the “Grand Prix” movie. It’s so accurate. To bad you can’t do all the tracks of that season, and cars! GPL for the 21 century, the start of a whole new Sim Racing Odyssey!

  • 9223372036854775807

    jackasshole, Welcome to the internet, your gateway to adventure!

    you are very close to finding the right answer it is a game with cars in it.. keep digging πŸ˜‰

  • 9223372036854775807

    Would be very nice indeed, to have all of those!

  • Zsolt

    Cool. πŸ™‚


    There is no racing game has a new version every 3 months you ding dong. You’re a dork man just shush.


    There is no racing sim that has a new version every 3 months. you sound like a bit of a ding dong im an iracing fan boy look at me, what a tosser you are.

  • papa

    Everything started from the moment this place started to cover console game

  • jonneymendoza

    i can show u a 320p video of gt5, f1 2010, nfs shift that looks ALOT BETTER.

  • akrapovic

    Whats up with the iRacing Fanboy shit again, so cheap

  • Johnsc

    I hope that more people pay for Rfactor 2 than Rfactor I. There are lots of “hardcore rfactor lovers” that never pay the license wich, for me, it’s ridiculous low compared with what you get…

  • marius

    yeah dude stop with the cheap shots at iracing.

  • f1racing

    nope…it started from when comments are enabled for all…when you needed to be registered here to post comments it was waaaaaay better and you could find usefull informations inside comments. Now, you can’t find it even if it is there because it is hided between sh***y posts like “this is better than that” “this is crap” etc etc…I hope that comments will be disabled again for readers who are not registered….

  • Renagade

    lol are u serious … you can’t compare a pc sim to a console wanna be sim … those game are made to look good and drive like shit ( not gt5 because i love this game ), console game will always have good graphic because its what casual gamer want … stunning graphic with easy to mid-range difficulty physic

  • Tensor

    well. if rfactor2 would follow the rules of the market, it would fail big time. be true, these graphics are just BAD for 2010.
    but well…rF2 doesn’t follow the rules, because it’s a niche game and people would even buy this shit if it would be exactly rF1 again, because the alternatives are not really given. that’s also the reason why some people here call this video great and promissing. desperation incoming.
    let some people discuss this video who are not into sim racing. normal gamers. they LAUGH at this video. i know it, because i showed it to some of them.

    and stop that “oh, it’s WIP!!!!!!!!!!!11111111”. if they give us shitty screenshots, with shitty graphic settings and shitty videos with shitty quality, we can only judge this shit.

  • Tensor

    well. if rfactor2 would follow the rules of the market, it would fail big time. be true, these graphics are just BAD for 2010.  
    but well…rF2 doesn’t follow the rules, because it’s a niche game and people would even buy this shit if it would be exactly rF1 again, because the alternatives are not really given. that’s also the reason why some people here call this video great and promissing. desperation incoming.  
    let some people discuss this video who are not into sim racing. normal gamers. they LAUGH at this video. i know it because i showed it to some of them.  
    and stop that “oh, it’s WIP!!!!!!!!!!!11111111”. if they give us shitty screenshots with shitty graphic settings and shitty videos with shitty quality, we can only judge… shit.

  • Renagade

    i hate those comment because you dont understand the meaning of pay to play … when modder will be tired of working for free they will make you pay for they product … and what you will get … mod will a lot more quality because they have the funds to make they mods. A lot of mod in Rfactor are really great with a really good quality, but imagine if they have the funds to get they mods even better will you be happy to pay to help those people who work hard to give you those. 

  • migf1

    Well, it is called a “racing simulator” for a reason! If the devs wanted to address arcade racers, they would have sticked with EA, I guess.

  • Raikku

    Graphics looks just fine, of course there’s always some idiots who thinks that some CM-shit is something marvellous and desirable.

    iR is now the sim which have best graphics of them all, they’re not fancy or flashy in any means, but they look realistic. And that is only thing what matters.

    And my opionion is the right one. 

  • kuato

    You don’t get it, kid.

  • f1racing

    well, of course it is shitty for someone who look only at graphics…but hey, It is all about playing, having fun etc…who cares how it looks???

  • f1racing

    and why your opinion would be the right one??? Than I can say that rFactor is the best, or that WRC2010 is the best or I don’t know what game and that it is right opinion and all others are mistaken…comeon we are all free to choose what will we like and what not…

  • Riches

    rFactor has never been about the ISI content.
    We make the best (and worst) content ourselfs!!!

  • briansbrian

    people like jackie stewart killed race tracks like this and that’s why we now have tilkedromes.

    curse the face of jackie stewart.

  • Nedo

    LOL Tensor, why discuss rF2 with non-sim racers? there is enough for them
    on the market, lots of arcade racers, plenty of fun. I knew what you mean,
    because i like arcade racers too, but when i fire up rFactor, all this non-into-sim-racers
    dont even survive the first corner, and not talking about the i cant see s**** wheres teh
    outside view?!?? thats really funny hehe

  • Nedo

    i think this will change dramaticaly with new rF2, people “tested” rF1 for years now and almost all of them 
    loved it and become sim-racers, the people who i know who didnt payed rF1 cant wait to pay
    for rF2. I know alot people who tested iRacing, they like it (like me), but its to expensive for someone
    who just like to race weekends, and thats where rFactor fits pefectly,

  • Zullu07

    If you have been spoon feed years now with gfx from the pc sim racing games and it’s mods then it’s natural to see the above video as something “amazing”….on the other hand you have a game(GT5 – regardless if it’s sim or not) that came from a 5 years old (PS3) hardware and looks ahead anything we have seen in both pc’s or consoles (including the above rF2 video) …Now. if GT5 looks so amazing in such an old hardware can someone imagine the HUGE leap and the state of the art gfx we are gonna see in couple years from now (according to rumors by the end of 2012) with the arrival of the new and powerful consoles?


    Tell that to montoya,i m sure he’ ll be thrilled to see a 80% decrease in the traffic/hits of his site


  • Juise

    that was sarcasm… you can see it miles away. Dry humour works best with no smilies πŸ˜‰

  • bob

    Looks like Sports Car GT and GPL mixed together.

  • kkacper

    I must admit I never payed for rf1 but that’s because I discovered it pretty late (read 2 years ago) and there was in my POV no point of buying but I’m letting my money out for rf2 πŸ™‚

  • Nedo

    its not about old hardware, Eye Candy is very very time consuming, i f you have the man power
    and the amount of $ to spend for alot years like Sony do, work with hundrets people you can create nice worlds. How long they work on GT5?? LOL
    ISI is not Sony, a few people with a limited budget, but thats enough to still blow Sony hehe

  • akrapovic

    A lap of the Old Spa-Francorchamps ;

  • zezΓ£o

    2 days without news… boring πŸ™

  • Mike Oppenheimer

    You sir are a moron.

  • Sn0w

    what a stupid comment really, so many great drivers have lost their lives in the old days, have some respect for the man that tried to stop the fatalities.

  • Wingho Concordia

    Blow Sony/PD in what? sales? lol

    if you mean in sim department anyone that have played the TT demo can tell you that it’s very close to the feeling you get from netKar pro/GPL..maybe not in the same league as rf2/iracing but good enough if not the best for consoles standard’s…..We’re talking for a whole different market though.

    ah and btw ISI’s working on rf2 for the same # of years if i m not wrong,sure it’s a very small group of ppl with very low budget but neither PD has a big team,140 is a small # for today’s standards.


    I havent got anything against iracing so you can settle down, I was just stating the truth.


    ok then, im a fan boy of so and so sim look at me.  but i dont have anything against iracing it just seemed like he was hinting towards it.

  • Ali Alami

    Really and who has made rfactor, you I guess >:o

  • Ali Alami

    Really and who has made rfactor, you I guess <img src=”extra/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-yell.gif” title=”Yell” border=”0″ alt=”Yell”/>

  • Ali Alami

    Really and who has made rfactor, you I guess >:o


    Yeah i should of said im a fanboy of so and so , dont wanna give the iracer’s anything to cry about.

  • f1racing

    damn….he is talking about mods…and he didn’t mean he himself, but WE, THE COMMUNITY!! ISI make rFactor which is modding friendly simulator and WE, THE COMMUNITY make free mods for it. Some of that mods are really peace of art, some are very bad, but they are all for free and made in modders free time…and that is the main advantage of rFactor in my oppinion

  • f1racing

    same with me. I heard for rFactor some 2 years ago too…and even than there was talking about rFactor2 (rumours) so I thought that it is better to wait for rF2 and than pay for it rather than pay rF1 and than again rF2…I just can’t afford it, and I already started to save some money for the day when rF2 is released….

  • Yor name

    Too many numbers to write them, rFactor was born in v1020, then updatd to v1040, than to v1070, then to v1150, than to v1250,
    Finally v1255 was relased at the end of the devolpment.

    6 versions in say 3 years, it means a new version every 6 month

    So, you was speaking of rFactor?

  • PvtStash

    Not having a go at anyone but the comments about graphics are funny. If you have time to notice that tree a isn’t shiny enough you are not driving fast enough… πŸ˜›

  • Kiro

    ThankYou for the continuous updates ISI.
    Really appreciate it.
    Admittedly rF1 looks way better on my screen than any rF2 previews so far, except for what you are trying to point out in each preview.
    I get it.
    I’m sure when you release some finished product previews with proper graphics enabled, ppl will stop the stupid comments.

  • Ali Alami

    After this preview, I’m really considering buying rfactor2. But please ISI improve that AI because not all people can race online. rfactor1 AI is really UGLY and most of the times ruin my races *DONT_KNOW*

  • Pau

    A complete lap of Spa from 1962, a very interesting video I might add.

  • Pau

    A complete onboard lap of 1962 Spa, a very interesting video I might add.

  • Tekk

    Leave your wife/girlfriend and your job ;D

  • svizzy

    actually we now have all these tilke tracks because the traditional f1 venues don’t wanna pay bernie a shitload of money every year just to make a big loss. btw turkey and sepang are really nice circuits.

  • akrapovic

    Thnx! I didnt see it lol πŸ™‚

  • akrapovic

    Thnx for the vid Pau!

  • akrapovic
  • Fudge factor

    Y – not only does the AI spoil racing it works against creating a good atmosphere too.  Odd and wayward AI behaviour kills immersion.  It also seriously undermines the pure fun aspect because they are generally so wayward and thus irritating.

    My biggest gripes on AI:

    1) Continually being rear-ended… much so that my corner entry can never be what I want it to be when I am being followed by lead-foot Larry in his AI turbo.

    2) IF I am going slowly (even way-off the racing line) the AI will come charging along and inexplicably brake very hard before reluctantly nudging past me and accelerating away.  Clearly the AI are being rightly circumspect in coming up to a crashed/recovering car but they way over-react and end-up being plain stupid and dangerous.

    3) AI cars whizz past the pits lap after lap even when their car is falling to pieces.  F1 cars drive without entire front noses and rear wings….yet on they go, lap after lap. 

    4)  Pull alongside on a straight and you just know the AI will follow the racing line even if it means crossing onto your side of the track and bashing you off into the grass/barrier.  It’s an offence and happens most every time.  

    5) AI starts are way too good by comparison – almost without fail in fast series the pack is 60m ahead within a few seconds. Online my starts are fine….pretty good even.  Offline I have no chance.  Something’s not right.

    6) AI failures don’t seem convincing.  they rarely ever limp around trying to recover to pits. Rarely any smoke, fire, whatever.  More atmosphere and variety needed.

    7) The talent file system doesn’t seem to work.  IF it works at all it’s poorly implemented and results are very uneven. 

    8) AIWs/Racing line generation seems a black-art……very often it’s the most poorly developed part of add-on tracks.  There needs to be a much better tool available for the job. [Dunno what impact the dynamic racing line will have for track dev either]

    AI is a real downer for me in rF.  I like driving offline (the net) but the AI really detracts from the experience.  Having said all that, I appreciate that it is probably very difficult to do well and doubtless sucks up precious resources.  (iRacing doesn’t have any AI and yet Papy’s was always pretty good.)   I also appreciate the AI’s ability to drive any machine and any circuit is a massive boon and works really well, so far as it goes. It’s a real success so far as that goes, only it needs better results to bring it up to par with the rest of the deal.

    It would be great if somewhere through the development cycle (say the next 2 years) we could have an update that attempted to really improve the AI (if it can’t be done in time for initial release)

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