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rFactor 2 – Snetterton 300 0.71 Released

Lasercutter has released the Snetterton 300 track for rFactor 2, adding a new track to ISI’s recently-released open beta simulation.

Lasercutter has released the Snetterton 300 track for rFactor 2, adding a new track to ISI’s recently-released open beta simulation.

Originally created for rFactor, lasercutter has ported the track to the new simulation and revamped it to suit the more powerful engine. You can check out a lap on the track in the video below.

Located in Norfold, England, the Snetterton Motor Racing Circuit started its life as a base for the Royal Air Force. After the airfield closed in 1948, the site became a frequent proving ground for the Lotus Formula One team and other racing teams. Snetterton’s 300 configuration is the longest race track in Brtiain, being 4.7 kilometers in length and offering 13 challenging turns.

[boxdownload]Download Snetterton 300 0.71 for rFactor 2 Here[/boxdownload]
  • jono

    And they say Rf2 looks crap?

    • rui silva

      Trolls always do, and always will unfortunatly.

      • Jeffrey Camilleri

        In menu this track does not have the inside image. ? is this normal

  • hoover

    Looks great, looking forward to racing the historics there! 


  • Theroro29

    Great job Lasercutter as always!!
    (Thruxton track for Rfactor 1 is already outstanding)

    Modders do better job than official ISI company employees..
    ISI graphic engine is already outdated compared to CARS, Asseto corsa…
    Direct X11 brings more realistic shadows.

    • Louis Wedding

      But they aren’t sims…

      • Theroro29

        Asseto corsa not a sim? Lol! ( have you already tested net kar pro?) . Cars is becoming better and better each day.

      • Jukka Karppinen


    • Ricoo

      Shadows are not that great in Project CARS, so if it’s the only advantage of DX11…

      DX11 sucks.

      DX9 for ever.


      A proud owner of a GTX275 that hate DX11 crook business.

  • Anonymous

    This track looks good

  • Dan Abbitt

    Am I being an idiot? I’ve put the rfcmp file into the Packages folder in My Docs but the Mod Manager isn’t seeing it.

    I’m guessing I’ve missed something?

    • Chris Stone

       Dan, you have to un-check “Show Mods Only” in the Options Menu

      • Dan Abbitt

        Thanks 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Thank You Lasercutter!
    Great addition to rF2.

  • Marcos Sanz

    track looks great, car looks like rfactor0.5

  • Stuart Phillips

    Norfold?, Royal Air Force? get the facts right Rob!, please change your link from the download and replace it with our sites topic url for this release, also suggest you post that the read me too, over 1000 downloads, and 1 beer, tight arse gits!

  • Another track (W.I.P) will be soon avaible :

  • Another track (W.I.P) will be soon avaible :

  • Nikita Mil

    Hi everyone. i have problem with installing. When I have installed the track, it doesn’t show up on track choose, how can I change it? thanks

    • Anonymous

       Have you tried choosing All Tracks and Cars from the mod selection screen ?

      If that doesnt work there is an alternative one downloadable from somewhere – maybe

  • Jeffrey Camilleri

    In menu the track layout is not visible? any comments

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