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rFactor 2 – Norschleife 0.97N Released

pleclair has released a new version of his constantly-improving Nürburgring Nordschleife for rFactor 2.

pleclair has released a new version of his constantly-improving Nürburgring Nordschleife for rFactor 2.

Based on Com8’s version for rFactor 2, pleclair has been improving the track steadily during the past few months, allowing everyone to expeirence the latest progress with regular releases of new versions.

Below is the newest release and a video of the current status for everyone to enjoy!

[boxdownload]Download Nürburgring Nordschleife 0.97N Here[/boxdownload]
  • Harry Tulloch

    theres my night sorted 🙂

    • Miroslav Davidovic

      BT20 + sunset = simgasm 😉


    I can only congratulate the determined and educated work pleclair has done on this!

  • rob

    By far, my favorite track.
    Both are nice, but I prefer new one for X-Motor Racing at night races.

  • Gulyás Tamás

    good one …

    • Gulyás Tamás

      vote down me ? WHY ?

      • Anonymous

        For being positive… probably.. 🙂

  • horrace

    I luve this track and this version is just plain beautiful, I am no good at it but I just love trying to get better, and watching others videos helps out alot. I am glad that this is my hobby and my community!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for your efforts.

  • Gulyás Tamás

    780 MB :DDDD

    • Dani .

      This is very very very bad, don’t know if is rfactor or the modder but it’s a joke. For my eye it’s a 80mb track.

      • Realkman666

        No, it’s not.

      • Dani .

        It is, size in Mb it’s a very important thing in terms of development 780mb track it’s too much, even for the nords. Optimice.

      • Realkman666

        I meant that it doesn’t look like an 80 mb track. But of course, it could be optimized.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe wait until it’s actually finished before complaining about optimisation?

      • noneofyourbusiness

        For a track this big and rather detailed, you’d tend to think, it’s ok. Content seems to have increased in size indeed, so did games since 2005.

        Thanks, by the way

      • Andrew McP

        This morning I watched ‘Indy Game: The Movie’, and while the projects covered in that are not sim related, I think there are plenty of lessons in that documentary for us in the sim racing community.

        Especially those of us benefiting from the unpaid work of fellow enthusiasts. I highly recommend the movie. I also recommend a little respect for folk who are guilty of nothing except trying to make us happy.

      • Dani .

        Why you think i am complaining about the modder? of course not. I am only pointing a 780Mb track is too much, but maybe yes i don’t know. The textures are dthe problem i supose, but i don’t know if the modder selects high res non compressed textures, or if the game doesn’t support compression, or he uses tons of textures. I don’t know. but 780 MB is a problem. Look at a game like Skyrim, it has tons of geometry detail, and aceptable high resolution textures, the world it’s like 100 nurburg big, with dialogs, sounds, engine, and all of that it’s only 4gb. In RF terms will be a 100GB game…

      • Anonymous

        Indy Game: The Movie 🙂

      • Miguel Azera

        I don’t see what the big deal is?! Take a track like Silverstone is 430MB and its around 6Km, the Nord is around 22Km its actually small if you compere the size of the track =)

        Almost forgot… great work pleclair!! my fave track in rFactor!!

      • Dani .

        Look at targa florio its like 3 nurbugrings long, and much more details on it, like houses, signs etc..190Mb. Again i don’t know how much rf2 tracks are in terms of size but if nords is 780mb and silverstone 480mb there’s a problem in the engine, it can’t be that big too much resources consumed for not an equal quality. Only 1gb to the track, and it doesn’t look like that. Sorry if you people don’t think in this, or thinking it’s not a problem. I am only saying my honest oppinion, it’s too much for a track. High res texture pack for Crysis 2 is 1.7GB, maybe it has 500% more textures and they are shown in much better quality, is really much superior to anything I have seen in RF2, they aren’t even comparable. 3 Nurburgrings in size…
        ISI has to work on some texture method to reduce sizes and resources. Just my point.

      • Miguel Azera

        I see what you mean Dani. With our modern PCs and fast internet connection in this case “size really doesn’t matter” =] it took me 2 minutes to download this and my connection was running at half the speed. It does seem that rf2 is less optimized compered to other modern sims and it does look the worse out of all of them but ISI is doing things that the other sims are not like day/night cycles and adaptive road surface and the modding ability, don’t know if that has an impact on the size of the tracks compered to other titles that don’t contain these features.

    • Harry Tulloch

      its a massive track what do you expect

  • Roger Wallentin

    Great! Really love this track and version! I’m driving the GT3 cars on it and its amazing!

  • Sigmatc

    Thank you for your work and dedication.

  • fab bonnyf

    hello , poor quality graphics and amazing texture for games in 2014 I do not understand the graphics on rFactor 2

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