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rFactor 2 – New Renault HDR Previews

rFactor 2 – New Renault HDR Previews

Following the batch of HDR previews that have been released in the past 48hrs, Image Space Incorporated has revealed three new previews of their rFactor 2 simulation on

The three new previews show off two different Renault race cars as we get to check out the nimble Clio Cup car and the Megane Trophy car in action, the new HDR post-processing effects are active in these previews as well.

rFactor 2 will introduce various improvements to the modding-friendly simulation including weather, driver animations and a refined graphics engine alongside plenty of current and historic motor racing content. In a recent blog, ISI’s Tim Wheatley hinted at an upcoming public beta phase for the title.

Update: ISI has released another preview, showing the World Series by Renault open wheeler at Mills with HDR on.

Via Racedpartment