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rFactor 2 – New Renault HDR Previews

rFactor 2 – New Renault HDR Previews

Following the batch of HDR previews that have been released in the past 48hrs, Image Space Incorporated has revealed three new previews of their rFactor 2 simulation on

The three new previews show off two different Renault race cars as we get to check out the nimble Clio Cup car and the Megane Trophy car in action, the new HDR post-processing effects are active in these previews as well.

rFactor 2 will introduce various improvements to the modding-friendly simulation including weather, driver animations and a refined graphics engine alongside plenty of current and historic motor racing content. In aΒ recent blog, ISI’s Tim Wheatley hinted at an upcoming public beta phase for the title.

Update: ISI has released another preview, showing the World Series by Renault open wheeler at Mills with HDR on.

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  • ZombieJim

    Simply cannot understand the naysayers on this. The game looks gorgeous. That middle screenshot of malaysia just looks too good, if I anticipated this game any more I’d do myself an injury. Take my money, ISI!

  • shum94

    Ok screen one is awful. Why showing such a difference between screen 1 and 2&3 ?

    Should i send my ATI 5870 to whoever took screen one.

  • Markus Ott

    It looks gorgeous?
    It’s 2011. It’s looking BAAAAAAAAAAAAD.

  • Mike Coleman

    I can’t understand it either ZombieJim. What the heck is wrong with everyone. I would buy rF2 if they didn’t update the graphics at all…. Because I know what’s under the hood. It’s going to be the most complete racing sim ever… with emphasis on SIM. I value gameplay and physics over graphics any day. If all these whinners aren’t happy with the graphics, then it’s their loss. They can go play their console ports like Shift2 and Dirt3 – which are all eyecandy. This game is going to break barriers. It’s going to change the very definition of what call “sim”.

  • Christophe Blondel


    Will you complain each time VirtualR will post a news about Rfactor 2?

    Go play F1 2011 and the problem will be resolve for you…
    Come on!! Is it so hard to appreciate all the work made by ISI? Those screens are shared to us to see the work in progress on a specific subject. And the subject this time is : HDR. Now they didn’t say the screen had been take in full HD with all setting @ maximum!!

    Personally, I am convince we will have a great product at the end.

    So just be patient, and wait the final product before…

  • EmptyBox

    Looks terrible. The last one is the only one that actually looks decent, and it’s a rather small change over the regular previews we have seen. HDR doesn’t mean “Make half the picture black”, ISI. Lacks detail, textures are not up a acceptable standard. Sure it may be on lower settings, but you probably shouldn’t be showing previews taken off of a circa 2006 Laptop.

    Then again, ISI has always sucked graphically. All they are really good for is giving a solid platform to make something better of, which is the difficult part.

    But ISI, please fix your car models. Those normals look completely messed up, just like the rF F3 car – still to this day.

  • Nicolas Grignon

    yep… it looks like an amateur job when you compare it to new graphic engines out there: F4, GT 5, Shift2… come on, do they have somone who can actually code a real lighting correctly??? it’s a bit pathetic unortunately: they could give physics lessons to all the others but they can’t get a nice real life look in 2011-12… too bad…

  • F1Racer

    Definately going to have to see this in motion to make a judgement call.  I’m not sold on the screenshots personally.  The scenery is fine but the cars don’t seem to be quite on the money yet.  They either look to bright or blown out or too dark and shadowed.

    I dunno, can’t quite put my finger on it.   A video might help show it off better and I suspect we will get one of those when ISI are ready to show one.
    I know they won’t let us down though so even though these shots don’t ‘wow’ me, I’m not in the least pessimistic about rF2.   It will herald a new dawn πŸ™‚

  • frigopie

    a decent shader for car paint is needed… the efect is called FRESNEL!! it is what GT5 uses, and it is very easy to make…

  • Nicolas Grignon

    gosh it’s why we call fanboys the blind people… 😎   yes, physics is amazing and the game will be really good… but to call these screenshot “Gorgeous” is really to have big horse’s blinder! go look here:

    this is what I call GORGEOUS (and i’m not even a fan of Fora…)

  • Mike Coleman

    OMG if one more person mentions GT5 or Forza3 or Shift2 I’m going to scream. You all remind me of the people on youtube saying GT5 is the most realistic simulator ever because it looks so real.

    I have news for you all: none of the games I just mentioned are even close to being a sim. They are nothing more than console ports with nothing under the hood that even resembles car physics.

    The greatest sims of all time were PC only. If it’s on a console, it’s not sim. Period.

    I just can’t believe everyone cares so much about eyecandy over gameply and physics.

  • Nicolas Grignon

    Ok, compare it to what we can expect in 2011: 

    Please ISI, if Take10 recognized that GT5 was looking SO MUCH better and they worked so hard on their weak point, you should be able to do the same… it’s 2011, not 2001!

  • Nicolas Grignon

    GRAPHIC WISE, yes ISI is FAR BEHIND… REALISM is also a question of rendering the visuals as close a s the real things!  Ok, compare it to what we can expect in 2011:   
    Please ISI, if Take10 recognized that GT5 was looking SO MUCH better and they worked so hard on their weak point, you should be able to do the same… it’s 2011, not 2001!(agressif, raciste, diffamatoire, publicitaire, grossier, hors sujet…) sera supprimé

  • Nicolas Grignon

    GRAPHIC WISE, yes ISI is FAR BEHIND… REALISM is also a question of rendering the visuals as close a s the real things!  Ok, compare it to what we can expect in 2011:     
    Please ISI, if Take10 recognized that GT5 was looking SO MUCH better and they worked so hard on their weak point, you should be able to do the same… it’s 2011, not 2001!

  • Nicolas Grignon

    GRAPHIC WISE, yes ISI is FAR BEHIND… REALISM is also a question of rendering the visuals as close a s the real things!  Ok, compare it to what we can expect in 2011:       
    Please ISI, if 10turn recognized that GT5 was looking SO MUCH better and they worked so hard on their weak point, you should be able to do the same… it’s 2011, not 2001!

  • EmptyBox

    iRacing’s graphics destroy everything we’ve seen from rF2. netKar Pro much the same. To my eyes, neither looks spectacularly spectacular, but in game look quite natural. It looks right. No yellow haze over everything, no glowing skies, no black areas that shouldn’t be black, textures that have texture. Shadows that are shadows, not black voids of blackness.

    It isn’t about matching GT5, it’s about looking natural.

    These screen shots look like GTL. Over contrasted with a slight yellow hue to everything. Though even then, Simbin’s textures there were superior to what we’ve seen from rF2.

  • ZombieJim

    You can acuse me of blindness until you’re hoarse; within the context of what I expected, this game looks gorgeous and I will not withdraw that. I would put it to you that you are in fact the one being blinded by PR. If you look deeper into the Forza screenshots taken in-game (as opposed to their showroom mode thing) you can see dirty textures, bad FX, poor track modelling by comparison and lighting effects not dissimilar to the ones displayed here in rFactor 2. It should also be pointed out that the restrictions of console hardware will put the resolution at less than half of what rFactor 2 will be capable of. Beyond that, Forza will probably have better reflections and higher poly cars, but as we know, in terms of realistic physics there will be no competition. ISI can be acused of having a worse PR department perhaps, but for us who were looking for realism over accessibility, as well as some new eye candy, rFactor is clearly the more complete package. Some people are looking for something different, and I don’t berate them for that in the slightest. It’s very easy to call someone a fanboy, but I can promise you that I did actually look before I formed my opinion.

  • GeraArg

    Anyone remember how looks the rFactor when was released?
    Now that OLD engine looks like this:

    It’s matter of time to the community make their job…
    The most important is the potential of the engine, no how looks now, and also, is a WIP!!!! game…

  • noro

    Simbin textures were superior back in the 90’s indeed ;),

  • noro

    I’m an rF fanboy! πŸ˜€ …no point in arguing, rF fanboys will always have different preferences than GT n Forza fanboys πŸ˜‰ for me, playing the good ol’ rf with srpl shaders and other good quality mods is more satisfying than playing my nephew’s GT,Forza or Shift.
    *i wish i’m still alive and healthy when rF2 will finally released * πŸ˜›

  • David C

    You don’t get It. Listen to the sim community experts. The realism come at the cost of inferior visuals.
    A “real” and immersive sim focus on physics, accuracy, controls and sound, not graphics (despite the sight being our most well developped sense : yes that’s sarcasm)

    The new HDR shoots certainly doesn’t look like “these arcady games” photomode shoots but they look good! I’m wondering with some of the greatest mods how it could end?

  • Vapaaneuvos Johannes Rojola

    I don’t care the post process effects, but I care that there is something under the hood. And while in last few days I’ve seen wonders done with a rF1 physics engine, I know rF2 will be total killer. And still those who appreciate disney visuals, will be getting just enough of that from rF2 with a help of modders.

    Seriously only game to wait for in this world. 

  • David C

    I must add this (edited) video of rfator 1 which looks amazing : 


    Now imagine the same mods, updated and put together in Rfactor 2 … There is hope πŸ™‚

  • Gniewko Ostrowski

    2nd and 3rd shots look gr8, the first one does not convince me.

  • Jim Slimjim Cassi

    just 1 question.. why are GT and Forza fanboys even here.. go back to your couch..
    myself was hoping it would have looked a bit better… maybe it’s the time of day they are using.
    everything does seem a bit on the dark side… but i will just have to wait and see what it looks like on my pc..

  • Jux

    hope so

  • BSR-WiX

    I am 100% rF2 exited. 
    I am 200% ISI fan
    I will imediatly purshase rF2 the minute its released. ( Twice , for 2 pC´s )
    I am 300% sure they will deliver a new long term modding platform.

    But there is one thing i cant grasp…   Why do people keep saying this looks good ??
    I can name about 10 rF1 mods that look two times better. 

    I  dont care about the original content being eyecandy or not, It will be a killer platform for sure, even without looking like a 2012 game. 
    But please people … everytime i read how awesome this looks, it make me think of the old ” Emporers new clothes ” fairytale. 

    Start flaming….. 

  • Steve Farrell

    Dont be such an ass. Just because other people play Forza or Gran Turismo doesnt ment that they dont have a right to play PC sims. I play Gran Turismo and Forza as well as PC sims.

  • Norbi Wo

    it’s not about “mods-cars” but about enviroment grpahics

  • BSR-WiX

    ok , fair enough, but instead of saying ” Great ” or ” Awesome ” , explain to me what we have seen in the released (small) previews that is so great , and we havent seen before ? 
    Its easy to say wow, but i hardly ever see someone say what exactly they see that is so great?
    I for one cant see it.  Read my post carefully… i dont mind what i see. It just puzzles me how people seem to be compulsive about doing the yesy/No rourine. I like to discuss things. I love constructive reading material. But the last few months you hardly see a constructive discussion on any forum or blog.  I so enjoy it when people have a detailed opinion about a product. It helps you understand what people like and want. A shame most of us are limited to a one word brainless comment.  Common guys … lets discuss what we see, not what we want to see. It can only help the product.

  • BSR-WiX

    These are uneddited rF1 screenshots. Done a year ago. They run at 250 Fps in Full HD – 24 cars on track.  Using a I7 + GTX570. 

    That is what i would have expected from a rF2 2011 screenshot.  Nothing more.

    Call me crazy…

  • Lennart

    If we compare the stock rFactor1 content with lets say the content from Game Stock Car, it’s a huge difference in quality overall: 3D-model, textures, shaders, physics, FFB.
    I expect the same to happen with rF2.
    The stock content in rF2 is there to show all posibilities, ranging from historic to modern cars/tracks, race-types, etc.
    I’m sure the stock content in rF2 will be more than ‘good enough’ to please us in the first few months while there are no mods (other than bad rF1-conversions).

  • Gary S.

    Where are the flat spots, rain, HDR, tire deformation..?  They look like great models, they will look better in RF2, and with the addition of all those other things πŸ˜‰

  • noro


  • Hybrid

    rF1 stock content looked crap also. They make a base for the modders with this and they can push the limit. I believe its never ISI intention to make the perfect looking game. More the perfect driving/modding game. I also look at those screens as a modder and not a racer if i am honest.
    I see alot of things i can do as modder. And that makesme excited. πŸ™‚

  • noro

    guys please remember this is just a game… a very good one though πŸ˜€

  • Pashalis Gergis Im really excited with those ones! Good job ISI πŸ˜‰

  • frigopie

    last one looks nice

  • Juan Pablo Hernandez

    First of all sorry for my English, I use a translator.
    I think the graphic rfactor bypasses the HDR but passing through the lighting is not as real as the GT5 or Forza, I believe that improving the lighting rfactor graphic engine and bring more to a style would give GT5 a little more realism. I do not know anything about 3D design and game development but it is my humble opinon. Greetings!

  • Justin ForzaBarΓ§a D’Cruze

    Too much contrast on these shots and oversaturated imo, but it doesnt look like a difficult fix to me. I can see definite improvement in the lighting over rF1 but the colours still look cartoony…..needs to align itself closer to iracing in that regard.
    I dont quite get the comparisons to Forza or GT or Shift because….well from the WIP shots that we’ve seen over the years it was quite clear the graphics were going to improve on rF1 rather than dramatically overhaul it.
    RF2 is competing not with those bling titles but with iracing, nkp, lfs, etc…..and lets face it, none of those titles are graphically on par with latest games eithier.

    Anyways, would be great to see some video showing how the game looks running, and also progress in terms of AI, rain effects, etc. Screenshots can only tell you so much.

  • amdr

    he’s an iRacing member…

  • steve2000xxl

    Everybody who bring GT5/Forza/iRacing into the debate are dreaming. What you want is a perfect rimracing game and with perfect graphics (a mix of the best looking racegames), low price and perfect physics. Set your expectataions lower for rF2, its not the the answer for all our simracing dreams but for me its close enough to be excited. I still play rF1 and I´m still loving it, with the right mod and track.

  • Nicolas Grignon

    So basically, if you want wonderful physics, don’t expect matching graphics? what a very narrominded vision… 

  • Carbonfibre

    So why aren’t those MR2 shaders on stock rF2 content!? That looks incredible.

  • steve2000xxl

    rF2 looks good enough for me but basically your right. You just cant expect the best sim for 30bucks.

    Also, its all WIP, basic content (wait for CTDP etc mods) and the graphics are not set on high, look at the shadows on pic 4.

    I´m sure it will look great in motion if everything will be finished.

  • Nicolas Grignon

    This is what we should want for RF2… but with people satisfied enough with a simple Mod-like enhanced RF2, it will probably never happen… unfortunately.

  • Nicolas Grignon

    VISUALLY SPEAKING  (I mention it for all the GT5/F4 Haters, my point is ONLY about graphics). This is what we should want for RF2 .. but with people satisfied enough with a “simple Mod-like enhanced RF2”, it will probably never happen… unfortunately.

  • steve2000xxl

    You really think if everybody complain, ISI will build graphics like GT5/Forza? Dream on!

    Also the forza screen is not ingame.

    Stop dreaming, thats all. As I was a kid, I played the game Driver and dreamed about a game which combines the open city of driver and the look and the cars of GT2, it happaned about 2 years later with GTA3. What want I say with this? Wait about 2 years and maybe a simracegame combines Forza/GT5/iRacing πŸ˜‰

  • Big Ron

    You are right by saying, that some thing did change over the years modding for rFactor.

    but by saying, addons by Reiza made a complete new game out of rFactor graphic-wise is a dream by you, bit not a fact. The addons changed some vidual details. But it still looks like rFactor, no matter what you try to say.

  • Big Ron

    So, I am with Wix. being happy to play rF2 is good and it is a cool plattform.

    But sayingthe rF2-screens look good is just a lie said by daydreamers. Maybe it looks promising, ok…I would second that. But sorry, “good” is something different.

  • Nicolas Grignon

    Let’s hope C.A.R.S make you eat your words… πŸ˜‰

  • steve2000xxl

    Time will tell. At this point its all wishful thinking.
    I was expecting much from Shift…
    So I´m sceptical about CARS.

  • svizzy

    i think rf2 will not dissapoint me. take the best looking tracks from rf1 over to rf2 add the dynamic shadows, reflections and whatever else +personal hdr-profile and we good to go. i have no doubt that it will look better than gt5 and fm4 + many more cars on track + better physics.(i don’t talk about photomode and replay stuff. i don’t care about such things)

  • F1Racer

    I dont get it really.  From a sim-racers point of view GT5 and Forza 4 shouldn’t even be entering the equation.

    Why aren’t we putting it against iRacing or even NKPro even though both are online oriented.
    Put GT5 and Forza 4 against Shift 2 but not rF2.

  • Ricoo

    This without any doubt looks a lot better than any real sim released today with soft shadows, ambient occlusion and HDR. πŸ˜›

    But any way I won’t buy it for that, but for its physics, FFB, original tracks, cars, moddability, …

  • Flaux

    I don’t think we have to worry about graphics… fresnel shaders might be added later or by the community anyway and with that said,…tell me one missing graphical feature they forgot for a stunning outcome. WHat is missing, technically?

    They go even further and let you optimize it to your own wishes. All in-game! So what else guys? Really what else?

    This will be such a hugh step forward and speaking of technical content a new benchmark in sim-racing. – So, why are so many of you that dissapointed about some small wip-shots?

    Hope I could help some of you to get back on track.  πŸ˜€

  • Carbonfibre

    Tall order, but lets aim to make it look as realistic as it drives.

  • Riches

    If ISI would put so much time & dedication just in their 3D models, like you did, rF2 wil be released somewhere end of 2014.

  • SergeantBoner

    To all who complain, here, have a slice of my boner!

    All I can say is wait untill you see the pictures in motion, I bet both my nuts that this ‘HDR’will be a lot more comprehensible to the naked eye. Photographers make nice photographs, racers make nice motions…

  • Ali Alami

    Much better than the last screenshots.

    I’m pretty convinced πŸ™‚

  • Kosmo

    For those who want super graphics there wil be C.A.R.S. (probably), but you will need powerfull pc to run it. Rfactor2 will look decent but recommended hardware for it is much lower so people with older pc will be able to run it. ISI probably knows what kind of hardware their client base has and their are aiming at that.
    And if you have super powerfull pc you will be able to have more cars on the track. Comparing it to GT5 or FM4 is rather pointlees because in that games you have something like 15 cars on track & damage model is much worse even compared to rfactor1. Thats hardware limitations: great graphics or more cars on the track and more other features.

  • Justin ForzaBarΓ§a D’Cruze

    I dont thing hardware compatibility is a good excuse for dumbing down graphics to be honest.
    As a pc gamer there is a general expectation that you have to keep your hardware up to date given the rapid progress of processing power. I’d say this applies even more to simmers given that we’re willing to spend hundreds on stuff like steering wheels and pedals, seems like a copout not to keep the machine that does all the work up to date.

    Also, if rF1 is anything to go by there is a good chance that the rF2 product life will be a good number of years so its really important that ISI make sure the game doesnt age the way rF1 has and it continues to take advantage of more powerful hardware. Easier said than done though….

  • Norbi Wo

    Looks really good, already looks as good as iRacing which is enough for me. Having in mind that this is gonna be most adavanced sim-racing platform ever created i am more than satisfied with graphics.

  • f1racing

    well you have lots of posibilities.

    You can do super-duper looking game, which will couse even most powerfull PC’s we have at our home to struggle, so that when technology is more evolved you can enjoy in full beauty. Or you can do something which most people nowdays can run without any problem, but than it will be outdated in few years time. Or you can do this second thing, but leave room for improvement so that if you plan to keep your game running for longer period of time (5-6 years lets say) you can easily add new things.

    Also, you have to remember that rFactor1 is now looking much much better than when it was released, thanks to modding community which is very large indeed. The problem with rFactor1 at the beggining was that it was something new and it took time for modders to opt to change from for example F1C to rFactor. It also took time to learn new possibilities ISI made available with rFactor1.

    Now, it is 6 years if I am not mistaken and in that 6 years quite large number of modders mastered this engine, and few even made their game based on it. With all of them now older and more experienced it wont take that long for rFactor2 to get great stuff.

    As I don’t have very powerfull PC because of not having very much money to spare (not really wierd if you live in Croatia) I am quite happy that they opted to make it possible to run rFactor2 on weaker systems too. I have funds to upgrade 1 or max 2 components each year. This year for example I upgraded my RAM capacity from 2 to 6 GB and cooling for my PC. You see, not everyone can afford to have powerful gaming machine which is shame that in 21st century we still have that ammount of difference between people in form of earnings from jobs…but it is not the subject to discuss here right now.

    So to conclude this quite a long post. I might have said bunch of stupid things and maybe I made myself look stupid…I even think to just click on Cancel instead Post button. I couldn’t say everything I wanted because even as I understand english pretty good, my knowledge of words is not that large. Thanks for reading this if you had nerves to read it all. Good night to all πŸ™‚

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