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rFactor 2 – New Q&A Reveals Plenty of Details

A new Q&A with Image Space Incorporated reveals plenty of new rFactor 2 details.

Th newest issue of‘s SimRacing Magazine includes a detailed Q&A session with Image Space Incorporated on their upcoming rFactor 2 simulation.

In a nutshell, the Q&A reveals some very interesting details:

  • rFactor 2 will go open-beta in 2011 ahead of the official release (possibly in 2011 as well)
  • There will be no demo before the release
  • There will be no DirectX 11 mode
  • rFactor 2 will come with improved netcode
  • More licensed content will be added after the release
  • The engine powering rFactor is now called isiMotor 2.5
  • rFactor 2 comes with an online account system providing matchmaking & updates. It’s free for the first 12 months after purchase and a paid service after that.

Click here to check out the full Q&A for much more info on what’s coming up for rFactor 2, ISI’s take on online cheating prevention and much more!

rFactor 2 will introduce various improvements to the modding-friendly simulation including weather, driver animations and a refined graphics engine alongside plenty of current and historic motor racing content.


  • Anonymous

    “It’s free for the first 12 months after purchase and a paid service after that.” ISI you just lost me as a long time customer!

    • Anonymous

      Really? Are you sure you don’t think it’s reasonable for ISI to charge a fee for an ongoing service they are providing?  I have no idea what infrastructure is required and how much the ongoing operating costs are for rfactor1’s matchmaker service but we’ve had that for FREE

      We don’t know what additional features rfactor2’s matchmaker service will provide, but to me it seems reasonable to recoup the costs of running it via a 12monthly subscription.. as long as it’s relatively inexpensive which logically it will be then I don’t mind.. 
      You may be able to connect manually to online servers via IP like you can with rfactor now if you really don’t want the service 

    • Chris Chaney

      Find out all the details before you start whining.  

      • Ricoo

        You are very lucky if you already know the details. I have searched for them and I found nothing…

      • Anonymous

        I’m not whining as I am no child. I read the article and know enough to have an OPINION and will spend my money as I see fit. ISI seems to be going like most other companies to keep the cash flow going like most other companies, When in Roam do as the Romans seems to be the motto.

    • Anonymous

      You think they would have seen what happened to Netflix and learned from it.  Very sad that apparently they have not.

    • Norbi Wo

      I think it’s going to be sth like iRacing but way cheaper and… better, for paying subscription after 1 free year, we will provide neccessery funds to deeplly develop the title after initial release. I am fine with that, considering it’s going to be cheaper and better than my current iRacing favourite 😛

  • Charles Sami Amyouni

    So I assume the game fully supports the DirectX10 feature which is good news for me… I don’t mind paying after 12 months… for I think it is worth it… especially if they will offer more license materials every quarter of the years.

    • Ricoo

      No DX9 only, which is more than enough. Nothing from DX10 and DX11 can’t be done with DX9.

      • Nuno Paulo

        Wrong. Where is tesselation in dx9? There isnt.

        dx10 is s**t, but dx11 has really good improvements over dx9.

      • Ricoo

        True but do you think we need tesselation in a racing game?… it seems ISI doesn’t think so.

      • Nuno Paulo

        That´s because the actual motor of C.A.R.S its the one used in the shift series.

        In the future they will make a full dx11 engine for C.A.R.S.

  • Anonymous

    How an earth are they going to make that matchmaking service work after 12 months, with the hundreds of inevitable mods and custom servers? Well… maybe I just answered my own question.

  • Explosive Face

    “It’s free for the first 12 months after purchase and a paid service after that.”

    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Raymond Tsui

    sigh… the online match making will end up being modded so people won’t have to pay for something that should be included for free after 12 months. Kind of like HyperLobby for IL2-Sturmovik.

  • Neger Lasse

    Montoya could you change the short info please its rather misleading as if you read the whole FAQ it says nowhere that the owner of the game is forced to pay for being able to play, instead its more a feature you get IF you pay…

  • Wim Bries

    However much some people hated it when iRacing introduced their view on payments, the subscription business model works.
    Be prepared to see it being used more and more.
    And lets be fair, its the only real working “returns on investment ” model, when you are a small company, and dont want to be depending on a big publisher.

  • yorch sincla

    At first i didn’t like the feature, but it makes sense, and i’m sure the anual fee ins’t going to be high. Online accounts sounds right to me since a lot of people have rfactor 1 pirate because don’t need the original to play online, and ISI knows it.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      speechless ??

  • badracer

    Haha, there are some guys still believing in a 2011 release….so funny.

  • Juhan Voolaid

    “It’s free for the first 12 months after purchase and a paid service after that.” – WHAT IN A HELL OF A FU**!!!

    We waited for THIS bs!?

  • Pascal H.

    “It’s free for the first 12 months after purchase and a paid service after that.”

    As far as I know ISI will NOT Provide Servers for leagues so this is HUGE bullshit! Guess rF1 will still rule.

  • Mart Välja

    All great news, including extra payment after 12 months. Why? Because this way they can earn additional money and keep updating the game even after initial release. After all, they have said they want to add much more into the game after the release.

    And also, the fee for extra 12 months will surely be much lower than, for example, 12 months subscription of iRacing.

  • Nathan Robinson

    Well, it’s after the first 12 months so I would at least enjoy a year of it and then determine if it’s worth the money afterward. Chances are you wont have an issue paying after you’ve experienced it for that long. If the open beta is supposed to be out in 2011 than they really only have 2 more months to get on that. You would think inside of 2 months that we could get a more specific date and not this roundabout crap tho. Will be exciting to finally get hands on experience with Rfactor2 even if it has been a lifetime in the making 🙂

  • Craig Cookson

    Does this mean we can still play offline after 12 months, with the content and mods we already have (if we don’t want to pay)?

    Sorry if this was answered in the actual Q&A – the “in a nutshell” roundup was so disappointing i didn’t bother to read the whole thing.

    • Anonymous

      Of course you must be able to play offline.   That’s what you are paying for when you buy rF2.

  • Ricoo

    I’m a bit disappointed. This update service could be expensive since no price is revealed now. I understand the need for financing on the long term but a subscription is not my cup of tea. It’s the main reason I avoided iRacing. I prefer addons in the RaceRoom and SimBin way. Maybe I will stick with C.A.R.S, GTR3, and nKPro 2.0 finally… I am green. 🙁

    • Anonymous

      Don’t assume that it will be expensive just because it’s not revealed.  They are likely not at the stage yet of working out the pricing structure.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really happy to pay for a good service, problem ISI! 😀

  • David Anes

    Having done this interview myself (and others at, the “keep paying after 12 months” is not about subscription like iRacing, but about to keep getting updates and new content. You will have a full game (even if you don’t pay afterwards) and will still be capable of playing online, etc.

    Just FYI.

    • Sam Binfield

      Thank you for this post. Hopefully some of the ‘others’ who have jumped to their own conclusions without bothering to follow the link will be able to correct their opinions now if needs be. In hindsight, the post by Montoya could have perhaps phrased it better. If this does develop, I’m willing to bet that it will be like the L4D2 boycott campaign, where the naysaying will only last until everyone realises that the new game is awesome and plays it anyway. JM2P.

      • Ricoo

        Montoya’s description is perfectly faithful to the article even if it wasn’t clear you didn’t need subscribing to continue playing the game.

        The difference with iRacing is effectively important since you will still be able to play the game even if you don’t subscibe for another 12 months. But without the updates I doubt it will be possible to play online with those who have the updates. Compatibility will be difficult. It will split the community.

      • Sam Binfield

        I agree that compatibility may be a complication of not
        everyone having the same content. However, without the costs being published
        and with no foreknowledge it will be difficult to know if this will really
        result in a schism of the community.

        IMO any comments made, including those that are made by myself, are pure
        speculation up until the events occur. If rFactor 2 has a subscription price of
        £100 a year, then by all means I will stand corrected. However, if it were £15
        a year, providing matchmaking and new content (cars tracks etc.) then I for one
        would be happy to pay.

        In addition, considering that the rFactor community has thrived without these
        already, I firmly believe that the game will continue to be played regardless
        of whether everyone chooses to subscribe or not. Leagues and mods have operated
        without ISI’s financial support, and I am very gracious for that. It cost me no
        more than the price of the game to race on the racedepartment servers, and if
        the subscription cost proves extortionate then that is more than likely the way
        things will continue for the majority.

        What is clear is that only time and playerbase will tell if this is the correct decision for ISI.

    • Craig Cookson

      Thank you for the post. That sounds totally fine to me, and i’m sure people will actually want to continue paying if they use a fair system like this, rather than them having to force our hands with more draconian measures.

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t read any inclination about having to pay to stay online after 12 months when I first read it, lol these comments developed heavily over night.

  • Frank Johansen

    I don`t mind paying for the game being enhanced, instead of waiting for rF3 the next 6 years 😉

  • Daniel S.

    Dear whiners, please read the interview first before actually making up an opinion. Also consider,  prices have not been announced yet, so giving up on rFactor2 for that reason is no reason at all. 
    Thank you for your attention.

    • Firefox

      Well said!
      It’s stupid to start whining about payments when we don’t know the price yet.
      Remember that the ISI staff needs food on their tables as well before you complaiN!

      • Ricoo

        We can hope they announce the price of the subscription before selling the game, because I would like to know before buying it.

      • Fuzilah .

        Are you suggesting that they’ll ask for access to your card without telling the price???  How many things do you buy before knowing the price? 😉

      • Ricoo

        I want to know the price of the update subscription before buying the game. Because if the updates are too expensive I don’t know if I’ll make the first payment.

    • Ricoo

      Why do you assume others didn’t read the interview? I have, even if the small print was almost unreadable on my screen.

      • David Anes

        You can switch to fullscreen clicking in the center of the page. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      • Ricoo

        Thanks for the tip. I tried to click on the magnifying glass but it closed the document.

  • Eduardo Pimentel

    iRacing is not looking so bad after all….

    • Fatboy

       Wait… You would be willing to pay a monthly fee to iRacing, But not for Rfactor? Did i read your comment wrong?

  • Anonymous

    open beta will we have to pay for this upfront or after official release?
    wonder if there will be a disk version of final game release available like original?
    no dx11 support, come on it’s nearly 2012…oh well

    look forward to open beta!

    and respect to isi for taking there own pace and not falling into release day trap!

    • Ricoo

      DX11 is mainly marketing to sell new graphic cards… DX9 is more than enough to have gorgeous graphics in a racing game.

  • Anonymous

    OK, apparently I’m looking at the sim that is obsolete, and it’s not even released. 🙁
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge rF fan, but no DX11 support just gets me. Why? Simple because this sim is gonna be active for years from 2012, and imagine in 2014 the game that doesn’t have DX11 support. Even today DX11 is starting to be a standard for PC.
    And it’s not even gMotor 3. 🙁

    • Ricoo

      All special effects can be done in DX9, so why do you absolutely want DX11? To justify the money you put into your last graphic cards? I have a DX9 GTX275 (DX10 also but it’s not useful) and it is fast enough to run any title out there even rFactor 2 when released. And that’s great!

      • Anonymous

        I’m not sure this is correct, but I’ve read somewhere that with DX11 you have better fps with the same amount of postprocessing and effects as in DX9 version. If this info is correct, it’s not only about better visuals.
        IMO making DX9 game that will be active for a several years, it’s exactly like some car manufacturer made a car with old engine that uses leaded gasoline. In few years from now maybe DX9 games will be unsupported, who knows. Standards are here to be followed.
        DX11 has more pros than cons over DX9.

      • David Anes

        You are wrong. Having a DX9 engine opens the graphical engine to be licensed for XBOX360 titles, like they have done before.

        Also, DX9 vs. DX11 performance is almost always better for dx9 (fixed pipeline vs. programmable one, hardware beats software most of the time) except in recent new cards where the driver is specially tuned to run specific titles or the fixed pipeline is emulated exclusively with programmable hardware. Also, “old” cards can also run the game properly and, again, it is possible to update the game later anyway.

        It’s funny to read some comments from people that don’t know even to program a shader or actually know how a graphics card works.

        Also, isiMotor 2.5 or isiMotor 3 or anything does mean nothing, they have switched to rolling development snapshots and they only number the internals as a reference. This does not reflect evolution, is like Google Chrome or, lately, Mozilla Firefox. The “version” only means that version 2 has been delivered after version 1. Just that.

      • Anonymous

        rF was released in November 2005, so they had exactly 6 damn years to made a gMotor 2.5. Improvements are good so far, judging from the videos, but I have a feeling that in 6 years they could develop a miracle of an engine, everything from phyisics, graphics and audio could be a lot better than in gMotor 2.5.
        No matter what, I will enjoy driving rF2 a lot, but I still think that it could be a lot better, it’s a fact.

      • David Anes

        Well, you can agree with me that is the community that pushes ISI titles to the max. They are less than a dozen people… and their work is only the beginning.

        That said, I’ll repeat again: 2.5 is just a number. isiMotor 2.5 is not 0.5 better than isiMotor 2. It only means that is another iteration of their engine. They could have used the “year” as the number and we would still guess which improvements they haved done (but most people would thing: wooo there was isiMotor7 and now they are releasing isiMotor12, that would be huge).

      • Anonymous

        During the last few years actually (mostly thanks to google) people in general have been paying far more attention to version numbers and what they mean (or rather, don’t mean).

        I confess to being a bit of a version junkie myself, and I know due to the culture and history, it’s far too easy to raise expectations needlessly just by changing the version number nowadays. ISI declaring 2.5 is correct and sensible in this regard, under-sell and over-deliver is the best policy.

  • Justin Schmidt

    what a shitty q&a. nothing about physics. nothing! 

    • David Anes

      Nice constructive comment…

      Just joking. It would be interesting that you send us your questions or what would you like to ask in a new interview, ’cause it’s probably that we have another oportunity to interview them again.

      Post them via twitter to me and I will collect them all.

      Thanks 😉

      • Justin Schmidt

        i have to apologize. i was a little dissapointed after reading it because it had not the infos that i’m searching for. got no twitter account(my name is not even justin schmidt the account is just to register at websites don’t know how i can change it to a nickname here).

        but if you do another one some questions could be in this direction:
        about the advancements of engine, tire & suspension simulation
        some info about the audio engine

        those question doesn’t have to be to specific more like “what can you tell us about(for example: the tire model)? 

      • David Anes

        Hey! Do not apologize! 😛

        Ok, we will push more questions on the technical direction in a new interview, thanks for the tip. We have tried already to cover different things like cheating or multicore support, and we will improve in this area.

        Thanks for your suggestions!

  • greybrad

    “Our plan is to sell rFactor 2 in a similar fasion to the first version. One addition is that we will provide online accounts for access to the matchmaker, updater and news. The service will be included with each purchase and valid for twelve months. If a user wants to continue with this online account service, they can add an additional twelve months at some incremental cost.”

    The updater is part of the online accounts, so do you have to pay the annual subscription to get the game updates that fix bugs?

    This is one game I won’t be purchasing. Looks like it’s just an update to rF1, but with them dipping into your pockets every year.

    • Noel Hibbard

      Just like SimBin, SMS and just about every game developer out there. They release game after game every year with incremental improvements. How many games have a return as good as rFactor1 has? We have been racing it since 2005 all for a massive $39.99. I would have been more then happy to pay $39.99/year for this hobby. Even then it has to be the cheapest hobby on earth. I think you will find that you are a minority. It’s just that the people that don’t have a problem with an “incremental” cost every year are not going to voice it as much.

      Also take note that Tim said, “incremental cost” which leads one to believe it will be less then the initial purchase.

  • Simon K.

    Well I will not pay monthly for it for sure.

    I avoided Iracing as well because of this reason

    • Anonymous

      1. its not a monthly fee
      2. you dont have to

  • crob ol

    I really don’t understand why so many judgements and sentences before the opportunity to try rF2.

    At the moment I stay spectant and waiting the release to make my first impresion, not before.

    • Ricoo

      In fact, comments, even angry one’s, are a better sign for ISI than ignorance. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Well i guess no need to wait this anymore. I wont be paying monhtly fees no matter which game or how good it might be, that was main reason i skipped iRacing and wont be doing any differently with this.

    • Adam Mansir

      Why make this decision without knowing the details? The only thing stated is an ‘incremental’ fee. If the ‘fee’ provides continued development, covers the cost of them running the matchmaker service and employees interacting with the community it seems like it would be justified and have value for us.

      Compare it to other sports and racing titles where you only get a few features added and updated rosters for $60/year.

      I know in this economic climate people feel like they are being nickel and dime’d to death but lets wait till we find out some details on the fee and see if it will offer value to the consumer.

  • Anonymous

    Guys, please dont make a comment until you actually know what you re tralking about -.-

    • Ricoo

      Why? Feedback is important for ISI to know how their plans are received by their future customers. All of their agenda is not known, but we begin to have elements to comment on.

      • Anonymous

        you did not understand me….

        the account system/matchmaking service is an addition to the game and requires incremental cost per year, not the game itself. Most of the comments here seem not to know this what makes them rather unnecessary and no valid feedback

      • Ricoo

        Every comment counts, the same way as every customer counts if a company wants to succeed.

        If the customer doesn’t understand then the company has to explain and communicate better. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Before Isi grabs Money for “Services”, they have to pay for Moddingstuff and the intellectuell property by the Community.
    Without all the Mods, Tracks, Conversions Features, Tools and Ideas from “us”..rF1 is nothing more like F1 Challenge 99-02.
    An outmodern 2D Platform without any Advantages compared to GPL, LFS and F1C.

    “We” made rF1 to that SimracingLegend, not Gijon Camaj.
     I hope he he dont forget it

    • Gjon Camaj

      Yes I did make rFactor, every line of code, every track, every car, every sound, every everything… but much more important than this… there is not an “i” in Gjon.

      • Anonymous

        Hi Gjon, nice to have you around here 🙂

      • Ricoo

        Hi Gjon.

        Indeed it’s nice, welcome to this arena. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        thats offcourse more important 🙂
        Dont worry Sir, good to notice that you reach the “unimportants” Things too

        Take it ISI, Gjon^^

    • Anonymous

      At least you attached an appropriate picture.

    • Horrace Foster

      Okay go back and read the whole article because what you said makes no sense. We are not talking about rfactorcentral, we are talking about ISI. If they had not made the sim moddable we would not have all the content for this great sim as we do. I trust them to do what  is best. Its not like motorola and the atrix.

  • Philip Antonia

    I’m embarrassed to be a Sim Racer when I read all this Bitching about something that we don’t have the full details of yet or even had a chance to try!!!

    Surely ISI have done enough for us in the past to earn a little bit of respect and patience!

    • Ricoo

      We can respect and bitch.

      Always begin by bitching if you are not sure, just to be sure you don’t miss an occasion of bitching. lol

    • Anonymous

      could you please help me Phil^^
       Do you mean the 10 professional Full-Price Mods, the hundrets of Mods, the thousands of Tracks, the Million of Physic/Sound Updates..the Billion of Cam/SCN/GDB/ FFB Tweaks by the Com, or do u mean the rF-Lite exe? and do u mean the 6th tiny rF Preview Thumbnails after 2-3 Years and the one and only rF2 Preview Teaser last month?

      Im a “Newbie”Phil, dont followed the Isi/rf Historie in the last 10 Years :), but if you really mean Isi/rF did enough since rf1 Release for us..then im sureley have Alzheimer^^

      Dear in Love with Isi since RalphHummerich pushed this EA/Isi Partnership with there F1 Mods.
      I came there from the legendary NFS PorscheUnleashed Planet!
      Some Weeks later i saw Simbins Fia GT 2001 Mod and GT2002 Mod.
      Since these Times im a total IsI-Junkie.

      My comments around this dubios Infos around IsIs upcomping Service/Matchmaking Payments is just Signal..nothing more.
      A Signal that Gjon knows, sorry..i better said, that he doesnt forget that his Companys Sucsess, is only a Co-Production between the Communitie and IsI.
      Isi and the Com is a  50:50 Win-Win Situation.
      and rF1 and the Com is today 90:10 Win-Win Situation.

      And here, around this commercial Progess, around that global Monstermarketing “The Winner takes it all-Mentality” my social SimracerMentality sends SOS.

      Im sure IsIs new MarketingStrategy isnt that same shamed like iR.
      I only hope that Isi stay on the right Way in Future and doesnt start to milk the Cow.
      I pay 100Euro per Year if Isi brings laserscanned Tracks, i pay another 100Euro after the 12Month if IsI brings a licensed Porsche Unleased Game..etc

      but i play only C.A.R.S if Gjon left the right Way after 12month

  • Anonymous

    the account system/matchmaking service is an addition to the game and requires incremental cost per year, not the game itself. Most of the comments here seem not to know this what makes them rather unnecessary and no valid feedback

    • Ricoo

      I don’t mind of the matching service but the update is important for me.

  • Max Pautov

    Maybe this so?
    No,license is perpetual. The answer to the question about the payment system was not very specific in this sense. At this point it should be understood as follows: p ^ 2 buying disposable. But with rf 2 will go an extra service which includes:
    1. Matchmaker – a list of servers online, we now see in the lobby,
    2. The utility automatically update (not yet clear what, or rf 2 mods, tracks, or all together)
    3. Displaying news.
    Here are the 3 first 12 months of service free. Then for a small fee to renew each year.
    As I understand it, if you do not want to renew, just going to patch all hands as it is now and will not have access to the servers in the lobby of the name. But the IP will be connect, ie Ligovo races surcharge does not apply. This I understand. I doubt that they are online or have access to the patch does block a year at no additional cost, too. But we must wait for parts to be specific.

  • Wim Bries

    Lets all grow up for a minute.  Mods are build for free, because modders choose to do so.
    Developing a full blown game engine can not be done free. Every intelligent soul in here must surely understand that. Adding additional long term service can surely not be expected to be free.
    In comparison to what most average gamers slash out on their monthly game addiction, rFactor has always costed peanuts. Some people kept complaining that for a long term sim, ISI did not do enough to update and better the online code, bugs, driver swap and so on. 
    With the introduction of a online service that has to be paid for, i can be nothing but happy. If you want first class continued service, you will have to pay the bill.  I am sure ISI will keep the price realistic for all.
    The fact that they now reveal some info about service in the long run, can only be applauded.

    • Luke Maple

      Couldn’t of said that better! People who are members at iracing won’t have a problem because they have seen the benefits of an ongoing service, it will be great for Rfactor to reap the benefits too now!

  • Anonymous

    i will happily pay for an online service thats 
    1. less than $10 a month ALL IN.
    2. provides quality online racing – complete jump in and play ability. 
    3. short sharp sprint races, no 45 minute, 40 laps crap aka iracing
    4. plenty of races, with plenty of open servers
    5. essentially, LFS but with the real cars, real tracks, and the better physics.

    combine all that with the good old rfactor physics and better graphics and they are onto a winner – their closest competitor will be simracing online i guess.

    and yeh – the community might have given rfactor its longevity, but THANK GOD ISI haven’t sold out, that they aren’t focusing on crap console games (simbin or slighty mad studios anyone?), and that they are catering for the sim enthusiasts, completely revamping a game for what is ultimately a small market. 
    we are in no place to criticise them, unless the product is a complete fail – and we’ll only know that when the beta comes out…………….then its fine to have a go. until then, its pretty pointless having a go at them at the moment. 

    all hail gijon.

    • Wim Bries

      funny how you basically described iRacing. 😉

      • Ricoo

        He said “ALL IN” so he means with all cars and track… very far from iRacing isn’t it. 🙂

      • 10speedofgodsspeed

        I expect rfactor2 will cost about 50 dollars/euros (with one year online service for free). The online service fee for the following years will be priced accordingly. Without knowing facts I assume 20 or 30 dollars/euros maybe. That’s very far away from iracing

      • Anonymous


        1. iracing is more like 200 bucks in the 1st year alone, maybe more. 2. the racing is crap – tentative, nervous people, scared to ruin their ‘safety’ rating, and the damage model is so unrealistic and sensitive that theres actually no racing
        3. each race is at least 40 minutes long, with huge hour long gaps in between
        4. hardly any races due to the above
        5. nothing like the jump in and playability of LFS.

        So, 100% nothing like iracing. you understand?

  • Jitesh S. Mistry

    I’ve never been for subscription gaming (see WoW).  I’ll be watching to see what this renewal fee for the online account will be.  If it’s a modest fee for the year, then I may be won over but I’d rather not have to deal with renewal/subscription fees. It implies you need to spend more time on it to get your money’s worth, then it becomes a more difficult decision to justify.

  • Nathan Robinson

    It amazes me at how cheap sim racers can be. You guys will spend 50 to 100 dollars a month for a cellphone no problem but throw out that you might have to pay a little for an online service and let the whining begin. You dont even know how much it’s going to be yet and the tears are already falling. These are the same group of guys that are running 6 year old machines and moaning about the minimum system specs. Times move forward my friends and sometimes you gotta pony up and spend the cash to do what you love. Fisherman have to buy fishing equipment, BMX riders have to buy dirtbikes, collectors spend money for their specific collections, but simracers are so used to pirated and/or free material that they have become stingy. All hobbies cost money so pay up guys and support this wonderful hobby. 

    • Alex Ball

      Totally. Same people whinging probably actually have expensive wheels, decent rigs etc.

      • Mark Ayers

        Naw. Most of the people whining are the pirates who won’t be able to race online with the new system.

  • Anonymous

    lets talk about the tools for modding.. forget about the money..

    • Anonymous

      cool, you can pay my annual fee then 🙂   heh

  • reynard11

    I’m often embarassed to even post a comment on any Blog or news story online because I feel it’s just a way to placate oneself because, really is anyone’s opinion actually ever changed by someone else’s comment? 24 hours later and it’s all forgotten anyway when the next “hot topic” surfaces but I digress…

    So I have a question, not a comment. When did our society flip to having the “norm” be that we are entitled to free services when it comes to our entertainment? I obviously missed that memo.

    • Ricoo

      We are not entitled to free stuff (except mods thanks to wonderful modders. Thanks to them) but to have a good value for money. Some sim are good in that aspect and some a bit less good. Anyway I buy almost all of them but I don’t like renting them… I am an owner not a renter. Every one has his way of seeing the life.

      • Anonymous

        But you are buying the game. This has nothing to do with renting.   But lets use that concept for a moment….

        If you own or will ever own a car, you’re a ‘renter’.   You buy the car but it aint going anywhere unless you constantly buy fuel for it.     If you’re an ‘onliner’ only then think of this as rFactor 2 being the car and the multiplayer serivce being the fuel.  You need it to make it run and  unlikes petrol it’s not once a week but once a year and a whole helluva lot cheaper.

        Same with a mobile phone, you need to pay for a service to communicate with others. 
        But its accepted as the norm because no provider does that for free.

        Oh and I never think we are entitled to mods.  I just happens that they choose not to charge us which is a bonus for us.

      • Ricoo

        You are right we are not entitled to free mods. I used wrong words. I wanted to say that thanks to their passion, dedication and kindness we benefit great free stuff.

        I agree rFactor 2 pay for update is far from renting a game, at the opposite of iRacing. It’s just a maintenance fee, very common in software industry. Let’s hope they will keep releasing great content for the money and I will be happy. 🙂

      • Daniel S.

        I find it noteworthy how you immediately exclude Modders from those enttitled to make money with their work. Sure there are practicaly and legal reasons, why they can not charge, but it shows shows and interesting contradiction.

    • Anonymous

      A lot of sim-racers have this attitude of entitlement.  Maybe free mods and add-ons de-sensitised them to the concept of actually sometimes having to pay for services.  You know, like you do in the normal world.
      It’s so pathetic to see people whinging over paying for a provided service which will likely cost less than a tank of petrol or, as someone said, a monthly cellphone or internet bill.  Might even be less than the cost of an audio CD or 2.   (Or do people just download those for free too along with all their movie requirements?)

      Some of the comments are just plain silly.  People saying they will abandon rF2 because of this (and they won’t, it’s all talk because they think they should have it for free regardless of what it may cost ISI to host online serviers).
      I`ll bet it’s going to be way cheaper than iRacing too.

      Clearly there are costs that need to be covered.  It might even go some way to getting a few idiot wreckers off the servers too.   I barely play online but even for the small amount that I do, I wouldnt mind paying a reasonable yearly fee for my hobby.
      You should see how much my photography hobby costs in a year ! 

      Lets not throw our toys out of the pram here. 
      Oh how quickly we snap back at one of our biggest sim providers just because they ask for a little contribution for providing an online service and whatever else (updates etc.).       

      Anyway you get 12 months free to decide if you want to part with your hard earned cash so whinge when the time comes if you have to and stop all this crap about ISI “losing you as a customer”.  So much for any loyalty to ISI after all the enjoyment you got from rF1 and its masses of content.

  • ihate richmond

    C.A.R.S. and  iRACING is the FUTURE

    • Anonymous

      …for some.

    • Niksounds B


  • Anonymous

    What a joke if you think paying monthly or yearly means they are just charging to keep updating their product. There are way too many modding teams out there supporting RF1 and that’s a slap in their face. Like taking their work and efforts over and charging everyone else for it so to speak. ( Thanks modding teams for showing us how far our product can go. Now lets change it a bit and charge customers for it.) Granted they have a new engine etc, but come on, all the paying customers on their monthly or yearly plan is just lining their pockets, like freaking bank fees! OCCUPY ISI!

    • Wim Bries

      a very empty headed comment IMO.
      Being part of a modding team, i do realize that nobody asked us to do mods. Its not ISI taking advantage of mods. Its rather the other way around. We take advantage of ISI work.

      It is amazing how often people think modding and creating a commercial product is the same.
      For those who do not realize it, ITS NOT!.
      As a modder you can basically do whatever you want. No deadlines, no technical limits, no legal issues, no licenses, no time limit, no return on investment to be made no employees to pay..

      I guess its simple.  If you do not want to pay for something, it means you do not appreciate it, and should move on to something else..

      Thinking that ISI charges because of mods is plain ridicules. Software companies are not really waiting for mods. Just be glad its tolerated,  At least then people with little resources have something for free.

      What do you think comes first? The game or the mod?  Lets apreciate what we get, and hope we can keep on modding for a while. because sooner or later it will stop. And you will only miss it when its gone.

      • Anonymous

        Appreciation has nothing to do with it. It has everything to do with the principle. I have never pirated anything, those sorts have NO appreciation for anything they have stolen. Your comment “I guess its simple.  If you do not want to pay for something, it means
        you do not appreciate it, and should move on to something else..” is also an opinion. Opinions are like butt holes, everyone has one.

      • Wim Bries

        Well, never the less, If your principle is that every service should be free, you are in for a disappointment. I always had a feeling that good service will always have its price.

      • Anonymous

        I never said anything about a service being “free” or anything for that matter being “free.”  When you make a purchase then its yours, not anyone else. Maybe once you buy your next product, hardware/software or anything for that matter, there may come a day the real owners, not you, will charge you every time you open it or start it and you will be happy giving your cash away and pay THEM for wasting YOUR time. I guess you just don’t understand and that’s ok, Stay asleep.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll venture a guess: this service that is having people quake in their boots will cost between $20 and $25 a year. If you have financial problems(and who doesn’t) I sympathize. But if you can’t afford that every year for your main hobby (or even for your secondary one) then you may want to reconsider your priorities.
    Last time I went to the movies (I was surprised they were in color and the actors spoke!) it cost me about $35 for my wife and I. It was a good movie but once I returned home and the following days I wasn’t able to get anymore enjoyment out of it.In fact, I forgot a large part of it.

    My iRacing subscription, my future subscription to the ISI service and my contribution to C.A.R.S along with what I paid for NKpro, Race 07 and GTR2 were and will be investments in my entertainment and all well worth it. My starbucks coffees and movie outings on the other hand cost me just as much or more and they are gone the moment I consume them.

    I think my simracing costs may very well be the best deal I have ever had in entertainment.

    • 10speedofgodsspeed

      You are right, people want to have everything and pay nothing. Rfactor is now 6 years old, I bought it in 2007 for 40 Euros/50 Dollars. Since then it was for free. So if rfactor2 has an online service similar to Racecast (which is now offline …) with some additional features, unique accounts and my money helps ISI updating rfactor2, why not pay for this? On the other hand people buy F1 2010, Call of Duty, Fifa Soccer, NHL Hockey, Need for Speed or whatever, YEAR by YEAR. Full price for some minor updates mostly. And how long do these games attract your attention. A weak? A month?

  • Anonymous

    The main reason why i am “a bit” disapointed is “how” ISI handle that.

    Meaning, they let us now over 5 years waiting for a 2nd Part of rFactor,
    hey thats not Problem, have still really fun with rFactor1 & good work
    can take some time.

    Then they “throw” some “fresh meat” (pictures,videos etc.) on the market
    about tyre wear, rain behaivor, inside graphic etc etc… and that since 2009
    when i remembering right.

    Even things like “… it can be possible (up to 50%) that rFactor2 is at the End of 2010 ready…”
    can make someone “a bit angry”, too. Why?
    Because most guess that it was a calculated lie & some really believed them.

    They did make really a “hype” for nothing in the last years and now,
    close in front of the finish line,
    they put the “real” cards on the table,
    paying every month for a account system, only gMoto 2.5 Engine etc etc etc.

    That´s not Gentleman style and i can understand when People feeling disapointed about that.
    So, how can we be sure that as next we don´t have to pay for Mods&Tracks or any
    kind of other upgrades extra,too?

    Don´t understand me wrong, i really like rFactor and bought it 2006, one of my best Games ever.
    But what ISI did with their second Part of it is a tiny shame in my eyes, sry.

  • Anonymous

    Well done ISI, look forward to open beta test, don’t listen to the haters inter-web is full of them !

    I  like rFactor graphics more real and will have better FPS to play big grids for people who can’t afford to upgrade there computer every time a new game comes out.

     C.A.R.S still looks like shift2 to me and still a bit oversaturate and not so real looking to me, graphics still look fantastic, but  i will expect lower FPS on my PC at least.
    The future of sim racing is looking good with rFactor ,C.A.R.S, iRACING, and GTR 3 ?
    I like them all and will support them all, and if i have to pay a few extra quid to play a great game, i’m good with that, if it keeps the PC Sim racing scene going in these dark days !!

  • Anonymous

    $12.99 for an extra year of online services (can still use it for single player / modding only), or pre-order (for beta access) and receive 6 extra months free.

  • Anonymous

    If people are still moaning about cost, they must be seriously tight !!

  • Wish Bone

    Thank god I can play in single player and mod without being tethered to the internet.

    All I like is hotlapping and occasional AI races. Basically I like to play by myself only. You know… kind of like the good ole days of gaming before all this online crap was forced on us. Imagine Super Mario Brothers and all the classics… now imagine being forced to log on to a server to play them… oh what a pain in the ass that would be…

    I care not for being a part of a league and the hassle and egos that come with online play…

    Just don’t care. I want escapism… plain and simple….

    Iracing can go to hell….

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