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rFactor 2 – Monaco On-Board Video

Image Space Incorporated has released an on-board video of the historical Monaco street circuit that is part of their upcoming rFactor 2 title.

Following the first official video trailer that gave us a first glimpse of the track, Image Space Incorporated has released an on-board video of the historical Monaco street circuit that is part of their upcoming rFactor 2 title.

The video shows several laps in the historical Formula 2 car as it passes a Formula 3 car that is also on track. You can watch the Youtube version below, a download-link to a high-resolution version is available here.

rFactor 2 will introduce various improvements to the modding-friendly simulation including weather, driver animations and a refined graphics engine alongside plenty of current and historic motor racing content.

Recently, ISI announced the pricing structure of the upcoming title that will be available as content-limited open beta version later this year.

  • Ricardo Rebelo

    From what it’s possible to perceive from footage, the physics are looking good!!

    • Guilherme Cramer

      Gotta wonder if you can actually properly feel the tires (especially front) now. Some screeching tire sounds + lack of gear change/leg movement I’ll see as because it’s still WIP.

  • Konrad Czaczyk

    At first I thought, “Wow, they failed to make this game look any better than RF1…”

    But then, I looked a little longer and I realized that this is not only a great looking game, it is the most authentic looking game I’ve ever seen. Its beautiful, the lighting and the models are spectacular and the attention to detail is breathtaking. The car looks like it drives the way it should, and the surface looks highly detailed. This might just be the best looking game I’ve ever seen….

  • Anonymous

    There’s lots of things which represent rF2 in this video, but sound isn’t one of them imo. Added features like surround support and echo are nice additions but engines still sound smoothed over in regards to how the samples are being used. Not sure if WIP, but I’m guessing nothing radical like FMOD will be introduced from now till beta.

    • Konrad Czaczyk

      On the forums Tim said that Youtube had ruined the sound, and that the WMV sounds much better when compared to the compressed Youtube version.

      • Anonymous

        Noted, I’m downloading the WMV now.

  • Markus Ott

    I thought we gonna see a rF2 video? Why do we have to watch a rF1 video?
    Ugly 2d sprites, lightning from yesterday, missing details, superugly cockpit.
    At least the physics look ok (if that is judgeable from a video anyways).

    No chance against pCARS.

    • Anonymous

      yeh but….at least the controller system isn’t completely messed up for use with a wheel….like in CARS. that immediately makes it better. 

    • Nathan Robinson

      Really, RF1?? I think you should go and re watch the video and take note of the details of the track and all the stuff on the sides of it. Now watch this and i think you’ll see that you are way off.. For the first onboard gameplay video i’m amazed. The track and atmosphere look amazing. Of course the cockpits are ugly, those cars are old and boring. Im not a huge fan of historical cars but as far as the track goes, fantastic. Keep the videos coming 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Yep, also notice the detail on the asphalt too.  dirt, stains etc.  not just a plain grey with darkening at the braking zones.   I hope the track makers and mod makers can max out rF2’s potential.   Well we know some definately will. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      One work Markus…  mods !     And remember how rFactor 1 was out of the box with a few cars and tracks. Then compare it to what we have now with VLM tracks and mods from some of the top names.  The difference is night and day.
      The keyword here is potential.

      Some of the criticism aimed at rF2 is overly harsh.  Compare the financial or staffing resources of ISI to say Codemasters or Ubisoft,   Considering the size of ISI this is going to be one fine racing sim.  
      Aside from a flickery texture here and there the video was just fine.  Kind of Crammond-esque somehow. 
      Add to this, day/night transitions, dynamic weather, animated pit crew (right?) and the weight of the mod community and you will see where rF2 stands in the pile.

      Oh and you can’t judge physics from a video.  You can see car behaviour but physics is something you have to feel and in a sim you can’t even do that.  The only feeling you get, unless you have a motion rig, is through your wheel. 

    • Olivier Prenten

      I didn’t know some people were watching 2d sprites while driving! Maybe it’s because they don’t drive fast enough! LOL! Seriously! When ISI provides the community with screenshots you claim for videos! When vids are proposed you whine for little details! Stop your medecine and grap your wheel! 😉

    • steve farrell

      @ Markus Ott : You seriously need to get your eyes tested.

    • Mark

      I bet the rFactor 2 frame rate is way higher than pCars on the same PC though which will make the driving more enjoyable.

      • Anonymous

        Presumably it’s Wheatley’s rig:

        CPU: Intel i5 2500 @ 3.3GHz 
        Motherboard: ASUS P8Z68-V 
        Memory: 8GB DDR3 
        OS: 7 Home Premium 64bit 
        Video: ATI 5870 Cypress XT 1GB GDDR5 
        Audio: onboard Realtek 5.1 
        Recording with FRAPS at high res and framerate too.   So, pretty good. 

    • Laurent Cortier

      Guys, don’t you have enough experience of the net to spot a troll when you see one ?

  • Anonymous

    super realistic, most games go over the top, but rfactor looks spot on, engines sounds need some more work,   can’t wait for beta release !

    • Dawid Czwakiel

      You need to download the original 5 gb video from the isi forum to get the great sound. Youtube compresses it and ruins it

      • Anonymous

        Not true, I didn’t give GT5 any leeway on the youtube encoding ruining audio. Still I downloaded the wmv and dawned my headphones to remove any doubts. It’s the same with better clarity from a higher bitrate.

        The engine sound needs serious work. The sample(s) sound like they are ripped from the grand prix film, i.e. the torque amount varies per sample and heard in rF2 throughout the rev band, it’s very obvious during acceleration and throttle blibs. This is all stuff modders can change of course and not really that much importance to ISI. However its the sound engine foundations which remain unchanged since GTR which I’m worried about here.

        I really wanted rF2 to be more innovative and smart on the audio front that only ISI could do. It’s not the end of the world it just means things are no different than where we were (well since 1998 tbh – sample-based synthesis) I guess since we’re still using essentially the same technology, it’s rather depressing really. Sorry to go on but it sorta renders that audio thread in the forums a waste of time!

        I would like to hear other cars in rF2 and to hear if any improvements were made to external camera views before the beta if I may.

      • Anonymous

        Well, let’s get on their case and try to make audio improvements a priority during “ongoing development”?   It is, after all, one of the weakest parts of (all) racing games, no?  And it makes such a difference when it’s a brutal, nasty sound imo.  

      • Anonymous

        This was posted on facebook:

        Lo Evenisse It’s the old dev sounds here, final sounds are very different and far better.

        So it’s great news, keeping my fingers crossed! Also, I originally thought those bumps were wind buffering for some reason, but they are actual bumps and there’s no wind noise (yet) so happy days. It’s because of the wmv format I can’t use the LFE Crossover filter so I thought my bass was muted which also affects my headphones the way I like it configured. But anyway, some stuff from the sound thread is indeed reality, so it’s not a complete waste of time like I over exaggerated before, it’s just I’d so like to try rF2 now it’s killing me.

  • Ricoo

    A bit of shadow flickering on buildings, but looks authentic and immersive.

    If FFB and AI are good, this is probably a win for me. I will wait for comments about that before jumping in the beta.

  • Anonymous

    This is amazing, really! Visually it looks far better than I expected, realistic lighting & colors, spot on!
    Just love how the car reacts to bumps, incredibly realistic. The sounds, exacpte the engine sound which is dull, are far better that rF1. Anyone noticed audio feedback when the car hit the bumps on track? And the new tire scrub & skid sound are so far the best I heard in any sim on pc, IMO.
    Very very pleasantly surprised, like if you agree with my impressions. 🙂

    So, if default rf2 is that good, I can’t imagine what modders can do. 😛

  • Charles Sami Amyouni

    Definitely will buy and will support for many years… end of story!

  • Jim Slimjim Cassi

    was the bump at Tabac really that big.?   wow..
    and the track looks pretty wide… maybe just the video.
    trees and a few other textures needs some tweaks.. but i’m in..
    and please.. for the Demo / Beta.. do not just give us Monaco.. as it is so limited for testing.

  • Justin ForzaBarça Cruze

    Finally, THANK YOU for releasing a video!
    Overall, definitely a thumbs up. There seems to be the same flickering as there was in rF1 though which is worrying – and the draw distance is perhaps set too short as I noticed a lot of popup. A little disappointed with the static trackside objects/crowd but I’ll get over it. The lighting for me was the main problem in rF1 and thats clearly been improved.

    Now if we could just have a video showcasing the AI (perhaps a race start) that would be awesome 😀

  • Anonymous

    Wow – looks great.   Captivating just to watch.  Can’t wait!  

    Love the crowd-noise at Lowes.   

    The wall at the chicane is going to see a lot of action, obviously.  haha.   Crikey. Looks quite a bit trickier than in GPL, and that was always a white-knuckle job.  lol

  • Olivier Prenten

    ISI ROCKS!!!
    No comment…

  • James Underwood

    after the screen shots i must say, this looks really darn impressive. It is more than good enough and I’m excited.

    To those who said this looks like rfactor 1. I don’t even believe you play rfactor 1 to have said that. Even up against the top mods, this still utterly beats them down.

    So looking forward to this.

    • Andrew McP

      I can’t wait for rF2, but I do try to be objective when studying all sims, and have to say I am less impressed by the graphics than I was hoping to be. To me there is definitely something “rF1+” about the footage… particularly the cockpit.

      Maybe I’ve just been spending too long with CARS recently, and have become a graphics [email protected]:-)

      However my opinion on rF2’s graphics isn’t important. What’s important is that we’re getting a whole new level of detail and depth to this sim which will keep modders happy for the next five+ years. I can’t wait to hand over my money and start the rF2 journey. I’m sure that as soon as I can actually sit in that cockpit rather than study it my GPL2 gland will be thoroughly massaged (I think it’s just in front of the prostate, in the same place James May gets his “fizzing”).

  • Alistair Heeley

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this!

  • Arie Beuker, de

    Graphics look bloody great, not that i care much about that though. I also expect great physics, but knowing ISI, it’s in good hands. Great job!

  • Anonymous

    Yea the graphics… I do wish they were better. When he drives into the tunnel and it looks like it was just painted black inside it doesn’t look good.

    I know modelling a place like that requires a huge amount of detail though, so for that reason I can forgive some low detail stuff.

    I also miss the kind of details you see in big budget games like full animations for the driver changing gear.

    Still looks like fun though. I know I’ve criticised the graphics harshly before but hey they aren’t terrible, the cars look good and the game will be great fun. I think I’ll get it, will put the G27 to good use.

  • Richard Hessels

    Graphics look really good, a pitty youtube’s radical compression eats up all the finer details and darkshades.

  • Adam Špaček

    Allright, some constructive crtiticism now 🙂
    Missing gearchange animation – if you bother with hand animations, they should cover all actions (steering and gear-change). But maybe it is only WIP issue.
    Background picture of hills arround could use higher resolution. I wonder if it is engine restriction. For me it kinda damages immersion from race.
    HDR/bloom in tunel – I imagine you must be half blind when driving into and out of tunel to full sun. I didn’t note that in video.
    Anyway, other than that it is very nice to look at 🙂 Now I hope for 2011 release. End of year is really getting close…

    • badracer

      you must have very bad eyes if you cant compensate the light change being two seconds in a tunnel.

  • Pork Hunt Racing

    this looks great, i still think ISI is being clever with this release and not revealing all just yet. i wanted to take over the wheel a few times while watching that. guess its doing its job on me lol

    bring it on ISI !!!

    also, some of these guys are confusing the human eye iris adjustment with that of a camera. if driving through a quick tunnel like that gives you fully blown out intensity on exit into full sun, you have eye function problems.
    i suspect too much tv lol

  • badracer

    Looks far better in movement than on screenshots.

  • Maciej Kosmalski

    track looks great in my opinion. As for car: tires and suspension looks great, cockpit and hands looks worse, but they already said on isi forum that they will work on hand animations and add shifting animations. Cockpit is from not licensed car (or something like that) and licensed cars has better cockpit details according to the guy at isi forum. So overall i like very much what i see.  

  • Laurent Cortier

    What strikes me most compared to most other sims, is the level of detail outside the tracks… Very 3 dimensional, for once we don’t feel like driving alongside huge flat 8 bits textures… rF2 has volume, dimension… The lighting helps a lot too. No it’s not as esthetic as pCARS, but to me, it looks closer to reality and helps feel the immersion a lot.

    Moreover, rF1 has always been one of the best sims to use with a motion cockpit, where SMS has always been the worse (Shift1 & S2U were simply undrivable with motion)

    • Anonymous

      This is on Wheatley’s rig too, presumably, and it’s no uber-PC.   Plus FRAPS was running and dumping hires vid.  

  • André Patrício

    It’s easy to see the upgrades… I know most of the new stuff is “code only”, and people usually thinks that coded stuff that is not represented by an GUI or whatever isn’t simply there… (I suffer from that criticism myself, being a programmer… Gotta live with it..). But it isn’t the case… You can clearly see the step up from rF1 to rF2… Great job! 

    Keep vids coming 😀 And… please… release the beast!

  • Neger Lasse

    This is the sim I’ve been waiting for!!

    Too bad so many fags keep comparing the sim through videocamera-lenses and youtube videos instead of actual human eyes and ears…

    • Stuart Becktell

      I don’t believe homosexuals are the only ones making these mistakes Neger.

      • Neger Lasse

        Right, towelheads too, some people never reach a civilized age yet..

      • Anonymous

        errr…..racism and homophobia.   Wow – impressive.  <—sarcasm, btw.

      • Justin ForzaBarça Cruze

        Now all he needs to do is make a derogatory statement about women and kitchens and he’ll have the trifecta…….

  • Anonymous

    I’ve €50 burning in my pocket for the last few days only waiting for this to be released! (I know it’s gonna be less but it’s just I’ve 50 altogether 😛 ) Just release that Open Beta already ISI. You’re just teasing me with this footage.

    Alright back to normal talk, this is looking very promising, I do think that some lightning glitches are still there and you can see them on buildings on one of the turns but to be perfectly honest this look better than driving best cars on the best tracks in rF1. Love the shadows, and the whole atmosphere, as well as the details on that track. This is going to be a hell of a platform for our best modders to work on and that will make it look even better still, and now even that looks very realistic and not overdone as in some other games color/model wise :). 

  • andreas fehsecke

    sounds awful to me, a step backwards in my opinion.
    the rest looks ok

    • Justin ForzaBarça Cruze

      Judging from the wmv video, I think the samples used for this particular car make it sound worse than it actually is. Certainly don’t think its a step backward because…….well rF1 wasnt particularly special in the sound department either in truth.
      And anyway, modders did a great job with sound in rF1 given the engine’s limitations so I’m optimistic theres some headroom as far as improvement is concerned 🙂

  • Tony

    pee yew “STINKS”, like gay bum sex.

  • Tony

    c.a.r.s makes this look like ps2, I’m just being honest, Watch in 1080p looks like crap.