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rFactor 2 – Mod Packaging Video Tutorial

ISI has released a video tutorial for rFactor 2’s new mod packaging system.

One of the main new features of Image Space Incorporated’s recently-released rFactor 2 open beta is the new mod packaging system that aims to reduce mismatches online and make dealing with mods more pleasing for everybody.

In order to help all modders understand how to work with the new system, ISI’s Scott Juliano has put up a “quick” video tutorial, explaining the required steps with the system in the 30-minute video below.

  • Anonymous

    Lol 30minute video doesn’t sound like pleasing.. I didn’t manage to watch for more than 1 minute.. fact it’s easier than this video makes it look..

  • Charles Sami Amyouni

    I’ve already “almost” familiarized myself on how the packaging works with a lot of trial and error. So far so good, still will watch this video tutorial if I missed something important… just getting to know on how to work on the cockpit’s full feature… unless ISI has something to add soon enough with the cockpit features.

  • Ricoo

    Great idea.

  • Anonymous

    great tutorial

    but tbh

    car and track id should be separate package

    I really hope they split this up

    there really is no need to waste bandwidth/hard drive space downloading tracks that you already have

    • Tomas Beha

      You won’t have to, thats what the “Virtual” part is about…

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