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rFactor 2 – Mills Metropark 2.0 Released

Image Space Incorporated has released a new version of rFactor 2’s popular Mills Metropark track.

Image Space Incorporated has released a new version of rFactor 2’s popular Mills Metropark track.

This old faithful goes back all the way to the rFactor 1 days and has now been equipped with new shaders, textures and functionality as listed below.

Furthermore, a brand new layout has been added to the track as well!


Added Inner A Layout
Implemented latest RealRoad shader
Improved pitlane texture
Applied RealRoad to curbs
Remapped RealRoad
Removed sausage curbs
Improved curb texture
New road and terrain texture set
Implemented new terrain shader
Vertex painted terrain for new terrain shader
Remapped terrain for new terrain shader
Terrain Radiosity pass
Optimized road and terrain objects for smoother performance
New painted stripes and pit lines texture set
Enhanced painted stripes material
Mapped yellow stripes for curbed sections
Cut Access Roads into terrain
Added surface wear decals
Added road to grass/gravel transition decals
Replaced textured parking spots with decals
Reconformed all decals
Improved water material
Added Armco colliders
Added Armco posts
Added corner names (wall) signage
Replaced safety fences and posts with better model/textures
Optimized fence textures and materials for better performance
Improved fence shadows
Replaced simple 2D wooden infield fence with 3D version
Replaced simple 2D chainlink fence with 3D version
Optimized Armco and concrete walls for smoother performance
Optimized wall objects for better and smoother performance
Replaced and remapped tyre wall canvas textures
Replaced and optimized 3D tyres
Vertex painted tyre walls
Replaced cones with HQ version
Cleaned up distance markers
Improved pitwall glass
Added fire extinguisher signs at marshal posts
Fixed marshal huts intersecting marshals
Optimized treelines and fixed mapping
Optimized billboard vegetation for better and smoother performance
Improved vegetation texture set and materials
Reduced vegetation flickering
Optimized pit building for smoother performance
Fixed pit building shadow glitch
Added cheap pit building interior
Improved pit building glass
Fixed smoothing on podium
Improved metal poles material and textures
Completed construction work on main grandstand
Improved grandstand textures
Replaced grandstand crowds
Added cheap interiors for office buildings
Improved flags
Replaced light poles and power lines with HQ versions
Replaced Synergy fuel signs with HQ versions
Replaced pit in and out lights with HQ model
Replaced billboards with higher quality model and textures
Replaced grandstands with HQ version
Replaced outhouse with ultra HQ version
Replaced tents with HQ versions
Rescaled inflatable figures, and replaced one 🙂 with :p !
Added picnic tables
Replaced trackside cars with HQ versions
Replaced team trucks with HQ USA style haulers
Replaced RVs
Created new bus model and textures, distributed
Cleaned up and enhanced recovery crane model and added some variation
Optimized LOD and Shadow Out distances on all objects for better performance
Optimized night lighting omnis
Added new night lighting glows
Slightly enhanced billboard crowd textures
Fixed skybox shadow glitch
Repopulated reflection maps
Set MIP Map bias to default
Removed HDR Profiles
Updated TDF with recent values
Fixed GDB inconsistencies
Many AIW tweaks and fixes
New camera sets for all layouts
Changed default weather profile
Added support for 34 cars
Tweaked Safety Car release distances
New HD loading screens
Included Test Team RealRoad Preset Pack

[boxdownload]Download Mills Metropark 2.0 Here[/boxdownload]
  • DumDum

    Amazing quality, thanks ISI!

  • Kenneth

    Mills Metro has been and still is one of the most fun tracks to drive! Great news this.

  • Leynad

    Really nice track which was released in September for Assetto Corsa as well. I didn´t read anything about it and just was lucky to find it. Great mod and as good as content from Kunos. Till the 64-bit version of rF2 isn´t running on my system, i will stick with that.

    • Marc Collins

      Yes, the track was ripped from ISI for AC. Suppose this improved one will be too at some point soon. Should all the AC tracks get ripped for rF2 as a return favour???

      • Matthew Arnold

        that would go down like a lead balloon lol 🙂

      • melanieuk1

        The AC version, says its scratched made, (who knows) and not a rip. It looks nothing like the rfactor version.

        And there are already ripped versions of AC laser scanned tracks going around the internet for rfactor 2.

        like you didn’t already know it was happening, because ISI freely allows their readers to post such content (Spa any one? example), and not remove such post, I’ll keep the link where this is on the ISI forums to myself.

        No wonder we have a lack of talented scratch make track creators for both platform, because they rather rip from competing titles than to create from scratch, me if I want to play rfactor2 circuits, I’ll play them on rfactor2 and visa versa for kunos laser scanned circuits.

        Anyway nice updates to all your older tracks ISI so far, suppose they are working hard to bring rfactor2 up to a 1.0 standard for that steam release.

      • Roger Ramjet

        Scratch built fantasy track ? lol in other words nothing like Mills. Miller left over a year ago and not to another sim developer. btw do you own RF2 yet or still basing your comments on others?

      • Leynad

        I don´t know the real track, can´t even find a real onboard on youbube, but this AC-track is IMHO more fun to drive than some laserscanned tracks.

      • Roger Ramjet

        Its not a real track ,fantasy creation . hence a scratch build would be totally different .

      • Leynad

        There are few similarities with the rF2-layout and i´ve nothing against fantasy tracks if they work. Dirt Rally is fantasy from the layouts, the Raceroom track is really nice as well as some pCars and Forza tracks. There should be more of that and i rather prefer fantasy than to inaccurate real tracks, when it differs to much from a laserscanned version. Nordschleife in rF2 is such an example.

      • quf

        I thought DR had their tracks as they are irl, but only divided by stages in the game.

        If you search on youtube for dirt rally vs real life, you’ll find some comparison videos where you’ll see the layouts in game are equivalent to rl.

      • Leynad

        They look similar, but the layout is different and parts of the German stages are more close than other locations for example, but still not near accurate enough to learn a real stage with DR. The Rally Cross tracks are more accurate as far as I know, but just a fraction of the content. And in RL you don’t have reverse tracks.

      • melanieuk1

        They’ve ripped Nord as well, but it looks bland no shadows and flat.

      • D3

        What are you on about? The AC Nords that it seems a couple of people have behind closed doors? I.E not on the official forum and therefore out of the company’s control?

        3PA tracks are exactly that, tracks made by 3rd party groups that are endorsed by ISI. Be it through their contacts, with new licences, the other Dev teams they work with.
        I mean, I’ve actually seen people straight up accuse them of “stealing” Bathurst from SMS…as if that kind of thing would be able to fly between official developer products…

      • Marc Collins

        Why would someone make a unique scratch-built track for AC and name it the same as a track that’s been around since day 1 of rF1? Doesn’t seem to make the slightest sense from any perspective.

      • melanieuk1

        OK you got me, it is scratch made, I should have worded it differently, he has done a better job than the original creator, there that’s better.

      • D3

        They do remove content off their forum if need be, don’t know how many I’ve seen get taken down…

        Miller left ages ago now too, but still does occasional work for them…though I get your intent there…;)

      • melanieuk1

        Though you get my intent here, and tell me what is my intent here, I relied to Marc Collins “Should all the AC tracks get ripped for rF2 as a return favour???”.

        As if he didn’t know rfactor2 users wasn’t ripping Kunos content into rfactor2 already, tell me what do YOU think my intent is, then direct me to the nearest mind reading class, because there is no intent in my post.
        Clearly ISI has kept the discussion, on their forum where, someone actually post a picture of a ripped spa taken from kunos, not so long after it was released, and two of their staff, continue to make post on that very same thread, yes I read the ISI forums in interest, and by the way, say hello to The Associat0r for me.

      • D3

        There is intent in any of our posts…there has to be, right? Otherwise we may as well be typing random letters. Don’t take stuff the wrong way, Mel.

        Content from everywhere is being ripped into any of the other software we have. I heard that iracing stuff was appearing somewhere, or that someone had cracked into their stuff and got models out.

        I can’t see it that anyone would say that there are no illegal rips. What IS true is that the official forums of both AC and ISI both don’t allow content that is ripped or unauthorised.
        Any more than that, its out of their control. You do what you want with the software in your home.
        Toyota don’t get in the poop when you speed or do a bankjob in their car, right?

        I’ve seen a couple of pics of the AC Nords in RF2…I’ve seen more people frothing about it and talking about it than I’ve actually seen people who do have it. And if someone has done it and has shared it with friends, while wrong to me, that’s not our issue, nor is it the companies issue.

        You seem keen to group everyone in the same category, as if we all know and encourage stealing of content.
        In regards to AC Mills, I have to take his word unless someone finds some kind of proof. Be it wireframes, matching textures, etc.

      • JES

        You have no understanding of what “ripping” means. All rF1/rF2/AC tracks can be loaded to editor tool (3DSimED) with one click. If Kunos/ISI wanted to prevent this, they would encrypt tracks. This has nothing to do with ripping as long as track isn’t converted to the other game.

        I have yet to see any conversions from AC on isiforums. You seem amazingly knowledgable of a game that you don’t own.

      • Marc Collins

        My mistake. Someone did recreate rF1 Mills Metropark for AC and called it for what it is.

        Why you say it looks nothing like the original is a mystery–it’s an homage to that track, right down to the advertising banners.

        The new 2.0 for rF2 blows both of them out of the water, though.

      • Tim Wheatley

        We gave permission for some conversions to AC (we’ve seen 2 of the 3 so far).

        If anyone ripped from AC, report the post if it’s somewhere we can control, as I know they don’t want their stuff converted (and that’s fine). That’s their decision, as giving OKs for conversions or scratch builds based on our content is ours.

        Unlike some in the community, devs don’t hate each other. Our 3PA stuff is a good indication of that, as you have with-permission conversions and updates being done. While it’s not going to happen with a non-ISI engine (so no AC to rF2 conversions), I don’t think there really has to be any ‘evening out’ either. Things can go one way, or another. We’re fine saying OK to conversions when we feel like it… End of discussion really?

      • Marc Collins

        If you read down, I bothered to go look it up and was mistaken. It’s a scratch-built recreation of rF1 Mills. Something that I didn’t think anyone would bother to do if ripping was an option. But obviously the original was inspiring enough to trigger a scratch re-do. What is ISI policy on that?

    • Tim Wheatley

      How is it ‘not running’? Did you try mailing for support?

  • ChiefAmarr

    ouch.Fiat Abart practice solo.Innerloop a 4x AASS ..Replay 14-30fps ..cockpit 30fps..

  • F1Racer

    Never been a great fan of this track. Gave it a run though and, I dunno, something doesn’t feel right. Particularly on that right-hander after the straight after that long sweeping left (2 turns before the last one). It just wants to throw you off.
    This is after 25 AI cars have circulated for approx 20 laps each. Tried with a couple of different cars and I’m not feeling it. Thankfully have a lot more tracks to choose from.

  • Fabio Pittol

    The more interesting part of it is that the SuperGT’s Nissan GT-R is already well underway.

    • Paul Maguire

      Where does it mention the GT500?

      • Alex White

        4th image 🙂

    • Tim Wheatley

      Glad someone spotted it… lol

      • Fabio Pittol

        Actually I was shocked that no one spotted it! First thing I noticed! hahahaha

  • Leeman

    I’ve always enjoyed this track from rF1. Looking forward to trying this updated version for rF2.

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