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rFactor 2 – Kart Previews + Video

Image Space Incorporated has shown off plenty of previews of two upcoming karts for rFactor 2.

If you are a long-time sim racer, you might remember that kart-related content was among the first bits of rFactor 2 previews ever shown off years ago.

While the karts haven’t made it into the first beta versions of rFactor 2, Image Space Incorporated is now directing their attention to the entry-level of most racing careers.

Below are plenty of previews of two cars coming to rFactor 2, including the 20hp Junior kart and the 40hp F1 Kart for advanced drivers.

  • Victor Harris

    Woohoo! Exciting times for RF2!

  • Smithaz

    Can’t wait for these.

  • Chris Wright

    Looking excellent. A good week for rF2.

  • Big Ron

    That looks pretty great. Seems to be nice for a lot fun races. ISI seems to have had a few coffees. They are on the ball.

  • Slimjim

    About time, and it’s looking very good.
    Can’t wait to add the Shifter, and maybe the 4 stroke karts.

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to see how much better the new rF2 engine does compared to GSC2013 / rF1 version.

    Some nitpicking…
    I noticed that the backside of the seat looks a bit low compared to height of the drivers back. These look more like a one size fits all rentakart seats without any proper body support.
    As its a part you see most of the race.. it kept anoying me..

    • Tim Wheatley

      Thanks, Richard.

      • Anonymous

        You’re welcome… keep on the good work!

      • Slimjim

        Yes i can confirm the seats come to the bottom of your shoulder blades.

      • Tim Wheatley

        Yeah I saw that as soon as Richard said. Assuming the 3d guy used artistic license. 🙂 I have had the bruises to prove where the seats come to in real life. 🙂

      • Marc Collins

        Sure it can get fixed in the first update… So will we be racing these this weekend?

      • Slimjim

        Give the driver some weight, looks like a stick person driving the kart…lol i was one of the skinniest drivers in SKUSA, and was bigger than that. 🙂

    • Aaron Carlisle

      I don’t think it’s the seats… if you look at the seat in conjunction to the kart I think it’s proportion is correct. I think that they have the driver too far upright in the kart and that’s what’s making the seat look too small.

      • Anonymous

        The seat I had in my kart, as most other drivers on that level had too (national championships) were quite a bit higher.
        Could also be the position or the angle of the chair that makes it look a bit low….

  • Moura

    nice job guys

  • Helldriver

    Looking very nice so far. Hope it comes soon…..

  • Marc Collins

    AI or multi-player?
    Wish the accelerated real road could be turned down to normal, but otherwise looks awesome!

    • Tim Wheatley

      This was AI.

  • Jack_NL

    [quote]the entry-level of most racing careers.[/quote]

    mmm not allway’s 🙂

    Dutch and we live in the same town 🙂

    Hope you get the sponsorships Atze!

    but great news for rFactor2

  • Anonymous

    It’s only taken years! but I’m very impressed all the same. 🙂

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