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rFactor 2 – Indianapolis & Panoz Previews

Image Space Incorporated has released some new preveiws of upcoming content for rFactor 2.

Image Space Incorporated has released some new preveiws of upcoming content for rFactor 2.

First, we get to take a new look at Indianapolis Motor Speedway for rFactor 2 as the iconic Pagoda-style control tower is quickly coming together.

Furthermore, ISI is also working on bringing a rF1 old-faithful to rF2, the quirky Panoz roadster.

In related news, ISI is busy testing final versions of the Honda Civic BTCC car, the next vehicle in line to be released for rFactor 2.


  • Eric S

    Very much looking forward to Indy. Happy hollidays to the ISI team.

  • Chris Wright

    Well done ISI. Rest of comment edited as I misunderstood rollout of AC DLC. See AC Nordschleife thread.

    • What

      ISI: Tease with photos of content, delay game by two years, never release most teased content, charge a fixed price of $44 plus an online subscription, slowly release content over the course of two years (so far 11 tracks and 16 cars that are mostly unlicensed and definitely aren’t most people’s first choices), tease further upcoming content.

      Kunos: Tease with photos of content, delay game by one year, announce plans for paid DLC well in advance of release, release all teased content for version 1.0 and include bonus content because of delays (so far 10 circuits and 36 cars that most people love, and all fully licensed), charge $30-40 in beta, hype the announcement of DLC inlcuding the most-requested cars and track.

      Well done ISI? What? Really?

      • Justin Schmidt

        rf2 never had any release date.

      • Guy Moulton

        Well, to be fair, they made a vague promise of a finished game 6 months after release, then back tracked and then a year later said that it will be in a perpetually evolving state. And a lot of other games are going down this path especially int he racing game market so they overpromised and delivered mediocrity insofar as a time scale of development.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        edit..Once again I hurt the feelings of these pillars of the had to go

      • Noel Hibbard

        Yep… Welcome to software development. It never takes as long as you expect. Especially when you end up adding feature that weren’t on the original roadmap.

      • Anonymous

        11 of the 16 rF2 cars are licensed, with 2 of those cars waiting to hopefully be licensed by Lola. There’s a new licensed car (Honda BTCC) coming out shortly that was never part of the original “teased” lineup that will be FREE to download. In fact, everything to be released in the future, including even more cars and tracks not “teased” yet.
        As for the released content not being most people’s first choices, that’s amazing how you can speak for most people. Everything released so far has been either exactly what I wanted, or a nice surprise I never would have thought I would enjoy. I for one do not want to drive a bunch of street cars in “my racing simulator.”
        To each her own I guess…

      • wajdi nujeidat

        Wellllll….said mate!

      • Kendra Jacobs

        Rf2 is a sim not a game. Discussion over lol.

      • Anonymous

        Oh well it’s Christmas and I just got my rF2 “game” reloaded on my PC and ready to rip up some MAK mods.

      • Realkman666

        You sound like a lean, mean, racing machine.

      • Anonymous
      • Guy Moulton

        How’s the racing with AC? They announced a sim and released a screenshot generator. At least ISI, though moving along at a glacial pace, have released a fully working race-ready sim. rF2 is not as good looking as other current-gen games, this is true. AC is a semi-sim with features on par with older gmotor2 sims. It’s not online and has no AI and even though these features are coming, they are unproven and untested. But it is pretty to look at. I say shame on both companies, but at least rF2 is race ready right now today and has come through with promises like weather, realroad and dynamic tire wear/flat spotting. These are things AC will never have. So you have a choice. A realistic sim with realistic car/tire/road behaviors or a pretty game with DX11 graphics. That’s the only question and only choice in sim racing.

      • Petros Dialektakis

        You all can predict this after two months of beta? Where do you get these great crystal balls? Let’s wait with this topic for let’s say 2 years. Then we can talk about how the games really have evolved.

      • MAKCorp

        Nice to see another Petros here, just to clarify to the community that it isn’t me (Petros Mak) cause I had several people ask if its me. Its NOT!

      • Petros Dialektakis

        Hi Petros! My apologies for causing any inconvenience. Didn’t mean it that way.
        And yes, my name is also Petros (from Greece).

      • MAKCorp

        No inconvenience mate! Nice to see another Petros from Greece! πŸ˜€

      • Anonymous

        See what ya did? Made him change his name. πŸ™‚

      • Guy Moulton

        AC has announced that flatspotting and realroad will not be part of the final product. They have a static realroad that is graphical only. It does not affect the grip or offline marbles. They also have not said anything about temperature effects on track.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        edit..That post had to go, I was dangerously close hurting an esteemed member of the communities feelings

      • Guy Moulton

        Well, my folks taught me that I should not make a promise unless I can come through and to put everything I have behind that promise and make it happen. I also teach this to my kids and live it everyday. I believe that when an official statement comes out from a company that they have an obligation to come through. I am entitled to that much. Standards are important in life, son.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        “I also say shame on your parents for raising a clueless, spoiled, entitled individual that lives in a dream world with no idea of how the real world operates.”

        Yet I’m the one that gets banned for saying that I think some people are delusional, HAHAHA all I got to say is WOW!

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        I am retracting my posts as they were very mean spirited. I am so sorry that I hurt you, a pillar of the simracing community, and Guy’s feelings…This site would not be worth the bandwidth without you sharing your expert unbiased opinion with us unwashed masses. I truly am not worthy and will humbly take my “vacation” with honor.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        No need to apologize to me Michael, I was quoting that part of your post not because I was trying to attack you personally or make you go on a vacation but because I waw just confused about what can and cant be said around here. If disquis had a pm thing i would pm’d it to f1racer so im sorry for doing that publicly, disquis really needs pms and better notifications. Thanks for the humble compliments but Im not an expert and everyone is worthy to like what they like and i hope you and everyone here a Merry Christmas and great new year. 2014 will be the year of sims that we have been saying was coming since 2011 or 2012, its finally here lets cherish it.

      • F1Racer

        Kendra, please don’t go looking to push my buttons.
        I’ve already brought that up with Michael who I don’t consider to be trouble maker. That’s not for you to worry about.

        You didn’t get banned for just calling someone delusional.
        You had a sustained bout of insults which you threw at various people then on top of that you had a go at me too.
        Not only that but I did give you fair warning beforehand to calm down which you chose to ignore. It was just constant flamebaiting and trolling and it had to stop.
        So in comparison, what Michael said was mild.
        In your world everyone who doesn’t think rF2 is the king of sims is delusional or a fanboy of another sim.

        I`ll tell you this now. if you can’t stop with your immature posts and behave without getting into constant fights with people just because they don’t love your favourite sim or have an opinion that it might not be perfect, you could end up getting another ban. If that happens it won’t be just for two weeks. Don’t test me.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        Ok well I dont remember having a go at you, I’m almost alwaya having a go at sims, hardly personal people. The warning with hundreds of posts scattered everywhere i never even saw until much after the ban (disquis needs a PM function), My posts are hardly justt trolling as I almost always explain something, you have to admit that, it was the fact that lots of people didnt like my tone and whwt i had to say created controversey that I agree but to say it was just trolling or flamebating? No way i almoat always got a valid point across about a sim, wether people may have liked that or not, and that isnt trolling. My favorite sim is Netkar Pro. And almoat all posts are trying to explain or get a point across I just wrote 4 paragraphs talking about rf2 and where most of its physics problems appear, do you see a lot of other people writing long explanations? That is not immature posts to start a fight like you say, its becoming involved in the subject and trying to explain to others. I have done more writing and sharing views on things than probably most, but just because the tone might be alittle aggressive means that I am flaming and trolling and trying to start a fight? Thats the thanks I get for all the amount of thinking and explaning I contribute to your website? Come on F1Racer please try to see things from my point of view.

      • F1Racer

        Warning: Due to the length of this post it is not recommended for those with ADD or those who will want 10mins of their life back after reading it.

        “I’m almost always having a go at sims”

        Do you not see the issue in a sentence like that ? People in this little community are passionate about their sims, whether they decide to pick one favourite or choose to try and enjoy most or all of them.
        So ‘having a go at sims’ can easily meet with people wanting to challenge you on your opinions. Which btw is fine.
        But if you express yourself in a non constructive way and just bash the sim, then the reaction is not going to be favourable and suddenly you have a situation where you are fighting multiple people off at once, which is what happened last time iirc.
        I know, for me, I (think I) can point out things that I think might be wrong in a sim and I try to do it in a way that is not aggressive or confrontational. Although I do notice that I can articulate something in my native language and some people feel it threatening. Maybe cos I end up with long posts. Nothing I can do about that unfortunately. Maybe like like a teen sendin a text but I’m not much into ‘lols’ and such.
        Also with the expectation that someone else out there may know more than I do on a given subject and I may be told I’m wrong or even learn something new. I can say that because it’s happened to me.

        I’m no fan of rF2’s approach to it’s physics but it doesn’t mean I’m anti-ISI or have to whine about it. Gjon from ISI is someone I consider a friend.
        I want rF2 to succeed as best as it can and just because someone might think rF2 is perfect doesn’t mean it is either. Maybe the problem is me and my driving style. I could accept that. But no-one is going to help me with finding that out if I post that rF2 sucks or whatever. That’s just going to cause resentment.
        What I’m saying is, it’s all in the attitude.
        Debate is fine. In fact I would like to see more of it. Even if it gets heavy and involved. But heavy doesn’t have to mean insulting people because their opinions are different. I hope you can see what I’m trying to say.

        Hmmm you should have seen the warning if I directly replied to your post as it should have popped up in your notifications so I dunno if that’s a valid excuse but I guess that’s a moot point now.

        The way you gauge if your posts are trolling or flamebaiting is usually the reaction you get to them.
        Not always though to be fair. Sometimes you can post something completely innocently and someone will shoot you down for no reason. But that will be their problem.
        When you explain something, again, it’s how one says it. Are you being condescending, just generally talking down to them ? For example, you can say “I don’t know why you say rF2 lacks physics. What do you mean by that?” instead of “You say rF2 lacks physics? lolololol. You must be anti-ISI and watch too much YouTube”
        See, for me, if someone said something like that which totally differed from my opinion, I`d be eager to hear (read) his explanation why. If I still don’t agree, well I`ll try and put my side forward and see where that goes.
        It seems unlikely that either party will change the other one’s mind unless someone has missed something or is prepared to admit they are wrong on some level.

        I think it IS immature to start fights because it is not necessary to get your point across. You should be able to explain your opinion or your point without dissing people or being insulting/aggressive. Don’t you think ?
        We all know that a chunk of the community likes to get involved in these dick-waving competitions where it’s “my sim is better than your sim”. You think any of those arguments have ever been won ? πŸ™‚
        For me, I just can’t or won’t communicate on that level because I like to think I can be better than that. Sometimes I fail and give in to temptation and get involved in a verbal brawl, but I’m never proud of it.
        I prefer mature discussion even if the posts are pages long. Much better than ‘xxx sucks’ or whatever.
        If I liked to get into verbal fights and duke it out with people (as I am quite capable of) I wouldn’t have become a moderator. I think, simply, you have to treat people as you would want to be treated. Follow that and you can’t go far wrong imo.

        No just because you are aggressive doesn’t always mean it’s trolling/flamebaiting. It can just be put down to passion I suppose. You feel strongly on something and you want to let it be known. But it that always comes at the expense of tearing someone else down then I don’t think it’s worth it (unless it’s religion imo πŸ˜€ )

        The thanks you got was a 2 week ban. It could so easily have been longer πŸ˜‰ Seriously though, yes you do contribute a lot and that’s brilliant. But if most of it is getting people’s backs up….well…. I dunno. I prefer quality over quantity tbh (although you wouldn’t guess that from the length of this post, hehe).

        I would like to try to see things from your point of view if I knew what it was Kendra πŸ™‚ This is not my website btw. I am just a member here like you that happens to give up his time to moderate it too.

        FInally as for a PM feature on Disqus, yes it would be great if they had it. However if you need to contact me privately, feel free, I`ll listen. The details are at the bottom of the Comment Rules.

      • Jorge Araujo

        You’re nuts. AC physics is one of the best right now. Its graphics aren’t even that great – pCars beat anything right now, from consoles to PCs. rF2 lacks graphics, lacks physics (only a fanboy can’t see that), lacks a clear direction and lacks everything. rF1 was better overall, with a tight development and no shenanigans like online subscription. AC is tight on development, getting better at every two weeks with the new patches. rF2 felt like crap in the start and still feels like that.

        And frankly, Dx9 in a 2013 game? Fire the development team, scrap the game and start it again. Can’t take that seriously anymore.

      • Guest

        Hahahaha….. Give it up mate, you look more dafter and show your lack of intelligence and your immaturity with every post you make.
        Go play your racing game and spare us sim racers your ridiculous fanboy based drivel.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        Only an anti ISI person or someone who obviously has no idea about driving a race car and watches to many youitube videos would say rf2 lacks physics lolololol

      • F1Racer

        Lets be clear on this, there can be a world of difference between someone who would call themselves anti-ISI and someone who doesn’t feel the rF2 physics are quite right.

        Obviously rF2 cannot lack virtual physics as any sim needs some to make cars move. I think he meant that he didn’t find them convincing.
        No idea what YouTube has to do with rF2 physics but maybe I’m missing something.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        No games physics are quite right. F1 team simulators with millions of dollars running off 30 xeon processors arent quite right and all differ from each teams. A comment like only a fanboy cant see that rf2 lacks physics is one of the most hilarious comments i read all year rf2 does some of the most accurate and raw things when handling a car.

        He sounds like another one of those people that judges physics mostly only on car behaviour once youve completely messed up and gone way too far over the limit instead of looking at how the cars are as you get up to the limit and hold them on that fine line, which if you got the skill then rf2 is right up there, if you dont then stop overdriving your own personal limits.

        Only after you have screwed up due to your own fault and youve completely made a mess of things going into the corner or exiting it do I see parts of rf2 physics that might not be as good as some of the competition, up until the drivers big screw up putting the car in a ridiculous state of understeer or oversteer the rf2 physics feel like some of the most complicated raw and dynamic physics period.

        if you cant drive rf2 its your problem not the sims, as unlike other sims most of rf2s physics problems only creep their ugly head when you push too hard beyond the limits, by that point youve screwed up anywayse. I can do hours of laps without getting into these pathetic low speed understeer momenents, feeling the car and pushing a little moreeverytime like in the real world and for those hours rf2 has some of the best physics period, its only to people who cinstantly make realy big mistakes and have no sense of technique feel and car balance anticipation that rf2 may be off for them because they are always putting themselves and the car into ridiculous states of flying way over the limit of grip like some video game.

      • F1Racer

        “if you cant drive rf2 its your problem not the sims,”

        That is certainly not necessarily the case. That makes an assumption that many would disagree with.

        Just because someone has issues with rF2’s physics doesn’t make them a ‘fanboy’ of another sim either.
        I don’t like that kind of attitude. What he sounds like to you, you sound the same but on the opposite extreme.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        But F1Racer if you just take thst one sentance from me then it sounds very fanboy your right, but thats why i have paragraphs of explanations in thst same post, taking just that 1 sentance out without reading the remaining 3 or 4 paragraphs is why you are getting the wrong impression from that single statement.

      • F1Racer

        Well you might be right but why is it, in my case, that I can drive all the other sims, blast around the Nordschliefe in swaying HistorX cars and then in rF2, I turn in on a green track during a practice session in a full blown race car with big slick tyres on and the read end swings around like it’s on ice ? Does AC have it wrong ? Or GTR2 ?
        Is it the green track ? Not all tracks are green when you do there and green does not equal ice.
        I don’t touch rF2 that much simply because of this. Then I saw loads of other people complaining of exactly the same thing. The only explanation then would be either that the grip on a green track is far too low (there should be always a rubbered in preset imo), the physics are not right in some way or everyone who is complaining about the same thing just isn’t driving it properly because other people can manage. Are we going with the last one because it’s easier ? Then lets forget that no other sims react like this. True, only rF2 has the green track feature like this but I could do without it tbh.

        Also, why do only the ISI cars have this issue (except the Clio) ? The MAK and T5 mods seem fine to me.

        Oh I dunno. Maybe someone out there can englighten me πŸ™‚

      • Realkman666

        The ISI cars that use slicks all have that problem. Like you said, MAK and URD manage to make driveable cars using the same tires, but I also feel like their grip doesn’t vary enough according to track condition, like they are too easy to drive fast even on the first lap. I like the effort ISI is making with progressive grip, but it’s a bit goofy at the moment. I also think the add-on cars have too much grip right away.
        I guess I’ll try using rubbered tracks with ISI cars and green track with others, or something like that.

      • F1Racer

        Yeah that’s what I’ve been doing πŸ™‚

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        I just got the word straight from Aris that flatspotting of tires will be in by V1.0. Weather and “realroad” will come in later updates…Please get your facts straight before you go spewing straight up garbage that you made up yourself as fact. It’s good that you love rf2…have fun on it, it’s a very nice sim; no need for you to spew lies about AC in order to feel better about the game you play.

  • Guy Moulton

    That Panoz was a surprise announcement to me. Will it compete with the AC Cobra?

    • Anonymous

      The Panoz roadster. was announced /shown 4-5 years ago, when rFactor 2 was announced, so it’s not new news

  • Ozzy

    I don’t understand how the Panoz Roadster is related to rF1? The Panoz from rF1 was the Esperante!

  • Max Pautov

    Really looking forward Indionapolis and some indycar

  • David Dominguez

    Where are the Indianapolis previews? I can only see some building.

  • Jordan Meagher

    cant wait for both of these … they really producing some nice new car interiors

  • OndΕ™ej Čada

    Hmm, Panoz Roadster… Anyone remembers Midtown Madness? πŸ™‚

  • Kev

    Looking forward to the roadster. Anything by ISI with a clutch sounds good to me.

  • Andy Thompson

    I hope they sort the horrible UI.

    It was fine until AC was released and showed how interfaces should be.

    Apart from that and poor graphics, I am looking forward to the BTCC Civic.

    • Kev

      One of the best things about rf2 is that it weeds out a lot of people who struggle with figuring out things, including how to drive.

      • Anonymous

        So your saying weeding out those extra profits for ISI is a good thing?. I think a lot of people misunderstand me but I am really on the side of the developers being successful without being greedy but at the end of the day there is a need for them to fill their plates with the needed cash to continue and that means as many satisfied users(customers) as possible.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        It’s doing a good job too, 6 people on-line right now…

      • Andy Thompson

        If you’re implying I cannot figure out how to use the rF2 interface then you’re very wrong.

        My point is, it’s not very well put together and looks like it was produced in the late 90’s.

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