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rFactor 2 – Heat FX Preview Video

rFactor 2 – Heat FX Preview Video

Image Space Incorporated has released a small new preview video of their upcoming rFactor 2 simulation, showing the new heat haze effect in action.

The video shows the effect of the hot exhaust fumes on the surrounding air, one of many new effects to be introduced with the new graphics engine.

rFactor 2 will introduce various improvements to the modding-friendly simulation including weather, driver animations and a refined graphics engine. ISI has not announced a definite release date yet, the company is still aiming to release their newest title by the end of 2010 though.

  • Timothy Wheatley

    just wanted to add the facebook video upload probably shows it better, youtube seems to have taken away tge detail. sorry cant paste the link im on my phone πŸ™‚

  • aceruber

    Really nice , i just can’t wait for rfactor 2 .

  • 6e66o
  • felipe

    OMG =-O can we now have someone converting iRacing’s tracks? How epic would that be! Anyway my days with iRacing are ending thanks to expensive renew rates (fake promotions) and rFactor 2!!!

  • 6e66o

    “the company is still aiming to release their newest title by the end of 2010”

    I guess that part of the news isnt up to date anymore, is it? πŸ˜‰

  • CH

    Hm.. no news about physics update? recently, most are on gfx side

  • Jux

    is gonna be gooood!

  • Ross Siggers

    The comment on the facebook link says;

    RFactor2 Seweryn, 2010 is not likely. The guys are working as hard as they can.”


  • Flaux

    On the other side, I already love the lightning on the white megane. Thx for the vid ISI!

  • spacekiller

    That is looking really amazing. I hope it will convince/silence people who moan about graphics (no offence guys). Thank you for nice preview and progress reports. Btw. details about physics would be appreciated  πŸ˜‰

  • Alpine Digital

    This looks fantastic, but how are the system requirements holding up? I sure hope these FX enhancements are configurable to be shut off so they can sell to the masses, not just those with dual core systems. 

  • qawaza

    oh man, will this be in time for Christmas…plsssssssssssssssss

  • 6e66o

    dual cores are so 2005… πŸ˜›

    i agree though,
    making all effects optional is the way to go.

  • Niklas

    I really hope they don’t take too much time optimizing the game for systems older than 5 years. That is to say, if you don’t have a dual core, chances are your GPU isn’t up to par to play ‘new’ games either.

  • Niklas

    Yeah, give me everything for freeeee! Wheeee!

  • AProst

    The haze effect looks nice. All look good. I like the details on the tires of the Formula. πŸ™‚

    Hehe I watched this vid 10 times. πŸ˜€

  • Simfan

    I agree with Niklas, I get sick of hearing about ‘optimizing for older systems’ in the sim community. You can easily build a new current PC for an affordable price (<1K)

  • ozy

    c bon ca

  • stabiz

    That looks great!

  • nick

    they copied it from shift πŸ˜›

  • 6e66o

    Well, sometimes you need to be able to adjust graphic settings even if you have a high end pc.
    When loading 100+ cars or a 50+ km track for example πŸ˜‰

  • stabiz

    Lol, Felipe is the same Felipe that complains in the forums about 30% off a year subscription (in credits) is fake.

  • 6e66o

    And shift copied it from gp4 πŸ˜›

  • Bjorn

    Oh yeah πŸ˜€ (owned nick?) πŸ™‚

  • Explosive Face

    If you think a dual-core system is high-end, you won’t be able to run this. The masses have dual-cores, people with single-cores are in the minority.

  • kiwi

    “Well, sometimes you need to be able to adjust graphic settings even if you have a high end pc.  When loading 100+ cars or a 50+ km track for example”

    I would love to see some screenshots of this  πŸ˜›

  • kiwi

    looks very nice!

    one question: is this an isi Megane or the wsgt2 one?

  • KastaRules

    I love it!

  • 6e66o

    rf1, Nordschleife, 100 cars on track

  • kiwi

    I watched this one a 100 times already and it’s great! πŸ˜€

    but I was referring to the 50km+ track hehe  πŸ˜›

  • Ross Siggers


  • Ross Siggers


  • johnny

    ISI has pretty much confirmed it will not be 2010.  They dont seem to be aiming for a 2010 release.  I guess its more a question of when in 2011.

  • Tuppe

    Heat haze shaders, as shaders commonly are pretty fast. I did quick test in my game with heat haze shader on and off, 280 fps to 310(if it was 100% disabled I hight have gained even few more fps, but I didn’t go for all that trouble)

    But they might require GPU with pixel shader 2.0, which is more standard than a dual core CPU.

    And CPU doesn’t really have that much part in rendering, it is pretty much GPU. And it’s 4 and 6 core CPUs that are beginning to gain stantard nowadays, not dual-core.
    Just buy decent graphics card, I think you should be fine with 150$ card for this game.(obviously if your other components aren’t 10 years old and bottlenecking the whole system)

  • frigopie

    well done, looks nice πŸ˜‰

  • Lukas Kvietkauskas

    Amazing work!

  • Pashalis Gergis

    This is gonna be the racer’s dream πŸ™‚ !

  • felipe

    so Niklas where do you get rFactor 2 for free? let me know!

  • Pieter

    I say get it out in 2011, this gives us all some more time to upgrade our pc and get them ready to run this beast at a steady fps rate … πŸ˜€

  • nofx

    lol, nice effect from years ago :-$

  • Luka Oslakovic

    agree πŸ™‚

  • Jezza

    stabiz…. shhhh and get back to making jaw dropping videos

  • hoover

    Indeed Tim, I had to switch to fullscreen in order to see the effect at all… I fear it’s wasted on the older folks like us πŸ˜‰  

    Keep up the good work, 


  • Bubb Rubb

    rFactor 2: Saving Photoshoppers time and effort

  • Bjorn

    lol @ ^

  • Haghesys

    Yeah cos it looks dated already

  • Blacker

    Looks like the effect is a bit slow to me. But I’m also on a slow internet connection πŸ˜‰ .

  • Ding Dong

    HAHA your mom is dated, mate!

  • Ross Siggers

    Is that why F1 2010 uses it??

  • Jezza

    dated compared to what?

  • Jezza

    Yeah an effect from years ago that generally looks crap on anything that has tried it, it appears damn fine in those RF2 vids though

  • Howie47

    Looks very nice. The speed of the heat haze rise is dependent on outside temp. “Blacker”.   Probably not the right place for suggestions.   But making up some standard tire files for moders would be a great help. Most seem to think they have to invent their own different ones and fail?   Maybe some with just a few, street, racing, dirt with changes in the “size” lines.

  • Carbonfibre

    I have that warm fuzzy feeling watching this.

    btw Tim, you left a hint of audio in there… you can’t fool me! Muahahah.
    …or was that on purpose I wonder. 😎

  • Carbonfibre

    I don’t get it… did they have the effect in 2004? That was ISI’s last update.

  • Haghesys

    compared to something with release date of 2011

  • jimmy

    !!! Some standardization of tyre physics would be the best possible thing I can think of !!!

  • Jamin

    of course they have these kind of effects in 2004,DX9 came out in 2002,the same API that rF2 has

    almost a decade ago eh? πŸ˜‰

  • Dan

    I’m the weird kid on the block with a single core cpu. I’ll most probably upgrade though.

  • 6e66o

    Let me get this straight..

    you compare wip footage of a not yet released game with 2011 games that obviously arent released yet too?

    Wow, some people never cease to amaze me..

  • vik15

    The effect looks nice but the other visual aspects are not so great. Lighting is very artificial, too contrast and lacks all those subtle light and shade things seen in photos and some modern PC games.  I can’t even recognise where  a light goes from.  A car surface shader is also not so realistic. I would rather spent some time for those things than for that heat Fx.

  • Austin White

    Rfactor1 is still a great game, and the physics are up to whatever mod. so Seeing little visual enhancements is cool. Im sure the physics are getting worked on as well..  To me they where already good, just a little better tire physics and force feedback and will be perfect.

  • Flaux

    Great find!

  • Pashalis Gergis

    +1 to 6e66o’s post. Some people even compare rF with 2010 game releases. Truth is that ISI do not have the sources to build a graphic engine like other games ( ? ). Its main point is the realism it gives us and that’s why it was , it is and it will be the best sim out there. However , guys like 6e66o and their screens make me feel rF has the best graphics in all racing games πŸ˜‰ .

    PS 1 : No offense to ISI , of course they’re doing a remarkable effort so far and simply they are the best !

  • Pashalis Gergis

    Indeed , those little effects ( like the exhaust fumes of course ) that are being added in rF2 are not needed to be created by some photo editing program. I have to say I’m really pleased by the improvement in the graphics part. Cheers.

  • Haghesys

    Don’t play the fool, you know very well what i mean

    wip footage? lol

    Yeah, you keep repeating that to yourself pal,sorry to disappoint you but this is how (more or less) the final game will look like

  • 6e66o

    lets talk again in half a year πŸ˜‰

  • Carbonfibre

    Oh before I forget, just a little request regarding particle effects, heat haze and real-time reflections: Can we make sure they are all running at least 30fps please. Any thing below just doesn’t look fluid no matter what small performance gains there are.

    I remember in NFS that lower graphic settings turned down reflection frame rate to about 12fps while the rest of the game runs at 60fps… bleh!

  • frigopie

    totally agree, ligthing model needs some iprovement, HDR is needed, bloom is not but HDR gives you much better reflections, and car paint material needs fresnel no matter if it reflects a little o much…

  • Firefox

    I’m sure many elements are still WIP so this is not the final look.

  • xTr3me

    Who confirmed it won`t get out in 2010?

  • xTr3me

    Who confirmed it won`t get out in 2010? There is no offical statement as far as I know….

  • ChickenNoodles

    Um dual core is old and if you are not on a dual core at the minimum then you are not the “masses”

    Considering Dual Core processors are 5 going on 6 years old now.   They are a defacto standard and considered low end by and large.   With 6 core units on the market and VERY CHEAP – You are out dated and not part of the masses. I am sorry.

  • F1Racer

    oh the lighting is artificial is it ?  πŸ˜‰

  • melanieuk

    Looks damn fine on shift as well.

  • F1Racer

    oh the lighting is artificial is it ?  <img src=”extra/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-wink.gif” title=”Wink” border=”0″ alt=”Wink”/>  

  • F1Racer

    oh the lighting is artificial is it ? πŸ˜‰

  • Turkey :D

    A 2.8Ghz dual core, 4 gigs of ram, and a GTX260 are pretty much all you need to max out most of today’s games. I don’t mind not having 32x AA… 4x is just fine. Quad cores aren’t quite necessary. Quad cores will be needed when the next console generation debuts, as PC games seem to follow suit, requiring more processing power.

  • GTEvo

    Well said vik..the most important Things we need are perfects shaders, shaddows, lightnigs..
    PhysicEngine in rF is around 75%.
    Lightnings, Shaddows in rF are under 10% for 2010, compared to each other Videogames.

  • Bjorn


  • Turkey :D

    Yes, when the reflection setting is lowered for slower computers, don’t change the refresh rate, just the detail of the reflection.

  • Higans

    I like to compare rF with other sims and considering this, rF has excellent gfx, other videogames are not appropriated for serious online simracing. Active serious simracers want physics like in iR.

  • Dan

    Maybe you should post this on their forum at:

  • Jezza

    i love how they complain about artificial lighting, ummm guys its not real life so yes its always going to be artificial.

  • Jezza

    doesnt look dated at all looks like what id expect from a current product, not overdone and in your face like some products out there, i dont think i need to name them as most people could already guess the products.

  • Jezza

    @ Pashalis Gergis
    while i agree that ISI “do not have the sources to build a graphic engine like other games ( ? ). Its main point is the realism it gives us and that’s why it was”
    In terms of the best sim out there is debatable, you have GTR series Netkar and Iracing to compare too, I personally rate Iracing, Rfactor, GTR and Netkar in that order, I know others wont agree, but in the end its down to preference really and if you have bothered to try the other offerings, i have tried all of the mentioned and i found myself very much at home with Iracing. While there is a little ? over tyre physics the code is constantly improved, and i will attest to weight and body roll being great and the feel/feedback. And the tracks are 2nd to none.

  • Jezza

    from that wip to what shift has to offer, i think it makes shift look shift without the h

  • Jezza

    from that wip to what shift has to offer, i think it makes shift look shift without the f

  • DFHG

    DX9 – 2002
    rF2(dx9) – 2011

    DX11.1 in 2011 and DX12 is coming along with Windows 8 at 2012

    Meanwhile i see all of you a few years from now to still discuss about pixel shaders 2.0 ,heat haze, real time reflections and shadows…

    yeah yeah i know the story ,it’s all about the Physics etc etc etc

    Very convenient excuse ,however is not relevant anymore since both Iracing and GTR3 heading to a more modern Api’s

  • Jezza

    @ ROSS

    BAMMMMM!!!! drop the fucking bomb on them there didnt you!!! Hi Five!

  • f0xx

    Changing the refresh rate doesnt affect the fps unless you turn vsync on πŸ˜‰

  • f0xx

    Changing the refresh rate doesnt affect the fps performance unless you turn vsync on.

  • Zsolt Jakobey

    partly agree with you, but dx10 was a piece of s.. in my opinion, and the dx11 is not enough mature stuff now,i think.

  • Slimjim

    Codemasters F1 2010 has the best heat haze i have seen so far.. this was very light.. and for my eyes it was hard to see without looking very hard..

    the facebook vid was better, the 1st part was easy to spot, but i still didn’t see it on the 2nd half..
     maybe is you can make it more intence..that would do the trick.

    can’t wait to have it , i’m really looking forward to start learning the new modding process.

  • Higans

    Thtat’s the point of view of a online simracer:

    Zitat von ISI Jeremy <img src=”” title=”Beitrag anzeigen” border=”0″ alt=”Beitrag anzeigen”/> These were the main concerns when looking at the Graphics API

    There is very little in D3D10 that cannot be done in D3D9.
    From standpoint of engine building D3D10 is “easier” than D3D9 but we already have a solid D3D9 engine.
    Added graphical features for rF2 can be done with D3D9.
    Evolutionary graphics improvement to match evolutionary GPU improvements.

    While rF2 graphics are a core system of the simulation, real world simulations have other concerns. Straining for the last 5% of graphical awesomeness at a cost of .5-1.0 times more computation resource consumption for graphics is hard to justify. Ignoring that last 5% gives us more opportunity to exploit those computational resources.

    That said, the graphics for rF2 look very good IMHO. I do not think you miss D3D10 features. I dont.

  • vik15

    Look at the first few frames,.  Can you say where is  the sun? On the left, on the right or behind you? I can’t .   If lighting  is realistic you can always see it.

  • daemonicus

    can’t help it, just looks so outdated.

  • RJC_pt

    Why don’t people sot this dx10/dx11 nonsence, ps3 gpu is a dx9 based chip… look at gt5…
    Besides, some games exploit every last new tech because they sell mainly on graphics…
    not the case of rf is it?…

  • vik15

    Although GT5 turned out to be not so great visialy as promissed, I agree, it even don’t use directX at all.

  • Firestarter

    Didn`t GT Legends have a heat effect for the exhaust?

  • Zsolt

    Play with GT5 thenand and enjoy the “as close as you can get to real life” physics.

  • Zsolt

    Differences in directx versions doesn’t give much.

  • Jezza

    No just smoke

  • Jezza

    ALL I HAVE TO SAY TO BOTH OF THE ABOVE…. L fucking O fucking L

  • Jezza

    No, vik, you cant always see the sun, if it is out of frame you cant see it, and by the first shot on the back of the formula car it is clear that the sun is situated high in the sky behind and a very little bit to the right. And out of frame!

  • Jezza

    @ Haghesys
    “Don’t play the fool, you know very well what i mean  
    wip footage? lol  
    Yeah, you keep repeating that to yourself pal,sorry to disappoint you but this is how (more or less) the final game will look like”

    Sorry to dissapoint you but yes, it is WIP footage, ISI are still working on the program and as long as it is being worked on it is a WORK IN PROGRESS! They have taken the time to show the public a new feature, as it is new i am sure they are working to improve it in every aspect until the ISI team are satisfied with the result, Dont you think if they were satisfied and it wasnt WIP that we would have RF2 by now?

  • Jezza

    @ vik15

    true true and true

  • Yonas

    You lol’d cos you’re a T fucking RO fucking LL

  • GammaRay

    You do the same mistake as anyone with no knowledge about this stuff comparing two completely different architectures(PC’s,PS3)

  • Justin ForzaBarΓ§a D’Cruze

    Dont really see the point of going to dx11, theres plenty that can be done in dx9 that gmotor2 still doesnt take advantage of…..

  • Jezza

    yes yonas what ever you say yonas….

  • Zsolt

    @Jezza I was being sarcastic by the way.

  • daemonicus

    just don’t see the reason why not make it a little more up to date graphic-wise, that’s all.

  • vik15

    ok. if it’s behind why the sky is so bright and the trees are so dark? Based on the sky and trees I would say the sun is somewher in front of you.   And if the sun is high on the sky why the ground lit so weak?   And of course I didn’t mean that the sun should always be within a frame.

  • vik15

    As I know PS3 use a simplified OpenGl instead of DirectX.  It can be and do is in use on PC also.  DirectX is just an Microsoft invention to make games  run only on Windows.

  • Wesley

    Oh you mean the graphics you wont notice at all because you are watching the track and rivals? When im in an race I am not going to think; Wow that tree is incredibly detailed!

  • Dx11Fan

    Please read the techs what can be done with Dx11 ! Its far more then only some nice visual effect, it automatically enables multicore for every game blah and so on. Dx11 is normally a must have for every new game. Its so easy to implement and even if not everyone will have a dx11 videocard on 2012/2013 (in 2010 a good Dx11 Card cost about 105€) it dont have ANY disadvantages.

  • Wesley

    Uhhm it does, look at DiRT2 F1 2010 and other dx11 games which all have alot of graphical bugs using dx11, then i already know I would use Dx9, maybe dx11 will be implemented later, but i dont see why they even should. If you are such an graphical horny, spoiled brat you should play GT5

  • 6e66o

    Yeah right,
    who needs modern graphics.

  • Ross Siggers

    Roland Slide and Gloria ‘Slap’? I love those guys!

  • pez2k

    That’s basically my exact PC specs, and I indeed don’t have any trouble running any game on high. The only things that give me any sort of slowdown are ARMA2 in cities, which won’t even run on a supercomputer, and CoD:BO which is horribly optimised. Neither are particularly gorgeous games either.

  • moschum

    Glad to see ISI are spending UTTERLY POINTLESS time on Heat haze, and not informing us or giving hints on the things that actually effing matter, like the multiplayer features, like the physics or force feedback updates.

    Yeah ISI, heat haze previews is what we all want to see.
    jesus christ. 

  • f0xx

    Heat haze is important and helps creating racing atmosphere, besides not all of them are spending UTTERLY POINTLESS time doing the same. ^^

  • f0xx

    Heat haze helps to create racing atmosphere, which is very important, besides not all of them are working on the same thing. ^^

  • zer0ryd3r

    Someone below said the graphics look outdated. Not sure how you get that from an 18 second clip, but to me, those meganes look spectacular. I also like the way the flag has a natural “blowing in the wind” movement to it. It would be nice to stop getting all these previews that hype us up and get an actual release date. It’s just my opinion guys, so dont jump on me like the enduracers news item. I’m just very excited thats all πŸ™‚

  • Gonzalez

    CM did a lazy job if you ask me and basically they left out many DX11 features,so don’t judge DX11 only by those two -mediocre- ain’t see nothing yet of the true potential of this api (Something you can’t say for DX9)

    To each his own tho,if you’re okay playing with such an outdated gfx till the next release of rF (2017?) that’s fine with me

    in the mean time the rest of the world will enjoy cutting edge/Next gen gfx in games like GTR3/Iracing/GT6/Forza5 etc

  • Carbonfibre

    Their forum feels a little deserted at times. :'(

  • Jezza

    I understand the ground looks dark, but that could be many factors, track surface type, as in what compound is the track made from. The trees them self could be dark depending on what kind of tree they are, understand not all trees are bright green, i have seen some mighty dark green trees in my time, and some bright green also.
    I based my assumption on the suns positioning in the 1st clip, based on the wing shadow, and the Trackmaster signage board shadow and the darkness of the pitcomplex building. Also you can see where the sky is brighter in the higher right side of the frame, and basing my conclusion on those points my conclusion from before still stands, The sun is out of frame with a high angle and slightly to the right. Also the verticle board on the rear wing is casting a slight shadow across the bottom wing plane.

  • Carbonfibre

    Not this discussion again.

    At least show some restraint on all you’re future hopes. As it stands we have nothing on GTR3 AT ALL – what if GTR3 runs on gMotor3 with the same graphics as rF2? Not next-gen? Yet Shift 2 is allowed to be called a next-gen game with dx9, ported engine from years ago, and it’s a 2011 release…

    iRacing ever becoming cutting edge in the graphics department is just preposterous, I’m not even going to go there.

    Consoles will lead the graphics development as they always have done, because as we all know it’s not about the hardware, it’s about the money. So that would be correct that GT6/Forza4 will be the true dx11 cutting edge titles.

    More accurately, the Xbox4 will set the hardware limitations for the next generation. PC will always be able to push a higher resolution and less jagged graphics (as the one advantage that makes me a proud PC gamer). But the irony is, the PC never gets the cake to eat that truly embraces DX11, even though PC is were the API is born in the first place, because the console will always rule in the eyes of the industry.

  • Tuppe

    Don’t worry about the time, I could implement a heat haze shader in a game within an hour, they must be using more complex and optimized language so it’s pretty much a matter of day to perfect heat haze(IF they are not writing the shader themselves, that would take more time)

    If they have already basic shading system they just create a 3D model represeting the haze area and add the shader, done. Cool shader effects are very simple nowadays

  • @carbon

    So GTR2 has worse graphics than GT4?. You dont know how GTR3 will look, and you talk too much.

  • Carbonfibre

    @carbon, sorry was that directed at me?

    I don’t understand your question since I didn’t imply any connotation to those titles or bias against GTR2.

    But I see you agree with me that we don’t know how GTR3 will look.

    Did you actually read my post by any chance lol? I’m guessing not, judging by your opinion that I talk too much.

  • @carbon

    I’m not saying you’re biased against GTR numb nuts.

  • Carbonfibre

    Ah then please forgive me, I thought there was a hidden intelligence behind your wit. I guess what you say is actually literal, butt hurt.

  • @carbon

    just refinlax Mr tough guy you are so full of yourself, it’s sad really.

  • @carbon

    But man come’on it’s not that im butthurt, you pretty much said consoles set the standard for graphics, I’m not saying your a console fanboy, but what you said must mean that Forza 1 had better graphics than GTR.
    We dont know how these new “PC Sims” that are coming are going to look, they might well blow the current gen console “games” out the water, I’d put money on it because GT5 doesn’t look all that great anyway. It’s why us PC hater nerds, dont really care too much about those kiddy toys, and I dont care if lan’s takes his roid rage out on me.

  • @carbon

    But wait till these console retards whatever they are see the new GTR, They wont be so big and tough then.

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