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rFactor 2 – Build 998 Released

Image Space Incorporated has released a new build of their rFactor 2 racing simulation.

Image Space Incorporated has released a new build of their rFactor 2 racing simulation.

While the new build does not contain any new content or ISI’s soon to be released gJED tool, the new release is particularly interesting for everyone who wants to give rFactor 2 a try as a new demo build has been released as well.

The new demo has been equipped with some of the sims newest content, including the Karts, Formula Renault 3.5, AC427 and the Atlanta Motorsports Park track.

Update 33 (Build 998) Changelog:


  • Added an option to the KnockoutQualifying plugin to have a fixed number of vehicles being scored in Q2/Q3/Q4, rather than have a variable number which was computed proportionally based on the number of vehicles in Q1.
  • Added the admin command /pitbyvehicle. This is similar to /pitbydriver and /pitbyteam, but finds matches to the Description in the VEH file.
  • Online map put player’s icon and the icon for the car to be followed under caution in front of the others so they are easier to keep track of.
  • Juggled some suspension geometry initialization so that caster changes affect the outboard pushrod location.
  • Added results file tag which lists the layout MAS file.
  • Letting “virtual” cars override “Classes” & “Category” from the base vehicle file. (in a text editor, by hand.)
  • Made the key for triple-head configuration and the TGM display into a single configurable control.
  • Added onboard right track bar adjustment, which requires the HDV [SUSPENSION] setting OnboardRightTrackBarAdjustment=1.
  • Expanded multiview adjustments to allow separate side channel settings
  • Added multiview adjustment tool, toggle with ctrl-equal
  • Default pace car is Corvette
  • Made fuel adjustment in legacy HDV variable BoostEffects work on new engine model (note that using the new turbo technology already results in more fuel being consumed naturally).


  • Corrected albedo levels on several particle textures.
  • Fix for not checking mod versions when changing mods
  • Fixed an issue where a rear axle adjustment was essentially being done twice in initialization.
  • Fix for the server not writing correct results when everybody leaves the session.
  • An attempt to avoid the opponent car jitters that start happening after a few hours and get worse in long multiplayer sessions. This still needs to be tested (using the admin command /forwardseconds should help).
  • Fix for locale errors in config.ini
  • Corrected static ARB forces (already accounted for non-symmetric ride heights, but now accounts for non-symmetric springs and weights as well)
  • Fixed underbody scraping sound.
  • Small fix to prevent the upgrade tree list from updating the current track when not in realtime.
  • Fixed place readout and camera cycling by place in normal (i.e. non-instant) replay mode.
  • The wheels on other clients’ vehicles should usually rotate at approximately the correct speed now.
  • Attempted fix for race rejoin where client still thinks the vehicle is under AI control.

Modding/Public Dev:

  • Added “none” to AIW editor text display options. Fixed step distance/speed not getting saved for track overrides in AIW editor.
[boxdownload]Download rFactor 2 Build 998 Demo Installer Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download rFactor 2 Build 998 Lite Installer Here[/boxdownload]
  • RapidRefund

    Really as a total package rf2 is the best based on the customization and features and the fact that they are tops in many areas within. No they don’t have animated pit stops but their pit stops actually work and their AI has a brain. Oh and they have buttoned down the problems they had with their tire. The title Get’s a AAA rating from me.

    • The Associat0r
      • RapidRefund

        Well I came up really liking GTR2 but did not get my start with it that would be NT2003 by ISI as far as sims go. Anyway while I liked GTR2 better I felt rF1 was more detailed in many ways and more of a Sim flavor and GTR2 IMO is still my most favorite Racing Game but you could find inconsistencies within. I now think rF2 is close to matching rF1 as what you say in the last part of your post. We need even a fraction of the content that rF1 has to get close to that title.

      • RichardHessels

        It took 7 years to get so much content for rF1.
        Without ISI there would be no GTR.

      • RapidRefund

        Right and rF2 has been around for 4 years with about 5% of the content rF1 has

      • IceVioletteDevil

        You don’t need millions of mods. You just need good mods, and rF2 has those in spades. Also you can’t compare making mods for rF1 with making mods for rF2. rF2 is obviously a lot more complex and hard to mod for, because it’s the most advanced sim out there.

        I’m very picky about which mods I download, yet I still have 130 tracks (many of those with multiple layouts) and about 120 cars installed, including ISI content.

        Just saying. There’s tons of great content out for rF2.

      • RapidRefund

        There is not enough for me ATM to single my interests toward it at any great effort. I launch it no more than anything else. However my favorite mods are still on rF1 only even if some of that is set to change.

      • Roger Ramjet

        Im the same ,heaps of tracks and cars combos to choose from and so many environmental variations to run them (night/day races/weather/,sprint /enduro ..etc) . There simply isn’t enough hours in a year to run them all and really get them wired.

      • Depco

        A big part of that is that many in the modding community have not moved over to rF2 or moved to AC. The modding in rF2 is a lot harder than in rF1, although they are coming out with a modding tool that should assist in making the job easier for the modders.

      • IceVioletteDevil

        Without ISI there wouldn’t be a Stock Car Extreme either. People tend to forget that.

      • RapidRefund


  • jethrow29

    I haven’t given rf2 the time it probably deserves because I’m so much looking forward to the stock cars. Once they’re out though I won’t be surprised if it becomes my go-to sim.

  • QUF

    Why did they remove Silverstone from the demo……. This new track is just slow-medium corner after corner and is not that easy to test the new cars, especially if you’ve got a new person to sim racing willing to try the demo.

    My suggestion would be to also add the Silverstone track, if not the GP, just the International which is more driving friendly.

    • Gui Cramer

      Silverstone is looking quite dated, it’s amazing how things progress. Luffied is quite low-poly for example. AMP is great looking but it is a bit of a commitment track however packed with lot of downforce it can flow well. Indianapolis could be a good addition for variety.

      • The Associat0r

        Silverstone doesn’t look that dated.

      • IceVioletteDevil

        Mostly it’s just a matter of people not being familiar with AMP. It’s a fantastic track for all kinds of cars, and rF2 is the only sim where you can drive that track.

        I think it’s the perfect choice for the demo. The challenging nature of the track, with its elevation changes and cambers really let the rF2 physics shine bright.

        You can get Silverstone and Indianapolis in any other sim too. AMP is rF2 exclusive.

    • F1Racer

      I agree, Silverstone should have stayed in. It’s a great track to race on in rF2.

  • Cock Pit

    Cmon release the stock car extreme!

  • Redglyph

    Addicted to pCARS and AC, I tried to like this sim, since so many tells wonders about it. But this new demo build just put me off.

    The exe shortcut is not working, TrackIR is very poorly supported, the FFB is weird to say the least (either breaking down the wheel or barely giving any feedback on a T500RS), but I can overcome those little quirks, most sims have them – after all, the pCARS FFB is wrong by default too.

    But then there is this new circuit, which is a very bad decision IMHO. Silverstone is well-known and a great circuit so it makes a good benchmark, plus the user probably knows it and doesn’t have to learn it on top of the rest (especially since there is no minimap assist). The one they chose this time seems great fun, but offers almost no visibility with a car that has very poor grip, and no way to really look around due to artificial limitations in the camera angle and thus quite a hard time just getting from the parking to the track… no sorry, I just can’t get to like this, which makes me a bit sad and wonder why so many others seem to say it’s the best there is.

    And seeing the exagerated price, I probably won’t buy it to test other tracks or cars (even if old Spa is featured).

    Anyone feeling the same? Or have I missed something?

    • RapidRefund

      I think since it’s release rF2 has come a long way and does most resemble what one would expect from a training simulator. However I does not have some of the game features people like a career mode of challenges. I for one think iRacing has a slight edge as far as physics but rF2 has more user options and the freedom to tweak the game to your liking. So for current gen(PC titles) it is tops overall.

      • Pablo Coronel

        Is not a game.

      • RapidRefund

        Sure it is.

      • IceVioletteDevil

        Nope. By definition it’s a simulator.

    • The Associat0r

      Use the shortcut on the desktop instead.

    • Redglyph

      EDIT: coming back to build 982, it’s much better! Based on this demo I could be tempted now I better see how they use the FFB. It lacks the firm grip R3E or pCARS use, but as long as it carries the information and is plausible, it’s perfect 🙂

      People should just avoid the latest demo build if they want to forge a fair opinion on the game.

      • Ju Tutt

        b998 not great for my under-spec laptop, b982 was running quite smootly with the same graphics options (all set to minimum).
        Now having stutters racing [email protected]

  • Hagen Tröger

    best sim ever

    • RapidRefund

      I still like rF1 better more stuff to choose from

      • Hash

        I kinda know what ya mean, but I just cant drive a rfactor without that tire model and real road (aswell as other great features) now, its just that much of a game changer, it still blows me away how I now have to look after my tires and know when to push, (mid ohio is my tire nemesis at moment), I keep RF loaded for GT legends and thats it, if feel like RF1 I load GSCE which has almost all the good RF1 mods anywho (apart from GTL)

  • Pablo Coronel

    The King.

  • whaletail

    When I finally moved on from consoles last year, and built a PC, I purchased nearly all the sims of note (including GPL on disc, which wasn’t Win7 compatible). Moving from sim to sim, and car to car, I was pretty much slowlapping offline. I was dog slow, and began questioning why I’d left Forza.

    Three months ago, nearly a year after subscribing, I began driving the iRacing MX-5, and became hopeful about finally online racing.

    180 races later, I’m still exclusively racing the MX-5. I’m no alien, but am usually within 1.5s of pole for the week, and often finish in the top 5 (3000+ SOF races, excepting). I’ve only won 5 races, but I’ve learned a lot about racing, and driving on the limit, by focusing my efforts on a single car.

    Sadly, however, I haven’t launched another sim since, and have missed out on a lot of exceptional content.

    Unless you’re running in a structured league, other sims just can’t match what iRacing offers, and finding an appropriate league simply isn’t that easy.

    I do hope to league race in the future, as I think it may offer me the most compelling sim racing experience available, but it will take some time to learn TeamSpeak (among other barriers to entry), not to mention find a league that matches my interests and skills, and races at a convenient time.

    iRacing isn’t perfect, and isn’t for everyone, but it’s the only service I’m aware of that offers organized “plug and play” online racing suitable for beginning sim racers. Maybe the FFB and physics aren’t as good as RF2, the handling not quite on par with AC, and the content certainly can’t match R3E, but I’ve never had pre-race butterflies, been so anxious during the first lap that I’m sweating, or enjoyed a win (or hard fought 10th place) so much anywhere else.

    Although developing such an infrastructure is no easy task, I think other developers can learn a lot from iRacing’s success. Obviously, the iRacing developmental model will be impossible for other developers to follow, but innovations like Safety Rating, and matchmaking by universal rank etc., might be feasible.

    If so, most sim racers’ would enjoy the hobby more, and I think the community would grow considerably.

    BTW, on an entirely different topic, what is the difference between a sim’s physics and its handling model?

    • Roger Ramjet

      Get the demo and try rf2 for yourself. Rf1 had and still has a large MP following as do some leagues in RF2 , Many people like yourself seem to go off here say and refuse to try but instead trust what they read on forums. Find out for yourself.

    • Danny Oliveira

      iRacing really works. I tried my self. I saw myself rising in small amounts. If you keep on going, it shows how strong the whole System is. RF2 though, even without those fancy or not so fancy things, just gives me the goosebumps on those physics. Hoping for better days to come for ISI. RF2 still is a BIG drive. Always 🙂

  • Ari Antero

    I am just wondering how many more years this is going to take?
    NVidia profile (rFactor2 Mod Mode.exe, rFactor2.exe) is created 2011-09-22 and that there is no updated working SLI profile after all these years (+4 years) Build 998 -+30 fps with this profile.
    When ISI releases new build and never submit the rF2 executables to Nvidia so that an updated working SLI profile can be created are users forced to spend hours to figure out which SLI Compatibility Bits is going to work this time and if there is SLI Compatibility Bits which is going to work at all.

    Why ISI, how hard can this be?

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