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rFactor 2 – Build 90 Available

Image Space Incorporated has released the newest build of their rFactor 2 simulation that is currently in open-beta stage.

Image Space Incorporated has released the newest build of their rFactor 2 simulation that is currently in open-beta stage.

Aside from introducing the plenty of changes listed below, the new build also brings two new content items. One is Brianza, ISI’s historical version of Monza that comes with a layout including the legendary banked corner.

To go along with the new track, ISI has released a new version of the 1960 series mod package that includes the brand new Brabham BT20.

The new build isn’t available on the auto updater yet so please use the download links below.

UPDATE 5 Changelog (June 14, 2012):


Re-enabled HDR profiles for new .hdp files
Added bloom post effect
Further improvements to bloom post fx
Updated some polygon attribs to conform to API change
Shadow tuning
Set some shadow defaults
Tied haze density to fog density
Now adjusting air mass density for sky graphics
New base turbidity because of air mass density change

Added safetycar components
New internal combustion engine code work-in-progress
Added effect on torque from fuel-air mixture (not garage-configurable yet, but running out of fuel now works as it should)
Fixed running out of fuel with new engine code.
Allowed “NonRaceStartSector=1” GDB entry for tracks where the pitlane is between sector checkpoints 1 & 2.

Removed forcing lanes on restart phase for AI.
improvements on AI cars detecting his and other’s relative motion along the line perpendicular to his current driving line.

vehicle & track lists working as an alternative to the spinner gizmo
made options remember last car/track list/spinner state.

Fixed crash that would sometimes happen when picking all cars & track mod
Made RFM/GDB entry “SafetyCarAvailable” work (again).

Fixed server details sharing
Fixed mod downloading. LAN download was always set to true.

Added check for dedicated server that downloadable mod is below the allowable threshold BEFORE declaring the mod available for download (to hopefully reduce instances of unexplained errors on clients)
Added PLR file option “Partial Cockpit View” if you only need wheels or wheels+suspension in your cockpit view.

added a check for autogeneration teleport locations that the waypoint to start from is valid.
Enabled Ctrl-V in public dev build to view input & FFB graph. Also fixed a few compiler warnings

[boxdownload]Download rFactor 2 Build 90 Full Installer Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download rFactor 2 Build 90 Update Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download rFactor 2 1960’s World Class Racing 1.1 Update Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download rFactor 2 Brianza Here[/boxdownload]
  • Chris Wright

    Better, much better. 

  • Mick Martin

    Great “Sim” cant wait to try this build ūüôā

  • Anonymous

    Anyone’s well written mini review would be much appreciated. Thank you. Also a special thank you to ISI and it’s team!

  • Anonymous

    The update worked flawlessly for me without reinstall, the track is great, seems to run smoother than spa, although some people report less fps on spa and monaco than before.

    The track itself is really nice.

    • John Lunsmann

      It IS very nice, the banking is awesome in the BT20. I also noted that the other 2 small layouts are drivable – some short wrong way warnings and a cut track notification – but that is to be expected as there is no AIW for those layouts yet – they must be coming in a future update.

  • Nathan Robinson

    Is there anything that isnt a torrent? I dont have a torrent program ūüôĀ

  • Kevin Watts

    Downloading now, hope to see some improvement in the visuals as listed in the changelog because rFactor 2 looks pretty dated in my opinion compared to other titles such as pCars and iRacing and the forthcoming Assetto Corsa. Nice to see some new content though especially the 1960’s cars as the oothers feel a little wooly when it comes to handling, I much prefer the feel of iRacing over rFactor 2.

    • Mick Martin

      Agreed. I have waited too long for rfactor 2 to become something new, sitting now a bit gutted as I installed the update, now my install is stuck on the nissan mod and wont budge. will post back when I have sorted the issue!

    • Ricoo

      Turn on HDR and FXAA and then rFactor Graphics are more than enough. It doesn’t have DOF, but who cares when racing. Trees look a lot better in rFactor2 than in pCARS.

      • Richard Hessels

        Depth of field is not something you normally only notice in photos and video’s.

  • Anonymous

    Great.  I always look fwd to new updates for this.  Hope the undercar shadows are sorted now.

    • Anonymous

      ¬†Has a blast around Brianza in the Brabham BT20. Very cool.¬† The banking was a white knuckle ride with my wheel, some nice FFB there.¬†¬† Then I tried the other 60’s F1 and that was a whole other deal.¬† Had some wandering issues coming off the banking and that car is not so forgiving.

      Thought I`d give the Megane a go too and was surprise how easy and smooth it is on the banking.¬† I expected it to give me rough ride too (though not as bad as the 60’s F1 which was bouncing so so quick).

      Undercar shadows are still broken though ūüôĀ

      All in all, it’s coming together nicely and looks great.

  • Ricoo

    Nice a lot of fun now. ūüôā

  • Marco Conti

    Once again, the “local Update” route doesn’t work for me for some reason. I am downloading the full version and I will install it over the existing one like I had to do last time.

    • Anonymous

      Weird, I never had any issue updating rF2. 
      Do you know why it doesn’t work for you ?¬†
      Is it a known bug ?

      Edit: never mind, I just saw your last post.

      • Marco Conti

        I wish I knew. The installation and ISI choice of modding system are separate issues. It could very well be something with my AV or firewall or some other setting, but everything I use is fairly mainstream so if that’s the cause, ISI needs to test more or provide more specific instructions.

  • Marco Conti

    I am happy that finally some things are moving at ISI, but I am furious at their silly modding system.

    Let me explain. First I tried installing the update that just came out. I got the same warning that some files could not be installed and I aborted.
    Then I downloaded and installed the full version. Everything goes well. I then proceed to¬†install¬†Brianza and, after launching rF2 I update the 60’s car mod.

    I go to drive the mod and Brianza is nowhere in sight. I click on the Mod manager (above the main screen in game) and indeed it lists Brianza as one of the available tracks, yet when I go to track to choose it, it doesn’t let me.

    Then I go to “All cars and tracks” and try to race. I pick one of the Brabhams and I choose Brianza. I also pick the Brabham as the car to race against.

    Imagine my surprise when I go on track and I am driving a Maserati GT (A mod I downloaded yesterday and as far as I know never made the news here) against a bunch of 60’s single seat cars. The gameplay is choppy and ¬†more than a bit¬†downloadable¬†from Race Department and other sources as some of them are missing graphics and seem overall poorly made.

    My point is that I should not have to go though something like this. New tracks should just show up unless the mod is made to show only certain tracks, not the other way around.

    Already my rF2 is littered with redundant mods, some not working properly because of a wrong track version (Snetterton) or just because as far as I can tell. At least 3 mods have no main graphic, presenting an empty frame.

    Don;t get me wrong, I love rFactor and I would love to love rF2 but the mod system at the moment is a mess. it’s cumbersome, prone to errors and mismatches and quite useless because apparently the junk still comes through.
    I am really sorry to have to say this, as I am a fan of ISI. But unless the modding system is revised, I will give rF2 a much lower priority when it comes to my racing.

    • Anonymous

      ¬†Some good points there.¬† Plus it seems that for every update you need a completely new file in the packages instead of just updating existing ones.¬†¬† Won’t that lead to huge Packages folders in no time once mods/tracks start coming out and get updated ?

      • Anonymous

        After you installed it in RF2 you can delete it from the packages folder, in case you run out of disk space.

      • Anonymous

         aah, I was wondering if that was possible.   But then you`d have to put it back if you wanted to uninstall right ?
        At least it does mean that you can cleanly uninstall any package now, unlike in rF1 where if there is no uninstaller it’s a nightmare.

      • Anonymous

        Not sure about that, haven’t tried that yet. But it’s safe to put all rhe rfmod files somewhere else until you need them again.

      • pez2k .

        The uninstall option still shows up without the rfmod / rfcmp files present. Just tested it with Brianza, and it uninstalled fine without the rfcmp. I haven’t looked into it indepth, but I think the mft manifest files track what constitutes that mod / component. At the very least, they list all the included files and their hashes.

      • F1Racer

        ¬†That’s good news then.¬† As Jvis said, just need to find a storage folder to put all the rfmod/rfcmp files meantime.

      • Richard Hessels

        You basically end up with all the data double, in the end it would lead that i would remove rfactor2 from my main SSD to my slower HD storage.

        As it is now it already takes 7,5 GB for a handful of tracks and only the basic cars.

      • Anonymous

        I have exact the same problem, as long as one has the sim installed on classic hdd it doesnt really matter, but SSD storage is so expensive and still more and more people use it for this purpose. I try to save every gig on my main drive and then bam, rf2 comes and one mod will take 5gb lol, this must be solved.

    • Anonymous

      Have you addressed these issues on the ISI forums ?

  • Anonymous

    Driving the BT20 around Monza is sublime.  Absolutely brilliant.  Nothing more to say about that, really.

    Would have been nice if they put Brianza in the 60’s World Class Racing series though.¬† I imagine there is probably a good reason for it, but I’m having difficulty getting used to and understanding the way the series and tracks go together.¬† I actually like it for the most part when everything fits, but there should be an “all tracks” option in the track selection screen when using a particular series so that I don’t have to just use All Cars and Tracks all the time (and have to flip through a billion cars to find the one I want).¬† Presumably this will all be sorted out eventually, or perhaps I’ll just figure out the motivation behind the current system and learn to appreciate it better.

  • Tom Coombs

    This update could not have come at a worse time for me, as I just had to send my CSR Elite back to Fanatec to repair it’s dodgy code wheel sensor! *and* my 2 weeks of paid vacation start on Sunday! No simracing for me. I might have to take up embroidery or something. ūüôĀ

    • F1Racer

       Ouch!  I just had my wheelbase replaced and before that my main PC was down for 10 days, so I can appreciate what it is to not be able to sim-race.   I still was able to use my wheel in the meantime but it felt pretty naff.   The difference when I swapped the wheelbase for the new one was amazing.
      Hopefully Fanatec will get that cool wheel of yours back to you quickly and then you`ll really appreciate what you were missing ūüôā

      Erm..  maybe do some model kits as opposed to embroidery.  heh.

    • Trux1

      I feel for you man. Only just got my T500RS back from Thrustmaster. 2 months from when it initially packed up!

    • Tamas

      You shouldn’t have bought that shit Fanatec ( LOT of garantee problems ) !!!

      • F1Racer

        ¬†I’ve never once had a problem with Fanatec.¬† Had to call up their support a few times and once was to replace wheel, no quibble, they just sent over a new one (and a newer version too).
        I’ve always found them polite and helpful.

        Even if they did have guarantee problems, I`d still risk that to have a CSR Elite wheel ūüôā

  • Pashalis Gergis

    Hey guys, did anyone notice any FPS improvement in ATI cards? Great track by the way!

    • Anonymous

      I have less fps. Build 85 gave me 100 fps sitting in the pitlane at Spa, now around 60 or 70. Same settings ofcourse.

      • Pashalis Gergis

        Strange.. Anyone else guys?

  • Anonymous

    The whole mod track and content system is a total joke. 

    They have made it really convoluted and far harder to install tracks and content for new users , unless Rf2 downloads tracks and mods then auto installs them from the server list its going to be even worse than RF1 to join servers and play on-line.

    On the bright side it did auto download and install a car from the server list since this new patch , so if it can do that with tracks as well then that would be amazing ( I think it only does cars at the moment ? )

    Sure RF1 you had to get the right version of the track and¬†manually¬†put it in the folders and¬†that’s¬†a pain but it would be¬†intuitive¬†to¬†anyone¬†that knows how to use windows ( the issue was in finding the files more than it was in installing them , and the top mods used an EXE to install¬†anyway¬†making it fool proof)¬†

    The current system to install content in Rf2 requires someone to read  how to use the RF2 mod install tool and even then the tool is of bad design ( from a end user stand point)

     ISI have made an amazing simulator but bassed on RF1 and RF2 beta they are awful at game design , interface design ,  and end user design.  

    In the end there are allot of users like myself that really enjoy driving in Rfactor 1 and 2 but the pain involved in getting things working is why I stopped playing RF1 and I can see RF2 starting to get annoying already with a mess of files , and having to spend hours teaching people how to get things working to join a server. 

    I have always had a love hate relationship with RF , I think if Osseta corsa plays like NKP has a cuple of good cars , and decent on-line play I probably wont play RF2 much.

    One of the reasons I played allot more LFS over RF1 despite LFS having many issues with its physics and the cars being boring was the fact that LFS just worked and allowed me to jump into a on-line game set up with voting and decent track rotation.

    I have a feeling RF2 will just end up like RF1 where leagues will use it  but the pub play will be very limited . In some ways that might not be a bad thing as league racing is always going to be of a better quality than pub racing.  

    I just wish we had a game that offered , RF2  cars and tracks FFB , NKP physics ,  LFS accessibility , i racing stat tracking.   

    I would be happy to pay £3/ $5 a month for this sort of thing.

     In the end RF2 is still beta ISI are making progress with the game and the content delivery system who knows it might end up decent.

    I cannot really complain as for the price of the Rf2 beta I have alredy had a prity fun time and some good races.

    Mind you if RF2 ends up messy like rf1 and OC is decent with good multi player I probably wont bother renewing my RF2 license when the time comes.

    • Anonymous

      Huh? I think it’s very easy to install stuff, just put the rfmod files in the packages folder, run the mod manager and install. No need to mess around anymore.

      • F1Racer

        The install is not too difficult once you get used to how it works and it does have it’s advantages, but its the space it takes up on the HDD (or SSD). ¬† The ‘Packages’ folder will expand very very quickly. ¬† However it seems you can delete the packages once installed (something I haven’t tried yet), so that might be some answer to it.¬† Dunno how that affects the uninstall of a package if the package file is gone though.
        I haven’t dabbled in that enough yet to find out the answers.

        Thankfully they have a ‘list view’ now in the latest build so you don’t have to sift through hundreds of cars in the car flipper screen.

      • Ali Alami

        ¬†Yes I agree about the ‘list view’ especially if Briaza track did not appear in Tracks related to 1960’s World class racing. And you have to choose All tracks and Cars and then start to browse for Cars and tracks.

        Do you have the same issue as me ? As Brianza is not listed when i choose 1960’s Mod and then go to tracks. Brianza is not there !!!

      • Anonymous

        yah its separate at the moment. 

      • Ali Alami

         Ok thanks for the info

      • Anonymous

        Sometimes they¬†don’t¬†show then you have to untick “show mods only” ¬†and then find the car from the list of 25-50 cars , sometimes a component will have an error but it wont tell you what the error is.¬†

        Granted for those of us that read the ISI forum and check through things its not to bad but people that want things to just work or have to be told exactly what to do its a pain and not just a simple case of saying get x file double click it.

        Also having to explain to people the difference between a RF2 mod a V mod and a car or track which most people also call “mods” its just so convoluted.

         I can also see it getting more and more of a mess as more content is added.

         The same thing happened with Operation flash point and ARMA 1 and 2  it just becomes a total pain in the backside evan more so with new users and getting a game/race going takes half the evening.

        In the end companies really need systems like the steam workshop system valve are working on ,  but then again valve have a near infinite amount of money lol.

    • Juhan Voolaid

      ¬†The mod management in rF1 was a disaster. Specially the .exe installers. My windows registry was polluted by 100 mods that I have deleted because I didn’t know if there was uninstaller for it or not. Central modding versioning system for rF2 is very very good stuff.

  • teleprompter

    Rfactor 2 at this point in time is miles behind Pcars in my book. The updating and adding mods is cumbersome. Sounds are primitive. I am not giving up hope but it has a long way to go.

    • Ricoo

      That’s depend on what you are looking for. Physics wise and FFB I prefer rFactor 2. And graphics wise pCARS can improve some details. And there is no moding for pCARS…

    • Anonymous

      Both Pcars and Rf2 sound like shit , However the physics and FFB in RF2 is on another level to Pcars. 

      Pcars is good as a game but bad as a simulator , RF2 is good as a simulator but terrible as a game. 

      Mind you if Pcars gets a tire model and physics as¬†consistent¬†as RF2 and ontop of that offer jump in multiplayer then I’m sure allot of people would play Pcars over RF2.Rf2 will likely stay the sim for people that want random mods and¬†league¬†racing where as Pcars will probably cater to more casual racers.¬†

      I think its Osseta corsa¬†that’s¬†more likely to be direct competition with RF2 as NKP¬†already¬†has proven physics and OC is going to have mod support and presumably decent¬†multi player¬†out of the box.

      • Anonymous

        Assetto, not Ossetta ūüėõ “Assetto Corsa” (Racing Setup in English).¬† In Italian Ossetta sounds like “orsetta” that is the little doughter of the bear (orso). ūüėÄ

      • Marco Conti

        Or it could also be a little female bone ūüôā (Osso, ossetto, ossetta)

      • Anonymous

         I spell so bad in web comments , I will try to get it right.


    • Joshua Brown

      Fyi the sound system in rfactor is quite advanced, go through a tunnel or close to a wall and you will get propper reverberation and the Doppler effect, the infrastructure is there just need some better samples/

    • Max Pautov

      +1,PCars now best of the races game.but we will wait for release RF2.

  • kr1nz

    Well, what I want in a simulator is a immersive experience, and rFactor 2 offers it to me. I don’t care about having it using ~10GB of disk space…Max Payne uses 35GB and don’t offers half of the fun.


  • Adam ҆pańćek

    Ok, so my experience: Updated without any probelms, installed new track and update for grand prix cars and enjoyed it very much ūüôā
    Brianza is wonderful track with historic cars and Brabham is blast to drive. I like the amount of details on car model. Of course it cant be compared to pCars (only hq renders can be IMO), but it is detailed enough to satisfy my eyes ūüôā (and hell, when you are trying to keep brabham on track with 20 other cars around you, you dont care about visual nirvana…)
    Only think that struck my eyes were non-moving rear drive-shafts (in external view).
    Physics wise it is great experience. Looking forward to another update.

  • Anonymous

    Brabham @ Monza¬† rFactor 2 is looking better, watch in 720HD or higher ūüôā

  • Chris Wright

    I was all over the initial release of the beta and bought into it the second it was available. Although you could see the promise right from the get go, there was much to be done and, as time rolled on, I was disappointed with what seemed like a lack of progress. I took a “holiday” until I felt that there was sufficient new content. Build 90 is a game changer and, I think, even in this incomplete state, there’s an overwhelming argument to say that this is the most immersive and hardcore sim title of all time. I’m so reminded of the excitement of the original GPL release, by the 60’s cars, now immeasurably enhanced with the addition of the Brabham. Driving those things is visceral, brutal and, with ongoing tweaks to the driving model, extremely convincing in terms of physics.¬† As a single player fan, the AI is simply incredible and really fun to race against. Brianza is like being transported in a time machine to the set of Frankenheimer’s Grand Prix. Having been away for some time, what was even more pleasing was the massive improvement in frame rate from the original build and, at last, pretty convincing HDR deployment. One tiny tweak that I love is the way you can sometimes just hear the PA announcer over the roar of your engine as you come off the final banking. So immersive. Anyone who is on the fence should jump in and support rFactor2’s development. It has so much going for it. And I haven’t even mentioned how far the rest of the cars and tracks have evolved. Money well spent.

    • Adam ҆pańćek

      Another car that evolved really well is megane trophy. I didn’t like it because it just didnt feel right for me. When i tried it few days ago, I was pleasantly surprised how it changed. It is now actually great fun to drive it.

    • Sergey Yashin

      I mostly agree with everything except that I noticed decrease in fps with last build…

      • Chris Wright

        ¬†Well sure but if you read what I said again, you’ll notice that I’d not bothered with recent builds. It may well be slower than the last couple of builds, but I was comparing it with the initial beta release.¬†

  • Anonymous

    Loving rF2!!

  • Jason Cooper

    easy not on board missing out on a great sim in the making. get on now……………….

    • Big Ron

      ¬†Too bad ISI didn¬īt include several level of entry. I am interested how rF2 feels, too. But I am not that interested to pay the full price of the game. Hopefully they will offer a free trial or sth. cheaper to try rF2.

      • Kenny Jay

        Hey Big Ron just buy it. Sooner or later it will happen anyway ūüėČ so why not enjoying it right now!?

      • Big Ron

        I am not overall convinced right now. I am sure the FFB and physics are quite nice. But overall impressions are not convincing enough to pay the full price right now. To pay the money, I wait for more game features and overall visual improvements and see, what they will add for basic content.

        Seeing pCARS, AC and GTR3 in the pipeline, rF2 needs to show if it will be fully competitive till the end.

        Giving a small 10‚ā¨-trial would have change my thoughts.

      • Noel Hibbard

        Read threads about pCARS and you find people talking about how amazing it looks and people complaining about the physics or the input lag. Read a threads about rF2 and you see people say the gfx are improving but not up to par with pCARS but the physics and FFB are amazing. I guess some people drive for the scenery and some people drive to drive. I guess you could compare it to someone who buys a super car to drive it like you stole it Vs. someone who buys it to cruise around shopping districts to be seen. I personally would rather buy a Yogo and drive the crap out of it then buy a super car and never break 30mph. Driving enthusiasts Vs Car 
        enthusiasts I¬†guess. GFX vs Physics. Even in beta form it’s physics are light years ahead of pCARS. ISI seems to have prioritized physics first, GFX last. That works well for their current fan base but not for console converts. pCARS is all about GFX first and physics last. I just cross my fingers that one day they totally ditch the current physics model and start all over. It looks so amazing. Maybe one day we will have the holly grail. Maybe AC?

        Anyways, rF2 may not “look”¬†convening¬†enough to try but driving it is where the magic is. I¬†suggest¬†you give it a shot Ron. They plan to have a trial once it is released. Maybe then.

      • Big Ron

        It¬īs not all about graphics vs. physics (that can just come from an hardcore simmer). For me, the overall impression counts and not only, that it drives like heaven and looks like hell or vice versa. If I pay money for todays games, I want it with todays technics and features at all…..that¬īs it. And this is, where rF2 is not overall convincing ATM.

        If everyone would think like you, we would still see Lego blocks on out monitor.

      • Ricoo

        For me rF2 is very convincing overall. I don’t regret one second my lifetime membership even if I mostly race offline. rF2 is one of the best buy I did in simracing (I bought almost every thing available including nKPro, GSC, Race07 with almost all expansions, and I am senior pCARS member).

        If you aren’t convinced by the rF2 beta you can ask refund. zero risk.

      • Noel Hibbard

        What you miss Ron is that rFactor(1/2) has a plugin interface which will let developers get very creative. The plugin interface in rF1 was some what limited but I just took a look at the latest version of the rF2 plugin API and it has improved a ton. I already have a ton of ideas in my head. Mostly in regards to doing race broadcasts. Looks like ISI has done a good job on listening to the community (something I thought SMS was going to do). We are going to be able to do some really cool stuff in plugins with a little creativity.

  • Arie Beuker, de

    I am a bit clueless about RF2, is it out now? Or not?
    I will wait till the final release before commiting to it.

    • David Franńćińá

      No, its still in beta.

  • spamsac

    Mr Denton has written a short blog piece about rF2:

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