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rFactor 2 – Build 85 Available

Image Space Incorporated has released the newest build of their rFactor 2 simulation, adding lots of fixes and a new car to the open beta title.

Image Space Incorporated has released the newest build of their rFactor 2 simulation, adding lots of fixes and a new car to the open beta title.

Aside from plenty of fixes and improvements listed below, the new build introduces the brand new Formula One-inspired Formula Masters car.

You can find several screenshots of the new car made by BSNismo as well as the full changelog and download links below.


  • Improved lighting math
  • Improved HDR rearviews
  • Fixed mirrors too dark when using HDR
  • Improved post-processing in multi-view mode
  • Fixed side-channel clearing in multi-view mode.
  • Fixed HDR in multi-view mode
  • Viewport fix for multi-view
  • Improved dynamic road
  • Changing shadow detail level now causes a shader re-compile
  • Changed base turbidity to 1.8 to brighten sky a bit.
  • Reduced minimum vertical FOV from 20 to 10 degrees.
  • improved graphical steering pivot for non-player vehicles
  • Now applying heat haze to graphics, note new PLR option “Heat FX Fade Speed” which can be used to completely disable.
  • Fixed broken HDR lum histogram
  • attempt to fix body parts disappearing in multiplayer


  • Added support for gear ratio sets.
  • Added ability to have gear-specific ratios.
  • Added DRS rules.
  • Added some GDB-configurable atmospheric conditions.
  • Changed flap buttons to act as toggle by default, but with a controller.ini option “Hold Flap Button” if the user prefers to hold it down.


  • Scrub sound improvements via the SFX file: can now have tire-specific samples, can be played individually rather than combined into one output, and more control over the frequency modulation.
  • Defaulting ScrubIndividually to true


  • fixed safety car incorrectly pitting for a tire change (and leaving the rest of the field in limbo)
  • fixes for AI pit lane behavior when no dedicated pitlane exists.
  • some minor tweaks to AI stalking behavior.
  • AI more likely to stay on throttle when along side a car they are trying to pass.
  • fixed a bug where cars would move towards rather than away from a car next to it going into a corner
  • fixed bug where sometime AI, at start of formation to standing start, immediately tries to park.
  • better handling of grip lose around fast corners
  • AIs will turn on and off rear flaps as required.
  • Tried to ease up on the throttle cuts caused by tires bouncing off the ground for a tick while otherwise being in control


  • Screen interface added to Internals Plugins in order to facilitate 3rd party overlays; currently untested and subject to change.
  • Now reporting to internals plugin whether blue flag being shown for each vehicle.


  • fixed the calculation of the “X display not available” X coordinates for MFD when under AI control.
  • added some gizmos and actions to facilitate multiplayer auto mod download and install from a dedicated server
  • added download mod status bar & cancel button
  • allowing problem mods to show up in lists (so that the problems can be displayed on the info screen)
  • added info buttons and code for rfm scrollbox to show new state of uninstalled mods with virtual components that are missing.
  • LED and HUD support for DRS status
  • changed scaling scrollbox gizmos (rfm, veh, track, hud, showroom & ui) so that they can accept textures other than 1024×1024 uncompressed textures.
  • Removed PLR file option “Wheels Visible In Cockpit” which was made obsolete by the VEH variable “FrontWheelsInCockpit” a long time ago.


  • Fixed some unresponsive keys when using soft vsync.
  • Fixed problem with keyboard repeats in time acceleration.
  • Fixed warmup time increasing by 1 each time a server is set up.
  • Fixed problem where re-attaching a wheel in the pits would result in phantom collision.
  • Improved thread safety by using local file finder classes.
  • Fixed a error message that was incorrectly saying missing RCD files.
  • Fixed bug where requesting a pitstop while on the grid would sometimes cause a stop/go penalty.
  • Fixed ‘Temporary Boost’ button.
  • Fixed bug where requesting a pitstop while on the grid would sometimes cause a stop/go penalty.


  • Added mod downloading to sim
  • Added settings for HTTP Server and rfmod sharing.
  • Added PLR variable “Car Vibration Mult2” in order to allow separation of orientational vs. positional effects, and added PLR variables “Seat Pitch”, “Seat Yaw”, and “Seat Roll” to allow an offset from which direction the cockpit camera points.


  • fixed not being able to switch UIs in mod mode.
  • removed “no ai” restriction from public dev build
  • added a scale value in HUD editor for flags & stat bar positions
  • got digital gages working in the HUD. Can now expand in any of four directions.
  • HUD editor stability fixes
  • HUD editor fixes. instead of numbers, will write out the function and font names for led, text, and digital gages

Right now, the new version is only available via torrent download. It’s available both as update for existing users as well as full installer.

Make sure to grab the updated versions of the rFmod packages for the cars as well as the new versions aren’t backwards compatible.

[boxdownload]Download Build 85 Full Installer Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download Build 69 to 85 Update Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download Formula Masters 1.0 Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download Renault Megane Trophy 1.1 Update Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download Formula Renault 3.5 1.2 Update Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download GT World Endurance 1.1 Update Here[/boxdownload]
  • Anonymous

    Woohoo ūüôā

    And nice one, Nismo !

  • Guilherme Cramer

    Do you still have to copy mp3s to each music folder of each separate mod, and an everchanging UI because of each different mod? 

    Edit: Nice graphics but the car shadows still make them (cars) seem detached from the road.

  • Mike Coleman

    Formula Masters are brilliant.

  • Anonymous

    I can see a real improvement to the graphics there. Good to see they’re pushing the level of detail further.
    Still wishing they would scrap the online subscription, oh well…
    Look forward to more content, might buy this game at a later date after all.

  • Justin ForzaBar√ßa Cruze

    Made a bee-line for the FR after installing……..definitely much better, doesn’t feel like you’re walking on egg shells anymore.
    F.Masters drives nicely too, although the GT cars are still my favourite.

    Btw, AI stalking behaviour? Erm….

    • Justin ForzaBar√ßa Cruze

      Also just noticed the update window now has a login/auto update function?
      Does that mean no more screwing around with update files for future updates?

  • Anonymous

    i’m really starting to like rf2 visuals. Steadly improving!

    good job, ISI.

  • Mike Cimuchowski

    WOW. I used to hate the formula Renault 3.5 but now it is my favorite. I couldn’t stop lapping it at Mid Ohio. It feels and drives excellent…just how I’d imagine a formula car to feel.

    Driving the GT-R at night at Mid Ohio is something everyone should try. The effects ISI have done with light reflecting off the windscreen and the way you see the windshield has dirt on it when light hits it is amazing.

    I haven’t been very impressed with RF2 so far, but today was a great experience with the new build.

  • Marco Conti

    Definitely a number of welcome improvements. Graphics look better (but shadows still take time to display). Cars handle better and the steering lock is no longer so high. 

    Alas, this is the second update in a row with serious issues. During the update process I got several notices of files that either could not be found or had errors [retry | Ignore | abort].  At the end the update took, but I can no longer go online. It does not recognize my credentials and on the launcher I see this error:
    Fatal error: Call to a member function intro() on a non-object in /home/commerce/HTTP/launcher/motd.php on line 34
    Like I don’t see enough PHP errors with my job. Now my sims too give me errors.
    I am downloading the full installation hoping that things will work better and that I can go online. But offline works fine.

    • Marco Conti

      For anyone suffering the same issue, I installed the full version over the patched one and now it works fine.

  • Gerald Bracq

    What mod is that in those screenshots ?

    • Anonymous

       Formula Masters, new car.

  • Anonymous

    This is what i call a proper update.

  • Anonymous

    Formula Masters = Epic! Proper throttle and brake modulation is vital and with practise they will be amazing. An F1 car should be challenging the first few trys. Like it alot. Huge¬†improvement¬†across the board. Loving the High res textures and it’s great for once to see a thread where graphics are not mentioned in a bad light

    • Sam Sturino

      Dont forget the added DRS is functional!!!

      • Anonymous

        Yeah LOL..I kept thinking how the hell are they so much faster

    • Anonymous

      ¬†the graphics are 3 years behind.rf2 don’t look like a game from 2012.but maybe it looks different with pink glasses.don’t misunderstand me i like isi and rf2 but the graphics are terrible.¬† ¬†

      • Anonymous

        To a pCARS fanboy yes, but for everyone lese who enjoys a good sim, they are more than enough, console games will always have more

      • Anonymous

         first i talking here about rf2 and just about the graphics.maybe terrible is the wrong word,but the graphics are not everyone who see the graphics realistic, a fanboy from outer game.please put down your pink glasses.

      • Anonymous

        Then i think it’s you that needs glasses as it looks great. Does it look like pCARS…No but neither does about 80% of other games on the market including shooters, does it drive like pCARS…No, thank god. What rF2 is doing is just fine and dandy for a simulation. If a game like pCARS was not around, we would all be raving about this level of graphics in a simulation

      • Anonymous

        Don’t defend yourself, mate, he’s just another troll…

        It’s becoming pathetic that the people who own and enjoy the games always have to defend themselves against the trolls and the haters… This is the world in reverse, where the elders are mocked and the youngsters destroy everything they don’t like…¬†This situation can’t hold on for much longer, people have to wake up and get conscious of their situation.

      • tgn motorsports

         wow i think you have run your course with rf2 sales pitch. this looks no different then rfactor 1.
        Gameplay maybe but graphics?
        Nascar 2003 is almost 10 years old and looks way better graphically. Yet this even coming close to iracing? I am pretty sure iracing is not losing any sleep over rf2. I personally was hoping for alot more then this for me to repurchase something called 2, it better be much improved then 1.

        ”graphics not important..i call bullchips..
        If graphics were not important to you, there would be no manipulated 3rd party movie making software altered videos on your youtube channel. Lets get real shall we?

        Rfactor 1 community will continue to keep pace is my bet.

        ”’Lets see what they can do with the eye candy in time”

        come on really? that is laughable. spade is spade and ugly duck is a
        ugly duck. these raw videos look no better then f1 challenge 98- 2002
        and I don’t believe the graphic engine is any different. Other then some shaders and updated techniques .With that said I hope it is successful because any race game success is good for the hobby overall in the long run.

      • Anonymous

        “If a game like pCARS was not around, we would all be raving about this level of graphics in a simulation.” you are a dreamer

      • Stuart

        ¬†I really wish I could agree with you on this as I love rfactor 1 and respect the majority of your posts on here but I fired up Toca race driver 3 the other day and even that looks better than rfactor 2 and thats a 6 year old game. I would even take a well modded grand prix 4 over the current build of RF2. Amazing visuals are the norm now. Anything less from a mid level to major title is just poor. i-racings visuals should be the benchmark for rfactor 2 and its not even in the same ballpark right now. I know visuals aren’t everything but they can’t be discounted this day and age.

      • Anonymous

        ¬†i am not talking here as an pcars tells us that rf2 have good graphics.and thats not true.i have every isi game since¬† “sports car gt”and i am a fan from isi.i own rf2 since the 1 day,but the graphic do not satisfact me.i realy hope its get better but in the moment its not good enough.

      • Anonymous

        Its funny that you said “Don’t misunderstand me I like ISI” then go and calls the graphics “terrible”¬†with no argument whatsoever. The graphis while not cutting edge, are far from being bad let alone terrible. Its looking great actually, I was one of people that critized rf2 graphics on the first builds but I’ll praise when its deserved, like now.

  • Rob Taylor

    Looks great cannot wait until next week when I will have some free time to try it! Any word from those of you who already have it if FPS (ATI) has improved with this build at all? It was playable last build but my fps did seem considerably lower than in other games.

    • Kenny Jay

      5-20 more frames on my end with an 6870.

      • Rob Taylor

        The perfect answer as I also have a 6870 ūüôā

  • Pork Hunt Racing

    i tried the FR and started to cackle like a mad man. pure genius ūüôā

  • Dylan H.

    Looks awesome, can’t wait to try it out

  • Anonymous

    Would really like to see some before and after shots if possible?

    • Anonymous

      They are 100% unedited mate

      • Anonymous

        I think he means. Before and after the update?

      • Anonymous

        Ah right yeah. Sorry can’t help there as i have no shots from build 69, clear the difference anyhow, it’s looking pretty badass now. Once they fix the undercar shadows and tweak other areas it will look fantastic

      • Anonymous

        It looks like the undercar shadows are better than before in this build too.  But yeah, still needs more work as I see them popping in and out still, though less frequent than before.
        Hopefully they’ll sort it for the next build.¬†¬† Things are progressing nicely.

      • Anonymous

        Forget my request btw, I forgot we have ISI’s own WIP log for previous screenshots lol. It’s just I love to see a neat side-by-side when I’m comparing things, such as:
        As a bystander, I can clearly see what’s going on there.

  • Bryan Godsall

    Got pretty much everything at max except HDR and mine looks nowhere near as good as that.

    • Anonymous

      Tip…set TOD to 7am for either Monaco or Palm Beach you will get the same,¬†obviously¬†i run it maxed with HDR

      • Mike Cimuchowski

        I have mine maxed out too, but your textures look better. like you have an “extra good” texture setting.. haha

      • Anonymous

        More than likely the SuperSampling i use via Inspector

  • Marcos Sanz

    finally, fresnel effect has been added to reflections

    • Marcos Sanz

      sorry false alarm

      • feels3

        Yes, fresnel has been added.

      • Marcos Sanz

        I though the same when I saw the screenshots, but after playing the game I don¬īt see any fresnel effect similar to Toyota Supra Mod for rf1…

      • feels3

        I have fresnel settings in new ISI’s shaders so I’m sure fresnel shader exist ūüôā

        But I agree it doesn’t work properly at the moment. It needs to be set up properly so they need to work on it.

      • Tuttle

        If they do not create proper shadows maps on ref channels, those 3 fresnel settings are pretty useless as you can get unnatural and flat reflections on underexposed areas in the same way you’ve on full direct sunlight…This is why the actual carbody seems self emissive in a total dark environment.

      • Anonymous

        ¬†Still, it’s very promising looking at new shaders from ISI (finally!) on the cars. But I really want to see new track shaders next ūüôā

  • Anonymous

    any news on triple screens support?

    • Rantam

      Yep. Take a look to the changelog and read about multiview improvements. I got 3 monitors and now I can finally play without the performance issues I had before. And I’m running everything on max now ūüôā

      There’re of course things to sort out from the graphical point of view (different problems related to shadows, color saturation, LODs, etc) but this update is indeed a step forward.Regards

  • Anonymous

    ūüôĀ The game wont load up at all…any ideas people? I have latest drivers installed etc… I have tried both update and standalone installer

    • Anonymous

      Have you got all the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributables installed ?¬† 2005, 2008¬† and 2010 versions. If you’re 64bit you`ll need those too.¬†¬† I dunno if it will be that but its a place to start.

      You might have better success asking in the ISI forums though as a member of staff may have more of an idea.   Good luck.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the help gents i will try that out in a bit and see what happens!

      • Anonymous

        Yeah the removing all mods trick worked a treat! Thanks for that!!¬† wow that f1 car feels just perfect…

    • LeChuck

      Uninstall user mods and install ISI contents again. If it works, try installing user mods next

  • Michael Gribble

    This is taken from RaceDepartment’s article on this update, in case anyone is interested in trying out rFactor 2 for themselves:

    Purchase and Upgrade

    rFactor 2 comes as a standard or a lifetime version. Both are the
    same product but have different pricing structures and online services.
    The standard version sells for only $43,99 with a one year online
    subsription. The lifetime version sells for $84,99 with an online
    subscription that will last for as long as the game is supported.

    When you upgrade your installation make sure that you need to have all mods in their latest version for it to work!

    Click here to purchase rFactor 2

    • tgn motorsports

       wow really one year subscription LOL.

      no thanks.

      • Eric Potvin

        BTW tgn: Additional one year access to the online account can be purchased for $12.99.

        So it’s not 44$ per year.

      • Mike

        Or he could opt for the $84.99 option for lifetime (just to be clear- that’s rF2 lifetime not yours or human life expectancy) version.

      • Anonymous

        Just ignore him. He knows there is a online subscription.
        He is just trolling.

  • Joni Varis

    Now if we just would have some new tracks from F1 calendar to drive with Formula Masters. So bored to Sepang only ūüôĀ

    • Anonymous

      ¬†If you go to the tuning page for the Formula ISI, there are setups for “Round 1-5” which includes Australia, Bahrain, China, Malaysia and Spain.¬† Indication of things to come?

  • Anonymous

    Please help me and excuse my ignorance, but who is BSNismo? I know he posts a lot in the forums but is he a member of ISI, a professional who works elsewhere, or a private modder? Thanks

    • Mike

      I know he doesn’t work for ISI (or there woud be the “staff” moniker next to his profile) but he posts great screenshots on their ISI forum.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Mike. Was just curious if this new car was an ‘official’ ISI car, as in created by ISI, or created by a modder. Do ISI actaully create any content anyway? It’s¬†beginning¬†to look they don’t.

      • Anonymous

        Better start up the game. ūüėČ
        Half of these cars we already have. And just announced was the Formula 2 car. ūüôā

      • Anonymous

        I pretty much stopped trying rF2 after installing Putnam Park or whatever it was called. Already it seemed that the content was being diluted with unfinished, unprofessional content. No offence to the creator Рgood work for a one man band. I know it is beta but the fact that mods of varying quality are being added even before the game is released gives me a good indication of where it will end up. 

        I really hope it will succeed but I can’t see any innovation here, just some¬†additional¬†features.¬†

        So it will be a complete F2 season? How many tracks is that. Is there a list somewhere?

      • LeChuck

        ¬†The “not so good” mods will happen on every moddable game. Asseto Corsa, GTR3 (if moddable). On every moddable game 95% of the mods are regular and 5% excellent. So… It’s not an rFactor problem.

        I have to say it`s nothing personal with Putnam Park track creator (i’m not saying it’s a 95% or 5% quality) , I know it’s a beta and will improve on time

      • Louis W

        You don’t seem to get that most of the modders haven’t even released 1.0 versions of their mods or tracks yet, also, quite a lot of the top end mod makers have stated they won’t be releasing any of their mods UNTIL full release of the game.¬†

        It will take a while before quality mods will be released, but too many people are impatient waiting for mods and the full version of the game. Good things will come, rFactor and rFactor 2 has a good community base just give it time. 

      • Anonymous

        Thanks very much for all the replies and good luck to rF2. Is there an estimate of how long it will take for it to be completed and then some high quality mods to be released?

      • Anonymous

        Same stuff people said about rFactor 1. 
        Will all know were that ended up.

      • Rob Taylor

        Its official made by ISI. BSNismo just provided the 1st screenshots.  

        “You can find several screenshots of the new car made by BSNismo as well as the full changelog and download links below.”

        When I read it I had to reread it as at 1st I thought the same as you as it reads a little strangely.

  • Ricoo

    ¬†Wow it looks great. If it continues to improve so much, soon I will need a DX11 card. ūüôā

    • Ole Marius Myrvold

      Why? ūüėõ It¬īs only using DX9 ūüôā

      • Ricoo

        ¬†It begins looking so advanced now. ūüôā

  • Guilherme Cramer

    BSNismo, thank you for mentioning undercar shadows! Honestly I believe a few things ISI will have to do a “botch” work to have it look a certain way, throughout many iterations of ISI-based games some things have stood out, with car/track immersion being one that has not been realistic YET.
    My stance regarding their multiplayer additional cost hasn’t changed, but if ISI can churn out a properly fully-finished, and polished game out-of-the-box, I’ll be very happy for them. The one thing I am interested is a group C mod, like the Prototype Legends posted last year here (for rF2). Currently I intend on buying Assetto Corsa but I don’t know if I will be getting rF2, pCARS, or even GTR3. Time, content, and pricing will tell!

  • Anonymous
  • Simon Bilodeau

    Where are my 64 bi-weekly pictures with every news item? Oh wait, it’s just rFactor!

  • Juhan Voolaid

    Really good update. Cars are shiny now ^_^. Love rF2. The windscreen however is too dirty and has too much shadows/reflections. It is nice effect, takes the focus off from dated graphics, but damn – it is too much. Like driving a rally cross. Is there a setting to tune it down?

  • Robert Every

    Gotta be honest after the initial delight at this game, the fact that I have paid a reasonable amount of money and recieved two updates in 6 months is very poor.

    The updates are always torrented and never released by ISI which is pathetic, and the current one doesnt install proper;y. None of the new cars are in the garage or even in mod manager.

    I love the game itself, but the way they are offering updates is a bit poor considering you have paid a certain amount for this.

    Seems you can’t win in car sims unless you pay stupid I money, the rest are eitehr making you beta test a console game, play a free version of a 7 year old game or pay full whack for a beta that should really be a game by now but isnt.

    • Anonymous

      Its normally available through the mod updater,,.
      And it works just fine. If you cant click a button i dont know anymore.

      • Robert Every

        I have tried both versions now, the full install and the 69 to 85 version. Neither allow anything new to appear in the mods section, and in fact there are now issues with other mods!

        I suppose I could try the masters install, but this is surely not the best way, the thing should just be available from ISI surely as a direct patch?  Just a bit annoying and unprofessional if you ask me

      • Anonymous

        I dont get it. You can go to the update section and download the new patch to 85 right there?

      • Robert Every

        OK I sorted it eventually. You download the patch yes, but you have to update all the cars and download the masters mod as individual torrents, you cant get it all as one package as I thought it read.

        Bit of a pain, and I dont really understand their obsession with tottents, but I suppose its fair enough

      • Juhan Voolaid

        It works fine for me. I had the same reaction at first when trying to update, but now it does not bother me. Works without errors and I am comfortable with it, but I can see how the updating process can be error prone for endusers. I believe once the rF2 is ready, it downloads the update by itself into the proper folder and offers you to initiate the update installation. Same way I hope it is possible to update mods inside the game.

        As for torrents, it is good solution, if hundreds of users will want to download the update right away. The more demand, the better the download experience as for hosting files on server, it is the very opposite. Even Blizzard has difficulties with major releases.

  • Anonymous

    its still making my G25 rattle itself to bits. 
    has anyone got any tips at all. 
    if you do the torque filter thing you lose some prime feeling at the centre and the ffb is somewhat lagged. 
    has anyone had any success with this? at the moment if you spin off in the f1 car into the gravel, the g25 feels like its falling down a pit. 

  • Anonymous

    The new car and all the modern cars in RF2 are way to¬†sloppy¬†they dont grip into the road as much as real cars do. The new F1 car has the grip levels of an F1 car in mild damp with wet tires on , not that of an F1 car in the dry on a¬†rubber’d in¬†track , the same applies to the GT and MT.

    I know RF2 is in beta but the thing is ALL the cars in RF2 suffer from this weird slidy movement some more than others but it seems intrinsic to the current physics/tire model.  
    With the 1960s and heavy cars this sliding around is fun and to me makes the older cars feel like how I would think them to move but for new light cars its just not realistic.

    Just for comparison watch an on board of any F1 car from 2007-2012 you will see that although they can drift and slide if pushed 99% of the time they are very much planted.

    In each of these videos you can see how planted cars are in real life , I threw a FVA video in there so you can see how close FVA replicates the planted nature of the F1 car.

    Lol its like a joke we have P cars with over the top grip and the moment you slip you fly off the track with no chance of using skill too catch it , then RF2 with cars that are consistent but want to drift or just slide sideways off every corner. 

    I just hope the planets align and at the end of beta we have RF2 PC and AC all with perfect grip , though with the way things are now and looking at each companies track record it seems to me like AC will be the only game out of the box that will have realistic grip and car movements.

    Obviously¬†the coding and art that goes into these games is amazing and I’m not knocking the hard work these developers and modders are putting into them I just feel we are so close to having¬†truly¬†amazing¬†realistic¬†physics but at the same time so far.

    • Anonymous

      ¬†So it’s not just me then ūüôā¬†¬† Yeah both titles are showing deficiencies in the physics at this moment in time imo.¬† rF2 is too rear-slidey unless you really mash down the rear end in setup, and pCARS seems too easy because of the grip.
      The old F1 cars in rF2 have too little grip I think too.  Like GPL really (who later admitted to that fault despite all those armchair enthusiasts saying how accurate it was).  

      Still, one is in alpha and the other in beta so hopefully they will both improve to be be fun to drive.¬† Right now I’m not having much fun in either, but because of the weird steering in pCARS I give the edge to rF2 right now.¬†¬†¬† Just my personal opinion of course.

      Having said that, if you dont set up your controller properly in either of them you will get strange results.¬† Setting that up can be tricky especially if there is no perfect point to reach because FFB/controller coding is not even properly implemented at this stage.¬†¬†¬† It really should be though because if the game can’t set up the controllers properly because of driver/firmware issues or whatever, then how are we or anyone expected to properly judge how the cars behave.¬† How do you test your physics ?

      • Juhan Voolaid

        I have thought about it also when played rF1 and also rF2. I don’t know how it feels like to drive real race car, but it seems to slide more in the computer game than what I see from the real life cameras.

        I’ve always thought that driving a real car you have more control, more “but sense” so you feel the grip level better. Behind computer you don’t feel it and push too much and that may cause the slide. But I think more grip should be logical.

      • Anonymous

        That could be down to how a “sim driver” drives compared to a real driver, how they set their car up etc. its really hard to judge…

      • Anonymous

        yah set-up can be a massive part of it , but having done multiple set-ups the grip is still very slippy when it comes to sideways forces on the car though you can make things far far better than the default set-up which has weird camber set. 

        I hope that ISI when the game goes gold have a¬†default¬†set-up¬†that is more¬†realistic¬†though ,¬†personally¬†I’d¬†also¬†rather have locked setups so everyone is efectively racing the same car or at least a locked setup mode for people to chose for server hosting so that you know you got the fastest time by driving better not by having a better setup.¬†

    • jswarthoff

       grip levels seem to have much to do with keeping on the rubbered part.

    • Ricoo

      ¬†I agree, I was surprised how few grip had the formula ISI the first time I tried it. But other cars seems ok for me. Doing a good tire model with realistic grip and behaviour, and a good base set-up is very hard it seems. GSC got it nailed with all it’s cars, even it’s formulas.

  • Stuart

    I must be missing something here. I had a look at the screenshots here and it made me want to take my first steps into the world of rfactor 2 after being an rfactor addict for the last 4 years. I went and got my membership today and loaded up the game only to find something that looks like we have gone back to Geoff Crammonds GP4. This game looks truly awful (and I know its beta but that excuse can’t last forever).

    Now I know rfactor is a physics title and not a visual one so don’t go all crazy on me but I am right aren’t I? This is 2012 yes? You know, the year where we have insanely good visuals on $5 indie games and graphics to blow your eyes out of your head on most mainstream releases.

    Is this simply a case of rfactor 2 being a good set of bones but thats all until the community make it great once again? I still remember the first time I came across rfactor and it blew me away and at the moment my first impressions of rfactor 2 make me want to instantly ask for a refund.

    I have been involved with game stock car for a while and have had the pleasure of seeing some of the 2012 update work and even that makes rfactor 2 look plain old shameful.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am a MASSIVE rfactor fan and have lived. breathed and even worked with the game for years now and it never looked this bad. I must be missing a whole screen of visual settings perhaps that aren’t in a menu system taken directly from the original title (as everything in rfactor 2 is just rehashed from the original without even putting too many bells on it).

    Now I know the instant I mention project cars all hell will break loose but just before it does that game is very riddled with problems and will more than likely never give the long term sim experience that rfactor did but at least when I fire up a game like that I can feel as though I am properly using my pc and all of its bells and whistles including a good size LED tv to good effect but rfactor 2 currently makes my PC setup cringe with embarrassment at what I am putting on the screen, no matter how good it feels to drive (which at the moment it really doesn’t and I find myself wandering back to rfactor, game stock car or even a few laps in the project cars Formula B car).

    Is this just me? Am I missing something because this seems like a very poor effort even if it is a bare bones title that will rely on the community to breath life into it. Something I am skeptical of these days given how fractured the sim community has become in recent years due to the vast amount of choice we all have now. Surely ISI can do better than this, beta or not. This doesn’t feel like we have moved along at all in the genre. Yes physics are king but amazing visuals are simply an accepted norm these days as they are relatively easy to achieve. Its like CG in movies, its just so easy that there is no excuse for crap effects.

    Surely if this is a case of the modders being relied on to make the title great then they should be given some official recognition and compensation for their efforts. Very poor ISI, very poor.

    P.S. I don’t need my menu icons to be 4 inches square, I am not an 85 year old with zero vision nor do my hands shake so badly I need a race button the size of my racing wheel to be able to progress to the next screen.

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