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rFactor 2 – Build 494 Available

Image Space Incorporated has released a new build of their rFactor 2 simulation.

Image Space Incorporated has released a new build of their rFactor 2 simulation.

The new build comes with plenty of changes and fixes listed below, new features include automated HDR,  a feature that changes lighting elements automatically/dynamically, based on real geographical location variables and time of the day.

Along with the build, ISI has also updated rFactor 2’s demo version to use the latest core code.

Update 21 (Build 494) Changelog (February 26, 2014):

Now defaulting to automated HDR parameters instead of manual profiles for every track when this build is first run. After that, you can change back to a specific profile if you want. The preferred profile for any track is now called “automation”.
Fixed calculation and tweaked numbers to reduce cloud pop-in.
There’s a few items missing from this changelog, shadow draw, etc.

Optional new HDV [SUSPENSION] line ModelWheelsIncludeAllTireMass=1 improves accounting for tire mass and inertia. Obviously this must coincide with actually adding the tire ring mass and inertia to the wheels in the chassis.ini file. In addition to more accurately simulating the tire ring, this also facilitates the removal of SpinInertia and SpinInertiaAI from the HDV. A related change is the optional removal of TemporaryRingMassInertia from the TGM file – the tire now dynamically changes inertia depending on current shape (a new variable MassInertiaMultiplier can also be included if the physically calculated values are not satisfactory for some reason).
For newly created replays, you can now play them even if the (virtual) mod is uninstalled, as long as the individual track and vehicle components are still installed.
Created some options for the suspension deformation code that allows more generic connections like brake lines.

Fixed problem recovering from ctrl-alt-delete in Win 7/8.
Fixed some missing translations in rFConfig.
Fixed plugin callbacks PreReset() and PostReset().
Fixed a crash from the RFM spinner in strange cases.
Made the “goto preferred car selection” page action go to the non-preferred car selection page in case where the preferred car selection page doesn’t exist (instead of going nowhere)
Fixed problem reading older RealRoad files.
Fixed a potential pit menu crash if FuelSpecial lines are used in the HDV file.
Fixed crash related to Mod Mode all tracks & cars selection & uninstalling other mods.
Fixed a couple problems with Resume From Replay, including one potential crash.
Since full-course yellows do not work without a safety car right now, disable them if there is no safety car available at a track.
Fixed potential crash in transparent trainer code – probably only happened in multiplayer.

Fixed bug in ModMgr when displaying large (> 2GB) mod files.
Added buttons to ModMgr to delete paths from the Working Dir and Packages selectors.
Some shader macro prototypes have changed. Look in pShaderStubs.h for changes.
Fixed rcd values write out from realtime editor.
Now looking for driver RCD files in vehicle components as well as (hopefully soon to be phased out) talent components.

UI / HUD / Options:
Fixed ‘enter’ key moving between min and max replay mode for other languages.
When selecting a mod with it’s own UI, the standard rFactor UI will send you to a prompt screen to ask if you’d like to use the mod-specific UI.
Added RCD editing gizmos: they work on “virtual vehicle” drivers in main release & any content in Mod Mode.
Fixed issue with true type fonts sometimes (usually after UI switch) not loading.

Official ISI server now show on top of mp lobby list (until user manually sorts).
If mod specific multiplayer temp vehicle is not found, will attempt to load generic temp vehicle instead.
Added gizmo to standard rFactor UI that let’s you quickly change cars in practice mode without having to leave and rejoin the server.
Detecting & reloading livery changes in multiplayer quick vehicle change.
Disabled new prediction algorithm by default, until issues are worked out.

Added profile for the Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel.
Added an optional minimum FFB torque to the controller.ini file. Disabled by default.

AIs now attempt to restart engine when toggling AI on with a stalled engine.
Fixed some cases where RCD files were not loading.

Silverstone Circuit v1.01 -> v1.14 Changelog
– Increased surface mesh density at The Link and Maggots Corner for short layouts
– Added and enhanced 3D modelled surface details based on accurate data

– Added International layout
– Replaced GP Layout with GT Layout (41 garage spots)
– Added Concrete Blocks to prevent wandering beyond limits on short layouts
– New default weather preset for GT and International Layouts
– Added Medium Rubber RealRoad presets
– Reworked Light Rubber RealRoad presets
– Added International layout cameras

– Fixed inaccurate Sector 1, Sector 2 and Pit In timing lines (Pit In is now at the FIRST line)
– Fixed multiple small terrain gaps
– Fixed incorrect material on old pit building roof
– Fixed Collision for Bridges
– Fixed Collision for PitWall Gates
– Fixed Smoothing on Grandstand at Club Corner
– Fixed Smoothing on wall at Club Corner
– Fixed light glow being always enabled
– Fixed (most) annoying popups
– Fixed Daylight Saving Time zone

– Tweaked terrain textures and materials for less aliasing and a tiny bit more depth
– Tweaked wall materials for a tiny bit less aliasing
– Tweaked Vegetation textures and materials
– Tweaked RealRoad texture
– Tweaked Glass materials
– Tweaked Vehicle materials

– Optimized 3D Tyre Walls for better and smoother performance
– Optimized Armco for better and smoother performance
– Optimized Armco details for better and smoother performance
– Optimized Vehicles for better and smoother performance
– Optimized Shadow Casters for better performance
– Optimized LOD distances for better performance
– Optimized Reflection Maps for better performance
– Optimized Crowds for better performance
– Optimized Terrain objects for smoother performance
– Optimized Grandstands for better performance
– Optimized Props for smoother performance
– Optimized Omni Lights for International layout
– Optimized Vegetation
– Optimized Grass and Gravel Verges
– Optimized Terrain textures
– Optimized Vehicle textures
– Optimized Building textures

– Performance should be improved by an average of 15-30% over v1.01 depending on detail settings.
– Smoothness should be improved by an average of 25-35% over v1.01 depending on detail settings; up to 45% in most previously heavy stutter areas.
– Texture size reduction by 35% should also free up some VRAM by a fair amount, regardless of detail settings;
– Existing 1.01 GP Layout has been replaced by what we now call GT Layout; which is the same layout with extra garage spots.

[boxdownload]Download rFactor 2 Build 382 Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download rFactor 2 Demo Version Here[/boxdownload]
  • Chris Wright

    A solid package of changes. The graphic performance enhancements look particularly interesting. Right, off to download and try.

  • Ozan Ülkügil

    I hope more FPS !

  • punkfest2000

    Sounds interesting. Tempted to try it out again.

  • Anonymous

    No sound improvements at all? I know the sim audio revolution is going to take time, but I’m not enthralled by the progress, or ISI’s priorities, from this update.

  • Aleksei Kolesnikov

    I tried it approximately a year ago. It was simply any nightmare: awful graphics, awful sounds, feelings of a product of 2005. I will try a demo, can be something changed.

    • Pablo Coronel

      Its been changed a lot since then, is good that you give another chance.

    • Anonymous

      So much better atm. Sure the graphics are still a bit 2005ish but the rest is very good. One thing I want to make you aware of. Most ppl try the cars on a green track and then say that it is horrible to drive. Start a practice session with 20 AI’s and experience the way the track gets more rubbered. It is something I’ve not come across in other sims.

    • Anonymous

      How can any of us judge any current sim on how it drove a year ago? Name one that hasn’t changed significantly?

      • F1Racer

        I think he was just saying how it was for him a year ago, not judging it today. Also think he needed a question mark at the end of the post.
        To name one… GSC2013 ? More content but it drives the same. 🙂

  • Juhan Voolaid

    Do the cars still explode, when colliding?

  • Bauke Bouma

    when i go online i have 0 servers and kick out the game

  • Anonymous

    Still my nr1 sim. I own all the other sims and they all got their pros and cons but rf2 still makes me wanna sit behind the wheel every day.

  • Ralonso Gamba

    Real a great build,very smooth fps and no more huge framedrops on raining conditions, very huge feel of (physical) immersion. Hope they will insert some good pit crew and driver animations especially letting him get out of his car when crashed out of track ecc. Think this sim is on a good way, they seem to know what they want to achieve!

  • F1Racer

    Seems like a decent update this one.
    However…. the things that stick out for me most are that car under-shadows are STILL not completely fixed. Cars have no shadows at distance.
    Also imo the Corvette needs it’s rear end sorting. Tricky and challenging is one thing, but I find it quite unrealistic as to what a modern day race car should be doing. The Nissan GTR is more what I would think it would be like – not that I’m correct, just that I can’t believe a modern day GT car on slicks feels like it’s got over-inflated street tyres on the rear.

    Finally the particle system is an FPS killer. Normally, I get less FPS on rF2 than in most other sims and game I play when they are totally maxxed out. The only sim that is in the same fps range on my rig is pCARS. I get around 70-80 average in both. With pCARS, graphically it is obvious why maxxed out settings might kill your fps.
    But in rF2, once you hit gravel where you see it flying around, it can drop to the 30’s.
    AC is in the 100’s with a grid of cars and most modern games I play are between 120 and 200fps.

    So although I’m getting decent fps in rF2, relatively speaking I’m not when compared with others. This is with an NVidia 780GTX.

    • Anonymous

      Did you set shadows to max? Because I noticed that then there are always shadows under the car, even on high render distances.

      And the thing with rear tires. rFactor imo has still the problem with the green track. Green track + cold tires = racing on ice. AFAIK only the new Silverstone version has a medium rubber setting, which is I think the minimum required rubber grade for good racing.
      Also, the default setups of the cars are to major part rubbish.
      I nearly always soften things up when it comes to RWD cars n rF2: soften tires (pressure), ARB, Springs etc. It really makes the cars more fun to drive.
      For me, a car with a good setup on a good rubbered track drives way easier than the cars in AC (no joke)because then the superb FFB of rFactor 2 makes every slide or grip-loss catchable.
      Ofc, just my impression.

      And yes, I agree with you that the Core still needs a lot of optimization.

      • F1Racer

        Heh, yes my shadows are set to max 🙂 Everything is maxxed out as I said.
        I can show video evidence in Silverstone to show that the shadows disappear.

        When I ran today I wasn’t on a green track. I was using a preset RealRoad that I saved after plenty of running on it. Yes I’m sure some of it is down to setup and also the defaults being not so good.

      • Fabio Pittol

        Well said.

        The feeling at low speeds and/or cold equipment on rF2 is pretty weird (but quite nice in AC though). But when it comes to racing situation, for me, the rF2’s FFB stands out.

      • Smithaz

        In my opinion AC has too much grip at low speeds, remember your not driving your 100hp road car.

    • Ralonso Gamba

      Strange you get this fps drops with a gtx 780 gpu. I cant confirm this at all, having a gtx 680m in my notebook, with a i7 intel 3940mx on its side. Have almost 60fps with all maxed out.

      • F1Racer

        Well lets say I’m in the gravel, stopped, and then I engage reverse gear and reverse quick enough to let loads of gravel partices fly up in front of me, I see the fps drop quite a bit then.

  • Max Pautov

    very,very many good and useful updates!!!

  • Mario Strada

    For the first time I was actually impressed with an rF2 update.

    Is it just me or the graphics are much better now? At least at Silverstone?

    One place where the graphics always kjind of sucked was in the “garage” when you click on a car and can go look at the options. Ther model of the car there has always been terrible. Now, while not excellent, it’s looks much better. Instead of the colors running all over the place and the 3D shapes looking undefinend it looks OK. Could still be better (it still look worse than in old GTR2 garage) but it’s passable.

  • Bryan Gunsher BG Pups

    RF2 runs very slow on my system. It doesn’t look much better than rF.
    I was hoping for a real improvement. I bought AC this evening and man what a huge difference. AC runs full graphics and full grid at around 60-80FPS and it drives so nice.
    The folks at ISI really have thier work cut out for them.

    • Clutch Norris

      Gotta love that new wave of wanabe simracer who just care about one thing. GFXs!
      There’s no reason for rF2 not to run on a system that can run AC to the max settings. You’re either a liar or you’re ignorant and you’re doing it wrong.

      • F1Racer

        That’s a bit harsh. What’s GFXs? (You don’t need the ‘s’) What makes him a wannabe ? (Two ‘n’s). I don’t mean to highlight any ignorance there.
        How do you know he only cares about gfx ? Sure its what he mentioned in this post but that tells you nothing.
        Also rF2’s framerates are down on AC’s. I get 30fps less with a single car in rF2 than a 10 car grid in AC. But so what, both run just fine.
        And if he was ignorant or doing it wrong, would you offer to help him out ?

      • GamerMuscle

        Stop being reasonable and civil or I’m going to have to punch you in the face.

      • F1Racer

        Then I’d have to get all my reasonability and all my civililibibility, mix ’em together, load it into a cannon, point it at your house and BOOOM !

      • Bjorn G

        He is actually right, Clutch…

        rF2 is megadisappointing in the graphical department. Especially the performance. I get 70-80 fps in AC on maxed settings with 10+ AI’s

        I get 30-60 ALONE in a Clio on track with almost the highest possible settings in rF2. Silverstone gets me in the low 20’s even below 20 in certain areas. I am also an AMD-ISI-victim sadly… Still ridiculous.

        I hate to love rFactor 2.

      • Smithaz

        Yes it isn’t the best graphically but they’re not concentrating on that at the moment ( I get solid 120fps with a GTX670 btw). Physics wise rF2 is top notch though, perhaps it is too challenging for some people, as I guess it is in real life and that’s why drivers are paid so much.

      • Bjorn G

        Sometimes it feels like they’re not concentrating on anything at all…

        Yes the physics are great, so is the feedback, it’s rFactor2’s stong-point.

      • Smithaz

        You have a point, I read the changelog and think wtf. Lets hope there is a lot of unactivated code in there.

      • Bryan Gunsher BG Pups

        Glad you can tell so much about me from a post. The fact is wannabe or not I’ve been at this since 2003. My point being is I’ve had rfactor2 for over year it’s never run good it looks terrible it drives terrible. I have a fairly high-end system not state-of-the-art but it was last year. I purchased AC just last night and I’ll tell you right now it is worlds beyond this game. Besides the graphics the physics iare incredible the feel of the road, driving, the tires, brakes everything surpasses pretty much everything I’ve ever driven. And I don’t mean to knock rfactor but it doesn’t even come close, these guys are working on a product that’s literally is five years old already they’re never going to be able to sell this thing with the current game engine. It’s just too outdated. I’d rather just play RFactor. I cannot wonder if the guys at ISI even look at the competition how can they keep trying to sell this title knowing what pCars and AC have to offer. Even Simbins RRE is worlds better than this. Sorry for all the negativity but Im huge fan of rFactor but rFactor2 is a complete let down.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you, after trying the latest rFactor 2 demo, I can’t comment on the product as a whole, and only on what’s in the demo, so far, after all the demo releases it’s had, money still hasn’t been exchanged, going to give it another 6 to 12 months before I try another, and maybe no more after that.

      • Bjorn G

        I agree rF2 looks awful, and it runs ‘awfullier’, but the driving is for me better and much more high fidelity than anything else. pCARS bears NO resemblance to rFactor 2 physically or regarding FFB.

        I said I hate to love rFactor 2, simply because it looks mega-aged and runs like the prettiest, most demanding game from 2014 and the looks does NOT reflect that!

        The feeling and physics though is the best I’ve ever felt, and like you, I’ve been simming for decades… That is why I hate to love it. I love the feeling, the racing, I hate the bugs, slow development, half-baked features and features still needing to be implemented, oh and the ill graphics…

        AC, I haven’t driven it since update 03, but I doubt that it has changed a lot since then. It’s good, but nowhere near as satisfactioning as rF2.

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