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rFactor 2 – Build 156 Released

Image Space Incorporated has released a new build of their rFactor 2 simulation that is currently in open-beta testing.

Image Space Incorporated has released a new build of their rFactor 2 simulation that is currently in open-beta testing.

The new build introduces the improved mod manager among plenty of other changes listed below.

================================================== ===
Update 12 (Build 156) Changelog (Febuary 28, 2013):
================================================== ===
Fixed shaders bug with vertex color adjustments
Fixed headlight bug where headligths would lag one frame behind
Fixed broken tire temp indicator on HUD MFD
Attempt to fix occasional smoke problem with transparent trainer
Fixed some issues that happen when upgrades make a change in the number of tire compounds
Added “hard” anti-stall.
Made anti-stall a feature that can be permanently enabled rather than depending on anti-clutch driving aid (HDV: “”AntiStallLogic” =1″, default is 0)
Fixed HDV variable GraphicalOffset so that x&z values don’t affect normal driving physics (y value never did; note they all affect collision, though)
“RearFlapZoneSessions” and “RearFlapWetThreshold” should also be allowed in the RFM (in addition to the GDB); “RearFlapZone” remains the same, GDB-only
Converted TBC parameter “WetWeather” from boolean to floating point value so AIs could judge the level of wetness handled. Exactly zero should still be used for dry weather tires, for the sake of rules.
Added new optional algorithms for engine brake map.
Fixed bug on main menu vehicle button if there are no cars installed
In controls menu, highlight controls currently being activated (helps me remember what button is what on my wheel)
Added new playerfile variable “OPT_UI_KeyNav” that toggles keyboard navigation of options.
Removed useless HUD parameters
Fixed the situation where replays of races would crash right after track load
Updated ModMgr UI
Prevent AI cars from fueling if race parameters disallow it.
Fixed a bug where 2 clients that have the same custom skin names would sometimes see the other skin on their local car.

To get access to the the beta, a full retail purchase of rFactor 2 is required. rFactor 2 sells for $43.99, including 12 months of online account membership.

[boxdownload]Download rFactor 2 Full Build 156 Mirror 1 Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download rFactor 2 Full Build 156 Mirror 2 Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download rFactor 2 Full Build 156 Torrent Mirror Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download rFactor 2 Build 156 Update Mirror 1 Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download rFactor 2 Build 156 Update Mirror 2 Here[/boxdownload]
  • Hanzales

    I don’t know how about you guys, but I’m so much busy with all the updates and new racing titles 😀 Seems like a gold season incoming… I definitely need go up for triple-screen :/ …RF2, R3E, Assetto Corsa, pCars… well yes… I definitely need it!

    • F1Racer

      I’m tempted to go triple myself at some point. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        triple is the best and you wont look back just want bigger lol

        frameless monitor =

      • Anonymous

        it’s a change as dramatic as getting a wheel for the first time. Once you do it, it changes everything and makes it feel way, way way WAY more like a sim.

      • F1Racer

        So if I buy 2 more screens, my gfx card has only 2 DVI ports. So what would I be missing? How to I rig up a triple screen setup ?

      • Ricoo

        If your graphic card has also Display port or HDMI (and it’s probably the case if it is powerful enough to drive a triple screen resolution) you should be ok, otherwise you need a new graphic card.

      • F1Racer

        Sadly only 2 DVI’s. It’s an NVidia 480GTX so maybe a little old now. I have space to put another one in SLi mode though if that is a workaround but it will be tight up against my PSU. Hmmm.

      • Anonymous

        You can use your onboard gpu if your mobo has any. 3th screen can be used by that with softTH. But u will be stuck to dx9.

      • F1Racer

        Good info, thanks.

      • Jaimy Mewe

        Just get another 480. I run them SLI and to be honest even pCARS runs 50/60 fps everything on high. Those things won`t cost as much 2nd hand and will be more then enough to play all coming sims maxed out or close to maxed out. Running triple screen with 2 480`s is a piece of cake 😉

      • F1Racer

        I`ll check out prices on Ebay and crunch some numbers. It’s not a high priority for me right now but something I`d like to look into as Flight Sim X will also look great on triple screen.

    • steve30x

      I’m more tempted to buy one of these. There will be no bars seperating the screen. I know its not as wide but its still a lot wider than my 16:9 monitor–widescreen-2560×1080-hdmi-dvi-4-screen-splitled-8JLJ.html?refs=4294942970&src=3

    • Anonymous

      I went triple 2 years ago with softth and now everytime I race without like with GT5 or AC I feel claustrofobic. TripleH is the way to go woth simracing. Tonight I will leave softth and go surround because of the DX11 games. Wonder what my wife thinks when I come home from work with 2 23″ fullHD monitors…..

      • Krisztián Tóth

        Since assetto corsa realesed, ive tried to find a way to play it on triple screen! I use softh in another games, but as it well known assetto use dx11..

        Yesterday i was success, because, i find out how we can play it whitout softTH, So i try to explain how!

        There are a Asetto Corsa folder in the documents, open it, you will find a folder called cfg, in that folder there are 2 files what you need, video and triple screen!

        Open the video.cfg then you will see this:


        WIDTH=4240 <——— add your triple screen resolution

        HEIGHT=1050 <———-add your triple screen resolution























        Then open the triple_screen.cfg!!!

        You will see this:


        ACTIVE=1 <—— 0 is off 1 is on so you will know what you have to do;)















        aaaand its done! Thats it thats all folks, sorry for my english i hope it helps a lot of players!;)

    • Anonymous

      Do yourself a favor and wait for the Oculus Rift. With the previews online I’ve seen, it will be many times better than triple screen setups and probably cheaper too.

      • Anonymous

        Did they improve the resolution? Last I heard it was pretty poor.

      • Anonymous

        Consumer version should be 1080p and the most important thing is that your rig has to be able to render stereoscopic 3D at that resolution at 60fps w/ vsync. Many rigs can do that right now so by the time it comes out videos cards will be even cheaper.

      • Tomas Beha

        I’d love to try the OC, but wouldn’t it be kinda weird to drive a simulation without being able to see your own hands, wheel and buttons ?

      • Anonymous

        I’d be fine. I don’t need to look down to hit any buttons on my G27 which has quite a few.

  • Luke Gabin

    has anyone had trouble setting up drs in this build ???

  • wajdi nujeidat

    I went triple screen 1 year ago and I won’t look back!

  • Lemming77

    I have a sneaking suspicion the anti-stall stuff is in preparation for the Marussia F1 car’s release! Really looking forward to having that car 🙂

  • Anonymous

    So hows the update, 21 comment & none of them talk about the update, just pure rambling on about nothing.

  • Anonymous

    I just tried rFactor2, i think its very good. Love the historical F1 stuff alot, so intense. Too bad that some of the visuals look really dated.

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