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rFactor 2 – Build 134 Released

Image Space Incorporated have released build 134 of their rFactor 2 simulation.

Image Space Incorporated have released build 134 of their rFactor 2 simulation.

Just two and a half weeks after the release of Build 134, the new release brings plenty of little changes and fixes to the simulation that is currently in open beta status.

Unlike the last release, this one does not come with any new content additions.

================================================== ===
Update 10 (Build 134) Changelog (December 19, 2012):
================================================== ===

Fixed problem on some AMD video cards where black squares would appear if bloom was used.
Fixed problem with reflections offsets for mesh hierarchies.
Fixed flashing shadows.
Now allowing users to run the sim even if below minimum video mem requirements.
Fix in usage of.hdp files for viewer.
Fixed issue where mirrors get corrupted if we either had zero vehicles temporarily or alternately the only vehicle in the session has its graphics reloaded.
Add some better defaults for LDR rendering.
Potential fix for graphics corruption after screen shot.
Re-disabled transparency AA until all mods can be properly updated

Water/oil temps or oil/fuel/boost pressures now using metric units in the INI files in order to match the rest of the simulation.

Fixed “resume from replay” issue where safety car would drive off despite not being active.

Fixed a potential crash in a spinner.
Added info to show in the controller setup that controls for time accel, framerate, and CPU automatically use the Ctrl key.
Halved the size of the pop-up icons (rf logo, Ai control, & plug ins initializing).

Skip recomputation of AIW parameters if nothing changed.
No longer rebuilding collision every single time, which should reduce load times a bit.
Make “none” HDR profile stick between track loads.
Booting Transparent Trainer will no longer crash; however, it will always come right back unless you disable it in the UI.


Fixed problem where dedicated server couldn’t load RealRoad files and forgot the weather settings.
Added an icon that conveys the state of downloaded custom skin for a particular slot. grey = queued, redish purple = downloading, green = successfully downloaded, black = failed download.
Hopefully fixed issue where servers stopped accepting new clients, often after one of those “? is removed” messages.

Use +ui=NONE on the rFactor2 Dedicated.exe to start with no user interface. +ui=CONSOLE for console interface and +ui=WIN32 (default) for Windows interface.
The following command have been added to rFactor2 Dedicated.exe’s console user interface.
:boot <number>
:ban <number>
:move_up <number>
:move_down <number>



Hopefully fixed replay smoke issue, but needs to be tested in multiplayer as well. Changes replay format!

Fixed bug in SampleSM3.gfx which caused viewer to hang on startup.
Fixed a problem with Mas2 stalling when losing focus on Windows XP.
Tidied up some UI bugs in Mas2.
Updated ModMode.exe UI disaply page to match retail exe
Fixed a bug in Max plugins which caused a crash in Win XP

To get access to the the beta, a full retail purchase of rFactor 2 is required. rFactor 2 sells for $43.99, including 18 months of online account membership instead of the 12 months buyers of the final version will receive.

[boxdownload]Download rFactor 2 Build 134 Full Installer Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download rFactor 2 Build 134 Update Here[/boxdownload]
  • kr1nz

    Yeah! It’s like opening the christmas gifts earlier!

    • gt3rsr

      Assetto Corsa is out? Didn’t notice…

      • kr1nz

        That would be like opening the best gift you had in years!

  • Wally Masterson

    From ISI forum: also in this build: Improved cut-track detection near pit entrance and exit.

  • GamerMuscle

    Until RF2 has a substantial improvement in its physics I don’t think I’m going to play it that much.

    Fundamentally when you get to the limit RF2 drives allot like RF1 with a good car mod and well set-up real feel.

    That’s obviously not bad on the grand scheme of things , but for drivers that are near to the pace of a given track it encourages and rewards memory and repetition rather than memory and repetition + creativity and feeling out as you go , leaving us with un-fulfilling and bland driving for the more skilled racers .

    NKP is a perfect example of how cars should drive granted there are some aspects in NKP that are unrealistic but the nature of the cars and how you approach driving them , being able to balance them before during and after getting into a slide is unmatched by any other simulator.

    For me having a yearly sub is also a terrible idea for RF2 And suspect the
    multi-player will just die out over time. Its like ISI are trying to give people a reason to quit the game and move to its competitors.

    What is a shame is that the 1960s cars can be real fun to race with but then whenever you try to race on-line people are incapable of doing more than 2 laps without crashing.

    Online most people seem to want to race the FWD Clio cup cars which totally blows my mind I don’t understand why people would want to predominately drive a FWD car other than very casually for its own challenges.

    If Assetto Corsa delivers on everything that it appears to , Graphics , NKP or better physics
    , Mod support , Clean UI , Easy to access content , Tight netcode , Solid AI , Laser scanned tracks
    Then I don’t see what RF2 can offer to keep me playing it.

    Who knows RF2 might mature over time or have a patch that takes us by surprise.

    • Jos

      what do you think of the skippy’s physics?

      • GamerMuscle

        To me Other than the general jostling of the FFB they just feel disconnected , there seems to be a flat spot before the car responds in the centre (outside of FFB but in terms of how the car moves , which is also present in the FISI.

        The rear end is not very communicative of what it is going to do and when in a slide you are generally a hostage until the car comes out of the slide.

        If you manage to get the car into a tank slapper than the physics degrade very fast.

        I much prefer the i-racing version and I don’t even like i-racing !

      • Kendra Jacobs

        I’m very sorry you feel that way about rf2’s physics model, thats too bad

      • Anonymous

        ok, thanks for sharing your emotions with us.

      • Noel Hibbard

        Strange because I would have to say the Skippy is the most connected car I have driven to date in any sim. I assume you have raced a real to know what connected really feels like?

      • Anonymous

        …and have you? 🙂

      • Noel Hibbard


      • Anonymous

        Whether I agree or not, or if my personal experiences are similar or not, I appreciate your point of view and experiences. You seem to be honest in ‘your’ personal assesment. For this reason I pay close attention to your posts. Thank you again.

    • Mrslfrsl

      like a broken vinyl

      • Anonymous

        Well said, was waiting for this Yorkshire idiot to bash rf2 & ISI, he always starts off with the same thing “I really want to like RF2”

      • GamerMuscle

        “Yorkshire idiot” what does that even mean ?


        I say “I really want to like RF2” because it has the potential and it has its moments that are awesome for example driving the 60s cars at spa at sunset with changing weather.

        To reply to MrslFRSl , The record will change when a patch comes out to change the record.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t shout it’s late night & you’ll wake everyone up 🙂

      • Mrslfrsl

        honestly i don’t care if your record changes or not, the only thing which is annoying in your comments is that you always talk in plural. ” we, us” and so on. i don’t like when somebody thinks he has to talk for me.

      • GamerMuscle

        You could give a counter point rather than just complaining about my writing style , I would have thought its well known that I’m hardly Shakespeare.

      • Anonymous

        i think you are allot Shakespeare.

      • Mrslfrsl

        you missed our point mate. it has nothing to do with writing “style”.
        we just want to tell you to speak for yourself like we and everybody else does.

        and we will not give you a counter point cuz we are not here to argue with you.
        we tend to say “don’t feed the troll” but hey, you already trapped us.
        you’ve found here a good playground for your music so we won’t disturb you anymore. 😉

      • GamerMuscle

        “you missed our point mate. it has nothing to do with writing “style”.

        If I have said something that’s true then it will apply to everyone , obviously you simply disagree with a point I have made and rather than give a counter point you thought it more productive to attack the writing style.

        So no I have not “missed our point” , you are just passively making the argument that my points about RF2’s physics on the limit was wrong , rather than wasting time why not just make that statement , or make the argument that its a subjective issue.

        You will find that allot of reviews or critical writing even on subjective issues will say “We” “us” ” leading the viewer to” “making us feel” “making you belive” rather than I or “making me”.

      • Anonymous

        Please, no need to defend yourself, though it isnice to see that your defense is not an ‘offensive’ one. I can (maybe?) understand how you may feel when you take a considerable amount of time to sample, drive and test various sims, then think about them, come up with an honest personal assesment and point of view, and then put a good deal of time in creating a post that will share this with the sim community, and with the hopes of sim software writers seeing it constructively …and then you get attacked or slammed for it, when your intentions and heart were in the right place! I have learned over my many years that often the causes of conflicts or issues between people or within persons themselves are often from mainly three things. 1) Expectations 2) Assumptions 3) They take things Personally.
        Please don’t be disheartened. Just post and move on, unless someone asks you a constructive/honest question like the gentleman earlier, “what do you think of the skippy’s physics?” Never mind if you are a good enough writer or not (I personally think you are fine and get your points accross). No one ever reaches their full potential in anything and says, “I have arrived and I am perfect.” Unless they are deluded. Thank you again for your contributions to our sim ‘community’, and to those out there as well who have their hearts in the right place.

      • GamerMuscle

        True , though I’m not disheartened I was simply replying to Mrslfrsl

      • Stuart Fields

        I thought I was on VirtualR and not IGN’s Call of Duty hour forums! It would be nice if you could cut the insults and actually provide some form of critical response to the comments that were made. Some very valid points were stated along with some personal opinion, a lot of the time its those exact things that make up the bulk of adult conversation and debate.

        Physics aside RF2 is unquestionably lagging behind titles such as AC, Simbins Raceroom, PCars and even recent i-racing content (and most other modern racers out there) and it needs to raise its game.

        As for the online aspect its not hard to acknowledge that the sim community is very fractured now compared to what it was a few years ago when rfactor 1 was in its prime and league racing was thriving. Its going to take a lot of time with all of the new titles once they are released for dedicated racers to find their feet again. Hence the difficulty in finding a solid group of reliable racers running the current build of RF2.

        I love RF and really hope RF2 is a superb title in its finished form but simply from the lack of updates, the snails pace of development and improvement, the level of disappointment it has currently generated and yes, the obviously inferior visual quality to most other titles make me nervous for the end product (I know the physics are key but sub par visuals are just not acceptable these days). I hope I am wrong but this one could easily be over before it has even begun.

      • Mrslfrsl

        it is in the eye of the beholder. quantity over quality?

        the only game which is out there is iracing and this for 5-6 years now. not comparable in terms of content, really.

        i fail yet to see a comparable sim out there in terms of inovations ie simulations and features besides of iracings online features.

        and there is more to come i would say.

      • punkfest2000

        Truth is they shat the bed on this title. They had every opportunity to dominate the genre, and they’ve allowed the competition to surpass them. They just took way too long to develop it. Damn near obsolete graphically as it stands, and they’ve still got 1-2 years to go before release. They stayed with a small team and it cost them. You can’t go with the mom and pop approach anymore.

    • Lemming77

      Agreed on the subscription thing. I have no intention of racing in multiplayer outside of racing clubs and leagues. So I’ve got no need for matchmaking. But I gather I have to cough up for it anyway, else it locks me out of the multiplayer all together. 🙁

      • Richard Hessels

        For proper matchmaking you need many drivers willing to race the same series.
        With the low amount of drivers online like it is now it’s not going to function.

    • Anonymous

      “But fundamentally when you get to the limit RF2 drives allot like RF1 with a good car mod and well set-up real feel.”

      It just plain doesn’t, though. What are you expecting, i mean really? For me, rf2 feels hugely different to rf1, especially when you unsettle the car and have to get it back in line. Do you even rubber in the road before you pass [email protected] grip levels rise at least 30% if rubbered in.

      I just can’t relate t your comments, rf2 is leagues ahead of anything else out right now.

      • GamerMuscle

        Rf2 feels different from RF1 in that the FFB is allot stronger far more jostling and the default ISI cars are better with more give and predictable slip than they have in RF1 , Its progress but its very slight.

        The real progress in RF2 is the dynamic track weather and the potential if they fully realise there new tire model and tire model back end system.

        I have spent over 40 hours driving RF2 , and have done many laps with FFB on and Off in all the cars , to get a reasonable idea of how the cars are moving around and the physics in response to driver input.

        Some of the cars are better than others but fundamentally they all suffer from the same properties ISI cars always have including RF1, That is when they slide you have a real lack of control.

        When they get into a slide and to what existent that slide will be is also often guess work along with at what point the tires will bite back in. The only way you can know is through repetition rather than through the car communicating to you its active state.

        One of the defining aspects of Game stock car and the amazing work Niels Heusinkveld does is that he tries to recover that aspect and the predictability found in real cars that is largely lacking from RF1 and also RF2.

        I expect over the next 2 years as ISI work on there tire model and the engine as a whole the cars will become gradually more predictable and better to drive on the limmit but by that time its posable the mod teams will have moved to AC.

      • Anonymous

        I’m starting to worry about those people who are expecting AC to do something worthy of Jesus in the sim world. If they don’t deliver the easiest to drive, spectacularly drift friendly experience a lot of people are going to be in a frenzy…

      • GamerMuscle

        I defiantly think allot of people are pinning there hopes on AC It will be quite amusing if it turns out not to be what people are looking for 🙂 , I dont think it comes down to it being “easy” though

        For example getting a top lap time or winning a race in NKP is just as hard as RF.

        If you are drifting the cars in NKP then you are going to be losing time just as happens in the real world , most the time you are fighting to not drift.

        In RF2 you simply work out the limit and stay below it and then replicate the same lap over and over adjusting brake points slightly for how much rubber there on the track.

        I think RF2 is a fantastic simulator to get people up to a good level of sim-racing and driving in general , The violence of the FFB is also a nice change , though I think it might be at the expense of communicating grip to the player.

        But if you are at a high level say 0.400 of global track record for that car , then you will want something that lets you develop race craft or the finer points of balancing a car through a corner feeling out the grip and that’s what NKP does.

        RF1 seems to encourage good race craft in some of the F1 mods especially at high speed the FSR mod for example can end up with some good on the limit of grip moves without the cars acting strange , but its still largely a case of memorising things and you often see drivers lose it on low speed corners in strange ways , or do weard continual slides that dont bite back in.

    • Niksounds B

      oh… you have problem with rf2 i see =)
      There are another sims ! What’s the problem?

      If you don’t like it, there are another ways, this is my personal idea =) because you posts always the same things… change anytime =)

      Play nkp, and be happy =)

      • GamerMuscle

        I was just giving a run-down of RF2 for people , Id still recommend it to have as a game in general, there are only 10 or so driving sims might as well own them all ;).

    • Jordan Meagher

      Your a total cock stain lol and change your name to forearm Muscle because you wank on way to much.

      • GamerMuscle

        lol , I know the name is a bit stupid but Gamermuscle is quite memorable , I also like how it sounds a bit camp.

  • F1Racer

    I`ll be so happy when they add the physics code for the Skip Barbers rear wheels 🙂

    • Anonymous

      the low grip version (not sure which one is which) is crazy for me, but the other one with semi slicks is pretty drivable on lime rock. Fun trying to chase down clios in it at least 🙂

      • F1Racer

        The one I was driving didn’t seem to have semi-slicks on going by the tread pattern. I think these tyres were Goodyear knock-offs. Dontsteer I think they were called 🙂
        I mean, I managed to lap in it but the total lack of grip on the rear didn’t convince me that this was a car people use train in. It would have to be speed limited.

        I shall try the semi-slicks.

        Those Clio’s are amazing though 🙂

      • Anonymous

        If you haven’t done so already, get a ton of rubber on the road before heading out (run some AI on and fast forward it for 20 laps), this makes a huge difference to grip in rf2. Then run the skippy with those semi slicks, it’s definitely drivable like this if you drive very carefully, but you can still push it, just in different ways than most other cars. let me know how you get on.

      • Anonymous

        This is so cool. Great advice. Thanks!

      • F1Racer

        I didn’t think about something like that (the AI laying down rubber). I have to say by lap 3 I was driving it better than on the outlap.

        I`ll try everything you guys have told me and I’m sure I`ll be all the better for it. Thanks !

    • Noel Hibbard

      It is all about weight transfer. You cant unload the rear at all or it will slide. This is how the car is in real life too. I love how you can dance this car around in rF2. There are so many times where I get the car totally sideways and then manage to recover it and then think about how that would have been impossible in rF1.

      • F1Racer

        Well if you can’t unload the rear at all, then you’re saying don’t brake 🙂

        Yes it’s a case of getting all the braking done before the turn, but even on turn-in, the rear sometimes just says ‘I don’t wanna go there, I’m happy continuing on as I was’.

        Catching slides and stuff is fun and is all well and good, but it’s not really how the car is meant to be driven, is it ?

        I just feel it may be a bit more exaggerated compared to real life. Don’t want to get into that ‘it’s tricky so it must be more realistic’ ideal.

      • Noel Hibbard

        I personally think tricky is more realistic. I will explain why. First, simracing doesn’t have physical gforces. In a real car you can “feel” when you are getting close to the limit and you react to it sooner. You also feel all the load on your body and you know you are pushing hard. In a sim, you never feel anything. You don’t know when you are closing in on the limit. It is all memory and FFB. So you my think you aren’t pushing it hard but really you are. They have real world data on these cars. They know how to realistically duplicate the physics. But, realistic on paper doesn’t mean it will “feel” realistic behind the wheel. The fact is, sim racing will never feel real. It just isn’t possible But about the Skippy, it is designed to suck. It is designed to slide. It is designed to exaggerate weight transfer. And most of all, it has street tires on it. Hell even the National car doesn’t have all out race tires, they are DOT-Rs. The idea is that if you can master a Skippy you should be able to master anything.

      • F1Racer

        Sounds like a reasonable explanation then. I guess I`ll have to practice with it a bit more to get some consistency. I`ll consider it my next challenge.

      • Anonymous

        Gentle weight transfers, not sudden ones. The old trick is to imagine you’ve got a bathtub full of water in the car, you want to brake in such a way that the water gently moves to the front of the tub instead of sloshing forward and spilling.

        Which version of the car are you driving, the national or regional? remember, this is a car with very rearward weight distribution and a training car. It will oversteer, and because it’s meant to teach drivers it’s designed not to behave when you use bad technique so you don’t develop bad habits.

      • F1Racer

        I’m not sure which one I was driving. Next time I fire up rF2 I`ll let you know. I`ll try and remember the bathtub method.

      • Anonymous

        If you haven’t read Going Faster or Speed Secrets (or both!) you’re doing yourself a sim racing disservice. Both excellent books with lots of techniques to make you drive better.

      • F1Racer

        Well I thought I was doing ok really. It’s just this car that has thrown me – for now. When I get time, I’ll just keep on it until I adapt to it.

        As for reading, I have ‘ Ayrton Senna’s Principles of Race Driving’. I’m guessing that’s ok 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Never knew he wrote a driver training book!

        But yes, it can take a lot of adjustment to get used to. Just think weight distribution (rear engine!) and wide slip angle tires (the one on street tires) and that dictates how you need to drive it.

      • F1Racer

        Yeah, its out of print now and copies going for around £200 on Ebay. Check it out on Amazon.

        Anyway today I was 0.88s off the AI pace at Croft with the National car so I guess thats ok.

  • Jim Slimjim Cassi

    At least i’m getting a bit better frame rates in this build with my 5 year old PC.
    the last 2 were horrid, not sure what they done, but thanks for making the game more playable. hope to upgrade my PC soon.

  • Jim Slimjim Cassi

    sorry for repeating without a full test but, i just checked out the online for the 1st time since the 2nd build and WOW, 6 people total and so many different mods, it’s rF1 nightmare all over again, so with this in mind, please AC guys, try to sort this problem out before release. i’m tired of seeing 10 versions of the same mod.

    • Ricoo

      I just checked too. 10 people online in rFactor 2, 6 in pCARS, 654 in LFS and 1364 in iRacing (but most don’t race but just have the browser open) lol

      • Jos

        654 in LFS??

      • Ricoo

        Yep 691 now and around 30 in Race 07

        The number of racers online is on the left under the logo

      • Jos

        Just saw 800 online, why so many more then rf2 or pcars?

      • Ricoo

        Because LFS is one of the best online racing sim, with very good net code, and it doesn’t have good AI (they are complete rubbish).

    • Markus Ott

      And this is why I am strongly against mod support in pCARS.

      • rui silva

        your against freedom of artistic expression… what next ? removel of the ppl you dont agree with ?!?!? Dude you would be against your own shadow if it didnt came attached …( is there anything you are acttually cool with, damn … )

      • F1Racer

        He didn’t say he was against freedom of artistic expression. He made a comment only specific to pCARS.

  • Nazirull Safry Paijo

    Skippy FFB feels awesomeee!!!

  • Anonymous

    rfactor 2. More like Fail factor 2.
    When Assetto Corsa comes out, if anyone is still playing rfactor 2, it will be because they are deluded on some level.
    Netkar Pro was the track equivalent to RBR, and I can’t wait for AC to take it to another level.

    wish i could get a refund for RF2. I hoped they would fundamentally change the physics of it to be more like reality but they are still stuck in the year 2000, and it looks like the physics are now baked in, looking at the things they are changing in these updates.

    i havent played RF2 since the awful F2 car came out. If you want some Christmas fun – get RBR’s excellent RSRBR 2013, its stunning, and a proper driving experience.

    • Anonymous

      i wish you would give it a rest, sigh.

    • Anonymous

      Change the record you monotonous dingleberry.

    • F1Racer

      “When Assetto Corsa comes out, if anyone is still playing rfactor 2, it will be because they are deluded on some level.”

      Really ? You know this despite not having even tried AC ? I mean you’d have to know how AC feels first before you can start calling people deluded, right ?

      Picking one sim over another is not a delusion anyway, its an opinon.

      Also I don’t recall NKPro whipping rFactor 1 in terms of popularity.

      I can’t speak for others but I think when AC comes out I`ll be playing it as well as rfactor 2 and not instead of.

      As for RBR, it never did anything for me and when I want a proper driving experience, I`ll go out and get into my real car and have a drive.

      • Anonymous

        “I can’t speak for others but I think when AC comes out I`ll be playing it as well as rfactor 2 and not instead of.”


  • Matt Bradley

    all i know is that I’m enjoying rf2 now. AC may be better it may not be, nobody knows, and the screens shots aren’t gonna tell you much compared with actually having it in your hands. Just gonna have to get it and see.
    btw if you get into a league it completely solves the mismatch problem, it’s more fun that way anyway

  • Noel Hibbard

    As an admin I am excited as hell about having a console server now! Automation is going to be much easier. Although I have totally solved all my automation problems in rF1 these days. 🙂 I hope the next step is a Linux server. Although you could probably run this new server in WINE without to much trouble.

  • Jim. C

    Sorry to say I’ve been rather disappointed in rF2 so far. Looks and feels dated.

    • Anonymous

      A lot of people might agree with you about the graphics but saying it feels dated is a bit “wide of the mark” IMO.
      The new Skip Barber cars are a blast to drive and certainly dont feel dated.

      • Ricoo

        True. I use rFactor2 a lot and I never feel disappointed.

      • Jim. C

        A Fanatec CSR. I can’t help feeling rF2 is overrated in its current state. Just my opinion.

        I’ll keep on playing Game Stock Car in the meantime. I hope rF2 proves me wrong in the end.

      • Anonymous

        If you cant get into the sim as much as you would like thats fair enough.
        (I’m having the same problem with pcars to be honest. Cant fall in love with it for some reason!)

  • Anonymous

    Build 134 is fantastic, fps improved significantly on my pc with all details cranked up. rF2 ffb still my favorite at the moment.

  • Thiago Lima

    Sometimes, when im playing rF2, it crashes and re-start the game.
    Windows keeps working fine…its not something from Windows 7 or Hardware.
    Im using W7 64 bits and logitech G27 64 bits software.

    Anyone having the same problem? PLEASE COMENT!

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