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rFactor 2 – Build 125 Released

Image Space Incorporated have released build 125 of their rFactor 2 simulation.

Image Space Incorporated have released build 125 of their rFactor 2 simulation.

The new build is highlighted by several major additions. On the content-side, the new release introduces the Skip Barber car as well as Lime Rock Park.

Furthermore, a major new feature is added with the “Resume from Replay” functionality. To learn more about this feature, check out the developer interview here.

================================================== ===
UPDATE 9 (Build 124) Changelog (November 30, 2012):
================================================== ===

Improved lighting in car paint shaders
Fixed a bug with generating bboxs for procedural meshes, which was causing problems with shadows
Leaf wind now working again in shaders
HDR profiles are again active; packaged profiles will be auto loaded from track component mas files; user-defined profiles are loaded from Player\Settings\track_layout dir
HDR profiles can be loaded from the Settings menu in the real-time monitor
prevent ‘Auto Detail FPS’ from LOD’ing the currently viewed vehicle
Added support for loading user shaders
Attempt to improve LOD level flashing while regulating frame rate
Re-enabled transparency AA setting
Fixed issue with visual tire wear on AI vehicles

Fixed/changed behavior where we wouldn’t use weather settings unless you had actually visited the weather settings page; this was confusing so we always use your saved weather settings now.
Made track-cutting thresholds configurable in the GDB.

Fixed some RealRoad setting issue and uninitialized data if file couldn’t be read. Note that we had to add a checksum to RealRoad files so the format has changed slightly.
fixed a bug where AI ignored pit strategy needs while out on track.
fixed issue of AI cars constantly trying to pit for tires if the only tire compound available is a wet road compound.
added two new variables for AI to the RCD files “UnderSteerEffectOnThrottleMulti” which you can raise higher than 100 if you want AI to more quickly get off throttle when he detects understeer & “UnderSteerEffectOnLineMulti” which you can raise lower than 100 if you want AI to more quickly adjust line wide when he detects understeer.
hopefully improved AI trainer tendency to spin on high speed corners by lengthening distance we look ahead for disappearing road and slowing rate of lateral movement based on how much lower than 1.0 new RCD parameter “UnderSteerEffectOnLineMulti” is.

added code that hopefully prevents un-selectable (according to the veh file) cars being selectable
fixed event picking bug when a MOD with multiple updates has multiple versions of some events
fixed bug in HUD editor that had mismatched global parameters.
Made RFM picker scroll in when ARAC button is selected.
fixed extra character being drawn for newlines in the garage notes
Add selectable HDR profiles to settings page
Added a new Options Button to select “All Tracks & Cars”. Also removed “All Track & Cars” mod from the spinner.
Added version numbers to RFM, VEH, & track selection gizmos.
Fix for showroom not loading first time through
added gizmo to off-line player monitor page that lets you pick specific AI to add to game.
made the “leave track” gizmo from the maximized monior page into a new gizmo type that hides itself if no in the dedicated replay mode.
changed the vehicle labels font to a true type font (to hopefully catch all the foreign characters)

Fixed problem where upgrades didn’t work first time after installation
fixed potential deadlock when adding or booting AI in single-player mode
Fixed a bug to allow mas’d sounds to be loaded in moddev mode

Fixed it so client gets message if they are being kicked out due to vehicle upgrades changing their class to a disallowed type. Also added to the message what the allowed classes are.

Now also resetting steering wheel range whenever ‘Reset FFB’ is pressed.
Bumped up maximum number of controllers from 4 to 6.
Added logging and potential fix for problem where people sometimes lose keyboard input.

We continue to recommend not releasing plugins based on V05 of the interface until it is considered final.

Added ability to resume a session from a replay, which acts like a continuous save file. You can choose any car at any point in the session. While you can use a replay of a multiplayer session, you can currently only resume it as a single-player session. Note that the replay is not and will never be a “perfect” save file, and currently there are some vehicle states that are not properly restored, in particular the state of your tires. Note also that this feature changes the replay format and is not backwards compatible.

Fixed a bug in Mas2 with crashing during mod install
Fix for viewer to support no dyn vbuf
Removed confirm dialogs from Mas2 for mas’ing and packaging components and mods
Changed multi-cmp file extension to .rfcmp

Minor changes made to improve meshmender tangent basis generation
Alternate tangent basis generation is now available, this may be a better choice in certain cases, but most likely won’t be
gMaterial plugin now only requires .GFX (shader description) files, complete shader code is no longer necessary to get shader list
gMaterial plugin now prompts (first time only) for location of .GFX files or MAS file containing .GFX files
gMaterial plugin now searches all MAS files in the GFX file location for shader desc files
gMaterial plugin has a “Reset Shader Location” button at the bottom, after restarting 3DS Max, you will be prompted again for shader desc file location
Added fix for loading mas’d sounds in mod mode
RealRoad loading dev-mode fix, plus a slightly forgiving checksum for RealRoad files in case track makers make minor tweaks to vert locations for seams or whatnot
fixed corner cutting corridor manipulation to match regular corridor manipulation (moves 10 times faster and left alt to slow it down)
made changes so that you can adjust Message center and chat fonts on the fly from HUD editor.

To get access to the the beta, a full retail purchase of rFactor 2 is required. rFactor 2 sells for $43.99, including 18 months of online account membership instead of the 12 months buyers of the final version will receive.

[boxdownload]Download rFactor 2 Build 125 Full Installer Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download rFactor 2 Lime Rock Park & Skip Barber 2000 Here[/boxdownload]


  • Chris Wright

    Resume from Replay is a very big deal indeed. An oft requested feature that has been overlooked by developers again and again and again. Huge congrats to ISI for implementing this. It instantly makes rF2 a better proposition for those of us with very limited seat time due to other commitments. I’m very early into this build, but the gut reaction is very favorable. The Skip Barber/Lime Rock combo enables a very direct comparison with iRacing and it does seem to hold up extremely well. This title seems to be ending the year on a high note. Encouraging.

  • GamerMuscle

    The i racing Skip Barber and Lime Rock is allot better than RF2’s , mind you i racing costs allot more as well.

    • Kendra Jacobs

      Maybe you like iRacing’s better, and thats cool, but for me, and based on my real life experience, I believe the RFactor 2 version is not only much more authentic to the real life skippy than iRacings version, but just plain funner than the dull iracing version.

      • GamerMuscle

        In what way is RF2’s better ?


        – Very narrow slip before it spins around far more so than the i racing one
        – If the tires are at the edge of grip and you tutch a bump then it will spin around
        – Curbs and grass act like Ice
        – The car can get into a dull slide that you have to sit out

        Biggest issue you have to drive it like every other RF car that is learn an exact racing line and then stick to it whilst trying not to get any slip angle at all. You whach what happens when people are racing and something unexpected happens making people have to actually drive on the spot everyone crashes.


        – Far less detail than the iracing version
        – Allot of the details look chunky and unrealstic
        – Overly bright textures
        – 2d people that are placed close to the track
        – Crickets that can be heard over the engine noise of the car

        The whole point of the skip in real life is that its a slow car that has a lack of grip and develops racing Technique and an understanding of how a car moves around under brakes and acell , but in a generally safe predictable and controllable way.

        If the real skippy drove like RF2s the insurance fee would be 30x what it is now and it certainly would not be used as a trainer.

        Even the i racing one has plenty of issues but its certainly not as bad as RF2’s when it comes to the overall envelope of movement.

        I am happy to join a server and drive with you I suspect you are probably at an Intermediate level so just see the car as a challenge to overcome rather than another ISI car that’s fundamentally bland when you know how to drive it.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        Ok I am probably intermediate level 😉

        Anyways, its 7 am here, and I have not gone too bed yet haha, but I will be going now so I dont feel like writing a long post about physics and comparisons. Maybe after the weekend when I come home.

        Sme quick points.

        1. Limerock has had a very good repave job, it is much much smoother than before, I believe IRacing still uses the old very bumpy (and in my opinion much funner) version of Lime Rock. So it is very hard to make comparisons about the track itself in terms of driving it.

        2. To try and do the top laptimes of any car you have to do certain lines and stick with them, like that in all sims and real life. Just watch any F1 race, or go watch any race (of top pro drivers) in real life if you have the chance to, very small differences in lines from driver to driver, especially between teammates driving the exact same car.

        3. Skippys in real life are actually very very twitchy and easy to loose it, its just that in real life people tend to approach those limits and just stay under those limits, and are content to not push past those limits much more. Thats why in real life a driver who is 9 seconds off a pros laptime, is only 4 seconds off in a sim.

        I see videos off people driving the skippys VERY slowy, and yet even they are managing to get big twitches and oversteer moments, and they are barley even riding the edge of grip, except for breif moments, due to bad technique or very sudden steering/brake/throttle inputs.

        RFactor 2’s isnt perfect of course not, no sim is.

        Ok I wrote alot more then I was planning. If I remember to, I will get more into the actual specific physics characterisitics of the car after the weekend.

      • GamerMuscle

        All the sims have problems but the issues with ISI’s cars just make the actual driving bland , thankfully we can still get enjoyment from the general competition aspect and as I said I think allot of people are simply at a moderate skill level so don’t really test the physics at the limit often.

        Unless you can post a video of you driving a decent lap time in RF2 then how can I trust that you know what the car drives like in RF2 at the limit ? ( I can post a video if you want !)

        Your point 2 , You can actually see quite large variations in driving style from driver to driver and the line they take in F1.

        Granted different car set-ups and cars affect things but its very clear that , Schumacher , senna , Hamilton , button ,vettel have quite different techniques from each other which often result in differing approaches to the racing line.

        “I see videos off people driving the skippys VERY slowy, and yet even they are managing to get big twitches and oversteer moments”

        Yep that’s certainly the case and its very hard to tell from videos if a driver is just driving slow or the car is more grippy / safer than what’s found in games.

        One thing you can do though is look at the videos and see what the general outcome is when a car has its 2 wheels on the grass, or how much angle the car can have before its unrecoverable , or see if drivers are powering out of corners whilst still getting good lap-times and basic things like that.

        I don’t think the i racing skip is perfect and itself is largely abstract from the real thing.

        I do think however if Kunos did a skipy it would drive totally different to both the iracing and RF2 version and likely match up with the real world car far closer 😉 with far fewer people crashing and people taking more varied racing lines.

  • Inkon Gynto

    rFactor2 would look good in 2001

    • ___ ɥqp ___

      Your computer would probably have been good in 2001 as well. LOL!

    • Roger

      ?? I think this looks pretty darn good. Especially considering that rF2 is 3D ready and looks amazing in 3D.

      Have to give this a go now! 🙂

      • Inkon Gynto

        Just look at those trees around the track, it’s just ugly flat “something” that doesn’t even look like trees. Lighting is also very bad… Cars looks like plastic models etc. I am a very big fan of rF1 but this looks horrible. I know it’s not only about graphics, but the visuals is also very importat. Even GTL from 2005 looks better… When AC comes out, nobody will care about rF2 beta…

      • Marco Hooghuis

        So many assumptions, so little actual knowledge…

      • Niksounds B

        comparing comparing comparing.. and comparing…

      • ___ ɥqp ___

        Shut up “Pastor”.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        LOL Trees???? TREES?????

        Hahaha Are you kidding me? You are playing a race car driving simulation and you are complaining about how some peices of bark and leaves off in the background look?

        Go for a walk at your local park if looking at beautiful trees is so important to you.

        Assetto Corsa will be awesome no doubt, but so will RF2 when it is finalized, the physics model (including tire model) in RFactor 2 is very technically advanced.

        In RFactor 2, I have seen and experienced the tyres do things that I have never seen or experienced in any other simulation before, except the “sim” known as real life.

      • Inkon Gynto

        When you drive, you always see those ugly trees around on every track, but you rarely see that praised ultra_real_cool tire deformation… I can play many older sims that have great everything but when a new sim comes out, I expect that the game will look better than older games. Just try old Spa in rF2 and look at the wooded hill next to the Eau Rogue, that’s something very ugly and you see it all the time!

      • ales alless

        I think you need to change sims. Seems like you are tree freak, am try avatar maybe or something? Was just a guess as there are some nice woods you can explore 😀

      • punkfest2000

        It’s a valid complaint. The trees and also the trackside characters look very poor. They need work and attention (ie. hire a damn real artist already). It’s all part of the total package, which competing products have. Racing sim or not, it’s hard to ignore as a first impression.

      • Craig Cookson

        The trees are shockingly bad.
        I know they aren’t massively important but when you’re watching replays they are there and you notice them, or I do. Some parts of the circuits look good and some look seriously awful.

    • Kendra Jacobs

      Who even cares, when the driving is so good.

      Look at how bad the real F1’s teams sim’s graphics are, they are barely RFactor 1 graphics, yet are powered by many expensive computers. Do you think Fernando Alonso sits there and complains about graphics when the point of the game is to train and prepare to drive a racing car?

      These are simulators, of course we all want the best graphics, but when they are already good enough as in RF2, and it does the sim part really good, then clearly you have your priorities messed up when it comes to a race car driving simulation, and you are in the wrong video games category.

      You are on a racing simulation website, but you are complaining about graphics lol, clearly you’re not that much of a fan of driving racecars if all you can say about a great simulator like rFactor 2 is graphics related complaints.

      You’re on the wrong website bro.

      • GamerMuscle

        Unlike us Fernando gets to go out and drive a real F1 car and look at real trees on internationally , for him a simulator is simply a training tool and probably a chore for the most part.

        For us a simulator is mostly for entertainment. We all want good physics first but its like films , If you have crappy CGI no matter how good the acting and story it will have a negative impact on the film.

        It works both ways , so saying the trees or some visual detail looks bad and detracts from the experience is totally fair even if physics are the main reason for playing the game.

        Kunos are showing with AC that we don’t have to choose between physics and graphics , we can have both , i racing also has fantastic graphics.

      • ales alless

        When we will have it, than we will talk and compare but until than rf2 is what we have allready.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        Your wrong, many people have the “physics and simulation aspect at all costs, the rest, such as fancy trees and shiny guages are all just nice bonuses that we would like to have, but couldnt care too much about”.

        So dont speak for everyone.

        That is how simulations got started in the first place. To have objects act and interact within the virtual world and with the users inputs as technically realistically as possible.

        So if a sim for us is just some entertaining video game that no matter how good physics are, without amazing graphics it really detracts the experience, then we would all be content with pcars Forza 4 and Granturismo 5, and noone would care about playing Netkar Pro, Game Stock Car 2012, RFactor 2 etc etc

        For fernando its a training tool, and for all the people that used to race or want to race, and take it seriously as a hobby, its not just some entertainment video game, it is a serious hobby. Just like some people take remote control cars very seriously, just like some people take flight sims very seriously, just like some people take real life racing very seriously.

        So again, maybe not having the most beautiful trees to stare at, negatively affects your sim racing experience, but for many it doesnt, because many of us play simulations for the very reason they were created, and for the very same reason they exist in the industrial market (race teams, army, nasa, flight industry), to simulate a specific thing as much as technically possible.

        Now please dont turn this around like some others do, and say that with my mentality we would all be playing sims that still had graphics from 1984 Atari. That is just being ridiculous.

      • Race it!

        i have race lime rock in real life in a real life car. not one online game feels the same as rl.

        but the games are more fun because no worry of smashing the car up. Or danger.

    • Andrew McP

      Back before rF2 was released to us I said it looked, sadly, like rF1.5, and I was right. However I was also wrong. 🙂 Since upgrading to a 7950, allowing me to run three screens with the main settings turned up all the way, I am convinced that there is something *almost* revolutionary about the overall look of rF2.

      Sure, it has flaws (some of which might be addressed by a fresh pair of hands on the project), but the lighting and general look of cars and tracks in action is immersive in a way which I can’t explain when I look at screenshots. The track surfaces aren’t as immersively realistic looking as iRacing’s, but then neither do they have the floaty markings which regularly catch my eye in that sim. And iRacing can’t match the satisfying real road which I’m appreciating more now that I’m doing longer races in rF2.

      Or maybe it’s just that I’m just enjoying the driving more these days, which is making me examine the graphics in less detail? 🙂 The Megane and now the Skip are my two favourite sim racing cars to waste time in, and cycling round Mills, Mid Ohio, Sebring, and now Lime Rock with the excellent AI will keep me entertained for quite a while… possibly until AC comes out and makes life even more complicated!

      It’s a great kind of complicated life though. iRacing, rF2, pCARS, and AC on the horizon. We are spoiled for choice! We’ll have subjects to get overheated about for years to come. 🙂

      PS On iRacing I only drive the Skip “seriously”, because it fits my limited skills very nicely and because I believe the slower, more slippery cars are best suited to the artificial sim environment.

      The rF2 version is — so far — even more satisfying. Not so satisfying that I’ll give up my weekly iRacing Skip race, but certainly satisfying enough that it’s a real pleasure to climb into the cockpit and duel with the AI. I’ve had some superb wheel to wheel racing there even in my first hour or so of testing.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve been saying that from day one. Sadly not many have triples and fail to see just how much potential it has graphically. Most of it’s surreal attention to detail isn’t apparent on a single screen and normal FOV, but put it on triples and a correct fov and it’s currently peerless.

        As time goes on and rf2 matures, it will sink in for more grown ups. It’s like Radiohead is to me. I get their latest album and think “hmmm, not as good as the last one”. Then i listen a few more times and it sinks it just how damn good it is… again. Replace Radiohead with any good band of your choosing to get the analogy, of course.

        I firmly stand behind rf2’s graphical fidelity in the top end circumstances, and it can only get better. More will realize it as time goes on. rf2 is like a fine wine, or beer, and let’s face it, most people think Stella is great until they spend enough time on better stuff, then they wise up and realise they were drinking piss water all along.

      • Pablo Coronel

        “sadly not many have triples and fail to see just how much potential it has graphically” fail? even Pong looks good on triples, c’mon!!

  • Jim Slimjim Cassi

    IMO the physics in the skippy car’s default setting is a nightmare to drive.
    are the physics for this car also Beta.? i love rF2 but i’m not impressed with the car or the track…sorry don’t flame me, just giving my opinion.

    • Niksounds B

      i think you have to focuse more attention on the system of the sim.

    • Kendra Jacobs

      Go to the skippys page on the RF2 site, it gives you lots of tips on how to drive the car. The cars are like this in real life, the cars physics are very good in my opinion.

      You really need to use the wheel only for initial turn in then the rest is mostly steering with the throttle. The car is very very weight transfer sensitive, just as in real life. Quick lifts can really get the butt out fast.

  • Roger

    Wow, the graphics are amazing on Lime rock!! In 3D is very close to being there IRL!! I think this looks more realistic (in 3D) than anything ive driven so far.

    The Skib Barber cars feels good and realistic, I have driven a Formula renault which is very similar and it clearly feels very authentic.

    • Fuji Wiyanto Sartono

      hi Roger .. can u describe your 3D setup pls.. i’m interested to know.

      • Marcus Caton

        my 3D setups is:
        3x Asus VG236HE 120hz 23″ monitors
        Running of my single GTX 590, i’ll be upgrading to 2 680s soon so hopefully that makes 3D in all games Boss.

      • Ross Siggers

        Did you literally just comment there to boast? o.O

      • Paul Mullins

        what a shitty comment to post..!! Seriously..!!

      • Marcus Caton

        Yes, yes i did.
        Also i would suggest a 590+ for anyone interested in running 3 monitors from 1 card.

      • Joe Grover

        I too use 3D. I literally have no interest in driving a Sim anymore unless it has good 3D. Fortunately “most” work. The immersion is shocking. I drive way better due to feeling the environment around you. It’s Awesome!

      • Roger

        Hi Fuji

        I’m using a single 46″ Samsung 3D LCD as screen with two nVidia GTX 480 cards in SLI (getting old but still performing well).

        To get 3D output to work to the TV you need either “3D TV play” driver (input to the TV is just like playing a 3D Bluray or other 3D content) when the driver is activated. This is the easiest way, plug and play and it works great, no fiddeling or tweaking needed. You will be limited to 720p @ 60hz (though in 3D with depth pixels are not as apparent as normal 2D). You can use the 3D glasses that come with the 3D TV.

        Im running 1080p (1920×1080) @ 60hz by installing a “fake” driver to fool windows that my Samsung LCD TV is an nVidia 3D Vision display (largest such display is 27″ so far). This works on all screens that supports interlaced 3D input (not all do).

        Everything looks 2-3 times better (or more) in 3D than in 2D. Its the difference between “real” and a flat emulation of 3D. Modern 3D displays have essentially no ghosting or artifacting, it just looks solid, sharp, smooth and exactly as colorful as in 2D. First person shooters and adventure games looks amazing, like you are really there. Skyrim is stunning! Most driving sims today support 3D quite well, all major sims but pCars runs great with nVidia 3D Vision (you can run that as well but you need a different 3D driver called “Tri Def” and use “Power 3D” mode or a custom profile).

        Race room looks amazing as well in 3D! rFactor 1, Game Stock Car and iRacing runs great in 3D. Even GT5 has 3D support on the PS3 though you get a hit in the framerate and slightly lower resolution, but its still very drivable.

        I have been racing and playing in 3D for a year now and I’m still blown away each time i start up something in 3D, its really a quantum leap forwards in immersion!I

        3D simulations and gaming is not a hype or a gimic, its amazing and the future!! 🙂

  • Roger


    When you try this new build, make sure to change the real road settings to “GREEN” or it will feel like you are driving on a wet circuit!! You can edit this in the Race Options before you go to the track.

    Dont know if this is only for me or if you are supposed to configure something in a different way but for me “GREEN” feels realistic for dry tarmac and the “progressive” or whatever the other options are called feels like wet.

  • Anthony Ralston

    Wow, Rf2 is a real pain to get set up for the first time. I have to download the 1.0 version then 1.1 than 1.2? Why can’t I download just the 1.2 version?

    I have to give Project Cars credit. They have everything nicely set up. Just download a launcher and everything else is downloaded for me.(now to test how PCars has improved since I last tried one of their builds 4 months ago.)

    • Kendra Jacobs

      No there is download that comes with everything man.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        Wow, I think I am going crazy. I’m sorry Anthony, I couldnt find that thread. I swear to you I was on it 10 minutes before reading your post. It had step 1 main installer, step 2 installer with all packages (about 4.5 gigs). I will message again as soon as I find it if I do, but you will probably have installed everything by then anyways.

      • Anthony Ralston

        I found the base installer that bypasses the build patches. I’m referring to the ISI content. it’s annoying that you have to download the base content and the patches. ie: 1.0->1.1.-1.2.

    • Anonymous

      Last time I updated pCARS 2 weeks ago (I mentioned it in that thread), it downloaded 9 gigabytes of updates to result in a final install of 4.5 gigabytes. Their update system is garbage. Obviously, though, it’s a beta and that’s not a priority because it assumes people are just updating every week (which most probably are). Presumably when it’s finalized they will keep a more extensive library of updates (ie, 249 directly to 355 rather than a string of 10 updates most of which end up overwriting each other–or at least a system that checks whether it would just be more efficient to start from scratch). Similar deal with rF2 of course, but there aren’t as many updates.

      Either way, I hope ISI and SMS aren’t congratulating themselves on their auto-update systems just yet.

      • Anthony Ralston

        I didn’t check to see how much i downloaded, but at least it is all automated.

  • Derek Speare

    Six Controllers!!!

  • Anonymous

    Today is the day of… new builds!
    LFS, rF2, pCARS… aaand probably new build of AC, far from public. 🙂

  • Ricoo

    Very good build. The skippy and Lime rock are awesome. 🙂

  • Andrew McP

    I’m about to find out if this forum automatically embeds urls. Here’s a lap of Mid-Ohio in the Skip Barber as an example of why I think you can’t write off rF2’s graphics in any way.

    • Inkon Gynto

      Virtua_LM already knows how to make good looking tracks but ISI don’t

      • ___ ɥqp ___

        Shut up, tree boy!

      • Race it!


  • George RSR

    The real question is how far off is the official release? 3
    months maybe (end of February).

    • Hans Ole

      in the year 2014

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