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rFactor 2 – Build 118 Released

Image Space Incorporated has released a new build of their rFactor 2 simulation that is in open beta stage.

Image Space Incorporated has released a new build of their rFactor 2 simulation that is in open beta stage.

Build 101 adds lots of improvements as listed below, it does not come with any new content. The new version is available both as full version & update below, it can also be obtained by using the auto-updater in the rFactor 2 launcher.



UPDATE 8 (Build 118) Changelog (October 19, 2012):

Fixed a bug with inconsistent shadow detail between channels in multiview
Added 3 levels of shadow filtering speed vs quality
Enhanced autodetail framerate processing to better maintain minimum FPS
Added auto detection of multiGPU setups to improve some processing and support more than 2 GPU
Fixed a quadgrid culling bug
Fixed bug with pendulum texture animations
Bloom is now working properly with multiview
Different texture detail levels between player and opponents now (almost) works
FPS counter now shows yellow when frame rate is being regulated
Attempt to fix ‘left-behind-shadows’ problem
Separated auto detail processing from visible vehicles processing
Limit auto-detail FPS option to the current refresh rate
Selecting multiview now works; changed widescreen HUD to only stick if Apply button is pressed, just to be consistent with the rest of the settings on that page.
Sync shadow groups between views in multiview
Added code to visible vehicles calculation to maintain minimum framerate.
Improved multiGPU awareness of HDR processing

Corrected code to always use track GDB SettingsFolder override
Setting session starting times default to 9am
Changed default steering help from low to off because it confused a lot of people
Re-enabled transparent trainer and added some options for it.

Added code to allow RealRoad to be pre-conditioned in a number of ways
Moved some real road computations into road shader
Fixed typo that prevented the middle turbo dump sample from playing
Improved turbo dump
Added minor effect of turbo spool friction
Fixed a small problem with auto reverse

Attempts to get the fuel-less AI to slowly pull off the road.

Fixed bug on skin spinner where sometimes the skin listed wouldn’t match the skin displayed in showroom
Fixed statbar car position map to correctly scale with screen/hud resolution.
Now checking livery availability on vehicle change to make sure it’s valid….clearing out the playerfile value if it is not found.
Eliminated more conditions where the player vehicle gets incorrectly set to Pace car.
More UI stuff for RealRoad loading/saving
Minor fix to info display on Video Res page
Scaled text on mouseless spinners to correct value based on screen res and res of options.
Added ability to add boost gauges to cockpit and HUD.

Fixed crash in multiplayer
Fixed some memory/resource leaks
Fixed crash when changing tire compounds in pitstop
Small optimization with regards to buffering data between simulation & multimedia threads

Added dedi server RealRoad options
Fix occasional flash of opponent vehicles in wrong spot during heavy multiplayer races
Fixed a glitch that caused it to confirm you closing the dedicated server when clicking the window manager close button at the final window

Enabled and expanded Fanatec support. We can now set the steering wheel angle to match the vehicle, as long as the wheel isn’t using a preset. Note that these wheels must be connected and turned on before rF2 is started in order for specific features to be supported.
Removed double initialization of controllers. It’s still a mystery why force feedback is occasionally lost, and the lack of error codes returned by drivers doesn’t help much (this applies to all manufacturers … please return error codes if the force feedback isn’t working).
“Reset FFB” control now also resets steering wheel range, which also gets changed occasionally for no apparent reason.
Now automatically holding clutch and brakes on grid for people using a combined axis for throttle & brakes (this feature was already available for people using auto-shifting). This Feature activates *if* Auto Clutch is enabled as well as “Hold Clutch On Start” and “Hold Brake” in the controller.ini file.

Completed custom plugin control (this invalidates old Version05 plugins)
A little bit more robustness with respect to saving and restoring custom plugin control mappings

Fixed issue where transparent trainer would flicker in replay; note that this changes the replay format

Fixed bug with render target selection for all 3DS Max plugin versions
Added a new default method for generating normal map tangent basis. original method (meshmender) is still available as an option.
Added _v25 to the names of all plugin dlls
First release of scene viewer, located in ModMgr directory
Fixed some problem with component Install/Uninstall in mas2 packaging tool
Updated modmaker doc to sync with latest tools
Added CG visualizer to Ctrl-U dev tool
Added support for RealRoad file reading in viewer

To get access to the the beta, a full retail purchase of rFactor 2 is required. rFactor 2 sells for $43.99, including 18 months of online account membership instead of the 12 months buyers of the final version will receive.

[boxdownload]Download rFactor 2 Build 118 Full Installer Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download rFactor 2 Build 118 Update (Build 107 required) Here[/boxdownload]
  • Olivier Prenten

    Very good news! I’m keen to test it this afternoon! 😉

  • Juhan Voolaid

    Is there anything about G27 rattling and FFB filtering?

    • Jeroen Vrancken

      you can now select ff damping

    • Kendra Jacobs

      also, from the rfactor 2 site
      “Open controller.ini with notepad and adjust the following line to a number we recommend between 2 and 8 (maximum is 32):
      Steering torque Filter=”0”
      Not sure if its the same as the damping setting.

  • F1Racer

    How do I start a session with a dry track now ? RealRoad isnt letting me do it.

    • Chima Madujibeya

      OK so what |I thought was a weird track texture is actually this “RealRoad” feature?

      • F1Racer

        It’s gone so weird. My weather settings are all set to dry and sunny etc.
        Whether I set RealRoad to Green or Naturally Progessing, 9 times out of 10 it starts off as if it’s just finished a rain shower.
        Track surface of Putnam Park looks weird even when its dry. Probably the same for Croft.

        In the F2 I had to fit wets on for the first 5 laps. I don’t like this. I want the track to obey the weather settings.

        I wonder also if the track ‘progresses’ to get more rubber laid down and therefore more grippy but also gets marble build up.

        Green means its at its slippiest all the time ??

        Anyone else getting flickering onboard mirrors now ?

        The steering settings are still confusing me too. In the log it mentions about Fanatec support and says ‘as long as the wheel isn’t using a preset’. Surely Fanatec wheels ALWAYS use a preset. S_1, S_2 or S_3.
        And what overrides what ? If my Fanatec profiler says 900 and my wheel setting S_1 says 360 and the game has enabled ‘car setting’. then how does it work ? Will I get 900′ in the Clio and less in the F2 ?
        Cos the open wheelers don’t have 900′ steering.

      • Ernie

        I think you need to set sensitivity to OFF on the wheel (900 in fanatec driver). I’ve tried it and it works in rF2 as it should. No more messing around with different steering rotation values.

      • F1Racer

        Thanks Ernie. I think I’ve got the steering to work ok now, especially on the Clio, but I was confused as to whether you have to manually keep adjusting the steering settings when you switch from tin-top cars to open wheelers.

      • Ernie

        I only tried the Nissan’s for now. I need to try some open wheelers to check the steering rotation.

      • F1Racer

        Good to know. I’m hoping it’s a patch needed to fix this RealRoad thingy and if so, that it comes very soon.
        Things are progressing but I wish it could be quicker.

      • Jan Jaroš

        You need to set SEn to OFF at the wheel, then RF2 will change steering degrees under drivers automaticly.

      • F1Racer

        I didn’t know there was an OFF on that setting 🙂 Cool. Thanks for the info.

      • hoodge1

        F1 change you weather settings to cloudy. Not clear. Worked for me..

      • F1Racer

        Will try that. Thanks. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I think the zebra track stuff only happens when you choose a practise session going by the forums. Set a practise and race session and all should be fine

      • F1Racer

        Will try that, thanks.

  • Kai Fritsche

    i’m not really into mp so i’ve always missed ghost racing and offline leaderboards in rf, hopefully ghosts will be part of rf2 soon. does anyone know the status of its implementation?

  • Explosive Face

    Reminder: The beta was supposed to end three months ago, and no tracks have been released for four months.

    • Craig Cookson

      The tracks are still being worked on!
      Unforunately I think they building real race tracks with tarmac and sand, hence it takes many long pieces of time and we will have some delays!

    • Kendra Jacobs

      no that was an estimate and a bad one.
      ISI are focused more on the game engine itself right now, they have other guys working on content too, but at this point we already have more tracks and cars than rfactor 1 had at this point in its life because noone had access to rfactor 1 before it was officially released, so rfactor 2 is already ahead of rf1.
      Content can come whenever, its the simulation engine software that has to be at as a high level as it can be.
      This BETA is for testing things, its not a BETA in the sense that every build you get more and more stuff.
      They should have called it testing phase or something, way too many people get the wrong idea when they see the word beta.

      • hoodge1

        IT’S ALL about the game engine and physics right now and will continue for quite some time. I agree totally with you Kendra.

    • pez2k .

      I’d rather they took the time to get everything ready to a point they’re happy with than rush to meet an arbitrary date for going gold. It’s not like we’re all sitting around waiting for it to hit shelves either, if you want to play it now you can.

      • hoodge1

        I don’t care if rF2 takes another 2 years to finish… Perfection is not at the expense of rushing a project to market. ISI are gonna make sure everything is bang on. Fussy is what i’m about with a lot of things in life, and I don’t mind them being fussy one dam bit.

    • devotid

      who cares?…….. you can still play it with the beta title on it….. or does it make it not as fun “knowing its a beta”?………face palm.

      • gt3rsr

        What an ignorant post.

      • Anonymous

        how so? it seems an incontrovertible fact – “you can play it now”.

        and the question asked seems perfectly reasonable to me. hey ho, there we go. 😀

    • Timpie Claessens

      And as a compensation they have lengthened the period where you don’t have to pay for using the the MP services of the game… Pretty good deal I’d say.
      Compared to other sims where you pay alot more every month and where you’re still a beta tester

    • Anonymous

      no additional official tracks have been released – 3rd party ones have been.

    • Andrew Tiltman

      No release date has been published, ISI may have shared some goals with us, but they were nothing more. Its beta and will be finished when its finished.

  • Krisztián Tóth

    Nice, the handling of the gt cars is much better.. And i also really like the 70’s nordschleife great couple;)

  • Juhan Voolaid

    The download stopped at 29%.

    • Brooke Derry

      Had the same thing happen at 16%

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure why people will play RF2 over the other sims that are coming out.

    The features like the dynamic track are awesome but that’s totally pointless if core aspects of the simulation are off.

    Its still largely a mess with random glitches on allot of things , the FFB is all over the place with cars like the F2 having inverted FFB at times on a G25.

    Using the dampening value on the FFB simply adds more lag to the wheel rather than fixing the core issues with the FFB.

    The physics don’t really have that much depth to them the tires are very on off on the limit and when a car gets into a tank slapper its just a case of shaking the wheel rather than using skill to get the car saved.

    RF2 still suffers from the same issue in RF1 where you can get into a dull uncontrollable hostage slide. ( pro racers using FSR will know about this)

    For competitive races RF1 is far better than RF2 because mod teams have worked out ways to patch the massive holes in the physics ( though some still remain)

    The only thing RF2 does better than RF1 is having more FFB shake for track bumps and some slightly better tracks and slightly better lighting than RF1.

    I’m not sure if mod teams will bail out ISI again why bother making a mod for RF2 when you can make it for another game like AC that will look and probably feel 100X better to drive ?

    As for other developers it seems that the baulk that used Gmoter 2 ( RF1) have moved to there own engines or are sticking to Gmoter 2 (GSC)

    As it is right now Game stock car is infinelty better than RF2 when it comes to the raw aspect of driving. Mind you if you are a avrage to low skilled driver then RF2 would probably be allot of fun as you wont notice the holes in the physics so much.

    RF2’s popularity with lower skilled drivers is probably reflected in that the baulk of people playing the game on-line are racing the cleo.

    Just to clarify I have nothing against sim racers with lower driving skill levels and its not an insult.

    • Eric Zehnder

      I expect you to get flamed for all that.

      That being said, I do agree with the Logitech G25/G27 comment about dampening. The true, raw FFB from the steering rack that’s advertised causes these wheels to rip themselves to pieces and using the INI fix makes it laggy and dull.

      I really wish I could afford a Fanatec CSW. 🙁

      • Anonymous

        Maybe !

        I was thinking about the wheel issue and looking at the CSW but then I thought if the G25 (antique) works so well with RF1,NKP,GTRE,RRRE,GSC,I racing then why should I change my wheel just for one game. Granted a better wheel will be a better wheel not sure if its £500 better though !

        I have also raced all the cars in RF2 with FFB off and you can see allot of the physics issues when you do this.

        Outside of any physics issues the sounds are terrible and the graphics wont cut it for many people (though they are fine for me), the mod system is still a pain and getting new content to join specific servers is still annoying and in some ways more complex than RF1.

        To be fair to ISI the last patch has optimized the game well making it run allot better.

        I’m waiting to see what mod guys can do with cars lets face it RF1 would be 100% dead if it was not for mod teams realising cars that had decent sound and drove a hundred times better than the stock content.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        You are comparing RFactor to Codemasters games? Clearly you are a hater, of course its miles better, whats the point of a comment like that?

        Just because it still has some oversteer flaws means its so bad? The rest of the time it feels amazing to me and lots of others, but everyone has different expectations.

        Just to let you know nothing in rfactor 2 is even close to being finished.

        ISI said that they will start marketing the game when they are closer to being done, and they arent marketing it at the moment so its definetely not even close to being done with regards to anything, physics, tyre model, the game engine, graphics engine, options, features, and the list goes on

        Adding dampening doesnt add lag, the wheel still inputs and the game still recieves info at the exact same rate, the only thing that adds delay from your inputs to the game is vsync and slow monitors. It might feel delayed for some reason but its not.

      • Anonymous

        I play all the simulators all the people that defend RF2 simply cannot see how awful the physics are on the limit.

        RF2 is simply a case of memorising the limit of the tires and then driving slightly under the limit. Everything else comes from car set-up.

        “Just to let you know nothing in rfactor 2 is even close to being finished.”

        That’s fine and that explains why the game is still such a mess , It also backs up my point about wondering why people will play it when other games will likely be far more solid.

        “RFactor’s popularity with lower skilled drivers shows because most of them play with the Clio? LOL you are so biased its not even funny. So driving the awesome Abarth in Netkar Pro means you are mostly likely a lower skilled driver?”

        that’s not bias its a fact a FWD car is generally Favorited by lower skilled drivers because you don’t need as fast reaction times and can get yourself out of any rear end issues by gunning the throtel.

        The skill in a FWD car is memorizing the brake points and corner speed then just replicating that frankly it gets boring if you spend 20+ hours a week driving.

        The Abarth is also infinity better better than clio in RF2 but its still incredibly slow and tedouse to drive if you are used to driving faster cars to a high level.

        I understand that each car has its own skill to it but its a simple fact that it takes far less skill to drive a clio than it does a much faster RWD car.

        “If you cant see the potential in this sim then you probably know nothing about racing, which suprises me because you like GSC, which shows good taste.”

        I’m just going by what has been presented and the fact that ISI historically have always made fairly average cars and cars with issues and it was always the mods that saved ISI , or other developers that licensed the engine.

      • F1Racer

        JW, I think you need to pick one of your two accounts and decide which one you’re going to use here and stick to it.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        wow the signs of a PRO troller, thats sad,

      • ___ ɥqp ___

        “jwjameswest • 7 hours ago • parentKendra Jacobs: I play all the simulators all the people that defend RF2 simply cannot see how awful the physics are on the limit.”

        Who exactly are you, and what appropriate qualifications do you have to back up your claims…

      • Olivier Prenten

        Comparing rF1/FSR with rF2/F2 is a total no sense! Both the physics and the FFB in rF2 are a huge step forward in the development phase! When I compare with iRacing where the FFB is so weak and difficult to tune…

      • Kendra Jacobs

        Just filter the ffb, its off by default in rf2, in all other sims its on, thats the only difference 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Ignore this fool, he got made to look a fool on the ISI forums and hasn’t been back since. Now he either posts under this name or GamerMuscle, the guys odd at best.

      • jswarthoff

        he left because he got attacked for having an opinion.

        sad really…

      • Anonymous

        Tbh i didn’t take part in it all as it was boring as hell between him and others, But i do remember him asking for facts and him then being factually proved wrong. So i don’t think he left because he thought his opinion wasn’t being heard but rather he left because he knew he was wrong. When someone is saying rF2 is barely better than F12012 you know it’s a bit odd. I mean even pCARS is better than the F1 games

      • Anonymous

        theres loads of fanboys on that ISI forum who cant see the fundamental flaws with the game.

        those people that have driven and enjoy driving will be waiting for Assetto Corsa. RF2 is dead already, and its not even out of ‘beta’ (the longest beta ever)

      • Anonymous

        Yep i agree and i rarely post on there now because of it, it’s constant bitching and fighting between guys like this GamerMuscle and others, i just post now when it’s updated really. I think we are all waiting for AC seriously it can’t come quick enough but really we should not overhype expectations, the Kunos guys themselves have said it’s gonna be long road. AC will no doubt have it’s own issues on release just like all the other sims have.

        We were all saying the same about rF2 remember before it’s was released to the public on how good it was gonna be. But reality is, it’s software in development and has a small team behind it. The reality is now it has a long way to go and far far away from what we all expected on released. So that’s why i’m saying don’t put all your eggs in one basket

      • Anonymous

        “But I do remember him asking for facts and him then being factually proved wrong”

        That’s simply not true I asked for facts and instead got fan boys defending things to the death.

        “i don’t think he left because he thought his opinion wasn’t being heard but rather he left because he knew he was wrong”

        I left because of the pointless arguing and my time is better spent on other things. Allot of RF2 fans are convinced the F2 is spot on for example simply because ISI say it is and they have an F2 driver endorsing it.

        ” When someone is saying rF2 is barely better than F12012 you know it’s a bit odd.”

        I said

        “Though RF2 and RF1 are still miles better than F1 2010-2012 when it comes to raw driving.”

        That is not even close to saying ” rF2 is barely better”

      • Anonymous

        People may bother with it because maybe some realise and understand what WIP means and understand that rF2 is not something that is just going to magically be brilliant. I can see now when AC is released you posting the same essays you always do moaning about that because you seem to not get what it in development means. rF2 has alot of big issues and countless times if you remember i agreed with you on the forums before you went crazy posting a new thread every 20 secs. The F2 does feel off completely as does the modern F1. Don’t generalise everyone on a few fanboys. You are generalising when you came out with that rubbish above about people that race rF2 are not fast racers, i mean what the hell does that mean? We are all noobs, really? People like Pablo Lopez and others use rF2 and they are noobs? This sort of stuff from you is just stupid. I just don’t get you, you say you don’t want argue with people but surely you are bright enough to realise posting stuff like that above what i have just said, is gonna cause a reaction.

        Like i say i agree rF2 is far from perfect but it has some great physics aswell, i.e the BT20, one of best sim cars out there already. The F2 though is not right i don’t think. I’m fed up with the lack of content but what can you do. New build has some great optimization though which was badly needed.

      • Anonymous

        “People may bother with it because maybe some realise and understand what WIP means and understand that rF2 is not something that is just going to magically be brilliant.”

        Software is always WIP you can only ever comment on how something is right now with that in mind my comment is based on how RF2 is now.

        “I can see now when AC is released you posting the same essays you always do moaning about that because you seem to not get what it in development means.”

        I would say NKP is probably the best simulator right now when it comes to raw driving and FVA is probably the best sim with F1 cars when it comes to raw physics. with that in mind I think its unlikely that AC will be bad when it comes to the raw driving , but who knows about other aspects , everything shown at games con looked good though.

        Ponting out what is wrong with something and moaning are two different things , all I have ever done is point out what is wrong.

        ” rF2 has alot of big issues and countless times if you remember i agreed with you on the forums before you went crazy posting a new thread every 20 secs.”

        I did not post threads every 20 seconds all that happened was if someone made a negative point all the fan boys would jump on and blow those threads up , the same thing happened to multiple users who also don’t bother posting on isi forums now.

        ” that rubbish above about people that race rF2 are not fast racers, ”

        I said If you were a lower skilled racer than you would likely like RF2 more and that most people playing RF2 online right now tend to be racing the slow FWD car.

        That does not mean all people that play RF2 are noobs it means what it says that in general lower skill drivers will enjoy RF2 more and that its mostly lower skill drivers racing on-line.

        Maybe you don’t speak English as a first language but multiple times now you have misconstrued what I have said.

      • Anonymous

        “I said If you were a lower skilled racer than you would likely like RF2 more and that most people playing RF2 online right now tend to be racing the slow FWD car.
        That does not mean all people that play RF2 are slow , it means what it says, that in general lower skill drivers will enjoy RF2 more ( in its current state ) and that its mostly lower skill drivers racing on-line ( at this point in time) ”

        GM – This comment is useless though because it applys to virtually every simulation out there. If you go onto any sim and just go on the publics like you do, it’s always like that. Back when i used to race NKP everyone was racing the F2000 when i wanted to race the F1800 ( still the best modern open wheeler i have driven still ) Why? because it was twice as easy as the F1800 and 1600 which required practise. Same with rF1, the lobbys were full of Meganes. GTR2 was the same, every server was basically the same cars. The skippy in iRacing is a slow car and extremely popular. Being slow doesn’t mean noobish. The mini league i have been racing in GSC has been awesome.
        Join a league and race proper instead of sitting on publics wondering why it’s so easy for you. RD has a nords TT leaderboard this week for GSC, why not try it and see how you do.

      • Anonymous

        That’s true that the slow cars are often popular in general as well and you do get that in allot of games.

        Its still the case that a slower car is easer to drive , its easer to turn laps without crashing. I made this clear to Kendra Jacobs where I said.

        “I understand that each car has its own skill to it but its a simple fact that it takes far less skill to drive a clio than it does a much faster RWD car.”

        So that’s fair maybe it is a stretch to assume its mostly less skilled drivers from the servers running mostly slow cars.

        My main point about RF2 appealing to less skilled drivers is that they are less likely to take issue with the physics.

        I personally Am happy for RF2 to mature when it matures I just think it will have missed the band wagon. If AC offers modding and everything else it looks like to offer then the incentive to play RF2 will be very low.

      • F1Racer

        JW account it is then.

      • Chris Wright

        Totally agree about the F2. I’ve tried and tried to get a good setup and it just won’t comply. A driving feel so “icy” it makes Grand Prix Legends cars feel like the Brabham fan car…

    • Luciano Saraiva

      I play open wheelers only. And they’re awsome in RF2. I dont know GT/Portotypes racing, but in F1-like cars, if you watch 19 years of footage, all spins are a matter of on/off limit. If you are a Barrichello and wants to be a Schumacher, take a look at the german’s telemetry (or Senna’s) and you will see… “shaking the wheel”. Barrichello’s (and Prost) on the other hand have what you call “technique”.
      The problem of RF2 is funding. These guys has a terrible good taste. But you can see the lack of funds everywhere: old graphics, development time, UI design…
      SMS has absolutly no good taste (Shift series are the proof). But they know how to make money. How come pCARS to be good? Because they have hundreds of passionate developers: us!

      • Sir Gallahad

        SMS has around 100 developers and that is including projects other than project cars. All considering the budget really isn’t that high either. Simraceway for example has a huge budget compared to project cars. You should check facts before you post something and play it off as one.

      • Big Ron

        What has Shift to do with bad taste? The game design was pretty good (just the handling wasn´t). They developed a game after prerequisites and wishes of a publisher. pCARS isn´t good just because of the community, but because SMS is able to act free and translate own ideas without someone cutting it out.

        Think about what ISI or Kunso would do if they develop a game for EA or Sony or whoever. It´s like: if the big boss speaks, you have to shut up.

        And funding is a problem of all developers of racing sims. iRACING, Kunos, ISI, SMS…they all fight to keep on the market, noone has more money than he could spend.

    • Alessio

      In all fairness, the base content of rF1 was fairly poor as well. The best content came from the community, so we have to wait (it seems) until the entire game to come out before we really can enjoy rF2’s new features.

    • Ricoo

      rF2 is one of the best sim. Of course it has its flaws, but I don’t see your point with flaming it… 🙁

      • Anonymous

        I Pointed out the issues with Pcars will do the same for RF2 its only fair.

        Both are in beta/alpha and both might get allot better.

      • Ricoo

        Assuming AC will be a lot better whereas you didn’t tried it is not particularly fair tho…

      • Olivier Prenten

        +2 🙂

      • Olivier Prenten

        Clear and cut post! +1 😉

    • ___ ɥqp ___

      Wahheyy, * big headed self important bumbaclart alert * .

    • Juhan Voolaid

      Let’s not bash jwjameswest here. I enjoy reading his arguments, he is polite and explains why he thinks so and I tend to agree with them. Posts like that are asset in our community, not attacks which must be defended. We are all in the same boat.

      But rF2 has our love because of various reasons. It is mod-friendly. The devs are honest people who give their best. The quality of mods tops the other content in the sims. And as for me, I am not very skilled sim-racer and I totally love the Clio which enables me race to the finish without major mistakes. And the free online races are enough for my racing needs.

  • Jason Lancett

    Rfactor 2 has been a let down so far.

  • Phil johnston

    This uppate has worked magic for me. Have dual gtx670. Previously was getting 30-40 fps with everything on low.

    Now getting 60 (on most tracks) perfectly vsynced… Everything up full.

    A few tracks drop to 8fps in some areas… Not sure whats going on there.

    But over all its finally a really playable game (sim).

    • Anonymous

      thanks for info.

    • Anonymous

      What CPU are you using ? Something seems wrong there. I run a i7 2600K with only a single GTX670 4Gb , and it has no trouble whatsoever ( even in triple screen) Maybe worth looking into, because i think there might be something bottlenecking your system.

      • Phil johnston

        i5 2500k (4ghz oc) 8gb ram P8Z68 DELUXE MB… i was actually hoping there might be a bottleneck… I expected more of a jump up from my previous dual 560 TIs.

        what should i be checking.. i have CPUz and GPUz but not sure how to really diagnose properly.

      • Philip Samuelson

        This is why I’m an AMD guy. I’ve got a 560-Ti and a 1090T and still I spank every racing game I play at highest settings, minimum FPS is about 38 on games like pCars. Intel is all marketing and benchmark gimmicks, AMD is pure performance. Oh yeah and I can upgrade quite a bit, versus Intel systems many times you’re stuck with what you’ve got.

        That GTX670 is a keeper though. The 3rd Gen i7 chips are the only Intel chips since the Kensington Q6600’s, and even those were beaten by the Phenoms. Don’t buy into benchmarks, any car lover should know this! Dynos are very misleading, just like benchmarks.

        All that being said… The game should continue to be optimized, so stick with it, it should get better.


      • Phil johnston

        I should have mentioned that im running 3 screens @ 6000×1080

  • Ricoo

    Nice FPS boost. 🙂

  • crob ol

    I don’t understand why some people spends so many energy writing long posts against rF2. If you don’t like it, is easy, forget it.
    Criticism have to be constructive, if not is a leak of time.

    I accept maybe I’m too indulgent with ISI, but I enjoy his work. I don want to spend my time thinking on things I don’t like.

    In other hand, is possible to try AC?
    If not there’s no sense to write about how good will be before to test it.

    • Stuart Becktell

      Same reason people complain about F1 2012 all the time, too much free time and an inflated ego making them think people care about their opinion.

      • Anonymous

        Whereas your comments are motivated by…..something else? Something much better, right?


      • Stuart Becktell

        Just answering questions. I don’t needlessly complain about something over and over again.

    • Anonymous

      I agree; but where are these type comments when half the community is bashing pCARS? Seems like these defensive post are never around when the situation is reversed? I own both, and I’m a life time member w/rF2; I’m simply pointing out the obvious!

      • hoodge1

        I say own em all and enjoy them… I intend to support all the new sims coming out and even that new Truck simulator that just released. Looks great.. Bad enough with console wars that we need racing sim wars. Get em all. Support the developers and enjoy em all.

      • Anonymous

        DITTO, I own them all! Love playing them all… support them all! pCARS, rF2, GSC 2011/2012, RRRE, GTR2, GTR EVO, rF…. Even enjoy the consoles with my Fanatec CSH and CSP…. awesome driving GT5, FM4, TD Ferrari Legends, P1 2012,
        I only game with Racing Games… need to enjoy them as they’re few and far between!

      • hoodge1

        Great comment. Love firing up my PS3 and firing up my Fanatec CSR wheel and playing GT5. For a console, GT5 can’t be beat. Love FM4 for the beast engine sounds and some of the tracks as well.. Sim racing is my favorite and most played genre of the PC/console market as well. It’s also my favorite sport to watch when it comes to watching sports on TV..

      • Kendra Jacobs

        Big difference

    • hoodge1

      Guess it maybe the Pcars guys who feel a lot are down in the mouth about pCars. I say to both parties: “Enough with the finger pointing. Both are still a long ways from being finished. Don’t judge anything for what it will be in the end by looking into your fake crystal ball. Just chill and let the developers finish their projects.”

      So much flaming going on over sims that are not even out yet. Geez.

  • Anonymous

    I find it most amusing that there are a lot of familiar names in here defending rF2 to no end, yet they are many of the same names I’ve seen bashing other sims. Specifically PCARS. It seems as though too many people put their game of preference on some kind of pedestal and anyone that doesn’t agree with their views of it must simply be either dumb, wrong, slow, or have no idea what their talking about. It’s ridiculous really. It’s like someone liking the color blue, then someone else says “no, red is a way better color”, then person 1 says “what? you’re so stupid. Everyone I know knows that blue is the best color…and just wait til you see it’s other shades.” Anyway, I digress, let the endless nonsense continue.

    • Alex White

      Blue is ARCADE! Red is the most realistic colour.

    • Anonymous

      It’s quite reasonable to expect a spread of opinion.

      Fact is, rF2/ISI has pedigree – PCars hasn’t. (Shift?)

      Eventually we will have mature products from both – and then we shall see who was right. Maybe. lol

      • David Wright

        SMS were Blimey! who were Simbin. GTR, GT Legends and GTR2 is quite a pedigree 🙂

      • Anonymous

        But all those are gmotor. ISI.

        They’re good – but they’re really just rFactor mods.

        Like GSC – great product, but impossible without ISI. I don’t imagine GSC would ever say they could produce the engine. ISI did.

        Like Carmack writes “engines” – and CallOfDuty peeps make something out of it. They’re different things.

      • pez2k .

        They’re a lot deeper than mods though, GTR2 had a fair bit of the physics engine reworked since Simbin had full source access. You can test this by using the same physics data in both rF and GTR2 – it’ll handle differently in some ways.

      • Anonymous

        I understand the spread of opinion part. I just think it’s amusing that everyone thinks theirs is the best and only valid opinion. And beyond that even, their opinion gives them the right to belittle the opinions of others.

      • Anonymous

        And some of it might last on the internet longer than the pyramids. 😀

    • punkfest2000

      So true. Hilarious to see the attackers become defenders. Same couple of dudes every frigging time.

      • Anonymous

        there are several new sims coming out next year. We are all going to talk and compare them. If you find it funny to see certain commenters slate a sim coming next year, but defend another, you are pretty immature and are missing some serious points of what a comment section is for.

        Sometimes i wonder what the average ages is of user at this site now – 15?

  • Olivier Prenten

    Maybe some of you wants ISI to release an unfinished producted followed by 8 patches in a month? 😉

  • Nils Lunding

    Trying not to compare rF2 to the competitors is very hard…. I think that ISI have failed not in programming but in terms of politics, strategy and timing. This was announced as a “modder´s beta” and has failed, most modders are annoyed with the modding system, the rfcmp and rfmod and the tools ISI provided. ISI do not listen to the community, they did not change the modding system and did not do anything about the G25/G27 issue (yes, I know, set the filter, but that´s just a workaround and no solution)
    The time of releasing the beta was also very bad, the progress for the so-called end-user is almost zero, it doesn´t matter which build you try, some have more fps in an old build, for some it´s better with newer builds. Multiplayer servers still crash or lose connection very often.
    Obviously ISI are still on a very early stage of development. They call it beta, others call their product pre-alpha and are a thousand steps ahead (damn, I compared it…).
    Better progress, more attractive content and some reaction to the communities and customer´s wishes would make people play instead of reading and writing on the net.
    All three of the upcoming sims have different strategys, pCars is very open, almost daily builds depending on your member status, quick reaction to the community, open development. Kunos just work in quiet and will release when they think the game is ready for it. ISI released a beta, keep working for themselves in closed rooms and leave their customers clueless. It seems useless to try to participate in this beta – so I´ll wait for gold and will see what people say and what mods will come. And the 2 years until then I´ll happily give my money to the competitors.
    Greetings from a former ISI-fanboy 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I was a big fan of rF – prior to which I loved Papyrus and Crammond stuff,

    I’ve tried earlier builds of rF2 – the driving is generally excellent, the overall package far less so. But that’s to be expected considering rF1 was pretty shabby content-wise originally.

    Previously the engine was the critical part – content could be added. But now we’re reaching a point where the content is so vast and dense for the least thing, it’s moving to industrial scale – and peasants working at home on their personal spinning-wheel just aren’t going to be able to keep up.

    Each step-change in complexity makes amateur 3rd-party content more unlikely. And rF2’s modding structure bewilders me – I still don’t see the pay-off for the extra problems caused by new method. So….I’d expect less of a tsunami of content for rf2 as compared to rF1. And that’s no bad thing, I suppose – a lot of rf1 stuff is very so-so. But a lot is excellent too – and the vibe from user-generated, gifted add-ons is quite something in itself. The stuff is given away. That has real charm – and power too. And that’s a product of the engine – the open design. I don’t think ISI got enough credit for that – it was their design choices and ethic which enabled the deluge of mods in the first place.

    I’d like to say that “the best product will win”. But it doesn’t always. Sometimes fashion and gloss win over real quality. Exhibit 1 – Colin McCrae versus RBR.

  • Anonymous

    This update appears to be a sloppy sandwich at the moment

  • tjc69

    Nice to see one of my screens being used to post about the new build… one thing though. The screen is actually from the previous build, b107 and in the notes above it begins by saying the new build is 118 (which it is) but then goes on to describe the new stuff that`s in b101… just a typo, I know but thought I`d point it out. 🙂

  • Dibbdroid

    I don’t understand why anyone spends so much energy writing negative comments about RF2 or PCars, both games are incomplete.

    Luckily for us instead of having to wait for another year to get the complete game we are able to ‘test’ now and feedback our findings to the developers thus have an impact on the final game.

  • bananas

    IMO rF2 is worse than rF1 at the moment, how is that possible? It just looks horrible, fps is very low even if it doesn’t look good and driving with G25 is just pure crap. So i’ll have to continue with rF1 cause this is and is going to be a huge fail.

    • Marcos Sanz

      Content by ISI doesn’t look very good, but feels3 and VirtuaLM tracks are awesome, near iRacing level.

  • hoodge1

    Amazing build. Lots of optimising in the engine for a much better performance aspect. GPU heat is way down from what it was before.

    Guess some are frustrated with the wet spots on the tracks and the full wet tracks..I figured out a fix for it. Make sure for all 3 sessions (practice/qualify/ and race), you set the clouds on. No clear sky. On practice I use light clouds/qualify I use medium/ and race I use high. No rain tho..Make sure your track surface is set at green.

    Fixed.. Guess they will come out with a quick fix for it soon. Otherwise, rF2 is running just gorgous…I’m now down to using just one processor instead of both GPU’s on my EVGA GTX 690. Running maxed out everything at about 68 degrees temps..

    Way to go ISI.. This beta has me hooked like a fish..

  • Silvio Carlos Camolesi

    To make a simulator is too easy. Instead of complain, go make your own. You will see how easy is it LOL

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