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rFactor 2 – Brabham-Repco BT20 Update Coming

Image Space Incorporated will be releasing a new version of the Brabham-Repco BT20 Formula One car for rFactor 2 soon.

Image Space Incorporated will be releasing a new version of the Brabham-Repco BT20 Formula One car for rFactor 2 soon.

The new version of the popular historic Formula One car will come with overhauled physics featuring chassis flex and an improved wet-weather tire model.

Below are plenty of preview shots as well as a preview video courtesy of Sim Racing Paddock.

Successor to the BT19, the BT20 was campaigned by the Brabham Formula One Team during the 1966 and 1967 Formula One season before making it into privateer hands in subsequent years.

  • Jorge Araujo

    Goddamit, what’s wrong with rFactor 2 light rendering? That video looks like the Grand Prix 2 engine running with higher resolution. Such a weird thing.

    • toyvonen

      Exactly!…i mean, there’s sometimes screens, don’t know if with editing or not, that RF2 looks in the wright way of starting to deliver graphics from these times, but honestly, i never replicated that in my system, and i have a TOP graphic card…others, including these last shots, all comes to “normality”…and it looks sometimes worse than RF1 without tweaking!…if Reiza managed to squeeze the graphics like it has using old gmotor 2.0, it’s beginning not to be admissible…i hope ISI contradicts in a near future…i know simulation is not graphics only, but come on, it’s not something to neglect in 2015!…let’s see

      • 5hitm4k3r666

        One reason why many people complain about the visuals in rF2 is that the replays don’t look good due to different rendering compared to the cockpit view. Just do a test and get into external cams of the car and take a closer look in the replay. You will see that the visual difference between real time and replay cam is quite huge.

        About the Reiza point: I always find this comparison a bit awkward and GSC in no way looks as good as rF2. Sure, in replays GSC looks more consistent. But Reiza had a finished engine to work with. I think I don’t have to explain you, what is more difficult. Another issue is, that the Monaco track is pretty old (around 2010 or earlier) so it is showing it’s age and technology. But I wouldn’t worry too much about it. It is still one of the best historic tracks in a sim with lots of details and the immersion while doing 4w drifts with the historical cars is unmatched so far. The thrill makes you forget how old the track actually is. 😉

    • Chris Wright

      rF2’s principle virtues lie in the area of physics/ffb etc. But I have to agree with you that the sim racing visual game has switched up since this title was released and it is suddenly looking very old. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth racing, of course. Heck I’m still running GPL a lot.

      That comment aside, I’m really pleased to see the Brabham finally getting some well deserved TLC. But how many years has it taken…

    • corsa

      They did tweet out a teaser photo yesterday of their upcoming light rendering changes, and mentioned it eliminates the cockpit overexposure too. So hopefully there will be improvements soon.

    • Pablo Coronel

      Yeah, sometimes it has that green dominant, but it forgot when you start to drive.

    • Noel Hibbard
  • Associat0r

    Why are people complaining about rFactor 2’s graphics again?

    • omft

      rf2 shadows are way too dark and have wrong color.

      ac is better for sure.

    • Chris Wright

      You chose the wrong sim to compare it with…

      • Sim Antics

        Youtube video comparisons don’t carry much credibility either but people still do them

    • Sim Antics

      If people are happy with DX9 graphics I don’t think there should be any complaint.

    • Gui Cramer

      Some specific rF2 content looks unquestionably good, tracks are affected by the lighting issue. Minor things like 3D grass to bring variety will be very welcome when they come, and DX11 optimizations too to help performance.

      • Felipe Portela

        Is there any plan to use DX11?

      • Gui Cramer

        That’s something internal to the devs, I was just talking hypothetically

    • john

      With all respect to URD but this not represent AC actual graphic quality. Quality that show this video is more mod related. This video has no value for what you want to show.

      • Matthew Arnold

        of course it has value. The fact the scene is framed by URD’s model is of little importance. The whole graphics engine is on show, not just the ability for the engine to render a 3d model.

        they could have used bath tubs instead of a car and it still would have been of value lol

        if anything its good, because it is THE EXACT same model. You couldn’t make that comparison with stock content from either game.

        Now whether these comparison videos have any intrinsic value themselves, i don’t believe they do lol

      • john

        Yes but he want to show us that there is no big difference, and actually isn’t, but isnt in THIS video. Here is rF2 almost at best, AC not really as model is very bad translated questionable hdr(which can make AC verg good or very bad looking), like just raw conversion from rF2. So how you will judge on basis of one mod(which don’t even explore all possibilities of one or other platform.? A lot is depend on artist but still. Only fair thing to compare two titles is to compare two equal cars made by devcelopers of title itself. They are best reference to take most of their engines. Everything else is just bullshiting. The exact same model from same modder don’t ensure anything as we don’t know if he is really try to maximize(or if he know how) potencial of platform or not, but we can be sure developer of platform will do that. Now i am in the first row that think rF2 visual quality is preety decent and pretty much acceptable and differences from interior view where is most important is not so drastic between platforms. But that doesn’t mean there are no differences, they are actually very very big from graphical world perspective and what engine offer.

      • Associat0r

        The track is stock content, and this is a demonstration of gfx engine capabilities while driving, which is what counts most.

    • john

      With all respect to URD but this not represent AC actual graphic quality. Quality that show this video is more mod related. This video has no value for what you want to show.

  • Sim Antics

    These screenshots look really nice!

  • Joe Bloe

    Didn’t take long to derail this announcement with talk about rF2’s graphics.

  • Thomas Boyle

    They should look for someone better to do pictures or videos about their upcoming content, they look quite bad.

    • Suprdevil

      Those shots look perfectly fine. rF2 does not have a built in screen shot app, unlike a lot of the newer sims.
      Apparently ISI thinks their users would rather spend their time racing than taking pretty snap shots. What a nerve.

    • Loose

      Why? I would rather look at unfiltered and unedited screenshots, so I know the quality that I will be getting.

  • TecnoFormula1

    Wish they would update the Bt20 car model a bit…

    Biggest visual offender is that wheel rims are too small and the tire sidewalls much to large. Take a look at some period photos of the Bt20, and it’s very apparent. Makes it all look quite bad…

    • Sim Antics

      I don’t think so as while it has historic content it also looks like a very well polished version of a classic sim title by another famous developer. I like the nostalgia factor of it myself

  • Kev

    Very much looking forward to this update. Normally I’d also wish for a league to start up with these but I am already barely keeping up with the other two historic leagues that I am already in. Good times for sure 😀

  • Robert Gödicke

    Jack Brabham and Denis Hulme helmets and faces in the cars no. 5 and 6 respectively. 🙂

    Who is the guy in the no. 4 car though? Does anyone know? He doesn’t look like Mr. Ligier.

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