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rFactor 2 – Atlanta Motorsports Park Preview Video

Image Space Incorporated has released a new preview video of the next licensed track addition coming to their rFactor 2 simulation.

Image Space Incorporated has released a new preview video of the next licensed track addition coming to their rFactor 2 simulation.

In the video below, ISI’s Tim Wheatley shows off Atlanta Motorsports Park that will be available for rFactor 2 “pretty soon”.

Located in Dawsonville, Georgia, Atlanta Motorsports Park is a state of the art racing facility designed by famous track architect Hermann Tilke.

The track’s main 2-mile layout comes with 16 corners and plenty of elevation changes.

  • Patrik Marek

    cool to see more tracks coming!

  • BackMarker

    Is this a laser-scanned track? I thought I read somewhere that ISI has some type of laser-scanning system for tracks?

    • Mat Holloway

      Nope, they use traditional surveying methods coupled with unknown methods for the bump mappings.

      Tim talks a little about Silverstone here:

    • IceVioletteDevil

      Proper old school surveying provides the end user with just as much accuracy as laser scanning. ISI gets to save a ton of money and in turn don’t have to charge us for the content. Win-win, I’d say.

      • Justin Schmidt

        and in the end developers are restricted by polycounts. centimeter or even millimeters of accuracy in the laserscan have to be modeled into square meter or even bigger sized polygons. it’s like converting uncompressed audio into low bitrate mp3. but laserscanning is a great tool. it’s just that to say the end-product has mm or cm accuracy would be a bold statement.

      • IceVioletteDevil

        I like the comparison with the audio compression, nice one.

      • Tuttle

        Yeah, but we’re not really using a “old school”…just a different set of engineering data and lot of cross checks with survey data.

        While someone may be more interested with high frequency information (which is a dynamic factor, changing with time, wear out etc…), we’re more focused on low frequency data to implement a very high precision sequence for camber/off camber/cross falling/vertical alignment etc… This kind of data it’s not forced to use ground lidars, but it is very precise when it comes to engineering a virtual version of a road surface. 🙂

      • RKipker

        Close enough for me… Laser Scaned is just more money, let’s face it… it’s as real as it can get after all we’re still in our room on a computer…LOL

      • Patrik Marek

        people working on the tracks can still make mistakes, and sometimes the laser scan data can have errors it in

        only perfect situation is real life, but it’s bit costly

  • Mat Holloway

    I have no idea what to drive here first. The karts, AC427, Palatov and Indycar all have the new CPM to so I guess they’ll be top of the list. Then I’ll have to find time for URD, AM, ASR… 3.5, F2, FISI… The SEAT, the beamer, the civic… Good lord I’m starting to feel like the stig.

    • TC

      Skip Barber!!!!!


    • IceVioletteDevil

      Indycar, obviously! A match made in heaven, I’m sure. 🙂

  • Kev

    Got my Skippy all tuned up for this one…

  • TR7_LS1

    Damn you ISI !! You are causing severe bit rot in the AC and Pcars folders on my hard drive.

    • IceVioletteDevil

      I can’t even find my AC folder anymore… buried in all the dust it’s been gathering since the last “big” update… 😛

  • Eric Rowland

    Treeeeemendous…Tilke does design a masterpiece from time to time. Tim should do more of “A Lap with Tim” . Thanks for the peek.

  • Rhys Gardiner

    “Atlanta Motorsports Park, proving that Hermann Tilke can design amazing racetracks since 2013” …That should be their motto. Really itching to drive this one.

  • noroardanto

    I definitely will enjoy this track Tim. Very interesting track to master.

    • RKipker

      Same here…. also looking forward to a Track Day on my CBR 1000RR

  • Chris Wright

    Nice to see a little preview from ISI. Looks an interesting and flowing circuit.

  • gt3rsr

    Maybe when Tilke isn’t restricted by FIA / F1 standards, he’s capable of creating quite appealing tracks. I still hate those slow tight / tightening corners… too many of them IMHO.

  • Pascal

    That onboard footage looks really great.

  • TR7_LS1

    The track is now available. 509mb….big

    • IceVioletteDevil

      5 layouts.

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