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rFactor 2 – Formula Two Car Testing Video

A new video shows F2 driver Luciano Bacheta testing the upcoming F2 car for rFactor 2.

A few days ago, I posted a first story on Formula Two championship leader Luciano Bacheta testing the upcoming Formula 2 car for rFactor 2.

Now, a video of the test session has surfaced, showing Luciano in action at Darren Turner’s Base Performance simulator as he gives the car a spin on the virtual Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit.

rFactor 2 will feature a full field of JPH1B Formula Two cars, the virtual versions have been created in a close cooperation with Formula 2  Two Chief Engineer James Goodfield to ensure maximum realism.

  • Chris Wright

    I really like the guys at ISI, but if this is ready for an F2 driver why isn’t it ready for the paying beta tester?

    • naifexx

      Unfortunately some beta testers don’t understand their role… and ISI is cutting the risks of bad publicity…

      • Eric Zehnder

        It’s exactly this, I’d say. With WMD Portal, they’ve seen how vicious the sim community can be to an unfinished product and the lack of understanding when certain parts look/feel/operate like the game should be released and other areas are still extremely rough.

        The safe bet is to simply keep it under wraps until you believe it’s 100% ready.

      • Fabio Pittol

        True that. I only check the WMD foruns to see WIP screenshots from developers. I don’t even read any other comment anymore. It’s annoying.

      • Chris Wright

        Agreed, I don’t go there much either. But as mentioned earlier, the brickbats are part and parcel of running an open beta.

      • Chris Wright

        In which case the beta is a complete farce, then. There’s been some criticism of PCars, of course, but SMS seem mature enough to accept a certain amount of it, at the same time as getting daily feedback on their weekly updates.

      • Chris Wright

        ISI are surely savvy enough to know who’s making sense and who isn’t. True not all beta testers are of equal ability, but there was no competence test when they took our money was there!

    • Andrea Candini

      Well, I think the answer is pretty simple: a real driver should know better how the real car behaves rather than the average sim-racer who has never tried a F2 car. 🙂 You would end up with a tons of “the real car doesn’t drive like this, it has too much/less grip” and so on.

      • Chris Wright

        Of course that’s a fair point you make, but at the end of the day why have a beta program if you’re not going to use beta tester opinions? A cynic might suggest the rF2 beta has just been a way to get some money in before it’s ready for release. I don’t personally believe that, but I do think those of us who have paid should have access to developments much earlier than seems to be happening in this case.

      • Anonymous

        Define “real driver” ?

        Little boxes, on the hillside, Little boxes, made of ticky tacky,Little boxes, on the hillside,Little boxes, all the same.
        Free your mind, think outside the box !

  • Peter Lamers

    I”d like to translate the final screen of the video: “due to be released later this year” in ISI terms means: “will probably be released late next year, possibly even 2014”

    • Anonymous

      Not really. 🙂

      “Timothy Wheatley Thought you might like to see this. He sort of explains why I like the F2 car also… It does do what you tell it to, but there’s way more ‘feeling’ than a Grand Prix car. You guys should be getting your first experience in the car fairly soon. :)”

      • Chris Wright

        Well let’s hope so. After all, that’s why we joined the beta isn’t it!

      • Anonymous

        Offcourse. But maybe the car is atm still in Alpha phase. 😉

  • TheRoggan

    Great video!

    I share the same view based on the cars ive driven in rF2, its in my opinion the most realistic sim on the market now (have not yet driven iRacing so that is excluded from my analysis)

    The Clio is very realistic and great fun to race online, the FWD force feedback is for the first time ever spot on and feels just like in a real car. 67 Formula cars are awesome and so are the historic tracks!

    Not to mention it plays perfectly in 3D and looks amazing! 10x better than any 2D game/sim because of it.

    • Chris Wright

      I agree it shows more potential than any other title. Equally, I really don’t like the ad hoc update schedule, especially when there is clearly a Formula 2 car in sufficient readiness that they have been confident enough to let a real F2 driver or two loose on it. To me this undermines the concept of a beta program and could even be interpreted as being less than respectful to those of us in the beta program. I’m sure the latter is not intentional, but it does seem odd to me that this car isn’t yet part of the beta.

  • speed1

    The matching telemetrie is nice to look at.

  • jswarthoff

    poor mic work, cool otherwise 🙂

  • noro ardanto

    I want that sim rig as my birthday present

  • Rob Lawrie

    must be an update soon, mine looks nothing like as good as that…

  • Ar Kh

    some ppl say: why you need exact simulation, it makes tired, it’s not needed it’s just a game bla bla. in such case i dunno why then they care about what they drive in their games.. drive a bucket, it’s just a game. wanna beauty? okay, drive beautiful bucket with hdr on.
    ah, wait, you wanna drive beautiful car with bucket physics – bingo!
    but if you want a car and wanna feel what a car is and if you really
    enjoy cars – buy that simulator that “makes you tired”. hehe
    sorry, just annoyed with some narrow ppl and just a little bit sad
    seeing number of those who appreciate THIS amazing amount of work and
    dedication to creation.

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