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rF_HighVoltage KERS & DRS 1.0 – Released

KIKONI & ACHIM from SimsyncPro have released a new version of rF_HighVoltage.

Back in August, KIKONI & ACHIM from SimsyncPro released rF_HighVoltage, an innovative tool that allows rFactor to simulate KERS & DRS.

Now, the tool has left the beta stage as the 1.0 version of rF_HighVoltage has been released, including the following changes:

  • Engine files with a complete boost mapping are not longer neccessary to get a working KERS.
  • Several changes and improvements have been made to harden the program against cheating attempts.
  • Renamed configuration section in rfm (refer to ADD2rfm.txt, which is included in the installer)
  • Those who have used one of the previous beta releases, will be informed that the configuration settings have been renamed. You can update the settings automatically to enable them with rF_HighVoltage 1.0.
  • Due to the changes to the rfm, the new version will not be available thru the autoupdater until February, 5th 2012

Below is a video tutorial to show of the functionality of this impressive tool, rF_HighVoltage is highly adjustable and allows users to define their own rules for KERS & DRS usage.

[boxdownload]Download rF_HighVoltag Kers & DRS for rFactor 1.0 Here[/boxdownload]
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  • General Rush Hour

    When will someone release some real F1 hands? 

    I want to see Montoyas and Vettel´s hands sticking up the cockpit when they are pissed 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Ive had this issue recently in v0.9 and still in v1.0 where Im on track and I press either KERS or DRS and neither make any difference to the car performance.  It did work when I first installed it.

    When I press KERS I can see the 6.6s time dropping and it refills as I cross the line too.  In v1.0 I get the KERS on/off and DRS on/off noises when I press the buttons on my wheel too.
    So the joy2key > rfvoltage is working.   I have added the additional rfm lines.   I’m in a race session practice mode so DRS should be available at any point.
    But for some reason, the cars speed does not increase at all.  Oh and the DRS like isnt coming on in rFvoltage even though it beeps on and off.

    Dunno what Im missing here.  This is with FSOne11 Club on a fresh install of rF.

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