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rF2 – Formula ISI 1.6 Released

Image Space Incorporated have released a revamped version of the Formula ISI 2012 open wheeler.

Image Space Incorporated have released a revamped version of the Formula ISI 2012 open wheeler.

Popular with many leagues within the rFactor 2 community, the car has now received quite extensive updates primarily in the physics and tire department as listed below.

Users can either grab the new version below or get it on Steam here.


– Tyre Tweaks.
– AI cut corners less.
– Downforce slightly increased (about 3+%).
– FISI tweaked engine (770hp).
– New drivetrain inertia calculations.
– New moving fuel tank CG (lower as fuel depletes, requires B1038+)
– Rear flap auto-close options in tuning page.
– Alternative steering ratio adjustment in tuning options (method selected as default).
– Faster pit times for tyre changes.
– Reduced max toe angles.
– Minor setup tweaks.
– Minor chassis tweaks, including better unsprung masses.
– New steering system.
– Recalculated brake system, including reduced brake bias adjustability range.
– .75kg fuel steps now (near enough to 1L)
– Removed redundant class filter from .veh files “ISI_FM02”
– Tyres updated to use CPM, including wet tyre improvements.
– Moved to Ultrachassis (which includes proper working chassis flex, DOF improvements, additional compliance’s, and quicker (more direct) steering).
– AI correlation tweaks.
– Placed pushrods near upright to decrease inaccurate ‘degressive rates’.
– Tiny Aero tweaks. Including very slight reduction to turbulent air.
– Latest sound attenuation tweaks.
– Slight optimization to LOD distances.
– Some additional newer tracks added to trackconfigs.ini

[boxdownload]Download Formula ISI 2012 1.6 Here[/boxdownload]
  • D3

    Brilliant update, and really great changes with the CPM. The driving feel I find to be great, just communicates a little something more than before. Maybe chassis flex, who knows.
    Roll on a more modern f1 so we get ers and kers type systems implemented

  • Roger Ramjet

    Great update , very comprehensive , Thanks ISI brilliant work

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