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Revisiting Grand Prix Legends With Niels Heusinkveld

Papyrus iconic Grand Prix Legends recently celebrated its 20th birth, enough of a reason for Niels Heusinkveld to give the old classic another spin.

While a very dedicated modding community has kept GPL fresh during the past two decades, doing some incredible things within the title’s technical limitations, Niels chose to revisit GPL the way it came out of the box back in 1998.

To make the retro trip even more authentic, Nies isn’t using one of this sophisticated current hardware items to play the game but rather use a restored Thrustmaster T2 wheel for an authentic 1998 experience.


  • Rob Stewart

    I tried to install GPL on my new PC a while back and it all worked but for getting the controllers set up. GPL seems to only accept 2 controllers and I couldn’t get my pedals to show up as they are controller 4. I tried disconnecting and rebooting but they always show up as controller 4 and so GPL never lets me calibrate them.

    Does anyone have a work around for this? Although the GPL mod for AC is keeping me very happy in the absence of GPL. 🙂

    • RemcoHitman

      Are you sure you’ve been through all pages on the calibration screen? It has small gold arrows to scroll through all the axes.

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